So basically the update is: no update


You described 99% of Romano's tweets.


100 percent being that the only other type of tweets are tap ins, hence, not an update


it's so ridiculous. And every non-update gets posted here, still. Just because it's a Romano tweet.


With the 1% being emojis.


Eh, this time it's relevant, what with the Spanish media making a huge deal out of Mbappé's visit to Madrid last week, not to mention that several outlets reported that his extension with PSG was already signed over last month. When everyone makes up news, "no actual news" is a valuable update


No update Here We Go


This saga is so fucking draining, and I support neither PSG or Real Madrid.


This saga is so fucking draining, and I support Real Madrid.


This saga is so fucking draining.


This saga is so fucking


This saga fucks







I bet Fayza is the holdup. Real Madrid need to focus on convincing her instead of spending more time on Mbappe who already wants to go there.


Is his mother going to play CDM?


I think reports have said that she is the one who acknowledges Mbappe's wishes more unlike his father who wants him to renew at PSG.


Just ignore these posts then


I feel like Kylian wants to go but his family is pressuring him to take the money and go in 2 years


I mean it's not like he'd be getting 1000 dollars a week in Madrid lol.


Exactly, that's what most people ignore for some reason lol. He is still getting huge wages at Madrid. So this whole family rumors are either false/ploy, or they're extremely greedy.


A few rumours for a year now since last June are that the player wants to move but the family would prefer for him to take the 2 years contract and move later. I don't think they are "greedy" financially that would be the smart move even though he is obviously getting a lot in Madrid too. But career wise Kylian has other priorities.


If he really wants to go to Madrid, the smart move is to sign now. Injuries could happen, or Madrid could decide against buying him then for whatever reason (being "played" like that, getting a good enough substitute, rodrygo going full vinicius, Pérez getting mad) If he wants money, the smart move is to renew, obviously


Money is guaranteed either way. He will need to step up his game when he moves to Madrid though, so if he has the ambition to win then the choice is obvious. If he wants to cruise à la Neymar, then the choice is also pretty obvious.


I don't think we'll wait for him. If he doesn't come now we'll probably move on with Vini-Rodrygo and try to find a striker. If Haaland having a release clause is true, we could even go for him depending on how he develops and his injury situation.


I don't think either it's now or never that probably why Kylian is more keen on a move.


Won’t be surprise if psg offers him 100m/year lol


Isnt that the current offer? Or is it 150m a year


I heard 200m per year lol


Pretty sure it's 250m a year


Nah it’s 300m a year


I mean, yeah, but the alleged ownership of the player's image rights could be a huge deal, as it would dwarf the wage differences between the PSG and RM proposals. Then again, it might all be made up bullshit, as a lot of reports on this saga have been


> or they're extremely greedy This doesn't seem that unlikely to me


It's not necessarily a money thing, winning the CL with PSG would be a huge feat in his legacy. If he feels he can achieve that in the next 2 years, it'll weigh more than every 0 on his paycheck.


He's never going to, he knows that. It's an accursed club. Look at Man City, doing things way better than PSG, still can't get there. And as long as he's there he will never be a ballon dor competitor.


Be careful with the wishful thinking.


even if he gets 1k a month, he settelt for life allready


What do you mean? How can you claim he’s set for life… we don’t know his goals life style he may need p or waaay more to keep up with the lifestyle he wants to lhave.


I don't know why you are getting downvotes. You've got a point. Tons of great foorballers go bankrupt because of their lifestyle. I don't think this could ever be the case with the amount Mbappe is earning, but he could always get ripped off too and lose a ton of money. Like whst happened with Tennis star Del Potro (26M US dollars in prizes, but his father left him in bankruptcy before even turning 35 because of bad movement).


I really don’t get how people can say someone is set for life, like, some really poor people may say I’m set for life, I can eat several times a day and have a roof. Problem is we project our goals in others, so someone above our standard will seem that they’ve made it. Same way someone below my standard will look at me and say I made it.


Fuck all that, zero sympathy or understanding of the rich _needing_ to get richer because of "we don't know their goals". Do you have enough wealth today to afford that roof and 3 meals a day for the rest of your life? Not even mention your close family or children...? If the answer is no then, no, you're not set for life. It's not projecting "our goals", there's a basic level of humanity we all share. Obviously it's Kylian's prerogative and it's not like he's exploiting others or whatever. But fuck all that "we don't know their goals" sympathy. So stupid...


I totally disagree, I think people who don’t have sympathy are the ones that are frustrated they don’t have what they want, but won’t do the sracifice either. These top athletes have to sacrifice a lot, they’re constantly training and eating right etc since they’re kids, they travel all the time, away from family and friends, when everyone is having a good time on sundays they’re working. They are a scarce commodity and should be applauded for being the best and compensated as such. Treated as inspiration, not get hate for making good money.


Most people do sacrifices and work hard, many even harder than footballers. They just don't have the opportunities and talent.


Sure, that’s life thou.


I hear you. I'll try to be more precise. I don't hate Kylian specifically, for being rich. I don't know if _deserves_ such an disproportionate amount of money compared to other people doing much more meaningful work, yet I don't hate _him_ for being rich because he doesn't exploit others. What I do hate is that we're questioning whether he's set for life or not. As if it was entirely subjective to his "goals". I hate that we're trying to sympathize with the rich's lifestyles . If we consider a rich person in general, without even getting into things like tax evasion which we know they do, unless climate change destroys the world in the next 70 years or civilization collapses. He can most definitely have a basic human life for the rest of his life. Something that a lot of people today cannot achieve regardless of how hard they work and how much they sacrifice. I'm sorry, 0 sympathy.


I agree, people will always want more. It's in our nature. Once they can eat every day and have a roof, their eyes will wander elsewhere, and the ambition grows.


There's no universal human nature, at any point in time it's just dictated by the economic system in which we live. There's nothing wrong with wanting more unless it's at the expense of another who'd have less.


I agree, I don't think there's anything wrong with that as well. But I don't think it's dictated by economic system. You look at the countless periods in time, and other economic systems, and there will always be people that want more.


Technically, he won’t be getting any dollars at all.


He will be paid in Superleague tokens


It's always most annoying when the people making those pressures aren't the ones playing within a limited career timespan.


If he doesn't join now, I don't think the option to join in 2 years will even be available. It'll be twice then that we tried to sign him and he chose to stay. Perez will almost certainly move on.


Assuming Vinicius and Rodrygo haven't surpassed Mbappe by then, making Mbappe no longer as desirable for Real Madrid.


If he doesn't come this summer we won't come back for him in the future.


Schrodinger's 🐢


Mbappe does more thinking than prime Plato. Ngl I feel insulted but that’s my fan brain.


Does Romano get paid per tweet? Because this is the 20th nothing tweet about this saga that he's tweeted. Just shut the fuck up until you have some real news.


Its because he gets spam comments from people every day like "Update on Mbappe?" "Update on United?" etc. A lot of people aren't on Reddit so dont see the news or just dont follow Romano so often, so they then are asking for updates. But yes, its very annoying. Its ruining his credibility and reputation a little with more 'in-tuned' fans.


I'm tired Robbie...


Won’t happen but it’d be funny to me if after all this drama some other club came in and signed him at the 11th hour


There was that "zebra" tweet of his a while back, can't wait to see him in a Udinese jersey.


It clearly meant he was joining Newcastle. /s


Nah, didn't you hear, we've changed our club colours to white/green.


Mbappe/Wood strike partnership incoming


Ah yes, the Barca strategy.


Christ, make up your goddamn mind


Don't care if he signs or not, the boys are in another CL final.




Maybe that's why. He wants to be the main man and he has failed to win CL at PSG and it's not like PSG have a bad squad either. So winning it in a team like RM that have won it so many times could make him feel like the team made him win not the other way around.


To come into Real Madrid you need to accept the club is bigger than you, and the fans are kings, but for good reason because our Media power is immense. Ronaldo and Ramos, amongst many others, figured it out the hard way, once you leave and no matter where you go, you lose a lot of media presence and football presence and accolades. He's dumb if he thinks coming to Real Madrid and winning titles and breaking records will do anything but cement his place in history. The "main man" talk makes little sense, almost every Real Madrid star is the main man in world football.


>Ronaldo and Ramos, amongst many others, figured it out the hard way RM were never the same since Ronaldo's departure though


We're not the same after Ramos either, neither is Ramos the same or Ronaldo, and I think between the three sides, Real Madrid is doing just fine.


Looking at the way things currently stand... Who do you think came out the better in that situation? No single player will ever be bigger than Real Madrid!


Same thing for Ronaldo , it was a very stupid decision by him to leave madrid


Fans are kings lol


You must be blind. We have been getting by because Rodrygo, and Asensio before that, has stepped up in a lot of big moments. But our right side is absolutely turgid going forward. There’s only so much Benz-Vini can do especially with KCM getting older. We don’t control games the way we used to. Having a speed demon on each side of Benzema will provide enough outlets to offset our weaknesses.


>There’s only so much Benz-Vini can do If RM win the CL then the "so much" will be "a league and CL double," which I'm fine with.


What we’ve accomplished in the CL this season is not repeatable. We are very clearly short of the best version of ourselves.


I wish there were more news around this subject. I feel we are not getting enough updates on these massive shifts of events.


Either you go to Madrid, get a great pay and have a way higher chance of winning the ballon d'or and cementing your legacy. Or stay with Paris, get a bigger pay but rot and waste your career in a shit club.


Why can’t he do a haaland - sign contract and say your goodbyes. This saga might give him more money but won’t leave in a good place with the fans


After passing on Haaland, Flriorentino/ Real Madrid will be veeeery upset if this does not come to fruition.


Poor Perez and Real Madrid, will have to get satisfied with Potentialy winning UCL without Mbappe.


Rodrygo and Vini are looking solid AF, I am more worried about a long term replacement for Benzema.


I would take it


> After passing on Haaland, Flriorentino/ Real Madrid will be veeeery upset if this does not come to fruition. They'll buy in Haaland after 2 years for 150m, right about the time Benzema isn't undroppable anymore. This is no problem for Real.


Sign d ting


TIC TAC At this Stage I'm only will believe when I see a tweet titled "Comunicado Oficial"


I'm tired of this saga. Please let it end soon.


Mbappe overthinking pep


Ctrl C + Ctrl V every few days


As much as I don't want him in RM, he would be stupid not to go. RM is the biggest brand in European soccer, especially in recent years. Ballon Dor, UCL trophy, and El Classicos cannot be bought with PSG money. GET OUT. (wish Messi & Neymar never went to PSG either).


There won't be any official announcement until the season is over, these journalists are desperately trying to milk this while they can. I don't get why this sub loves Romano's non-news.


This has Mpappe staying in PSG all written over it.


La decisión: Cowabunga edition


Fabrizio Romano: Here we go….not today…


I know money is tempting but there is no chance he gets Champions League with PSG. Why doesnt he go to Madrid, win everything and then come back to PSG to collect the big bucks and retire, like Messi.


"is still thinking about it" How about just drawing straws at this point?


So how much are Madrid offering him vs. How much is PSG willing to pay him? I read 50 million a year at PSG vs 25 a year at Real. I don't know how much sign on bonus is on each.


Wait PSG upped there offer? I swear there previous offer reported a couple weeks ago was something ludicrous already


Nothing new, he tweeted the same thing before


Im a Madrid fan, and downvote me if you want, but at the end of the day this is a career and I cannot fault him for staying at PSG for the money. Would you turn down a monetary promotion at your job because you’re loyal to the company you work for?


At this point I wouldn't be surprised if he goes to barcelona or city or whatever, would be a perfect shitshow