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If i speak im in big trouble


I can't say what I sink


I have nothing, nothing to say. Nothing, nothing to say. Nothing to say, I have nothing to say. Nothing to say, I am so sorry, I have nothing to say


I don't recall him saying these exact words, but I still heard him (Mou) say it in my head.




Mou out here inspiring other coaches low key 😂🤣


Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick


en i dont want to be in big trubble




The penalty call I can understand, but Holding 100% deserved to get sent off


He tried to wind Son up and ended up winding himself up, absolutely embarrassing that he got sent off so quickly over nothing


He does that to people. There was a game against us where he would up and fucking body checked Mane and it wasn’t even a foul. He’s just a dirty bitch.


Mane gets away with shit like this all the time. Still remember your game against us where he escaped a red because only 3 minutes had passed and the twat went on to score


Are you talking about the elbow on Azpi? Because that was more like 5 seconds


You're right Our left hand side especially had a few who get away with stuff. Robbo and milner lay in heavy challenges often but generally aren't dirty players. Although robbo is a bit of a wind up merchant. Mane has a flailing elbow or something stupid in him every so often. He's been doing things less this year but still occasionally. Originally I would have defended stuff as accidental but stuff happens too often with him. Definitely seems to have calmed down a bit now though (he's 30)


Robertson is an absolute twat.


Mane, I agree. He’s a dirty bitch!


Ty is that you?


Mane is one of the dirtiest players in football.


You can't even say he gets away with it because of his smile, because he never smiles. Still love him though, having a great season. He's one of those players you love to have on your team but can fully understand why opposing team fans really dislike him.


Every good team needs a player who's a bit of a shithouse. It's funny how Kane and Mane get away with these things and everyone knows about them, and other players are labeled as divers or dirty (like Zaha and Xhaka for instance) and you just can't shake the label. I remember Xhaka being booked for absolutely nothing after having zero previous fouls and Peter Walton was like "he had it coming".


Mane is one of the dirtiest players in the league lmao talking about throwing elbows he does it every game. If he played for Arsenal he’d have multiple red cards by now but obviously he gets the generous Liverpool treatment.


No idea what the hell Holding was thinking. It’s the NLD. Biggest game of the season. Draw, and we confirm Top 4. The pass wasn’t ever reaching Son. It was way overhit. Why take the risk? Why do that, knowing you’re already on a yellow card? It’s absolutely stupid. Unfortunately the lack of depth really shows today. Having to rely on Cedric, Holding, Elneny.


He thought he was the smart one, he was trying to wind Son up the little kick at the start and the smile after the throw. On the silly second yellow he was trying the same thing.


This was absolutely a backfired gameplan. I kinda think had Paul Tierny set the proper precedent with the kick or throwing Son back down, there’d be less gray area for Holding to work within and *maybe* he would’ve shown more restraint in his shithousery.


nah, he gave Holding plenty of chances and clearly defined the parameters. there was one more foul between the kick on the ground and the first yellow where he pulled him aside and gave him a verbal warning. after that, the next two were textbook yellows. thought the ref was pretty solid tbh, the only call I vehemently disagreed with was the play where Saka got his ankle stomped on and somehow got called for the foul.


If Holding keeps his arms down, would imagine the ref doesn't do anything. It's mostly from raising his elbow.


probably thought he would get away with it because it's a derby and refs usually allow anything but murder


He was stupid all game. Kept getting rinsed by Son, and kept fouling. Eventually he should realise “ok this guys kind of got me on the ropes, I need to ask X to help out here”.


He’s a fucking idiot, even for the first card he would’ve got away with it if only he didn’t hold on to Son but he couldn’t help himself


Idk, at that point he had fouled Son quite a few times, so by the totting up process he’d get booked probably. The first yellow was deserved but not necessarily stupid as the idea was clearly get tight to Son and be aggressive. The second was just absolute stupidness, the kind that’s characterised us at times this season, like when Gabriel got sent off vs City


I agree. Tierney held up 3 fingers when he gave the yellow, I think to signify "this is the third time you've fouled him already." Probably didn't matter how much he held him extra, once he committed the foul, he was getting the yellow


Don't think so tbh, the ref let him off easy a few times before that and went to the card straight away there, I think he would've got that anyways. Still insanely stupid to practically beg for a yellow and then immediately go on and do that lmao


The elbow foul would have been fine normally, but his previous actions against Son wasn’t helping lol. The ref did have a talk with him before all the sht he did again. So he ignored all the talk with the ref and thought he was smart enough to get away.


X gonna give to ya


Not sure why people are blaming Holding - it's pretty clear that they (him and Soares) were told to rough Son up. Naive tactics executed with naivete.


Yeah rough him up, once he's got a yellow let Cedric have a turn. Not smash in the face front of the referee when he's already on a yellow. Be smart, use football common sense


>Naive tactics executed with naivete Not Son's first rodeo.


If I was a Spurs fan I'd be applauding Son's tactics


Yep - Son responded really intelligently. "Go on, idiot, get yourself sent off".


Unusual from Sonny, I think a big weakness of his is that he gets wound up easily & plays with too much emotion at times.


Rüdiger exploits that all too well.


Yeah, I think it's on the management and players both. I think there's an aspect of Arteta that thinks he's putting team first when he's putting system over players, but sometimes it's just demanding strengths where guys are weakest. Holding is not, nor is he likely ever to be, a good front foot defender, and we're asking him to be that against Son. Let him be a penalty box defender. Then these dimwitted assertions of dominance didn't help anybody.


This is a pretty good take tbf


I think, partly because he's a younger coach trying to establish himself, and because he seems passionate about his ideals, he's going to err on the side of the team needs to meet my standards rather than I need to adjust to the needs of players. I think Pepe is a good example. It's obvious the deal was not right, but it's also obvious that Pepe's strength is finishing in transition. What Arteta wants is someone facilitating build-up who can also finish, but for Arteta the system part is more important. Ultimately, it's going to be in the best interest of everyone for him to move on. Nevertheless, first with Willian, and thankfully now with Saka, he was able to push Pepe out of the first team, because he is not going to adjust to Pepe's strengths: he needs Pepe to be good where he's weak, because he's not going to cater to someone who's not totally fitting just because he can finish. I think a similar thing happened with Aubameyang as well. Anyway, we can't expect Rob Holding to play the same way we expect Ben White to. It's not going to work out. And adding in an emphasis on bullying Son when you're already asking Holding to go into unfamiliar territory, we have seen, was playing with fire.


Not sure how you got that idea. It’s a Derby, it will be physical. Son is one of your most dangerous players, so players will be aggressive with him. Holding tried, failed, got booked. That’s where his brain should have kicked in. Not on the manager there, Holding is just stupid


There was clearly a pre-determined plan to give Son rough treatment. He got it worse than any other player, right from the start - even saw Holding and Soares in a congratulatory conversation / discussing it after Holding's kick at Son on the ground. This went beyond standard derby / good player rough treatment. And yep, Holding is another in Arsenal's long list of players who aren't up to the standard of the top half of the premier league. >Naive tactics executed with naivete.


theres a reason arsenal have had the most on field disciplinary issues since arteta took over, and theres a reason arsenal have the biggest victim mentality in the league. this presser just reinforces it, arteta definetly doesnt do enough to fix the squads on field discipline and may even be one of the reasons behind all their red cards and penalties conceded


And even then he can say "I disagree with the ref's decision on the pen".


Yeah this nonsense about not being able to say anything or being suspended for six months (!) is such nonsense. Managers criticise ref decisions all the time.


Nuno flat out said Lee Mason did not have the quality to be a referee, and that he was worried before the game because he knew that Mason would make mistakes, and then refused to apologise for his opinion. All he got was a £25K fine – I don't know what Arteta had in mind if he was anticipating a 6 month ban.


"i think Paul Tierney deserves the death penalty" -Mikel Arteta, 2022


and get in trouble. Still disagree with arteta the players didnt play well today why are you saying you are proud? and the only iffy decision was the pen that holding foul was a secong yellow 100%


Every manager defends players in the press obviously what do you want him to say ????


When was the last time a manager got a fine or ban for comments on the ref?




I think the only other call Arteta could be talking about is the called foul on Saka leading to the 2nd goal. The ref definitely got that one wrong. But we lost today because of us, not the refereeing.


I don't know that penalty seemed like the correct call. I don't know what Cedric is trying to accomplish by shouldering Son right in the back like that. Soft, maybe, but by doing that you put the ref in that position to make a call and if it was the other way around, Arteta wouldn't be complaining one bit.


I’m obviously biased but i don’t get the penalty controversy. It was a foul in the box. Just because it’s not always given doesn’t mean it’s incorrect


it's a foul in the books but it's also generally not given as a pen, like we'd all like those to be called regularly starting from now but deciding on a (de facto if not de jure) rule change mid game... i'd be upset if that went against us


Cheers. It’s a harsh decision early in the game in one of the biggest derbies in recent memory. So it feels even worse. For me It’s the consistency problem again. These calls are just never consistent.


I partly feel like he gave it because it was yet another foul on Son


I think you're spot on. Holding was targeting Son quite a bit. He deserved to be sent off, but it also showed the ref that we were out to get Son, so it probably seemed more malicious than it even was. Edit: Referring to mostly the penalty, not the Holding second yellow, but that is fitting as well. Rough day at work, I'm already drunk.


Also Cedric wasn’t even trying to play the ball, he couldn’t. Once he jumped there was really only one outcome and the ref knew it.


As pointed out it's down to the timing of it, he gets Son too early and makes a proper foul.


Not necessarily arguing that it’s a foul (I think it’s always soft) but just that how many times do we see that happen and not get called.


Not as often as some would make out because the comparisons tend to be different. Cedric isn't trying to play the ball and catches him early plus therefore has the perfect angle. Those elements push it past soft for me.


It was soft, but you're right. If it were Emerson knocking down Saka I'd want it given.


Yeah I can accept that it was soft. Still the right call by the rules of the game Didn’t decide anything. Mr Elbowing, I mean Holding did that


It's a foul anywhere else on the pitch, so it should be a foul there. You're not allowed to charge into players lmao.


Arsenal had a player pushed in the back going up for a header like 5 minutes before this that wasn’t called. Much heavier contact too.


It’s just the usual cryarsing from Arsenal fans when a decision goes against them


This is exactly what I thought seeing it in the game and especially from that second angle. I didn't understand how so many people were questioning it in the thread.


It's because they're never given even though they should be. You can't just push people in the back especially when they're jumping. The fact Son then collides with Holding who's jumping the other way as well makes it look like a bad collision as well. Mindless from Cedric. There's leaning into your man as they jump, then there's a big fuck off shove. Cedric chose the latter.


Players nudge attacking players in the air all the time. It’s how full backs defend crosses. It’s once against a penalty that you have to want to give.


Yeah and is that not a foul? Most of the complaints I’m seeing are people moaning that he chose to make the correct call now, when in the past referees have incorrectly not given it lol. People ask for better officiating but then complain when a referee begins calling fouls correctly for a change


Yeah cause precedent doesn’t matter, I’d love to see the threads of all the people complaining that situations like these aren’t called as pens when it happens every single game


He doesn't even have to lie. He can simply say that it's a clear foul on Son and a correct call. He could also add that Holding could've easily been carded long before he was. Lastly mention that Holding's lucky to only get a second yellow and not a straight red


I think we got the call because their only tactic to deal with Son was to hack him down repeatedly. Good refs will pick up repeated cynical fouls and will start awarding fouls even if it’s a 50/50 decision


Not enough attention paid to this. Son was being absolutely harassed. This was probably the 5th or 6th foul on Son just 20’ into the match. It was clear they had it out for him. A soft foul like that may not normally get a pen, but when it’s clear that there’s some intent, the ref is going to look at different.


I mean, was the penalty soft? Sure, but a foul’s a foul. Saying it’s soft it’s more a criticism of Cedric than the referee.


Way I look at it is yes players usually get away with those but they're also usually more subtle about easing attackers out the way. Cedric didn't have eyes on the ball, didn't even pretend to contest it and put his arm into Son's back to move him away from a cross into a dangerous area. It's just lazy, braindead defending and is a pen


yeah arteta's just trying to protect his player here and not being like "yeah, holding dumb, wygd" which is... fair


He’s prob annoyed with the pen then the foul that led to the corner? Saka gets stood on but he’s fouled Hojberg? There was that moment when Emerson kicked the ball out and camera flashed to Arteta and he’s like uhm what and they got the call correct. In his eyes I’m sure there were small moments as well but he’s going to defend his players regardless.


"What's your greatest weakness?" "I'm too honest."


But that’s not a weakens


I don't give a fuck what you think!


It absolutely is. People who can't filter their inner monologues will inevitably get themselves into trouble.


I think he was playing out the joke -What's your biggest weakness -I'm too honest -But that's not a weakness -I don't give a fuck what you think


He went full Mourinho and full Pep in 1 interview, outstanding.


"I prefer not to speak. If I speak, I am in big trouble, in big trouble and I don't want to be in big trouble"


I have nussing to say


I can get being frustrated with the pen because we see challenges like that almost every match. Although just because it's never given I don't think that means it's been incorrectly given. but Holding my god what is he doing out there, such poor decision making today and deservedly sent off


Might also be unhappy with the foul given against Saka


If Arteta speaks...


We have come full circle haven't we?


*I'm just here so I won't get fined* vibes lol


Also said his players did nothing wrong. Don't know about you but Holding smashing into Son unnecessarily is a bit of a wrong move.


If you gave Holding another 10 min on the pitch, he would have gotten his second yellow, only a matter of time. Arteta should have subbed him off if he had anyone in the bench that could fill in for him.


Holding was clearly out to rattle Son from the beginning. Was only a matter of time before he was gone


Clearly he was told to rough Son up. That could have easily been his 4th yellow 30 minutes into the match


Yeah he’s not going to throw him under the bus is he. Obvious red. But he’s not going to say “yeah mate, I would have given him a red myself”, that’s just not how you manage.


There's a difference between this and admitting that some mistakes were made or that it was harsh - he has options beyond the two extremes


I get sticking up for your players/team. But it has to be worrisome if he actually believes what he’s saying. The team lacked discipline. Covering it up won’t solve that problem.


Arteta is a weird one. He is genuinely over achieving with the squad he has. Arsenal fans love overhyping average players when really they could be heaping extra praise on Arteta for what he’s done with so many average players. Like how we loved Poch for getting great results with a Mason/Bentaleb midfield. Or later making it to the CL final with a Winks/Sissoko midfield. When Arteta first took over and almost every Arsenal game was just them lumping crosses into the box with no result he’d come out after the game and say his team played great when they were objectively not good. I get why managers blatantly lie publicly to not call out players but you look at Conte and Pep. They usually blame themselves (publicly). Even if they don’t really believe it’s their fault, as a fan it feels better to know they’re acknowledging a problem, even if they’re not placing the blame correctly.


Fair comment. I think maybe this end of the season he may have just felt it’s best to be blindly ignorant for his players with this much pressure on.


Could just be emotional and bitter which would be understandable with the interview being conducted immediately after the game, the size of the occasion and the potential implications of the result. It's a great way to create a siege mentality to further unite yourselves to achieve a goal too.


Yeah right Guendouzi, Saliba, Auba, Ozil etc have all been thrown under the bus by this manager.


And rightly so


He's just protecting the players . Don't think he'd want to bully one of his players would he?


saying a player made a mistake or had an off day does not equate to bullying - it's all about the delivery.


It's not binary. He can say it was 'misjudged' or claim it was 'harsh' without lying.


What are you even on about hahaha


"If I speak, I'm in big trouble"


As is foretold in the old texts, if he speaks he is in big trouble.


Memes aside, and we all understand the point behind his statement - I can’t hate his post match presser. Basically just saying it’s over with it he has no comments and to move on. Prefer that to Klopp bitching and moaning.


Well they can still easy get top four if they don't tremendously bottle these last two games


easily? it’s newcastle’s last home game of the season, Holdings suspended, Gabriels injured and White isn’t match fit. does the Tavares - Tomiyasu - unfit White - Cedric inspire you with confidence?


Newcastle are on the beach.


I remember when Newcastle were ‘on the beach’ in the final game and smashed Spurs 5-1 a few years ago with Sissoko being monstrous.


Yes I’m sure all the players desperate to remain at the club at the precipice of a major build and attempt to topple the established clubs will phone it in to prove their commitment to the team.


last home game of a great season for one of the best supports in the country, they’re going to get amped up for it. also that backline has 1 unfit centre back, one good fullback and 2 shite ones. it’s not exactly a strong defense


wishful thinking


Honestly I see us dropping at least two points. Not sure about you lot, but what I’m reading on here it seems you guys feel the same for spurs.


Yeah away too Newcastle is not an easy match at all. Plus if Everton are still fighting for their lives…I mean Brighton just beat us and you in back to back fixtures. There’s no easy games in this league.


Yeah 100%. Arteta at least makes sense. Klopp is just a sore loser. And winner


Spoiler - they're all sore losers, its pretty common with highly competitive sportspeople


He's still being inflammatory with the "I don't want to get suspended for 6 months" nonsense and "a beautiful game was destroyed today". He's 100% still bitching and moaning.


He didn't move on lol, he had another paragraph or two of bitching and moaning after this statement


lmfao this interview rules


[Actually hilarious, especially geoff shreeves at the end](https://streamable.com/rd0ttl) Edit: [Conte also not too happy](https://streamable.com/6h13g5) 😂


>Okay this isn't going anywhere LMAO


Haha loved the frustration in that bit


Borderline creepy Pep vibes here


Pep vibes: I am so, so happy with my players Mou vibes: Nussing to say


lol yeah, his mannerisms are pure Pep


Conte complaining about complaining...


Hahahaha he's trying so hard to be Pep bless him


Suspended six months? Were you gonna call Tierney a balding fuck or what?


It’s like if a user from this sub got air time almost


The interview was basically him saying he wasn’t going to comment. Not quite a Klopp/reddit meltdown.


Look, I'll be the first to say refereeing in PL can be dodgy at times but Holding's bookings were perfectly reasonable. The first one he was clearly pulling Son back and I believe it was his 3rd or 4th foul so there's a cumulative element. The second was just plain stupid, it wasn't a particularly dangerous situation and Holding had position on Son, but instead he decides to charge arm first into his opponent and clearly hits him in the head. It was a ridiculous gamble to take having a yellow already, and he's only got himself to blame for being sent off. The pen was, granted, not one every ref would give but I think he picked up on the defender clearly only had the aim of pushing Son out of the way, and again, when you do that you risk it looking really bad if the ref's looking. That said, Spurs clearly deserved the win overall.


Idk why so many people say its not a penalty. The ball was going at Son's head, he has a clear chance to head it towards the goal and he gets pushed from behind. It would be questionable even if it happened away from the ball


It’s an obvious foul, you can’t barge through the back of a player who’s about to play the ball.


Just say it was the ref was the reason you lost and you'd lie great.


That's what he's doing here anyway


The pen was very 50/50. A lot of the time, that's not given. The second yellow for an elbow to the face, though...


Yeah the pen is one those were you think they should be given but often aren't


It’s weird because I think if that’s a corner or a dead ball it’s probably not given. More people in the box, more jockeying, etc. since it’s open play and it was just son and sess in there it’s more likely to be given. Not saying that’s right, a foul should be a foul regardless, but I think you can see how refs process different situations when calls like this happen.


I feel the pen is a foul that gets given almost 100% of the time when an attacker does it to a defender. But much less often the other way.


I actually think what he wants to talk about is the foul on Saka - but he can't just come out and say it


Just one of them you run the risk of conceding. Seen a lot given but it should be a foul the way he did it


Surprised there wasnt a story of holding waiting for son at the end. Seemed like he wanted to kill him from the start lmao


least salty Gunner today


Their subreddit is an absolute saltmine right now. Calling the first Holding yellow soft, saying Arteta is completely correct. Insanity


They’re claiming they never get decisions their way despite two questionable decisions going their way against us and United.


Frustrated manager protects players ahead of 2 important games. Not much to see here really beyond a funny quote. What’s he supposed to say, “Holding blew it in the biggest match of the season and we reacted badly after that”? It’s his job to get the most out of the players and I view this presser as his attempt to get the players to move past it and so they don’t stay down on themselves in the final 2 games.


If I speak...


What is there to debate? Holding got a deserved yellow. And then committed a totally egregious foul. That’s 100% on him. And the penalty was definitely a penalty. Arteta should direct his ire at his CB.


Holding should've been booked earlier and sent off earlier as well. What a manchild, crying about right decision.


You realize more than one decision happened in the match, right? He could be talking about the penalty which was pretty soft, or Saka getting fouled but the free kick being given to Spurs for their second goal. Either way he’s just protecting his players, not sure how that makes him a manchild but whatever.


He asked his player to play like this, why is he acting like he is innocent and there is a campaign against him?


Spanish jose minus the managerial skills.


He weren't moaning about the ref when Spurs got denied a blatant pen at the Emirates earlier this season, or when Cedric batted the ball away against Man Utd or when Saka got a pen for pulling Azpilicueta.


Why would he moan about the ref when calls went for us. That’s the other managers job. What a weird take


Glad you can see that Saka pulled down Azpi, not the other way round.


This fucker thinks he’s Mourinho


We responded by playing like absolute shit but I'm going to be heated over that penalty for some time if we lose top 4 can't lie.


That decision is not why you don't get top 4 if you don't.


Calls like that are momentum changing. Hard to recover from such bizarre officiating sometimes.


Hahaha he’s literally a robot that plays the hits of other managers to a worse standard


What's he supposed to say exactly?


Hope the league goes back and awards him 2 straight reds


Hope Newcastle smash this lot


He still can't believe that he postponed the game to get their guys melt down like this. I think refree had a good game, and yes holding deserves 2 yellows. Can't really complaint about that.


Holding honestly deserved 3-4 yellows and a red card. He should be grateful to the ref.


>I think refree had a good game, I need a break from this sub jesus christ


Seriously, do you still think that holding should be on the pitch? C'mon, I'm questioning your football basics here tbh. Even if he didn't get booked with the first yellow, he did still walk with straight red where he elbowed son on the face. You can't intentionally elbow another player on the face. It's straight red anyday. Also for the penalty incident, you can't nudge any player in the back and get ball from him anywhere from the pitch. In this case son was not only nudged but sandwiched in between Cedric and holding. Might seem to you a soft one but it isn't. Seriously, I'm questioning your basic football knowledge about the sport man.


ffs people are still going on about the postponement thing? Literally, the whole league took part in it at one point or another.


Ye except the team who had their request denied…


Only 1 team postponed with 1 COVID case


Whilst all is rotten in the world, it’s good to know we are likely only a couple of weeks away from ‘Arteta Out’ and all the joy that brings




Whining about the penalty when Holding's only answer for Son was fouling him, sometimes violently. Small minded. If I were him, I'd be more worried about how Kane was left completely unmarked on a corner.


A corner directly from another incorrectly called foul btw


You still have to defend it. Spurs never score from corners and Arsenal left the most dangerous target man in the world completely alone.


*grabs popcorn*


that's the main thing i dislike about Arteta. He rarely say "it's my fault". If your Team can't handle 1 penalty against them, how can you say you deserve top4? The game had 70 minutes to go. It was not over. But arsenal (Holding tbf) lost their shit.


He’s just protecting his players. Everyone knows Holding lost it.


He's said "it's my fault' numerous times. Go watch interviews from the really bad runs


Hes just protecting his players. I think you'd rather have this than Klopp's moaning


.....your kidding right? Arteta catchphrase is 'that was my fault'


> that's the main thing i dislike about Arteta. He rarely say "it's my fault". There's many criticisms you can make of Arteta but this is just objectively untrue


Clear pen, clear red. What is he on about? IT was disaster defending by both Cedric and Holding.


Bruh, you lost fair and square. Move on. You can still get fourth if you win out


what he was going to say: "we pay these referees to win us games and they're now deciding to ref fair?!" clown.


Arteta giving off strong Kevin Keegan/Mourinho vibes


I'd love it if I said nussing.