That's one hell of a wage.


That slightly less than Alaba if i remember correctly , he is a "free transfer" so the saved transfer free is "used to increase the wage". And pay the bonus


Yep, Alaba is on 21m€ gross, while Rüdiger will be on 18m€ gross. But I do think that makes them both top5 best paid CB in the world.


Since we didn't pay a transfer fee both don't really hurt our finances , we are also saving a little more than 60 millions in wages with this summer departures ( Isco,Bale and Marcelo) so it's alright I guess


It's still dangerous to mess up the wage structure because players are going to demand higher wages based on what people in the squad earn. While it may not be an issue for Rudiger and Alaba, one day you'll have your very own Aaron Ramsey


Ramsey? Add wages of Bale, Hazard, Isco and Marcelo. we have had 6x ramsey in bench for last 3 seasons but that's perk of being biggest club in world that we can afford that.


Flair doesn't check out


And at least all of those players (aside from Hazard) helped you win trophies in their primes. Not like they’ve been complete wastes


Bale has been Huge for us in past. No matter how things are right now, I absolutely love him for everything he has done for this Club. I may forget my name one day but I won't forget that CDR goal against Barcelona.


>We have >We can >Villareal flair >hmmst?


The club usually pay what they deem "fair" if a player ask for too much for us we move on Perez is used to it. Obviously no transfer is risk free sometime you mess up




Rudi and his agent got a signing bonus of €35m, that’s why we pulled the plug on it, we couldn’t agree on an agents fee and a signing bonus. https://twitter.com/berger_pj/status/1524055444339269632?s=20&t=96-BW4raFa5Df0b8bBVLUw


He's gonna cost 95m over 4 years I did the maths on the previous thread by the Spanish journalists Alaba costs like 130m for 5 years


those still exist in transfers though…this is overall a good deal for RM




I think a 35m signing bonus is minor compared to the normal transfer fee+signing bonus one would normally see for a player that can start at a top side in the world


I thought it’d be more honestly, especially being a free transfer


Berger, a German journo, reports that he and his agent also get 35m€ in total as signing bonus.


Yeah I guess there must be a decent signing bonus considering the wage he was reportedly wanting from Chelsea


€35m signing bonus apparently https://twitter.com/berger_pj/status/1524055444339269632?s=21&t=glrsLecnwAA584dlFR12_A


Fuck me, you can understand why these guys run down their contracts. A couple of years at a lower wage is more than made up for.


yeah feels like we're moving towards this being very common in the market.


You take a risk of a career-ending injury, but it's a pretty reasonable risk.


Look at Ramos. We basically sent him to PSG on a stretcher.


Holy crap. its really wierd after they told him to fuck off with the 40 mils bonus he wanted.




Our Wage scale is approximately like this (Net Figures) : * Hazard / Bale : 12-16M * Kroos / Modric / Benzema : 10-12M * Courtois / Alaba / Marcelo / Rudiger / Casemiro : 8-10M * Isco : 6-8M * Vinicius / Mendy / Carvajal / Militao / Jovic / Valverde / Asensio : 4-7M * Rodrygo / Nacho / Mariano / Camavinga / Ceballos / Vazquez : 3.5 - 4.5M * Lunin / Vallejo : 1M - 3.5M Need to remember that Bale, Marcelo & Isco are all gone next season. Our reported offer for Kylian is around 25M net


Amazing how the top two are the least supporting members of the squad. Even more amazing we are in contention for the double while those two are absent.


Imagine if we manage to offload both of them this summer.


That's half a turtle!!


OP is reporting net which is fairly uncommon in Spain... If these figures are true, *both* of them would be more than the entire turtle.


Indeed, both of them would cover Mbappe entire wages and a little more. Bale is gone but moving Hazard would be impossible though. I hope Eden can recover and perform next year now that he doesn't have the plaque bothering him anymore


Hazard's going nowhere with those wages.


i am so hoping that he finds his form again and puts out at least one good season before retiring.


It has nothing to do with his form. He has physically declined. He can’t dribble past defenders which was one of his main attributes. Maybe he can perform at a smaller club but he’s not good enough for Real in any capacity


Bale and Hazard to United Lads this was a joke


Too late


Hazard looking like he lost some weight recently. If he stay away from injury, he'll definitely give his best next season.


Nice username. I wanna reread the series before the show comes out.


Your top 2 is comical but everything after that is very reasonable considering their age, quality and prestige as a player.


Yeah, I was going to complain on Marcelo earning the same as Alaba/Casemiro, but for what has done for the team in the past he deserves it, even when he doesn't play as much


The tail end of long term contracts for older players are always expected to be messy this isn’t anything unusual.


and especially since its probably his 5th contract or something, he joined in january 2006/07 iirc.


I think it's also fair, because he was underpaid for so long... it basically averages out.


I went through this thread why is no one commenting on Lucas Vazquez wage? He's getting robbed. He's been here a long time, always been a staple to the team, and has won everything. He's better than Asensio and Jovic for sure. Carvajal should be level with Isco imo but yeah it's the attacking player tax.


I agree. Some people act like Marcelo is this horrible flop. If anyone deserves the overpay, it’s him. Eden Hazard’s case is absolutely horrendous though


holy shit so Mbappe would make more than twice the next most?


Yeah, Cristiano was on 24M net in his last renewal with us back in 2016 for reference. It still pales in comparison to what PSG are offering at 50M net though.




Peanuts really


Why though stephy curry is on like 45 mil. Why are wages so low in football. In the NFL there are guys that make 25 mil on every team. Same with baseball. Why are wages so low in football considering their TV deals are probably way bigger.


They are talking NET pay, so adjust those USA #s. And remember the nfl is a basically 32 team monopoly on the sport.


Ya that’s fair about the nfl but really in football there are only 20 teams in the world with top players and likely make up majority of merchandise and tv views. Plus their market is global and not limited to the states. Baseball has like 3 first class leagues and 3 tiers of 2nd class leagues (single A, double A, triple A). Idk man I feel like owners and fans have worked it out to pay top players less. American sports are unionized and maybe that’s why football players make less.


Yeah union bargaining plays a big role. Id also say there is a heavy pro sport focus in the usa for fans, whereas football around the world is more a local club culture. To properly compare cross sport incomes, you need annual tickets, tv viewers / deals, and merchandise #s. Id guess theres a lot more divided corruption and money funneling in europe given the different countries and leagues. FIFA, UEFA, LEAGUE, agents, everybody etc wants a cut.


Your point about unionizing is important tbh. It's culturally accepted in the states that players will always get together to fight for a bigger slice of the pie whenever it is time for a new bargaining agreement. I don't think we have such thing in European football. You get what your agent can get you depending on how important you are to the team that wants your signature. Also in regards to global reach; the NFL NBA etc might be mainly limited to one country but they make so much more per viewer that total revenue is often comparable to all of football. It goes back to just how entrenched adverts are in american sports and entertainment in general. It's why the New York Knicks and Dallas cowboys are worth more than the likes of Real Madrid and Manchester united despite being dwarfed in global brand recognition.


I forgot about ad revenue. Ya that's probably a huge part. There are literally tv timeouts in basketball. Good point


Because the nba is a tiny pyramid close circuit set up and football is a massive and complex trillion layered network.


Wow...why the hell did i leave the game for damn books...just 20% of that is enough


Prob coz you weren’t good enough lad


Would Benz get a raise?


Benz took a slight pay cut last season and he was already on a crazy form , I don't think he care that much. He always said than if one day he thinks he will become a burden he would leave himself.


Christ it hurts to see hazard on top like this. Bale is whatever he's won everything and he himself wanted to leave but was stopped. Hazard has just been a money pit, like buying a dodge fucking neon.


as i already said above, i really hope hazard puts out one monster season for you guys. But that is really wishful thinking at this stage.


I don't think he'll get another chance, wouldn't be surprised if they do all they can to get rid of him in the summer. There's not many football clubs where you can do near enough nothing for 3 seasons and still expect a chance, let alone Real Madrid.


Holy shit it's been 3 seasons


Mbappe will get 25 M net if he joint Madrid that probably the sole thing french and Spanish sources all agreed on.


Benz getting robbed. Shows how much he loves the club because he’s leaving a lot on the table. Isco and Marcelo overpaid due to previous exploits. Jovic disaster doesn’t mean much in the big picture. Would think Militao was on more but he doesn’t deserve more right now


> Benz getting robbed. Shows how much he loves the club because he’s leaving a lot on the table. 1) These figures are *reported*, no one really knows 2) Benz is truly extraordinary - other than him and maybe Modric I haven't seen a Real Madrid player who keeps growing after 33, maybe him and his agents are themselves surprised and could not negotiate for this scenario 3) Yes


Neither Benzema or Modric are getting better they’re just no longer being overshadowed by Cristiano. Benzema has been carrying this team but Vinicius’s lack of end product has bottlenecked the former’s production. Now that Vincius is more well rounded we’re seeing Benzema’s quality


How did Cristiano overshadow Modric?


I'd say he wasn't appreciated as much


TBF to Marcelo, he was very underpaid for the longest time. This was his first big contract. It averages out.


Can I just say that I hate when wages are reported as "net"?


Why? It makes comparing wages from different countries comparable. From a personal income perspective, you’d want to know what you put in your pocket at the end of the day.


Yeah but it doesn't help determining the strain on the club. 12M € net could be 24M € in one country, 16M € in another.


But from a team fan perspective you’d want to know what your team is spending and how it compares to other teams


But we don't know what the actual net income will be for these people. Taxes rely on many other personal factors that are obviously not known to us. I'd just report the brutto salaries, like you normally do it for any other industry.


Are Spanish amounts usually reported in net values? Sometimes I struggle to keep them all straight, but I know that Italian are always reported as net, and I think English are usually reported as gross. Feels like usually Spanish salaries are usually reported as gross?


thats net


Nope, in Spain is also net.


Get ready Madrid fans, there will be one shot from 40 yards out every game And when it goes in you’ll lose 1-4


We had a fucking great day out, but that rudiger goal was the ultimate rocket


Dunno, man, Rüdi has been absolutely spectacular since Tuchel came in. And Madrid need a big CB. If they bomb out, so be it, but I think the signing makes sense.


Yeah and he was on his way out before Tuchel.


Heh you're not wrong Rudiger is an excellent CB and a great get for Madrid. But also OP is not wrong, Rudiger does bomb forward and take a bad shot from 40 yards almost every game.


Yeah in a 3atb system. He’s gonna get exposed in Madrid when you realize he’s not better than Militao or Alaba


what an original opinion


Yeah a lot of people agree on basic facts. The grass is green, the sky is blue, and Rudiger only looks world class in a 3atb system.


But he only struggled under lampard, he was good with Sarri too. But why am I not surprised by this being peddled around


he’s definitely better than militao at least at the moment


And those are both world class CB's? If he's equally as good as or slightly worse than those 2 I'd be more than happy.


All kicking off today, huh?


At this rate there'll barely be any drama left by the time the season ends!


Might as well get the final news of Mbappe


I have a feeling Mbappe wants to go to a team in Madrid but I can’t be more specific now.


Mbappe to Rayo, here we go!


Hey don't worry , United will get linked to everybody that plays football for the next few months


Can't wait to see who we announce


You will wait until August and you'll like it.


Since spanish teams all have players with release clauses. Who is the player with the highest release clause? Just want to see what the figure is. Cause the figures i have heard Rudiger's RC actually looks slightly low. Lol


Benzema with 1 billion. So was Ronaldo


Fede and Karim — €1bn each


there are players with a 1 billion release clause


Woah. That is a massive amount tbf. Can the clubs keep an even higher RC? Like there is no limit right? I would just love to hear this news one day 'So and So academy player has signed his first professional contract with Real Madrid. The RC is 5 trillion'


The limit is the player being ok with it and signing the contract and Madrid players tend to be.


Benzema has 1 Billions. Barca also started to put 1 Billion release clause. We always had over 300 millions release for our players and the Neymar saga taught everyone that it's better to be safe.


Right. Did you mean to say taught instead of reached?


There are several players with 1B RC but iirc nobody surpasses the 1B


1 Billion for many of barca's young IIRC. fati, araujo, pedri


“Official announcement after the CL Final” Win or lose, I want Florentino lifting him up like the European Cup right after the match Hell, if they win I want Florentino to lift him up *in* the European Cup


Just get him to sit in a chair and have Alaba lift him


The Monty Burns of football - his arms will come right off when lifting.


I think the back 4 fears are unfounded. He was good under Conte and Sarri and we can’t judge anyone off of Lampard’s tenure. I think the back 3/5 has more to do with our lack of a true DM (not an issue for Real, and no, Kante is not a 6) on top of our defense being shit at the time. I think he’ll be great in Madrid. Take good care of my boy.


That's one hell of a release clause


Pretty low for Madrid standards tbf


Yeah was just going to say that. Asensio and mayoral have 500m+


What lead to the crazy values of release clauses we have today? Think it was after PSG showed up to La Liga's office with a truckload of money to pay for Neymar's.


It’s because release clauses are mandatory in Spain so clubs like Real Madrid just put a fuck off amount.


Nah real started way before that. When neymar's release clause was paid benzema and Ronaldo were already on 1bn release clauses before that. Asensio had 700mn iirc. Kovacic also had a high clause. I never understood why until the Neymar transfer


Casemiro and Marcelo has 200M according two different websites what had right numbers for Benzema and others.


at least not the standard one billion clause, I got a bit bored of that anyway


benzema is on a billion. In spain you have to have a buy out, so if a club has zero interest in selling a player anytime soon you see crazy numbers like this.


You never know dude. Look at Dortmund. Could have uses an extra 0 in that clause


moot point since without the low release clause he would not have signed for them in the first place.


Nah man. That's what they wanted. That's how they thrive. They sign a young player for 20 mil or less, sell him 3 years later for 3 times what they paid or more and buy another player. Rinse and repeat.


~~thrive~~ survive I have no problem with it, a club must do what it does to compete, but it's not like theyd prefer to keep recycling talent instead of holding onto most of them


I do feel with Haaland though all parties knew/should’ve known Dortmund was just a stopgap for him


Having low release clause is what allowed BVB to sign Haaland in first place...


300k a week for a defender, fackin' ell


A defender who’s no stranger to the occasional massive blunder


For free? yeah i'll take it. Better the money going to him than to you. Same for Alaba, it's better that the money went directly to the player instead of going to Bayern.


I remember when Bayern fans expected Alaba to suffer when Madrid signed him and he turned out to be and extremely solid signing for us. Chelsea fans also laughed at Madrid when they signed Courtois and he struggled his first season and now he's been one of the pillars for two La Liga titles and deep CL runs. No one knows how Rudiger will turn out, but the people here have no idea what they're talking about, so you can only take what they're saying with a grain of salt


Then there's Hazard who Chelsea actually really wanted to keep and their fans thought would do well at Madrid lol


I was going to question your use of "free" between the wages and the bonus to the player and his agent, but you know what? You're right. Better the money goes to Rudiger than his club.


In a back 4 at RM is going to be a disaster 😭


Bro he will bring intensity on the pitch for them, that's intensity is something that we are gonna miss and is not easily replaced. This was a huge loss for us


Yeah I don't think he'll have any problems settling in a back 4. He's an outstanding defender who'll do very well for Madrid. He's definitely a huge loss for us but with those wage demands, we were never going to agree


i think its a lose-lose, chelsea will miss him and his character dearly, but i doubt he breaks over their current 2 CBs




Did you watch him for us before Lampard? He was fine in Sarri’s back 4


Players improve and he's improved massively under Tuchel. Under Lampard, I doubt any defender looked good and under Sarri, he had to pair up with the likes of David Luiz/Christensen. At Madrid, he'll pair up with Alaba/Militao with Casemiro protecting the backline. Honestly, I hope it doesn't work out and we have the last laugh but I doubt it'll happen.


Nah he will dominate in La Liga.




Madrid gave rudiger and his brother a bonus for 35M too


Plus a 35M signing bonus


Damn, he got the bag. Props to him and his brother


Someone tell these clubs that the transfer window ain't even opened yet wtf


You can make transfers at any time. The windows themselves are basically just registration periods. I remember Nuri Sahin signing for and starting training with Madrid before the season was officially over


Yeah I know. I was just making a joke about all 3 clubs announcing players today.


Oh damn, so center back problem is already dealt with appearantly.


We still need an RB. Why aren't we *in* for an RB? fuuuuuuck.


Has the occasional David Luiz brainfart in him but wish him all the best. He's actually a top ball-playing defender


Rüdiger used to be a liability, but he’s developed into a world class CB under Tuchel, and we definitely need his leadership/physical presence as every CB we have is technically undersized. He will be massive for us.


>but he’s developed into a world class CB I'm sure he learned a lot from Tuchel but i would attribute his improvements more to his time alongside Thiago Silva...


Great point.


He seems to have a very strong mentality. 0 quit in him


Except in the last few weeks and under Lampard


Still has crazy moments in games but casemiro, Alaba, Mendy, and carvajal will be strong enough defensively to cover him as long as the tactics are on point. Think he’s gonna prove how good he is at Madrid.


Alaba, Militao, Rüdiger & Nacho is a fantastic group of CBs. Lots of options and lots of possibilities to rotate.


It seems you forgot Vallejo


>not naming the absolute goat Don Vallejo Big oof (Also Mendy can play CB)


i dont want my cb to do cruyff turns in the box no thank you sir


So this means Madrid's CB paring is going to be Militao - Rudiger and Alaba back on the left wing with Mendy backing up and Carvajal on the right wing right? That's a pretty solid back line there, with Courtois behind them.


And case in front. It's gonna be like those attack on Titan walls over here.


Alba can play CDM too


So, it'll be 18-20 million euros (gross) per year?


Rudiger should be ecstatic Tuchel made him look like a competent defender


You sound like one of those people who will act surprised when a squad made up of people like him, instead of apparently vastly superior players and tactics, lifts trophies at Real Madrid.


and Thiago Silva... made him look like a competent defender


Ornstein with the tap-in from Romano for once


Why are wages always talked about in net now, Is it all a perception thing? In what other profession is salary talked about in net, you get your salary, you pay taxes on your salary, your salary remains the same number...


cheers, now if he could actually give a fuck for these last few games would be nice


It's not him, who's not giving a fuck. Azpi, Christensen and Alonso have all checked out.


True rudigers still very hungry


Azpi seems like he's just aging


I dunno if Azpi and Alonso have checked out. I thinks that's just how fast they can actually run these days


Daves just old. He's fully committed to shit housing now cause his legs have gone to the point its the only way he can contribute


This one’s going to be interesting. For me the best thing about him was his forward runs, and Chelsea playing 5 at the back covered the empty space he left behind doing that. Real don’t do 5 at the back. He’s gonna leave a lot of space for the opponents


Casemiro. We are used to this kind of thing with Ramos


Case , Madrid is already used to that with Ramos and in Alaba case Mendy is the one covering for him


Bro we had prime marcelo and ramos playing on the opponents half most of the time, lol. I don't think that's gonna be a problem.


Ever heard of Sergio Ramos?


God damn our defence use to have Marcelo and Ramos who use to leave space and we still won 4 ucls in 5 years


Casemiro and Kroos as the only guys behind on a counter, the good times.


>For me the best thing about him was his forward runs, He won't be allowed to do that often. Even Alaba, who is much better going forward, doesn't do it as much as we (fans) would like him to


Rudiger is a spiritual leader in defense. His mentality is top class. But he's not a tactical leader. He's not going to organize the defense. His game is mainly based on being as aggresive as possible and being fast enough to recover for constantly leaving position. You need someone to compensate for that otherwise those positional mistakes will really stand out.


I believe Alaba provides that tactical organization


Do you think Real Madrid could play with a back 3? Militao, Alaba, Rudiger actually would be a very good trio


It’s certainly an option


Not regularly. But in the event that we HAVE to i think they’ll gel in great. To my understanding, we have in Militao and Alaba players who used to play RB & LB respectively in the past. I think Rüdiger will be the one central defender if any of them need to play on any other position. We also have Nacho who is everyone could see in the City game, he is a very reliable player


He’s Varane 2.0 then. Varane had some AWFUL games when Ramos wasn’t playing alongside him.


Cheeky chance he's head isn't in it Saturday?


Unlike Christensen and to an extent Azpi/Alonso, Rudi has not looked like a player whose head is elsewhere. Been a professional on the putch through all this.


Hold on, €9/10m NET? What's the tax in Spain, isn't it like 50%? Surely they're not paying him upwards of €18/20m per year gross?


People saying he's not good enough. I remember he was class with Roma that Barcelona actually was interested in him and was on the verge of signing him.


I can’t help but not like this signing for RM, has been class under Tuchel in a back 3 but was an absolute calamity whenever I watched him in a back 4 for Chelsea


And Alaba plus Militao are already solid enough, so, while the competition will be interesting, Real might have done better reinforcing other areas (like a second DM).


Actually think this give Real different looks at the back. Back 3 with militao who’s played RB, Rudiger, and Alaba who’s played LB. Carvajal/LV AT LWB and Mendy/Sub at RWB. Casemiro ahead of them also helps cover spaces. Let’s see what Carlo does.