Maybe him and his wife can do more yoga on Instagram in Barcelona, warm.


Make up the difference in salary


We can’t afford De Jong but Lewandowski’s wages will be no problem for us


We can't afford rejecting 70-80M€ for a player that in 3 seasons has only showed glimpses of being good. We rejected 80M€ for Rakitic then he went for free 12 months after, we rejected 60M€ for Ronaldinho in 2007 then he went for 25M€ 12 months later. With Pedri, Nico, Gavi, Busi and Kessié with should be covered.


Moreover there are two more la masia talents waiting to perform in the first team.


Riqui Leaks time to shine!


He hasn’t showed glimpses. He has been consistently good with some drops in performance.


Who offered €80M for Rakitic‽


It was never verified and most likely vastly exaggerated - but PSG reportedly offered 80 million for Rakitic. More likely reality is that they offered something in the vicinity of 30-40 tho, still a big loss for Barca to reject that offer.




Maybe watch actual Barca games? He's shown glimpses? Are you serious???


Also a nicer backdrop for his TikTok


I think he didn’t post a Tik Tok since they asked him to dance at the FIFA award ceremony


Arguable. Munich is pretty great visually.


It's okay, certainly no Barcelona.


Depends..if you want a beachy, gala type vibe then it's Barcelona. For an Alpine-ish, mountainous and modern vibe it's Munich


And for a dilapidated run down aesthetic look no further than Gelsenkirchen


Cause Dortmund definitely doesn't look depressing


Hey it might be a depressing city but it’s MY depressing city


That's the spirit🙌🏻


After their yoga they can take a nap. Siesta.


on top of W hotel, why not


Found Opta's account.


This is already shaping up to be a wild transfer period, for some reason I never thought of Lewa going to Barca of all places. 1. I wonder how Bayern plan to replicate his goal output. 2. I wonder what this means for Aubameyang. Either way, the big names keep on moving it seems.


Auba was always short term. His contract is till 2025 but Barca has the option to terminate it in 2023. Besides having Auba as a backup for Lewa is pretty amazing to have.


Lewandowski doesnt need a Backup. Dudes an iron man


Smh at you dissing Choupo-Moting


You haven't been paying enough attention to Barcelona. The Incredible Hulk would tear his radioactive hamstrings 2 weeks after joining us.


Lmao wait till barca get hold of him Fucking clown staff


They’re also quite different players


People seem to forget these two played together at Dortmund. To be fair, it's been a decade.


Ngl i totally forgot there was overlap there for like a year


I always wanted Reus to play for Barca……


I agree, seeing him go there made me do a double take. But then again, seeing him go to the EPL would be extremely weird but I’d love to see it. Wonder what other options he had considered.


Considering City got Haaland, I guess his only real options would be Liverpool and (to a lesser extent) Chelsea. It would be awesome to have him in the EPL though, can't argue with that!


Don’t discount us. We need a Cavani replacement. Nvm I just laughed while I was writing this


Maybe if he hit his head really hard or something he’d see us as a good choice?


Would fit in with our players decision making as well in that case.


something something wage structure for us, as interesting as it would be to see him fit alongside Mane/Salah/Diaz/Jota


Could be possible if one or more of those players leave, so I’m hoping it wouldn’t happen


They were always one of the most likely destinations if he left Bayern, can't believe anyone would be surprised tbh. Their current level on the pitch does not outweigh the prestige and glamour of playing for Barca There is even an extra incentive of being the poster boy of the club rising from the ashes and returning to former glory, that must be an incredibly teasing thought


Plus he’s accomplished everything he can at Bayern and is in the twilight of his career so if he’s ever going to make the move now is the time to do it. I don’t like Barca but you can’t deny their history and prestige.


What is funny to me is reddit was so sure Lewa is gonna stay in reality you never know anybody can be traded even Messi.


It would certainly mean goodbye to Auba. Lewandowski is an improvement over Auba in pretty much every aspect other than speed, which hasn't really been utilized with Auba anyways, plus we have Torres and even Fati who could play in the middle. And Braithgod.


Wouldn't be goodbye. If your main striker is 33yo, always neat to have a spare one. They played together at Dortmund. Xavi has tried 4-2-2-2 as well so they could even appear together if need be. It would be goodbye to hero Luuk and Braithwaithe.


>. This would be massive for Barcelona. Lewa still has at least 3 years at the top and if we can get him for 35-40M it would be incredible.


Is it worth it at the expense of De Jong though?


Barca haven't been able to get the best out of him thus far; a lethal striker who is basically immune to injuries would suit them better in my completely unbiased opinion (ignore my flair).


Immune to injuries *right now*. He’s 34. Seems like a long term sacrifice (De Jong in the midfield) for short term gratification (Lewa goals).


All of football is short term gratification


> if we can get him for 35-40M it would be incredible. One of the Polish journos covering this story insists that Lewandowski would want to use the [Webster ruling](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Webster_ruling) if Bayern plays hardball and tries to keep him against his will. This would mean he could leave for a fee equal to the amount he would earn in the final year of his contract. So under 30M. This would explain why Bayern suddenly changed their position and are not ruling out a transfer.


Honestly could see Ronaldo pushing for a move to Bayern if this happens.


Brave of Lewandowski to want to come here when we already have Luuk.


> I never thought of Lewa going to Barca of all places. I understand being surprised by Lewa leaving, but why would you be surprised about him joing Barca "of all places". In the event that Lewa would leave Bayern, it was always a very small pool of clubs in with a chance of signing him. Barca/Madrid are the number 1 choice for the vast majority of players in the world, then you have 2-3 PL-clubs(if you include Chelsea) and PSG. Maybe Man United but not in their current state The fact is that Barca are still more attractive than teams who are better than them on the football pitch currently. I bet you that most elite players would choose them over Liverpool for example even though the latter is a much stronger team. There is huge prestige wearing that shirt


I wouldn't expect Lewa to go to Barca just because Barca have a very specific play style that I wouldn't think Lewa would fit. Real would seem a better fit, had Benzema not been lighting it up.


Because they struggle to realize that outside of the UK most players dream of Barca/Madrid. Attractive city, attractive style of football, young coach who has promise and the respect. It doesnt matter how successful EPL is or how unsuccessful Barca/Madrid are. When those two teams come knocking, players open the door


Can't blame them to be honest; if I was living in Barcelona and making top footballer money, the only time I'd ever leave the city would be on the team bus for away matches.


If Leipzig win the league and not us I will kill myself


Don‘t be silly, I resignated years ago. Even without him, Bayern will win the league. At least for the next 3 seasons.


But that means that Leipzig is not winning it, so that's a good deal, right?


I would give anything to see Freiburg shitting on them in the cup final.


Me too. Rooting hard for them next weekend.


I'm ready to have that game make or break my entire year


If losing Lewy means Bundesliga will be a banger next season am all for it


Lol you sweet child


They're still the same powerhouse with the ability to outspend any other club in the league without even having to think about it too much. They'll replace him. Maybe not with another 50 goal per year striker, as that isn't really possible, but they'll be fine


Saving this comment


Not sure if you're a monster or caring for his well being


if they don’t sell nkunku and/or laimer, they will probably challenge


Tagged and bagged


With Bild running it as breaking news it's basically confirmed. Wonder where Bayern goes from here? Cash in now or wait for another year? Who will replace him? Overall as a fan of the league, it is sad to see amazing players like Haaland and Lewy leaving the league.




Wouldn't mind this


Bayern with Schick and BVB with Haller? ALtho I can DEFINITELY see Bayern go for Haller too. Would also have the benefit of cucking us since we're reportedly talking with him already. Either way.. the amount of results and points Lewa got Bayern in the "struggling/stiff" games that ultimately won titles etc is gonna be SO hard to replace, no matter the resources. Damn, this is interesting as a BVB fan.


Bayern be like "You got any more of those Ajax players?"


Hahah theyre going Ajax and Leipzig, We go the rest of Bundesliga and Salzburg.




Yes. To be clear, I still think you are heavy favorites and Lewa wasnt the only one getting you guys wins and points. Its mainly that I dont think outsiders (ppl who dont follow BuLi) realize how many games where things werent "clicking" for Bayern and Lewa was the one to step up and get that 1-2 clutch goals that got the 3 points. So besides the super high amount of goals, a lot of clutch goals aswell. Which makes it even harder to replace, even for a club as superb at recruiting as Bayern. OTherwise I agree, now is quite a fine time to lose him with everything in mind. BVB will have like half a new starting 11, possibly more, and new names on the bench to an extent. And hten continue that rebuild in the next windows aswell. Leipzig will need to strengthen and they might even lose another 1-2 significant players to replace. And so forth. But still, losing what Lewa offers, is SO SO tough to replace for any club in the world. It really shakes things up. And theres kind of a "drought" of good #9s ready to join a CL-title chasing club too.




Ridicilously clutch in that sense. ALtho I will say.. he's not the only clutch pointwinner you have. Neuer is incredibly important in that sense too. The spine of Lewa, Muller and Neuer in that sense is irreplaceable.


Y’all win the title anyway. We’ve heard the same thing the last 10 years


Loosing the guy who regularly nets more than a third of youir goals will be hard tho. All of this uncercertainty stems from brazzo. Hes the reason flick left. The guy who only lost one game in the rückrunde in 19/20 and who won the treble. Who foresaw the squad problems that were now seeing come to fruition but was outsted by brazzo. As long as brazzo stays, which he likely will beceause he still has the support of uli, bayern will get more unstable and potentially a lot more than during the kovac era. Hell if they dont win on the last matchday they will finish with their lowest point tally in 10 years iirc. For some reason they arent going for CBs when they desperatley need them, their axis of neuer, lewy and müller are slowly disintegrating and they signed the most expensive manager for 5 years who had them get knocked out of the UCL and pokal to minnows. This is the most unstable and dethrownable bayern have ever looked to me in the last 10 years


>leverkusen might as well lose theirs Wirtz is injured for at least half a season so they kind of already did


You really need to start talking up players you don’t really want to trick Bayern into signing them.


Rudi Völler will haha


He's gonna cost around 75 million which I doubt we will pay and Bayern is the last club that Völler will sell to, so I don't think it'll happen.


Völler won't be at the forefront after next week.


Yeah and Rummenigge and Hoeneß aren't at the forefront for Bayern but their influence is still obvious. I highly doubt that the first thing they'll do after Völler leaves is selling their best striker to Bayern. He'd probably kill Rolfes the moment this transfer would be made public. Next year might be different but this year we either massively overpay them or we wont get him.


Imagine losing like 35 milion net in transfer fees alone to go from Lewandowski to Schick


Ronaldo Bayern szn


Maybe he can end bayern's dominance in bundesliga as well


ngl I laughed at this. Good one


It is a fun joke but it is disturbing that a bunch of people say it unironically.


Yeah Juventus are back to dominating their league now that he left you're right


Yeah I was certain to see Haaland at Bayern if Lewy leaves. Despite the whole package being astronomical, I can see this causing tension at Bayern. They're about to play without any strikers in their squad, Pep may as well return lol


> They're about to play without any strikers in their squad ?????


the disrespect to Choupo-GOATing


I reckon them courting Haaland quite openly didnt help his stance on staying. Not that I blame bayern for courting Haaland, they absolutly should.


better for competitive balance


> sad to see amazing players like Haaland and Lewy leaving the league. maybe those two stories are more connected than we thought? If it's true that Lewy was annoyed by the fact that Bayern negotiated with Haaland and saw Lewandowski as a replaceable backup option, then this might be Lewy hitting back. Maybe it's not coincidence that this was announced so quickly after the Haaland transfer - Lewandowski told Bayern he wants to leave now when they can't go all in for their first choice player. They tried to screw him over so he screwed them over.




It's probably easier to find another 40+ goalscorer than another GOATkeeper and a raumdeuter. I seriously fear that we end up with meme GK years (no offense to Butt, he was good) like between Kahn and Neuer.


I still have some PTSD from the Rensing years. Neuer will be very hard to replace, that's for sure.


I'm confused. How can Barca be linked to all these massive, big salary players when not long ago there were crisis talks around their wage bill/debt. Is it just lazy journalism or are Lewa, Azpi, Alonso, Raphinha etc all playing for free?


They are interested in all of these signings but they will not succeed in signing all of them. It's like applying to multiple positions but only choosing one job in the end.


A lot of the links are just bs but the crisis came about through too many high salaried players along with the salary cap, and lost revenue from fans not being allowed to watch matches. Since we’ve sold Messi, Suarez, and Griezmann and Coutinho is on his way out we’ll have a lot more revenue. There’s no way we’re signing ALL the players we’ve been linked to but we’re not totally broke either. Idk about Lewandowski. Signing him sounds prohibitively expensive but we’ll see


We did not sell Messi.


His wages are off the books. That’s all that matters


Wage bill has been massively reduced with Umtiti, Roberto, Coutinho and Griezmann specifically out or on huge wage cuts. Messi is out too. Dembele will either renew with a wage cut or leave which is 100% a win in regards to finances. Auba is earning peanuts for these 6 months. Ferran transfer will be paid in installments. Our debt got restructured to longer term. Fans are "back" to the stadium. New spotify deal. Also the amortization left for some transfer were applied to last year, so in that sense our expenses should be way lower and we should've gotten some decent income. Now with Coutinho sale that's 20 mil extra.


He's coming back to Lech to help them get into Champions League's group stage, his biggest footballing achievement


Lewandowski, Alonso, Azpi, their rebuild is going along smoothly


building a killer squad on and off the pitch


No luck catching them killers then? It's just the one killer actually. 👀






A real driving force.


Christensen and Kessie too no?


Yup, solid buys


Huh, you really do need to replace your whole defence.


Definitely, we're linked to Koulibaly and Kounde, those 2 would instantly upgrade our defence in all fairness


Feel like we should have gotten koulibaly like 4 years ago


Agree but he's still class and we need that experience in the backline when Rudi goes, Silva at 37 is our best defender and I see Koulibaly as of the same mould




For you my friend £0




You can get Alonso and Sarr for free. They come as a package. Top class defenders.


It really pains me to see Sarr go, such a top class defender, hope Barca can make the most out of him


It's ok we can send you Umtiti and Mingueza in return, just to make it sting a bit less.


Bruh, we gotta pay Chelsea to take them


Actually we’ve recently won the U8 champions league so we’ll be giving one of those lads a shout


Such a young core! You love to see it


literally the last thing barca needs is kids. young players with senior players is the best combination. hunger mixed with experience while the talent becomes more mature. by the time the older guys are done the kids have evolved and have enough experience to lead the way for the new youngsters.


Barça doesn't need any more kids. They need experience


If Lewa comes then along with Azpi and Dani it may be a dream combo of experience and young blood.


pedri gavi araujo ferran fati dembele, excluding nico dest and balde. we've got enough of the kids.


The question is if will Bayern let him go this summer. Tbh, unless Barça offered a ton of money I wouldnt. 20 or 30M wont get them anything better than Lewa for next season anyway.


They could get 200 million and they still wouldn’t have someone that would be better than Lewandowski.


> The question is if will Bayern let him go this summer. Unlikely, club is more likely to earn more money with him by going further in the CL than from a sale. Also gives a year to scout replacement


Nah, they won’t let him go this summer. He behaved professionally once before and played an incredible season, when Dortmund didn’t keep their word and he couldn’t get his transfer.


Lewa and auba. Damn


Reunited at last


How do we pay him if we have to sell frenkie to stay in the green?


Selling Frenkie means Barça ends the season with lower losses, which accounts for more wage budget next season/ensures the wage budget isn't lowered. It's not about having or not the money, is about how the money was obtained and allocated.


He knows he can't get his desired Ballon D'Or at Bayern


Like he wins Ballon D'or in his first year at this Barcelona, people always mention it but I doubt this is a reason


Banging in goals in La Liga holds far more weight in those rankings compared to banging in goals in the Bundesliga. I'm not saying that it is fair, but that's just the way it is. He doesn't actually have to win the CL with Barca to get it, reaching the quarter/semi finals whilst scoring a shit load of goals in all competitions could well be enough


Also La Liga has more games , which means more goals for Lewy


Its not la liga vs bundisliga. Its barca and real vs everyone else. Unless you play for one of them your never winning a ballon d'or.


Yeah, this year also Benzema looking the favorite so far.


Is there really anyone close to Benzema this season?


Not at all.


Salah up until AFCON, but no one since.


He actually CAN do it if he outscores Benzema next year who is likely to win this year.


Jokes on him, Musiala is winning the 2023 Balon D'or after his brilliant performance at the World Cup.


Well he was a lockin for 2020 and came in 2nd in 2021, it's not like being at Bayern isthe reason he isn't winning. He clearly is being recognized.


I don't think that is the reason. He always wanted to go to Real or Barca. When he joined Bayern everyone expected he would hust stay a few years. Surprised he stayed that long.


Then he's pretty stupid since thr only way he's getting it by winning the CL and that's far less likely with barca


When's the last time Messi won the CL? Like, I agree with you, but he's done everything necessary to win it with Bayern, yet he didn't win. He literally cannot do more at Bayern, he's pretty much broken every Bayern and Bundesliga record there is for a striker.


I mean he was def winning it in 2020... but just some shit happened


"some shit" being France Football deciding that because the clown organization known as LFP decided to cancel the league that season, that the Ballon d'Or should be canceled too despite the top 4 leagues in the world and the Champions League still going on


When he won the CL with bayern he was thr overwhelming favorite to win the ballon d'or until it got cancelled.


That's just not true though, you don't need the CL to win it if you are scoring a lot of goals at Barcelona


If it was solely about scoring a lot of goals at Barcelona, Luis suarez would have won it the season he outscored him. Whatever happened to a players clear influence throughout the entirety of a game


We all know Suarez was never a contender because of his various on-pitch controversies. Footballing wise, he absolutely should've been at least on the top 3 podium multiple years.


Gonna be very difficult to replace Lewa, there’s not very much high profile replacements around.


What would this mean for Auba?


He’s our next Luuk


Can't imagine he'd be too happy going back to the bench. Man literally left Arsenal as soon as he could for the chance to start for Barca.


The former main strikers of Bayern and Dortmund combining at Barcelona is something nobody would've predicted


You mean the former main strikers of Dortmund in 2013/14?


Haaland is still going to sign for Barcelona this season according to these links Any second now...


vibes of Man.United AI in FIFA17 Career Mode. Though I gotta admit it was funny af that they would always sign Lewandowski, Aubameyang, Griezmann, Dybala, Icardi, Cavani, and Luis Suárez only to still play a 40+ y.o. Ibra at ST


Im not a Bayern expert so forgive me if this sounds ignorant, but the Oliver Kahn/Hasan Salihamidzic era doesnt seem off to a brilliant start. Its obvious Hansi Flick didnt want to work with Brazzo, now Nagelsmann is not happy, and Lewa is looking to leave. Goretzka and Alphonso Davies for a combined 11 mil was great business so obviously Brazzo isnt stupid. But most of the other transfers are not spectacular by Bayern's high standards. Upamecano, Hernandez, Pavard- talented players but I wouldnt say they look like the foundation of another spectacular Bayern era so far. Then there is stuff like Tolisso, Roca, Sabitzer... meh. Just wondering how Bayern fans feel about the future with those guys in charge?


I don't see how Bayern lets him go for under 50 mil. Anything less than that and it's probably worth it for them to keep him one more season.


He wants to leave, has 1 year left on his contract and hes 34 years old. Who’s gonna pay 50+ for him?


Anyone desperate to get him? It's not like bayern are dying to sell him


Whose gonna let a top 3 player in the world go for a low fee because no one wants to pay up for him 🤷‍♂️


> He wants to leave, has 1 year left on his contract and hes 34 years old. Who’s gonna pay 50+ for him? A team that wants to buy him ? As i said, why would Bayern sell him for less when they can just use him one more season to try to win CL ? Bayern isn't Real to let veteran players leave for less as a courtesy like we did with Varane, they wanna get what they think he's worth.


Lewandowski is a great player and all but every fucking year he’s stirring stories about leaving for Spain. Surely some Bayern fans are sick of his shit


He could shag my cat if he's banging in 40+ goals a season for my team.




*your cats location






Yeah this is just simply not true if you followed the club and him. The vast majority of these Lewa to Spain stories came from a link to RM a few years back and nothing more. You could make the same case for Salah leaving Liverpool, lots of stories based on weak links. That being said this move to Barca seems more real but I don't blame him at all, if he moves its cuz the club fumbled and didn't give their star player what he wanted.


No. Last year sky sports and others came out with some bullshit about lewa wanting "a new challenge". When asked about it lewa immediately dismissed it


> every fucking year he’s stirring stories about leaving for Spain. no? Just because Spanish media links him to Madrid and Perez tries to get him all the time doesnt mean Lewy himself is doing anything. He always behaved professionally and never commented on that stuff


I remember his agent saying something along the lines that Real Madrid were his dream club.


We tried to sign him a few years ago but Bayern refused to let him leave




Lewandowski, probably, "I want to go eat gambas al ajillo, walk on Ramblas, get hammered at Chupitos, and maybe check out Citges the following day. Auf wiederhersen."


yeah probably


Where there's smoke there's fire I guess. Maybe I should leave my denial phase and start thinking about the future without him. 😓






Gonna be really interesting to see Bayern without Lewy to bail them out with 35 goals a season


Liverpool should go for him


If Lewa does leave, it will be interesting to watch how he fits into the Barca system and who Bayern replace him with.