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Dortmund's sense of business with all of these players coming in cheap and leaving for high fees is just absurdly well-functioning, it's straight up impressive.


Explains why there's no more transfers from BVB to Bayern. BVB found an even bigger cow to milk.


Never forget Dembele for 140 million to barca.


Barto finance masterclass on that one.


Someone would probably bought him to another club for some 100mil. He was a wanted player back in the days. 140 mil tho is insane amount for him. Currently i'd say 40mil


You saw Ferran Torres go for €60M and you think Dembélé is worth €40M?


Ferran is 3 years younger and he doesn't have the same injury history


Ok, even less then.


Also Coutinho for enough money for Liverpool to basically buy Van Dijk, Alisson and Fabinho


Still happy with that one. Sterling on the other hand...


It was a combination of many things. Inflated market, him being the hottest prospect that summer and everyone knowing Barça had just got €222M for Neymar. Similar case with Atleti and João Félix. In reality he never warranted that fee, but he was the hottest prospect that summer and Benfica knew you were getting €120M+ for Griezmann.


Mainly, if the rumors are true, Barto had to financially ruin Barcelona enough so that rumored investment group that was paying him could come to the rescue, buy the now-in-the-verge-of-bankruptcy Barcelona out and turn it into an S. A. instead of a soci-owned club. You have to be pretty cynical to believe that story but the fact that the guy was able to spend 400 million on 3 players and give Messi a salary of 110+ million a year makes me *very* cynical.


Wait what? Is this for real?


I'm skeptical, because if it happened Barto would've been fired from a cannon by the socios, let alone if they found out he did it intentionally.


Rumors circulated back in the day and we will probably never know unless the audit that's going on comes up with some wild new found evidence.


"Bayern is smart and do good business. Let's sell our players to dumb clubs instead."


There weren't many transfers between bayern and dortmund anyways


In 2014-2016 it appeared that way for sure, but if you compare it to a 10-year period then it looks way less. Looking past ~~Sule and~~ Lewandowski who went for free in the time period between 2014 and 2016, Hummels and Gotze both went that way. That's ~~4~~ 3 players in 3 years, and even though ~~two~~ one of them went for free it surely seemed like a trend at the time. EDIT: Süle came from Hoffenheim, not Dortmund. For some reason I thought he came from Dortmund, probably due to the trend of players going from Dortmund to Bayern and then back later on in their careers.


Süle didn't come from Dortmund mate


Since 2005 there have been 8 transfers between us and dortmund. 5 from us to dortmund. 3 from dortmund to us


Do you count Götze twice or does the trade cancel itself out?


That is counting all transfers, includ8ng all hummels and gotze transfers


Lewandowski left on a free, Goetze had a release clause and Hummels was originally from Bayerns academy. So its not like Dortmund actively tried to sell these players to Bayern it just happened.


Hummels was also a Bayern player who joined Dortmund and we bought him back and then they bought him back again. so he hardly counts as a unidirectional trade from Dortmund to Bayern.


Stating that Süle went from Dortmund to Bayern to make a point that is pretty weak already. Almost 100 upvotes. I love this place.


The "Buyern" narrative is pretty strong here. Especially from people who do not follow the Bundesliga.


Sule has never played for Dortmund, he left Hoffenheim for Bayern. It’s only 3 players and we only actually had a say in the deal of one of them(Hummels), as Götze was a release clause and Lewy went on a free.


This was my answer to someone saying Bayern will buy Dortmund players. If they are rly that good they won't be affordable for Bayern.


And players like Dembele are not in that list. It became their DNA getting international youngsters, give them playtime and sell them to bigger clubs for profit. But recently people and fans are more criticizing this direction, because the team is stalling, if they keep selling their best players and start over with new youngsters.


>And players like Dembele are not in that list. same as gündogan, lewandowski, götze... you can build dream teams with dortmunds signings.


And that criticism may be well warranted given their apparent ambition about competing for the title, but from a pure business point of view they're making mad bank. I guess it is a double-edged sword; this kind of business attract the best up-and-coming talents as they *know* Dortmund's history of developing talent has proven successful (as well as the club letting them move elsewhere when they want to), but it also means you never really get to reap the fruits of the "prime" years of each of the players.


The problem is that we haven't "converted" the chances given by these high outgoings. The theory is - or at least in my mind it should be: 1. Buy highly talented young players for f.e. a total of 50 mil in Year 1. 2. Develop them for between two and four years and then sell them on for f.e. a total of 250 mil. Lets say 50 mil just go into the general running of the club, salaries or whatever, leaving you with 200 mil. 3. Take f.e. 75 off of the remainder to buy new highly talented young players (selling teams know what's up and everyone is going for the same guys, so now you have to pay a premium) **and the remaining 125 mil to buy more established players to get a good mix and a higher calibre team that can challenge**. The problem is, the second part of step 3 hasn't really worked out. A total of 106,5 mil € for Hummels, Brandt, Hazard and Schulz in 2019 was a play to finally get a winning squad together. Didn't work out. Those players weren't worth that. 25 mil for Can in 2020 to finally get the defense in order and challenge. Didn't work out. He wasn't worth that money. Now we're hoping 50 for Adeyemi and Schlotterbeck, Süle on a free and hopefully an experienced DM will finally be the big transfers that put us over the top next year or the one after that, while hopeing that Bellingham stays more than 1 year and the pipeline keeps firing with the likes of Reyna, Moukoko, Bynoe-Gittens, Rothe, Kamara and Coulibaly becoming first team stand-outs and then sellable assets in the future.




You could've simply said Ginter.


Lol why the fuck did you buy Can after his Juve spell? He's always been inconsistent at best and doesn't know his best position.


I mean there is not much we can do. Do you think we can offer Haaland 400k€ a week? I mean I wish we could to keep onto player longer but we cant. Sancho is afaik the 3rd biggest salary in the Prem, I dont think we can pay that, nor can Bayern. They can maybe for ONE player, which is Lewy who earns around 25m(but thats also not net)


Surely you can't, but with longer contracts and/or no release clauses you could potentially keep them longer. But, as I said in the comment just above - it's a double-edged sword. If you required longer contracts without release clauses, you probably would not be able to sign these players in the first place, and that's precisely why I believe Dortmund is taking full advantage of the situation in a brilliant way.


Yep exactly. Since Mario Götze, Erling Haaland was our first release clause and I dont think anyone in the near future will get one. Dont think we could have gotten Erling wihtout a clause, I mean he even got a clause in his City contract and there is no team on the planet that could pay more wages I believe lol For example I fucking love Jude Bellingham, and we all freaking know he will leave for the prem at some point, but he has no clause and will probably be one of the most expensive players ever. Players come to us, because they know they can show the football world what they are capable of, regular CL, "fighting" for the Bundesliga title, exposure and playing in the biggest stadium in germany with a fanbase notorious all over Europe.


> Surely you can't, but with longer contracts and/or no release clauses you could potentially keep them longer. That was our deal with Raiola. We get Haaland for "cheap" for a few years and Haaland gets playtime and space to develope. That we made 40m on top was just the icing on the cake.


That's not even the whole picture. Lewandowski cost them only 4.7 million. He went transfer free to Bayern, but he gave them titles. Dembele came for 35 million and was sold for 140 million one year later. They signed Alexander Isak for 8 million and sold him for 15 million two years later. They bought Gundogan for 5 million and sold him for 28 million three years later. Hummels was bought for 4 million and sold for 35 million before he returned. Mkhitaryan was bought for 27 million and sold for 42 million. Götze was a youth player and was sold for 37 million. Sahin was a youth player and was sold to Real Madrid for 12 million.


Dembele actually came for like 12-15 but sell on fees after we sold him to Barca Brough the number up to 35M to Rennes total. So that's what transfermarkt puts it that way - it's an accurate figure, but we actually bought him initially for less!


They turned down more than double last summer just to achieve nothing this season and the lose him for a bargain


No one can foresee injuries


Like injuries are the reason they won nothing. They wouldn't have anyways. Maybe the DFB Pokal. If they planned on keeping Haaland they should've been certain they had a title winning squad around him.


It is, until you realize that they are perpetually playing second fiddle despite having an overflowing coffer and massive support. I'd be unhappy if I were a dortmund fan. There's no reason why they shouldn't be one of the best in Europe. Good business means little to fans when the performance does not improve as business does.


r/soccer, where profitable business is held in higher esteem than trophies


As opposed to worshipping oil clubs who spend billions of dollars to buy trophies? Dortmund are punching above their weight class. Nobody was celebrating Arsenal's slide into mediocrity as they continued sustainable spending post-stadium build.


> Nobody was celebrating Arsenal's slide into mediocrity I'm pretty sure there are plenty of Spurs fans celebrating that slide.


Man U can’t achieve either not sure your point?


That Haller transfer was quite the bust


Decent player. Didn’t suit the team at all. Makes you wonder if we even bothered scouting him


I don't wonder that at all, actually. Our scouting\incoming transfers are fucking laughable when you look at how our big transfers tend to pan out. We're historically pretty great at picking out young talent that will turn good, but Lord we're awful at picking up developed players that fit the way we play. I think our scouting consists of loading up FM and checking out their stats, heh


Bold of you to assume it's FM instead of just FIFA.


If he'd been fit over both legs against Chelsea Frankfurt would've likely gone to finals, that Sarri side was awful for Chelsea standards He was imo the most important Frankfurt player that season


Thought Jovic was better imo


Thought so too for most of the season but the moment Haller got injured the offense looked very dire. Kostic wasn't the nutty LB we know today who could cross and inshallah all day long (still he was really good) and Rebic was in need for deep passes as well. Haller was the one who could provide spaces by finding gaps between the DMs and CBs. He had good stats in the league and cup itself with his G/A but I think his pre assists were significant for his value too Edit: Jovic is easily at least the second most important player of that season and you could argue either way obviously. Jovic was able to score from a single opportunity and was clutch in a lot of games, Haller made a lot of it possible. It's essentially just a matter of personal preference I guess


We shouldn't have bought Jovic, didn't work out for him or for us Maybe it was too soon, he needed a couple more years of development? Or maybe he would've fared better at another club


Their style of play fully relied on Haller. Long ball to him and he will distribute it with head or hold the ball.


And he was fucking amazing at it.


You only think it was awful because you only saw us play 2 games that season, both of which were quite bad. In reality we were the clearly the third best pl team like we have been probably every season since coming off of what was actually an awful season.


I mean it was Pellegrini who bought him, not Moyes.


Yeah but even Pellegrini ended up dropping him. Moyes was just the nail in the coffin


Don't think premier League teams scout much at all to be honest. When you can afford to waste 20M on a possibly good player you don't think about how they might fit into the team.


Luckily he suited us


Just shows you that so much of what goes into a player's form is team style, manager, and personal issues. A player himself is rarely a bust, it's the situation that wasn't managed well. How Chelsea told De Brunye and Salah to fuck off for less than what they paid for Danny Drinkwater two years later is just another example of it being all about time and place.


The [guardian had a great interview](https://www.theguardian.com/football/2022/feb/23/sebastien-haller-i-dont-blame-moyes-i-wasnt-the-striker-he-needed) with Haller that goes into his struggles, his wife was pregnant when he made the move and they were living out of a hotel. Understandable that he never got in form given the personal side


Was good before at Frankfurt and good after at Ajax, just didn't fit Westham.


A lot of them were busts tbh


If I recall correctly he played up top with Jovic; both have been less than convincing since they left.


And Heung-min Son was 30 million euros from Leverkusen. Have to say that’s some good good business right there, esp given some of the names vs performance on this list.


30 million for Son was a steal, even at the time. You got a great player who still had room to grow, and essentially the whole korean football fanbase.


I think the thing that deterred clubs from going after Son was his Military Service, no? Koreans must do it before age 30 I believe, unless they win some sort of things for Korea like olympics or other trophies like that (correct if I'm wrong) I imagine a lot of club didn't want to buy Son and eventually lose him for a season and a half if he decided to do his military service while under contract.


Yeah it was a big risk. But the flip side of that is Spurs showed faith and offered him a new contract before he’d won a medal to get the exemption/deferment and he seems to have appreciated that loyalty massively, to the point where I don’t think he’d entertain any idea of a move


Exactly, it was actually a really good move from Spurs.


That's probably right, but scared money don't make none


At the time a lot of people thought Tottenham was paying too much for Son tbh


Well, we bought Chicharito and Kampl with that money and they were incredibly important for us. Kampl scored in Wembley to beat Tottenham (ironically), and knock them out of UCL, while pushing us through. Chicharito scored many goals for us and attracted even more fans.


That was cheap, though he was one of the most expected forward in decade or something like that


He had it in his contract that he can leave for that amount. Otherwise it would have been 100+ despite injury issues.


Damn, I payed 200M on Career Mode of FIFA 22 that's insane


250 for me I feel robbed


Isn't it supposedly a lot more with agent fees and payment to his father on top? Might be wrong, going off stuff I've read/heard and am far too lazy to check. Happy to be corrected.


That’s the same with a lot of big transfers, the transfer fee is only the start


KdB was pre Neymar, wasn't he? That sum was absolutely outrageous for that time, yet he proved to be more than worth it. Think everyone else on that list was post Neymar, so there's a huge inflation to be accounted for.


Aubameyang was only couple of months after Neymar


Still worth every penny.


His last season with Wolfsburg was the most dominant non-Lewandowski season in the Bundesliga in the last 15-20 years so the price was ok.


look at this guy pretending Grafite isn’t a player that exists


Zwetschge would like a word


Grafite is the motherfucking man


Grafite Dzeko was an iconic striker partnership and one of the best i've witnessed.


Misimovic as the assist king too.


Literally that man scored some of the greatest goals that season. Absolutely dominant in every way.


Ended the career of several Bayern players in seconds


>That sum was absolutely outrageous for that time. Wasn't Pogba £90m before the per-Neymar? and Di Maria was £60m a season before Pogba. KDB had just won player of the year in the Bundesliga. Expenisve? most definitely yes. *Absolutely outrageous* for the time? No.


I maintain that Neymar’s transfer itself didn’t change anything in the market other than for Barca and anyone who they bought from. It was a symptom of the overall change, not a cause


Imo it cause a domino chain, Barca paid a lot of money for Griez - Atleti has money to pay 120 for Felix, Barca pays 140 for Cout or whatever they paid, Liverpool can afford VVD, plus other rich clubs are forced to pay more as there is a higher standard in the market, but i think thats half of it, PL money it s the other half, as you can see Bundesliga clubs making bank on that PL money recently with some smart investments


I think that’s true and it’s also why Maguire went for £80m because VVD set a new benchmark for a defender


It s a bit of both, the benchmark that was set, plus the PL tax


True plus English tax


I dont think it was a benchmark. More of a Fuck off price which we decided to pay a year later after our intial interest.


I think it did change things, but it was more of a correction than the market "going crazy" afterwards. For years revenues had been booming and transfer fees had been rising at a much smaller rate. Then the Neymar transfer corrected transfer fees to the level of revenues clubs are earning now.


Adjusting for inflation at the time, it was £55 million. Funnily enough the second most expensive English transfer at the time behind Di Maria in 2015. Don't think they're in the top 10 by now post Neymar.


....Thats not how inflation works at all. Did you do it backwards?


What inflation index did you use to adjust this?


> Adjusting for inflation at the time, it was £55 million. Hard to measure the impact of Neymar in terms of inflation, but KdB's transfer would have very easily been >100 Mio nowadays. It's mad how I can very vividly remember being shocked at clubs spending 10, 15 Mio on players. Zidane was the mark that would never be reached again. Then the Gulf States and China entered lol.


Buffon was a week before Zidane too


and both lived up to the transfer fee


He doesn’t mean inflation, he means exchange rate at the time. It was £55m back then.


Real life inflation and football inflation are different. I think the people above you are talking about football inflation (hence using the term pre-Neymar)


No he literally just used the exchange rate (Pounds to EUR) which has nothing to do with inflation. Just flat out wrong info haha


It’s £110m with football inflation if you’re still curious. [Here](https://www.totallymoney.com/content/transfer-index/data/)


upvoted regardless because reddit. lol


Joelinton bargain!


Not even sarcasm any more


€64 million for Pulisic? Jesus fucking Christ


Chelsea had to pay up as they knew about the impending transfer ban.


And it's not like he was a key player at Dortmund. He played 20 BL games in his last year and started in only 9 of them.


Reddit hype premium


American media market exposure premium Pulisic is going to be the one of the most marketed players in the world leading up to 2026


Yup, everyone liked Clint Dempsey, but Dempsey was never at top European clubs. Pulisic has been at two of them and has a CL trophy, so regardless of how good/bad people think he is, his name is basically football royalty for fans of the US men's team (I separate them from regular football fans, since they would have you believe Landon Donovan was not given the chance to play on the best teams only because he was American, not because he simply wasn't on that level). If Son leaves Tottenham, he's gonna get paid, not just because he's an amazing player, but because you get all of South Korea.


Plenty of us USMNT fans fully understand Donovan's limitations and think he was over hyped, at least in the US. Rated fairly pretty much everywhere else.


I'm referring to the ones who only care about football when they hear that the US is in the World Cup or some CONCACAF tournament. You know, the ones who are the real life version of the memes in /r/soccercirclejerk. I'm waiting for them to come out of the woodworks in a few months.


Bandwagon fans exist for every team, might as well just accept that. Who knows, maybe some of them will transition from being a bandwagon fan to a normal one.


Those Reddit awards worth at least €30 million lol


He had been playing more but then Sancho took his spot (for good reason).


It wasn’t even Sancho. Jacob Bruun Larsen was benching Pulisic at the time…


seems like everywhere he goes he isnt good enough to lock down a starting spot. Except the usmnt


Sancho looked like the best young player after Mbappe and Haaland, so it's hard to complain he was benched by that. And Pulisic looked fantastic at Chelsea and worth the price until he tore his hamstring at the FA Cup Final at the end of Project Restart. He's never seemed as fast or good since.


I feel like he’s slowly regaining his form. With puli you can tell when hes on and when hes off just by watching him run around for a bit.


trust me im a chelsea fan and yes he was great during the covid times, but outside of those 6 weeks with no fans he's been very disappointing, whether its through injuries or lack of quality on the pitch. He's still young but its safe to say we have to drastically curb our expectations for him, given that he's only been a rotational player for most of the past two years. As for Sancho benching him, it was as much sancho's talent as pulisic's lack of form that got him benched. and dont forget, there are 2 wings, and pulisic wasnt starting on either side


right? a bargain for the Lebron James of soccer


EXACTLY like Lebron James playing soccer


Its funny because they bought him and loaned him back to us , directly afterwards he was benched by sancho


He was already benched by Sancho, that's part of the reason for the move. He was loaned back because he wanted to move in the summer instead of joining midseason, but Chelsea's transfer ban started that summer so it had to be official ahead of time.


Chelsea would have bought in summer but were going to be transfer banned. Easier to just get the business done in January window and loan him back.


All that reddit gold tho.


He’s the best American player, this probably helps Chelsea get a lot more viewers and supports from America. Probably partially a financial, marketing cost gere


Haaland looking like a steal


The prem really killed the Bundesliga


We received 25 Mio for a broken Frenchman, and 10 Mio for a lovely Japanese striker who can't find the net. I love when my club makes business with Premier League clubs.


We got 26 mio for a left back with like 3 good BL games


richtiger Baba transfer Brudi


We got €45m for… Xhaka.


Tbf he truned to be an average signing i wouldnt say it was a bad one he is still a solid player


Xhaka gets a lot of hate but he’s always been a solid squad player. The past year he has been one of the most vital players in our team. He’s not a worldbeater and it was a slight overpay but it wasn’t an awful transfer at all


How do you speak like that about your former captain, who was in the Bundesliga team of the season 2015 and took you to the Champions League before leaving for Arsenal? Arsenal fans disrespecting Xhaka is bad enough, but Gladbach fans should never disrespect Xhaka.


Tbf Xhaka been playing well under Arteta. Still has that red card and mistake in him but definitely improved. He's been here a while now too and always a mainstay in our midfield ever since. But definitely need to replace him with someone better. I be fine with him to rotate around. We only have Partey, Elneny and Xhaka as our main CM's.


I think we overpaid slightly but he's actually doing alright now.


I thought you meant Okazaki at first who in fairness was a premiership striker who struggled to score goals and cost nearly 10 million but he did at least contribute to 1 more premiership title than Muto


Put some respect on Muto’s name. Club legend.


Love the guy, had a nice dinner with his family in Mainz once. Technically one of the most gifted players to ever play for us, but can't score for the life of him.


I respect you roasting a player in public that not only was good for your club but whose family you had dinner with. You are the most unbiased person here.


> We received 25 Mio for a broken Frenchman I'm sure this is referring to Gbamin, because by god the man is clearly made of sticks and stones. I don't understand at all


No we all love the prem for overpaying.


money does tbh. 50+1 doesnt really work from an international perspective. Bayern still has the international prestige to rake in enough but that will wane as well and then the BuLi as a whole cant keep up financially any more. Thats somewhat shitty but I think in the long run buli fans will be happier this way than if sheiks come in.


international competiton just doest work period unless all the leagues are somewhat equal in revenue it cant work end of the story no investors can change that


not equal in revenue, equal in how they aquire money in the first place. when they just simply are better at e.g. marketing, they deserve the better revenue.


Good point. Everyone's rightfully moaning about the state-owned clubs. But even if they didn't exist, it would be a Premier League vs. the rest of Europe debate anyways. I wouldn't be surprised in that reality if all the European clubs would lobbying to curb the PLs financial dominance in some way during European comps.




What has that got to do with the Premier League poaching Bundesliga talent and making sure it stays a one horse race? It's up to the buying clubs, their scouts and coaches, how well they can integrate a player and how much he is worth. These players were all performing well in the Bundesliga.


That’s it?! Only 60mil euros?? Edit: I mean Dortmund only receive that much. Obviously, he is gonna be on huge wages


Same wage as KDB apparently.


One for Dortmund.. PL fans: *STOP SELLING ALL YOUR PLAYERS TO BAYERN LOLZ. THAT IS WHY YOU'LL NEVER WIN THE LEAGUE.* Also PL fans: *SELL THEM TO US BECAUSE YOU DON'T DESERVE THEM!* The majority don't realise how silly you all come across honestly. Several comments in this thread are proof of that. I'll refrain from naming names. I am saying that as someone who follows both leagues extensively, and appreciates both leagues value, all the while not blind to Dortmund's issues.


De Bruyne the best deal. Haller the worst deal.


Only Aubameyang, KdB and Sane justified their price tags here (obviously excluding Haaland) 3/9 players being worth their fee isn’t a great return.


Have you seen the amount of awards any Pulisic highlight receives?????


Man clearly doesn’t reddit smh


Would be interesting to see if Pulisic was totally worth it because of increased sponsor interest and merchandise sales in the US. Sometimes, a players worth isn't really measured on the field.


In my entire family/friends circle, I only know 1 person with a pulisic jersey. Me.


Sure Havertz isn't lighting it up week in week out but scoring a winner in the CL final will make it worth it for Chelsea and all Chelsea fans


I don't think we'll regret the signing but the whole scoring that goal being the reason not to is silly imo, he contributed a lot beyond that. Same should be said for Pulisic on this list, people above are clowning on that figure for him but without him and that form he went through after lockdown there's a very high chance we don't even make it into the CL at the end of that season, therefore don't sign players like Silva, Havertz etc and aren't in it to then win it.


One goal doesn’t make a transfer worth it.


He's also only in his second season at Chelsea, and has been much better this year after a first season where he struggled with COVID and injury. Scored lots of key goals this season. Doesn't make sense to decide whether a transfer is worth it less than two years into a five year deal - especially when the trajectory is positive. And the CL winning goal means that even if he never scores another goal for us, he'll always be well remembered and fondly regarded at Chelsea. As for him - even if his time here doesn't work out in the end, given how few players can say they've scored the winning goal in a Champions League final, I'm sure he won't ever regret the move.


One goal in a CL finale leading to the Trophy can most definitely make a expensive transfer worth it.


Just looked at top 20 most expensive transfers and only Neymar (to Barca), Mbappe, Bale, Ronaldo (to Madrid), Suarez and VVD can be called as 'justified their price tags'.


Id say all of them did except haller pulisic and sancho tbh. Also deapite his slow start sancho could eventually turn out to be worth it


Keita and Werner haven't been anywhere near worth their price tag...


haller lul


Haller has been amazing at every club he has been at except West Ham.


Chelsea have been rinsed.


I'll take it for exchange of UCL title


Kai Havertz FA Cup hat trick incoming, followed by Timo Werner kicking the ball directly to Alisson in the penalty shootout


How the hell was Puli 64M


Leipzig getting 113 millions for Keita and Werner is hilarious.


If there's anything to learn from this is that when Man City sign from the Bundesliga they know what they're doing.


I do wonder, with the microscope firmly based on how much the "extra fees" for Haaland are, what the total cost of some of these others deals is too and whether it compares with the total of Haaland's deal. Sancho probably does, but I would imagine the others aren't even close to the level of excess that Haaland's total package costs.


Hats off for city! securing Haaland for that fee in 2022 is just impressive.


That was the contracted release fee. It applies to any club that wanted to buy him. I What we really need in this graphic is the total cost to clubs. Transfer fee + Agent fees + signing on fee + contracted wages + likely reached bonuses.


Hindsight is 20/20, but I still truly don't understand how someone like Pulisic went for *that* much.. Absolutely ridiculous.


A damn bargain for a generational striker.


Sancho worth more than De Bruyne that is crazy.


Keine Rückerstattung!


Whoever the scouting director is at Dortmund needs a raise. I don't care how much they make, they need and deserve more.


Pulisic for 60 million is bizzare


Haaland is such a bargain at that price.