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Damn that’s disrespectful. Navas is clear


Fuckin hell he makes it hard to like him


You have to be one massive cunt to be throwing out such awfully disrespectful quotes about your teammate, senior or not. I think a season on the bench would do him well, perhaps he'd learn a thing or two about respect and proper behaviour.


i dont think he would learn


He'd just leave to a different club and said club would accept him with open arms and a fat paycheck. That's just the kind of world we live in unfortunately


Send him to brasileirao and he would learn a thing or two


There's two types of arrogance. You can either be Zlatan who is self-aware and takes the piss out of himself with his big talk that makes it funny. Or you can be like Donna who actually believes all the shit that comes out of his own mouth and be insufferable.


I have a theory that Zlatan talks big to force himself to perform, like if you've talked the talk then get off your ass and walk the walk, no backing out now kinda thing.




The difference is the level of professionalism between them. You can say whatever you want about Ibra, but his professionalism in training is unrivalled. If Mario had the same mentality we'd be talking about one of the best strikers of this generation right now, but instead he's spent the last seasons playing for Serie B and Turkish clubs.


in his biography he states that Mohammed Ali is his role model, that would also explain it


That'd actually be genius from him. For people who are responsive to social pressure, or care about people's perceptions of them, it's a great way to use that to fuel their goals.


People motivate themselves in interesting ways! I remember in the 2000s Milan teams Gattuso used to have Ancelotti slap the shit out of him before every game to get hype lmao


And Pirlo would torment the crap out of him, so maybe it helped too.


Pirlo missed games because of being stabbed with a fork by an annoyed Gattuso


And Zlatan's is always half-joking. He knows what he says is preposterous and he knows that most people will find it funny. But he backs it up with his performance.


I mean, the thing on top of that too is that you deliver on what you're saying/how you come across. Zlatan has an ego, and he knows it, and makes it into a caricature almost, but he also performs and has had quite the career, of individual seasons with teams. Donna... forgot how to play GK when he realized Big Benz was on the field, and decided to do his best Karius impression, just without the "head injury" narrative. Dude was in Milan and is now hated by their fans (and has been since he was nearly done there anyway) and now he's throwing major disrespect and shade at a dude that's achieved twice as much as he has lmao Like hey, dollar store Gigi, they don't give out medals for semi finals, you know that, right? €: in case you think so, the quotes around "head injury" are meant to be quotes, as in me referencing that final and Karius situation, not sarcastic air quotes or whatever.


Navas has far more than double Donnarumma's achievements


Navas is 35, Donnarumma is 23. Its not exactly s 1:1 comparison. Donnarumma was on the worst Milan teams over the last 10 years. Who competed for nothing up until last season.


I was responding to a comment that noted Donnarumma was throwing shade at a guy who had achieved twice what he had. I wanted to reinforce how big that gap is. Three Champions Leagues in a row is an insane accomplishment. Donnarumma could play until 90 and probably won't achieve it.


Being on that Milan team allowed Dollaruma to play at 16 years old. And have 6 seasons under his belt as the unquestionable starter. If Milan was in a better situation than depending on the situation it would have been maybe 2 seasons as a starter.


Dont get the "" around karius. He was concussed, no narrative being pushed. You're just normalizing an abnormal head injury


Erikson has a “heart condition” narrative


Zlatan backs it up to be fair. He’s arrogantly humble, and I know that’s an oxymoron, I just can’t find another way best to describe him.


The guy is a grade A bellend


Not for me. I hope to see him in many more future matches.


Benz would love that


So, he is gonna stay and deny any competition with Navas. I wonder what ‘choices’ is he pointing to!


I hope the lack of competition means only Navas gets game time, would be poetic justice


Navas deserves a better club


Story of his career. Consistently underrated.


No, PSG board are too stupid to do that


The way he disrespects Navas is hard to bear.


Even without going on about their capabilities, Navas is actually a really humble and down to earth guy.




Keylor Navas is one of the most clutch big game players of all time man. Even back at Levante he would always, always turn up vs the big dogs. Some of his Costa Rica performances are absurd. He deserves to be the main goalkeeper at a CL contending club, such a shame he went to PSG.


That 2014 WC man. That Costa Rica team was legendary in the group stage. Bravo for Chile and Ospina for Colombia also shined that cup and improved their place, though Navas is evidently the best of the three.


Was that the same WC that Ochoa was on fire for Mexico?


He's always on fire in WCs


Has Ochoa ever had a bad period with Mexican national team? I only remember the dude rode the bench around Europe, and turned into a god every time he played for Mexico.


I really hate how they disrespect him, he's such a humble and down to earth guy who is extremely talented and is a proven winner he doesn't deserve the insults.


The saves he made against Bayern in 2017/18 semis... My God he was fantastic plus he recovered from the howler performance against Juve in last round too


Navas is better than Donnarumma.


It’s all good. We‘ve got Mike and we’re happy.


I hear you 100%! Navas deserves better yo


Arguably one of the best UCL GKs in recent history at least. Keylor was phenomenal in Real’s 3-peat.


It’s him and Neuer really


the audacity to talk like this after the CL disaster wtf


PSG would have won that game if they had played their best goalkeeper


He is putting pressure on the board to push Navas in the direction of the door because he knows he can't challenge him for the starting spot. Even having him on the bench is a constant threat to him. Pathetic.


Keylor gone then. Also, arrogant prick


In effect, I've been promised number 1 next season and Keylor can get fucked


Navas always draws the short straw in every club he plays he does it good but never have the full support and respect of the club.


I feel soo much regret that we didn't go for him when tibo went to madrid.


Imagine if we just swapped GKs that window instead. Both sides would be happier today i reckon


No he doesn't, he puts himself in these situations to an extent. He went to Madrid as an understudy to Casillas which he was for a season. Then he played 4 full seasons as first choice before Courtois came in. He then went to PSG, played 2 seasons as first choice and now at the age of 35 he has had competition from Donarumma for the season. If you are going to sign 6 year and 4 year contracts at huge players like Real Madrid and PSG you can't expect to play forever without competition for your spot.


Yeah but the point is he's never lost his position due to performance, it's because he's less marketable. Was better than Courtois when they were both at Real Madrid, and the better performing keeper at PSG


I mean, he played at a World Class level for multiple season at Madrid winning multiple CLs, and the STILL tried to replace him (well, they did). At PSG, they would rather appease Donnarumma and watch him choke in the CL instead of playing the CL winning, highly experienced goalkeeper. What bothers me is he's not being replaced based on merit. The players who are replacing him are not better.


Not really an understudy. If Mourinho didn't get sacked ,he would've got starting 11 straight away. Carlo's a 'trust the quality of a player' kind of guy, so he gave Casillas a chance ,that and Casillas was still the captain. Having suffered under Mourinho and all the media drama surrounding it, no coach was going to bench Iker straight away. Keylor was voted best keeper in the league when he moved from Levante . He was more than ready. Casillas had some good performances in the group stage of CL and made good saves against Dortmund .. That's it. The team could've certainly won it with Lopez. Also the Godin header in the final was a mistake from Casillas in 13-14. I don't blame the club in trying to look for the future. But, that whole fiasco with the fax machine was embarrassing. Navas literally cried with his wife when that swap failed. He wanted to stay and be a starter. So, that might've been a relief in some sense but the hurt of being tossed around would've been unbearable. But, what a character!! He went on to win 3 consecutive CLs with many great performances along the way. I think United would've done well with him too. They thought De Gea was a whole another level of better. But I don't think so. He would've been as great imo. After all , he had his breakout season with Levante...not really a top team. He's a better distributor than De Gea and a slight better reflex from De Gea would not matter that much I think as Navas has better positioning. Edit: made a huge error there. It was Diego Lopez ,Casillas pair in Carlo's first season. Fixed that... The point is Carlo trusted Iker to regain some of his form and played him not because Navas wasn't ready or worse


Navas was signed one year after Mou left and ancelotti had won his first UCL with us Diego Lopez and Casillas shared playing time during Ancelotti first season. Lopez played league matches while Iker played Copa and UCL matches


Yes, but I don't think "having competition" means anything if he is outperforming that competition so that a player loses his position based on performance or skill. Now I am not talking about his situation specifically, but performing player should never lose spot to a pressure of agent, media or just because someone was expensive transfer. Never actually understood why Real bought Courtois in first place when they've had great performing keeper only 4 years older. It's not like Donnaruma or Henderson at United that were young and bought for future.


This really encapsulates the biggest problem in PSG. The lack of accountability, starting from the very top in an environment where the players are way too entitled considering the performances they put out. Unless the club changes it's style of functioning from the top down, they will never be a regular contender for the UCL even if their individual quality might power them to 1 UCL in a 'lucky' campaign. You don't need a McKinsey consultant with a shiny deck of slides costing you 10M USD to tell you all this. It's bizarre how they haven't figured this out yet


I would understand the arrogance if he was at Neuer level for some years but seriously now.


That FIFA rating getting into his head


Maybe he thought FIFA rating is really a rating from FIFA lol. It's a game, ~~Gigi~~ Gigio.


Gigio. Don’t disrespect Gigi like that… I used to really like Donnarumma, I’ve been detached because I support Juventus, but his comments in recent days have made me backtrack a bit. He’s beginning to sound and act very arrogant.


Shit fuckin auto correct lol Gigi is "tooth" in my language.


My man really thought he would easily bench the 3x UCL winner


He still will, but not because h€'s th€ obvious candidat€.




The funny thing is this is like the 3rd time he says this.


He kinda succeeded after saying that and got to play in the CL and we all know how it ended up.


Like man come on, use your head. You got a guy who played 30+ consecutive UCL games and won 3 UCLs. You think maybe you want to get some advice/guidance rather than attack/insult him in the press? What a dickhead


Another Donnarumma hate thread? Count me in


[We slandering Donnarumma?](https://images.app.goo.gl/bPTNRfAgPUhmr8Px5)


Count me in!


Come one come all, we've got snacks


He brings it into himself really


Avengers montage of Milan fans, old PSG fans, “game’s gone”ists and chaos agents joining their forces to hate on Dollarumma lol


me too, fucking scumbag


I don’t know why I dislike this guy so much.


This quote alone has a few clues


We warned them!


Milan fans can tell you why


Daniel Maldini made the debut in the champions league before donnarumma




He comes of as an arrogant prick every time I hear him speak


Especially because Navas is an underrated und has proven multiple times that he‘s an amazing keeper. Don‘t know why Donnarumma thinks he would be an upgrade


Navas won 3 CL back to back while Donnarumma shit himself during his first knockout tie...


Exactly. I remember a ton of worldclass saves of his during their 3peat campaigns. Might be the most important player for that achievement besides CR7. Btw: Username doesn‘t check out cause you‘re speaking facts here!


Thank you so much for taking him, we all feel blessed to have Maignan as our GK


Because he's disrespecting a humble and popular teammate who has achieved things Donnarumma never will.


Dude is publicly disrespecting his senior teammate. God helps if you add pogba's toxicity too


lol pogba did run his mouth about wanting to leave every other season but was never like this lol


Yeah. Not for players but only targetted managers like Mourinho. Which is also bad imo.


i think respect works both ways… pogba has never made any comments about anyone other manager so yeah


Except all the players at United and France seem to like Pogba. He seems like a good dressing room guy. It's with the media that he's kinda toxic towards fans.


Pogba's toxicity? He's done some stunts on social media but he has always been a great teammate and important personality in the dressing room. Never really toxic towards his teammates, quite the opposite even. His problem was more starting transfer rumors over his agent and club management conflicts but he never disrespected his teammates as far as I'm aware


*hits blunt twice* "Listen..."


We probably know.


I know why I do


Do you have time? I have a list.


Because he's a cunt?


I think it's because he's a fucking donkey who believes he's the second coming of Christ.


The fact that he's a cunt might have something to do with it


If PSG are getting rid of Navas then it's their lost. Watch him being a CL winner anywhere else.


i wish but he's getting injured too much nowadays. but he's still a fantastic keeper for the league when you can compensate for his absences (meaning you don't get eliminated during his injury)


Wow I'm so glad that he left. What a shit entitle attitude


I was sad when he left, because he could have been a true icon for the club, but also relieved, because we finally got rid of all his drama. Also because the management decided to stop taking all his bullshit and made a deal with Maignan when it became clear that 99 was prolonging the drama until the last minute. And Mike is Magic.


It seems the world is slowly realizing how insufferable he is. Milan fans couldn't stand him anymore: when you loose a player of his skill level and the supporters are actually relieved, then something is fishy. Lots of people tend to forget that the drama surrounding his contract situation with Milan has practically gone on non-stop for 3 years, with him pushing for more money or a free exit at every renewal, while at the same time kissing the jersey and saying he wants to be Milan's future captain. Shut up and get better at your job Gigio, given recent performances it's quite needed.


Perfect for Juve if you ask me


That was the whole scheme. He was to go to psg for a few years make him and raiola a ton of money, then juve would offer him a deal after szczesny left. But now juve has other priorities and don't want to spend on his wages. I followed the saga and the only obstacles to him not going to juve were szczesny wages and his agent fees.


magic mike maignan.


Milan fans loving their former PSG keeper while PSG fans and their former Milan keeper.....


How has he been for you guys?


Extraordinary, beyond expectations.


Amazing to hear, fuck Donnarumma


Maignan is incredible. He's extremely underrated as far as top keepers in Europe go


I'd say he's actually an improvement. he's much better at playing the ball imo.


Hell yes!


literally one of the reason we in contention for Scudetto and our clean sheet record this year is in crazy number


couldn't ask for anything more, absolute upgrade in every aspect on and off the pitch


He has been a top 3 keeper this season.


a shout for not only milan, but serie a player of the season.


If Milan win the league then he's arguably the leading contender for Serie A Footballer of the Year and Serie A MVP. If he didn't need surgery in the middle of the season then he'd probably be the clear choice even now.


Please come back Magic Mike


So happy that situation worked out for Milan


Maignan is way better than him


Don't like his attitude ngl lol


Yeah he’s a fuckin child


Nah, he’s a spoiled shitbag now


I’m sure Milan fans know him the best, because he was already a douche with them, if he was a douche with his boyhood club imagine his tantrums in an already T(antrum)SG team


He was a nice but a bit dopey lad when he was at Milan till the end, now he seems like a different person.


Nah he always act as a child but he was excuses because he was actually a child, now he is an adult and he acts as a child and prick


Yeah that's probably it, what we kind of shrugged off as immaturity/him not being the brightest back then may actually be who he is


He wishes he could have half the career that Navas had.


with this attitude he never will. He thinks he's already the best.


I think it's alright that he thinks he is the best, but don't shit on other players (fan favourites at that) and back your words up. Hell, he is disrespecting a teammate because he can't become the clear first choice. Lmao.


What an unlikeable person


This sounds like a toxic quote from the Real Housewives of ParisSaintGermainia


>This sounds like a toxic quote from the Real Housewives of ParisSaintGermainia *I'm not going to stab you in the Back Keylor, I'ma stab you in the chest.*


Milan did the right thing letting Donnarumma go. Compared to top goalkeepers across the top 5 leagues, as per today Mike Maignan ranked 5th in terms of goal conceded per games played, behind Alison (transfer fee €72.5M; 2018), Ederson (€40M; 2017), Handanovic (€15M; 2015), and Mendy (€24M; 2020). In terms of clean sheets percentage, Maignan ranked 4th behind Ederson, Alison, and Mendy. Meanwhile, Donnarumma ranked 10th on both accounts. [Stats comparison](https://i.imgur.com/DCDhH14.png). Not bad for a €15M acquisition in 2021. Maignan salary is also only €3M per season until 2026, which means he will only costs Milan €30M total. His agent fee is unknown, which could mean it was not significant enough to be reported. Donnarumma wanted €7M/year plus €1M/year for his parasite brother's salary, a €20M fee for Raiola, and a €20M release clause for only two years in contract length. It would have cost Milan €36M to keep him for two years. After two years, he would have to negotiate an even higher salary, likely adding another million at the very least but also another Raiola fee, which would have cost Milan another €47M for the next three years. So for a 5 years contract, it is likely Milan would have to fork out €83M for Donnarumma. So, in effect, Milan saved roughly €53M by letting go of Donnarumma and buying Maignan. That €53M was used to redeem both Tonali (€25M) and Tomori (€28M), two players who turned out to be crucial for Milan's title bid. Shrewd business by Maldini. So, #ThankYouDollarumma


There's an arrogance about him that seems unearned compared to someone like Navas who seems humble.


Also, "I didn't play every game so I couldn't give my best" is the lamest excuse I've heard for a while


Exactly. It‘s actually even the opposite of a mentality you‘d expect from a top football player. If you don‘t play every game, shouldn‘t that be the motivation for you to give your best so that you can start playing every game?


Dude was pushed way too early and before he even turned 20, he already started pressuring his previous club and making outrageous demands like forcing them to sign his brother, even though he wasn't Serie A level. People blame his manager for all of this but quotes like these make it clear once again that he was definitely at fault too. It went all to his head in no time and now he thinks he can push clubs and colleagues around by publicly saying things that any rational person would keep to himself.


Epitome of a spoilt brat. Glad you guys have a keeper you deserve in Maignan.


Such a shit character this guy has. Navas is better than you any day of the week.


Disrespecting my man Keylor


Amen bro


He's legit never going to be as good as Keylor.


Keylor is clear, prick.


Donnarumma the player with 2 club trophies, disrespecting his senior teammate Navas with 18 club trophies, including 3 consecutive UCLs as a starter, which Donnarumma can not even begin to dream of. This is not just competition, this is outright disrespect to one of the best goalies of the past decade.


Based on achievements alone, Navas is easily one of the best keepers of all time. I have no idea why so many people underrate him. Incredibly consistent, never goes missing (in fact, he's quite the clutch player), mentally a fortress, etc. If Navas had started in the CL, PSG wouldnt have bottled it


PSG will pick Navas and he will go to Juve. Also imagine disrespecting a team mate like that cos you are not good enough to earn the starting spot yourself...


PSG won't pick Navas, because it's PSG. They go for Pogba now, ffs, winning culture settlers!


I see nothing wrong with signing players with consistent attitude and motivation problems


Has Szczesny been that bad ?


Cunt. Navas should leave asap. He deserves better.


3 champions league winner Chad Navas vs virgin Uber eats winner donnarumma


I'm sure he's not saying he blackmailed the club to fire Keylor or he's leaving.


Leaving to what team? No team that has $$$$ wants him. Other teams that need a GK won’t/can’t pay a transfer fee + his crazy wages. The 1 exception being Newcastle


Man's really acting like he's the shit, like pipe down bro


Navas >>>>>


He could’ve been something but looks like he’s let it all get to his head


Man thinks he's bigger than Navas


Does anyone like this donkey?


Benzema does


I liked his performance against us


The absolute disrespect. I'd take Navas over this guy any day.


Comes across as a piece of shit. I hope Navas gets into super saiyan form and benches his ass forever :(


Thank god for donarumma, I don't think real Madrid goes through if Navas Was playing that day


I'm confident they don't, Navas is the king of consistency and not bottling


>It wasn't an easy season, I played half the games and couldn't give my best You're supposed to give your best even if you get to play 5 minutes.


He is such a wanker, for fuck sakes. How can someone be such a rudeboy


Navas the earlier you can get out of that cesspool of a club the better


Milan really dodged a bullet with this guy.


What a spoiled, pathetic kid. He acts like he played the season De Gea or Courtois played even though he was absolutely shite


Arguably cost PSG getting to UCL quarters


PSG is the gift that keeps on giving. Imagine they pick Keylor Navas instead lol




Praying on his downfall cocky cunt


He's not even as good as neuer to be talking like this. Milan dodged a bullet lmao.


Milan got a better keeper good for them


Villareal should sign Keylor Navas.


Prima donnarumma


This guy knows who Navas is right?




Yeah I don't like that guy


Get the nukes out.... No one disrespects my boy Keylord. I said no one


Keylor should hang his CL winners medals over Donnarumma's shirt next game. Just so they're the first thing the little prick sees.


I would choose Navas.


I can’t stand Donnarumma. Man had one good penalty shoot out in the Euros and hasn’t done shit since. He cost PSG and Italy their campaigns this season because of his low IQ plays. Get this fat Italian out of the club


I don't think he realizes that he does not really have the resume to criticize and disrespect Keylor Navas.


I don’t think I like this guy


Karma is going to get to him.


This guy is such a cunt