Eden Hazard : "Judge me in my ~~2nd~~ ~~3rd~~ 4th season"


has it already been 4 seasons????


Hazard last season with Chelsea was with Sarri. We still have Mou that time too


2020 really caused time to fast forward.


Saw this type of quote for the last three seasons


>Judge me on my n+1 season


he has to prove it only once and it will follow from mathematical induction for all the seasons before and after. Probably waiting for it


I know it's a joke, but just to warn the less mathematically trained reader: that's not how induction works. You have to prove the base case (which is one time - and Hazard has proven no such base case at Real Madrid) and the general case (if it works for n, it works for n+1), amounting to two times - he has done neither.






n = current season




At this point we are used to it


Say the line, Bart!


Oh god this is going to be like the super cut of all the years Elon has said they will solve full self driving next year


When is next book of Games of Thrones coming out?




“I will be judged by my fifth season”


Sigh I appreciate the spirit Eden, I guess we'll judge you on your 4th season then. Gonna be real awkward when he has to give up the 7 to Mbappe though.


He didn't want 7 either. Has had 10 all career. But he will have to outlive Modric for that


Had 17 too


He isnt taking a god's shirt number so he has gotta look for a different one


He will endup with 16, 18 or 22 Means nothing coz he wont play more then 2 games anyway


Lol if I’m hazard I’m telling mbappe to fuck right off if he asks for number 7


> But he will have to outlive Modric for that so never ig


> outlive Modric So…. never……..


Mbappe wants the 10 so he’ll probably wait for Modric to retire


so never?


Why not 7? It’s his idol number.


Never knew Hazard idolizing Mariano. Learn something new today I guess


>"One of my idols, as a child, was Mariano Diaz. I had his poster in the room and now I have the opportunity to train with him” Hazard told Corriere della Serra.


it's true. friend of my friend knew the guy who was the microphone


He still has to have a number for the time in between when Mbappe and Modric are here


That’s just as well, because the spirit of Eden is pretty much all you have.


Tis what it is, we will survive somehow


You guys signed Mbappé?


Yes, my sources have confirmed. Feel free to make the thread


Well from the attitude of madrid subreddit this season, he has been playing for us this whole time. I hate it tbh.


What if he wants to keep the 7?


It's actually impressive the season RM have had considering their 2 best paid players have been dead weight the entire season.


Bale's golf strikes on tiger woods level now




He is the captain. So that isnt a suprise




Those whiskey blackouts are fucked up uncle letto


You are not used to that Cigar you smoke




Pedrerol: [distraught hand rubbing in silhouette intensifies]


He's a Bale 2.0 but he skipped the first 5 years.


Finally some good news.




A chance for Faramir to show his quality


Considering the price paid, is he the worst transfer in history?


Up there certainly.


Up there certainly? Di Maria to Manchester United is *up there certainly,* Hazard to Real Madrid is the undisputed GOAT.


Tbf, di Maria still made contributions at United


Wasn't he even Man of the Month in his first or second month? I vaguely remember it going downhill for him and Falcao after that.


Yeah I think his house getting robbed was a turning point


I wish people would remember that, Angel didn't have a great mentality but as a United fan that liked him then and still likes him now I wish people would understand that he and his family experienced one of the worst things imaginable during his time with us That coupled with LVG ball, which was a pretty awful thing to experience in itself


People do remember it. It's mentioned every time there's a discussion about ADM at United.


People attribute it to the break in he had, I think he just had some motivation and then dropped off in Jan when he knew PSG was in for him


And we sold him within a year for almost the price we paid for him so not even in the top 5 worst transfers


yea, and the reason why it didnt work out was because Di maria hated living in england, not because he gained a lot of weight and didnt take care of his body


Yeah no idea why he was thrown in there and upvoted so much.


That's exactly the point


I don't think you understood what was said.


The di maria signing wasn't that bad they sold for close to the same price a year later.


Coutinho to Barca is also up there, but Hazard has been injured way more


Honestly, for as bad as Hazard has been for us at least he hasn't beat us 8-2 after we loaned him out to another team yet.


The Zlatan Eto'o swap beats anything IMO. Might not be the most expensive mistake financially, but Barca basically giving away Eto'o plus €40m for 1 year of Zlatan was comical.


What, that's not even close? Zlatan was good for Barca, just clashed with Pep and indirectly Messi.


Didn't Eto immediately win the treble with Inter after being deemed not good enough for Barca anymore? My memory is a bit shit. But you're right, it's not like Zlatan was very bad or something.


Yes he did. But it was more of a Pep philosophy and personality mismatch (pretty much like with Zlatan) than Eto not being deemed good enough.


No it isn't lmao, United may have made some dire signings in recent years but the three Spanish teams are in a lane of their own on shocking transfers


I think so, yes. Coutinho scored 8 goals in his first seaosn with Barcelona. Hazard has 4 goals in 3 season with Madrid. It makes me sad to see Hazard like that. It was his dream and he has had a terrible time so far. I wish him the best and he is a fantastic player. But he is no doubt the worst signing ever. I wouldve preferred if he left for a club that demands less of him so he could go back to his best.


I was wondering about this: didn't Coutinho at least play quite well (though not over 100 million well) in the first half-season at Barcelona? I can't think of a period that long where Hazard was considered to be putting in even 'somewhat good' performances


Coutinho was good in his first 6 month, not 160 mill. good or Iniesta-eque good (No one is), but good, even scored few of his trademark golazos but then fell off the cliff...


Still remember the hat-trick against Levante man, one of the most thrilling games of his stint with us


Fuck that game, and Fuck Nobita, We could had an invincible season if not for Levante...


Hazard has been poor the entire time. He's been bad when fit too. However I still think the PSG injury changed him - that was his best match for Madrid


One year left on his contract too. In hindsight it's easy to say it was a mistake but Eden that season was top 5 in the world and they wanted someone to light up that Madrid team. If they waited a year maybe his injuries wouldn't have happened and he'd be fantastic for Madrid these days.


It's like kaka, you cant say signing him is a bad decision when he was top 5 at that moment. Now the price with him having only 1 year left is another thing, but you never know what can happen in a year.It was more bad luck than anything else. The signing was okay, maybe a little bit overprice, but at the end of the day it is probably one of the worst signings in terms of cost/effectiveness. The other one that might surpass him is our eternal rival's coutinho, because of the 8-2 and the economic situation barsa is after (yeah i know it was not only because of him, but it didnt help)


>Now the price with him having only 1 year left is another thing Just pretend the Courtois and Hazard deals were a package and neither of us need to feel shit




That's basically what we do with Kante and Drinkwater


150m for Courtois and Hazard at 26 and 27 respectively? Sign me up.


It's sort of similar to Mbappe situation last summer. RM is a club that shows the players they want them. It's a show of good will to a player who's on the last year of contract, so if he stays for the final year, they have him on good terms for a free transfer


I felt so bad for Kaka honestly. In his prime he was such an amazing and graceful player. He was one of those players who you could just watch and be in awe, regardless of which team you support.


>One year left on his contract too. His contract having only one year left is irrelevant since it was reported that he would have signed an extension if he was not sold. He didn't want to leave on a free.


I was so happy when he left the Premier League lol. I feared him more than any other opponent.


Coutinho and Hazard are the two worst transfers I can think of off the top of my head. Hazard may edge it just because the fee was utterly ridiculous for someone who was in the last year of their contract.


Coutinho will always be worse for me just because he scored twice and assisted once in Barcelona's most embarrassing defeat while on loan from Barcelona.


Coutinho was especially bad not just cos of his footballing performances, or even those against his own club but for Bayern. He was instrumental in Liverpool getting the fees to finally complete their squad, which ushered in a new era in europe (and england of cos). In that sense, it also inadvertently led to Barca getting eliminated by them along the way to that European Cup, which essentially spelt the end of Barca as a force in europe themselves.




I think also because they funded Liverpool to buy two world class players, who then went on to give them Barca’s biggest ever humiliation a year later (while Coutinho watched from the bench)


But the goals were meaningless, the game was already won and he was a sub. It wasn't like he dropped some masterclass that game. I get it's funny but I don't get why people make such a big deal about it.


I mean we probably would have scored more anyway, but he took it from 5-2, a bad defeat, to 8-2, a humiliation


Because it adds insult to injury. Not only does he absolutely nothing at Barcelona, he goes on loan and actively contributes to their biggest defeat in Champion's League history. His goals did contribute to that.


What? Those goals were absolutely not meaningless. Without them it wouldn't be Barca's biggest defeat in 70 years


Yeah we already gave up after the 5th goal (which is embarrassing) so it's not like Coutinho knocked us out single handedly or something but it's still kinda funny that our own loanee and record signing made it 8-2.


We just talking La Liga because if not then Kepa has to get a mention, I swear that deal goes under the radar so much considering how bad it was. Something like €85 million fee, with €10 million per year salary for **SEVEN** years. Kepa will have cost Chelsea €155 million by the end of his contract because no one else is ever giving him those wages/buying him. +Another 30 million plus salary to buy Mendy so they could bench Kepa.


Hazard would've signed another deal with Chelsea if a deal wasn't agreed with RM. People forget Chelsea wanted him to stay


This doesn’t get talked about enough. He was never leaving on a free.


Real buying Hazard helped Chelsea knock us out of the CL. That winning squad was partly built off of that sale. And weakened us immensely.


And in turn is paying dividends based off your La Liga wins and UCL qualification. I don’t know if we get more money if y’all win the CL this year but I’ll be rooting for you just in case.


You just signed Coutinho and he's already the worst transfer in history? You're being way too harsh. ^^^^^^^^/s


Coutinho was good for his first 6 months. Plus Barca manage to save some of his salary by loaning him to Bayern and Villa. Same can't be said to Hazard


Hazard is considerably worse, he hasn’t done anything for Real.


Must be, I can't think of another that was this bad considering the fees and salary involved.


Mendieta to Lazio was even worse imo, €47.7 million in 2001, Veron to Manchester United was terrible too.


I'm convinced Valencia sent a lookalike to Lazio. Its the only way to explain how bad he was.


Yeah I'd agree, probably most of the userbase weren't alive back then though so they're not mentioned or thought about. And the fees are smaller so they don't think it was that bad.


If we assume you start to understand how transfers works at 15, you have to born before 1986 to understand this transfer. For example I've never heard of him but that fee at that time is massive, a Neymar like transfer.


Lazio fan since I can remember, I don't remember Mendieta but I'm gonna have nightmares just thinking about this lol


Definitely. Unfortunately has never shown the quality that he was back at chelsea. And the sadder thing is the more we play him the more bonuses we have to cough up (also it’s another 10m pounds if we win UCL)


Without a question


Yes it is.


Idk why nobody mentions Pogba lol. Let him go for free, bought him back for 90M, huge salary and then he will leave for free again.


See my other comment. Pogba has been a decent player for United.


Yeah I know it's not the end all/be all, but his seasonal G+A for Juventus was 5/15/11/20. At United it was 9/16/22 before it took a dive in the last couple of seasons. Meanwhile Hazard at Chelsea, 20/21/23/7/21/16/31 Hazard at Madrid, 4/5/1


>Hazard at Madrid, 4/5/1 Jesus. Didn't realise it was quite that awful.


It's the not the worst formation but you could probably push up a midfielder to not leave the striker so alone.


He's been mediocre, but far from a flop. Hazard has barely played.


Coutinho anyday of the week and twice on matchdays


Coutinho was at the least starting in a team that won 2 league titles and got to a CL semi final.


Coutinho was good in his first season at least.


Coutinho had 8 goals in his first season. Hazard has 4 goals in 3 seasons.


Nah fam we got this one. Coutinho was playing at least granted he was bad


It's funny that he won the same number of league titles here and at Chelsea while playing 80% fewer games lmao. For some reason, I just can't hate the guy. Fourth time's the charm, right? Go blow our mind next season Eden.


It shows that trophies is a terrible measure of a footballer. Hazard was 100 times better than what he showed at Real Madrid. In terms of ability, best player I have ever seen at Chelsea. And I'm biased but I think he's the best PL player of the 2010s. The things he could do in those 2 title winning seasons were ridiculous. Basically just slapped a great defensive unit around him and just let him go to work. Costa and Fabregas dropped off 2nd half of both seasons? Didn't matter.


Now that you say it, Hazard really is arguably the best PL player of last decade, top 3 at the very least with only KdB close behind and Aguero 3rd. Aguero didn't have comparable peak despite being good for most of the decade, and KdB is close but I think Hazard is just slightly better individually.


If you're talking purely 2010s Hazard also has 3 extra years in it I believe, at the absolute top level so it'll definitely edge out against KDB


It’s also easier to win la liga on RM than the prem with Chelsea. Let’s be objective Adding my logic to support my statement: Real Madrid have finished at worst 3rd only TWO TIMES since 09/10 whilst Chelsea have been 3rd or worst EIGHT TIMES with staggering finishes at 10, 6, and 5


Madrid only have 4 La Ligas since 2009 and Chelsea have 3 PL titles in the same span. I do agree currently it's easier but historically it's pretty even.


It's unlikely, but I hope he does a Robben and ends up becoming a veteran there. We all knew he would have troubles towards the end of his careers by the number of bloody socks we saw week after week. But I genuinely hope he becomes like the 'Undertaker' and main events all the important matches. If there's any place he could keeping playing those types of matches while playing fewer games, its Madrid.


The man was the second or third best footballer in the world for a season or three. Pity it had to end that way


That's fantastic.


Hazard will score a banger in UCL.




I swear Eden Hazard is probably the only expensive "flop" that our club still love, including us the fans. People are asking him to stay. He's such a professional and been unlucky with injuries and causes no drama at all, I hope he finally shows his talent next season.


Haven't seen one positive comment about this so far... granted he's been a flop until now, but that's mostly because of his injury concerns ever since Meunier stepped on him in that 3-0 defeat IIRC. He just got his metal plate removed from his knee so who knows how good/bad he's gonna be. Carlo unlocked Vinicius and sure as hell could unlock a rejuvenated Hazard.


The plate was on his ankle. Sadly it fucked everything.


It was a 3-3 draw without any stake. Thats the sad part.


Hazard has been in Real 3 years and the man has played 3300 minutes of football in those three years with 47 appearances. He has 6 goals and 10 assits across all competitions for Real Madrid. It's absolutely shocking. Real Madrid as a team have moved on.


One goal or assist every other match isn't a terrible return. The ability is still there, it's just fitness. No one is going to sign him, so Carlo might as well try and get him to contribute.


Yeah was thinking the same, 16 g+a in 3300 minutes isn't terrible for a player who you know has tremendous upside still. Those are respectable numbers for a squad player and you'd not be unhappy with someone who can come off the bench and put up those stats. He might never make it to undisputed starter again but the stats clearly point to him definitely being able to at least contribute to the team off the bench. Not ideal for a huge signing, but not an absolute unsalvageable disaster..


You are talking like unlocking Vini was some task from hell for Carlo ? Vini was already an extremely talented player. Carlo helped him move on to the next level and have a breakout season. No amount of words from Don Carlo is going to solve Hazard with his injuries


I have to admit a bit of copium, but Hazard has *finally* had the surgery that was pending for 2 years, so just hoping to see atleast some shades of his Chelsea years


Yeah and I don't know why Madrid fans have been saying things like ' he's going to get injured again in a week' for the last 2 seasons. You can't say that about your own players. You can be frustrated that club is paying huge wages to a bench warmer but still wish for him to remain fit and healthy. Also it was the 2-2 draw vs PSG when Meunier injured him.


Pretty sure Hazard said the same thing last year.


And before that, and before that, and...


Biggest fall from grace ever? Hazard was held higher than Neymar after his amazing 2018 and was pretty much the 3rd best player in the world alongside Modric. Fast forward one month and he is fat and hasn’t been fit for 4 years now


He's been fit for most of this season. But there's no way you're bencing Vini for Hazard on current form.


He'll stay because precisely no one else wants him.


Scene when he scored 10 plus goals next season.




Basically read between the lines........ RM we touted him everywhere and nobody wanted him = he wants to stay and fight for his place😂


Of course he will stay, nobody wants him like nobody wanted Bale. There's no alternative.


this guy won the CL this year without playing a minute


Are you from the future?


Bale hat-trick, celebrates by taking off his shirt to reveal a "Wales, golf, Madrid" undershirt and gets a second yellow for it. Liverpool attack like crazy and get two back but the match finishes 3-2 with Real on the ropes.


Stop that guy he is trying to use black magic and jinx us.


Everyone (except Liverpool and PL supporters) know that you will win the final. Liverpool will score a goal, then miss 4 clear cut chances cleared on the goal line, 5 saves on Courtois and then a 90 min penalty from Benzema caused by van Dijk's arm or Alisson's gift, Benzema scores, and the in injury time 5 rebounds in LFC players lead to a second goal.


I see your jinxing agenda and I respect the hustle honestly. Can’t even knock it.


Nice reverse psychology lol, I know that trick because I use it all the time




Well, it was obvious. Bale is gone next season, they needed to find someone else for their professional golf team


Ancelotti added that he will be able to rotate more because of it. Damn Hazard went from best in the PL to being used to give Vini rest. I’m not complaining though, Vini has had a better season point wise than Hazard ever had.


Tell me you never watched prime hazard without saying you never watched prime. Hazard


> Tell me you never watched prime hazard without saying you never watched prime. Hazard Did you go full OPTA there?


Hazards deserves far more than the disrespect he's been getting, but unfortunately sometimes that's how careers fizzle out. The man was so good for Chelsea. For sure better than Vini given that Hazard played in a much more difficult and competitive league than Vini.


Tell me you never watched Real Madrid games without telling me you never watched Real Madrid games. To give you one example - Hazard played in multiple CL campaigns while at Chelsea but he never showed up in critical games like vs Barcelona in UCL. On the other hand Vini had a lot of impact in multiple crucial CL games this season (and last season too, but we are only comparing this season of Vini).


This is the argument I dislike the most, because it completely ignores the context of the teams they play for. if your team is getting pummeled and can't even get out of their own half, there really is nothing you can do. For example if you actually watched the Barcelona game you would know that 1) he was played as a striker, 2) we had 26% possession, and 3) we could only send him long balls.... as a 5'7 man. Or use him as a decoy to release Willian in space. Easy for Real Madrid to say when they waltz into the semi finals every year with their eyes closed even without Cristiano fucking Ronaldo. Do you really think for example last year when Chelsea won it all Kante (who didn't set the world ablaze previously in his CL runs) just magically stepped up a gear that he wasn't able to access the previous years when we got knocked out? Do you think Mount, Pulisic, and Havertz proved to be better and more clutch performers than Hazard because they "showed up" in critical games that year. Obviously not. Every one of them were getting played off the pitch just half a season ago. They showed up because as a team we hit form, tactically we had a major turnaround, we were able to keep possession and progress the ball, and this gave players the platform to do what they can do best. People till this day still think this is Dragon Ball Z or something and players have power levels they can just tap into. Do people really think if a fit Hazard was playing for Manchester City or Bayern he wouldn't "show up". No, apparently it was just a non-clutch gene he inherently has.


I mean. I remember the impact prime Hazard had in a game in the Prem, but when it comes to stats, this season, Vini isnt far off. In his last season, Hazard had 16 goals and 15 assists in the League. Vini has 17 goals and 13 assists (transfermarket says 13, but la liga says 10). Thats not that far off.


Vini wasn’t better than peak Hazard. It’s objectively wrong to say that. If you’re saying that based on G+A stats, then you never watched Hazard play back then. Does Vini have a potentially higher ceiling than Hazard? Perhaps. Was he better this season than Hazard ever was? Not a chance. Mega recency bias.


Delete this. There's still time


I know this is meme at this point - but honestly, for some odd reason, I can see this fat-ass motherfucker pulling it out of the bag


A chance for Hazard, Captain of the Bench, to show his quality


Sadly that tackle by Thomas Meunier was deadly for his career. Yes he was out of shape when he joined which got him off to a very bad start but that tackle in that match Vs PSG was career ending and he was playing very well in that match, at the level you expect to see Hazard playing. I’m hoping now that the surgery is done and plate is removed he can contribute.


I totally forgot Hazard was at madrid


Dude, come on!! Even if he “came back”, I’d rather to invest more game time for Vini


He'll most likely be Vini's or Modric's sub.


I forgot he played in Real lol


He makes Dembele and Coutinho look like good transfers.


Another 'next season' thing ? Meh


I don't understand this guy. For some reason every season with RM I can't help but think, ok, now he will be good - it just doesn't compute that he's bad after all the seasons watching him be one of if not the best player in the Prem


Vini is only getting better, Hazard is deluded if he really thinks he'll get much gametime. He prolly knows this and only stays because nobody else is gonna pay his wage.


Next season never comes for Eden Hazard


Going for the Ferrari F1 tactic I see


He should show that he is a professional first. You can't play at top eating burgers all day. His quality was never a doubt, it's his professionalism and lack of self control that is at doubt.


He will show it in Madrid’s finest of restaurants


4th time charm


deja vu


We keep hearing this every season. Good luck to him!


Anceloti is a miserable old mercenary c*nt, he should show some loyalty to hazard.


Lol why? What has Hazard done to show he deserves it. Ancelotti is a legend of the game.


A fit Hazard is a pipe dream. I have said it before and i will say it again. Hypothetically, if Hazard moved from La Liga to a club in PL (assuming for a moment with the same record and transfer fee), and had the same kind of injury history and lack of impact. He would just be dismissed as an overrated player who could not make it in a tougher league. That part is still true, and only reason he gets so much press and somewhat positive reaction is because he performed better in a more watched league. Hazard is washed up, and even if you take out injuries, he has not had any kind of impact in the amount of chances he was given. Let's not forget, at the start of the season, Hazard was fit and healthy (by his preseason standards), and was benched by a 21-year old Vinicius. He was given chances on the right or in a 4-3-1-2 formation, and then benched by Asensio and Rodrygo (along with injuries) when the latter went six months without scoring. It's not just the injuries, and at this point Madrid are only sticking with him cos there is no one who would bet on him. Cue another Roberto Martinez interview about how Madrid should play Hazard more to help him regain his level and match fitness.


I have seen this story many times. I mean, I want him to actually be good, but the guy says this and then shows up totally out of form during the preseason.