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I remember that goal killed Atletico's momentum for comeback.


Away goal rule turned out to be a blessing that day.


Madrid went through 4-2 on aggregate though. Though I suppose the fact that Atleti needed 3 goals to even get through after the Isco goal really killed any motivation they might’ve had left.


They started the game needing 3 goals, after scoring 2 they needed again to score 3 goals, that kills any team.


Sucks that it’s gone imo


I disagree. The fact that it was possible to get knocked out without even losing once was a bunch of bullshit. extra time or penalties should be the deciderds in such close encounters.


A-fuckin-mennnn, there were too many flaws with the away goal rule. Yay, you scored more away goals! But you still scored less in your own damn home so why should you be rewarded?


Also it ruined extra time. One goal from the away team and the tie was dead. I get they were trying to stay away from penalties since that can be random, but it's like they didn't realise that the neutral fan adores penalties.


> But you still scored less in your own damn home so why should you be rewarded? Because scoring away is harder, so away goals are more valuable.


But then scoring at home is easier, so it’s bad that you didn’t score more at home. It cancels each other out, away goal rule is objectively shite.


> But then scoring at home is easier, so it’s bad that you didn’t score more at home. And it's equally bad the other team didn't score more at home. So then the argument spins into which team was worse for not scoring home more.


Team A 2:3 Team B Team B 1:2 Team A Team A ***did*** score more at home, and even won the away game, yet they are out. Doesn't make any sense at all. Abolish all of this shit. A goal is a goal, not 1.5 goals...




Benzema's close control has always been fantastic


So you are telling me Benzema hasn’t been the worst player in existence until this season where he is suddenly brilliant? Shirley not.


Shhhh, don't tell Micah Richards. You might just send the sanctuary of his own ignorance crashing down around him.


That comment was beyond ridiculous, has he not been watching Madrid and Benzema for the last decade and a half?


Henry's surprised Pikachu face at that comment was my exact reaction as well. "Just tonight?!"




A normal supporter will always be biased. But Micah is a football pundit. His job is to watch all the matches of every leagues and then make an well informed unbiased opinion.


Just like his laugh, Micah Richards is a clown


Never seen a bigger prem fanboy in my life, he was sounding like a football twitter user.


And don't call me Shirley!


What a strawman lmao No one claimed he was "the worst player in existence" or whatever. He surely was underwhelming at times and even had a pretty bad season. Let's not act as if he was a top 3 player all these years. That's just as false.


It's just a joke you melon.


What a strawman lmao No one claimed he was "a melon" or whatever. He surely is at least 70% water at almost all times and even had pretty bad dehydration. Let's not act as if he was a top 3 fruit all these years. That's just as false.


It’s just a melon you joke.


Shouldn't a joke have some sort of basis in reality? You weren't implying that Benzema has been super underrated or something? What's the joke then?


The target was the people who have only realized that Benzema was a class player like Micah Richards when he clearly has been a part of a multiple CL winning squad for years with an amazing amount of contribution. How does it not have some sort of basis in reality? I don't get that part. I know no one called him "the worst player in existence", that is just an exaggerating. I can't believe I had to explain this one.


>Shouldn’t a joke have some sort of basis in reality? Not necessarily


Nah c'mon. This is a case of saying "it's just a joke" to avoid any criticism of a sincere argument (ie: "Benzema has always been great"), even if it was hyperbolic


It’s a dumb comment, not a joke


Maybe not top3 but possibly top5 or top10 at least. He was one of the 2-3 best players at madrid when madrid was dominating europe


Benzema's abilitites are beyond many footballers. and thats a fact. The type of shit he can pull on the pitch, not many can do it tbh. Also he was having a not so good season in front of goal and at the right time of this season when we were 2-0 down in a very hostile stadium which was supposed to be Atleti's last game over thereat Vinctte Calderon, he did this. Absolutely outrageous.


I remember having a special card of his in FIFA 18 that had insane ball control. I would fake-shot my way through the entire opposition defense and the ball would stay glued to his feet. Definitely my favorite ever FIFA card.


Last UCL match at the Calderón ever Atletico were on for a comeback and then Benz did this.


There were 9 Atletico players in the box when this happened lol




The funny or stupid thing about this is Godin. He puts his hand up to claim it’s out, then watches, doesn’t move and actually keeps anyone on side. Hats off to Benzema of course, but Godin was absolutely pantsed here.


I think that was his only great game in that season too. What a time to do that


Yeah, he only had 19 goals that season in 48 matches, that was pretty much his peak of poor finishing combined with really just being there to facilitate Ronaldo (42 goals in 46 matches), however Benz did have 2 goals in a 2:2 draw vs Dortmund that year, although Dortmund still finished first in the group, so didn’t really matter.


Press X to doubt


Good times.


I really miss pre World Cup Isco, he was so wonderful to see.


Cris really sent Benz to a solo mission and he took it personally


He either trusted him too much or set him up for failure.


One of those “FUCKKKKKKKKK” moments. Will cry when Benz retires.


Some people forget he was R9'esque in his early days. A rare player that has been world class as both a #9/10. I'll never forget his last season at Lyon when they played us in the R16 CL.


Early days? He's still R9 esque, the only thing he lacks is the speed. Even compared to r9, I'd say I've never seen a striker be involved in creating so much and yet score so much too


Yep. He is right up there with the greatest strikers ever. Honestly had/has more to his game than even Lewandowski/Suarez/Zlatan


It’s only due to longevity that he can be compared to Suarez, his best seasons don’t really compare. But to have done it for so long does make him an all time great.


Benz is way more involved than other strikers and has been for a long time. No other striker has done all the things he's done this long.


Generally, yes, but Prime Suarez was arguably- almost definitely the most compete striker in this regards. Dude had Messi tier assist and chance creation numbers, all while dribbling defenses in and out on regular basis, and the absurd goal count. Benzema is clear of anyone else in that regards, however.


Liverpool Suarez was tiddy balls 🔥.


Zlatan was doing what Benzema is doing now 10 years ago


I agree with you but I reckon Ibra, Rooney and Suarez can give him a run for his money in terms of contributing goals + assists. Could maybe include Müller as well if we're including second strikers.


I’m pretty Suarez is the third on the all time assists list.


I don't know the Ronaldo comparison was always bullshit to me. I know he looked up to him and they do kind of have a similar build but the comparison ends there. He was always more involved in the buildups than Ronaldo, much less clinical finishing (even now when he's a great goalscorer), generous to a fault... very different player and that was one of the reasons he was usually (wrongly) criticized, people expected an out and out 9.


Nah its not bullshit, he is talking about his lyon days and i agree with him, back then he played more as a dribbling 9 like R9, look up his goal against rangers for example


Exactly. R9 was above him at same age but the way he used to dribble and hussle etc was quite similar hence the comparisons (and his comments back then on looking up to R9, even over his Algerian/French compatriot Zidane). Check this video https://youtu.be/26yv7npBiF4


> Some people forget he was R9'esque in his early days. Lol, no he wasn't. And R9 wasn't a world class 10. Weird comparism.


I'm talking about his early years pre CR7. I agree that once he accommodated CR7 he played a different role, more as a #10 involved with build up play


This was all Barca needed at anfield. One good goal to cut off the Liverpool comeback. Excellent from Benzema


Not possible when Suarez and Coutinho aren't making any runs and not a single player in the team is able to finish chances. Fucking Wijnaldum and Origi scored from half-chances and Barcelona couldn't.


This was one of Karim's worse seasons yet he still had 27 G/A in around 3,200 minutes (G/A every 118') and plenty of pre-assists & key plays like this one. With Haaland signing for City i can actually see Karim surpassing Cristiano for the most goal contributions ever in Real Madrid history. Something that no one would have ever thought possible back in 2018. * 1 - **Cristiano** : 581 Goal Contributions * 2 - **Benzema** : 480 Goal Contributions * 3 - **Raul** : 439 Goal Contributions


I don't see him getting 100 G/A tbh


He’s over 50 this season, really depends on how long and if he keeps this up.


Yeah but this is his best season ever basically. Might not keep it up but who knows, over past years he averaged usually over 30 g/a so 3 seasons in form it is then? We will see


Look at Mbappé's GA this season. Now look at Benzema's. Now imagine the two of them on the same team...


That's definitely how football works


I get what you are saying but thats not how it works. The galacticos where a prime example of that.


With Mbappe and Vinnie on his wings he’ll get it.


Nobody does, except those with bags full of wishful thinking. Just because he is on excellent physical form, people forgot that he is 34 years old and when you are on your mid 30's you could be unlucky and your performance can decline at any given time if you get injured for longer than a month.


I mean it's not wishful thinking, i was actually being really realistic. * 2016 : 36 Goal Contributions * 2017 : 27 Goal Contributions * 2018 : 23 Goal Contributions * 2019 : 41 Goal Contributions * 2020 : 38 Goal Contributions * 2021 : 39 Goal Contributions * 2022 : 57 Goal Contributions He is only 34 and he could play up until being 37-38 with more limited minutes. If he has no major injury he could very well do it.


If he continues this form for 2 and a half more seasons I expect it tbh.


Because you don't see it doesn't mean he won't get it.




With his form in the past few seasons he wouldn’t need 5 years to get 100 g/a, more like 2-3 depending on form


> most goal contributions yeah I get what you're saying but at the end of the day nobody cares about that. He's 150 goals behind Ronaldo.


Incredible from Raul and Benzema. I thought Ronaldo's numbers would be a galaxy apart from anyone else, while in some sense it is, it doesn't feel like it.


He did that in 9 seasons. Was ahead of Benz in assists too while he was there.


What a squad that was


Every player in the starting XI was legitimately top 5 in their position plus our depth was ridiculous that season


Ozil instead of isco


this wasn't even close to ozil at real times








Have a nice day


Bring me back to this time 🥺


You’re league champions and you’re in the final of the champions league, I think you’re fine pal


Redditors made him believe that Real Madrid is an average but lucky team, lol.


That squad and season was magical, out current team is nowhere near


Nickname checks out


Agreed but you have nothing to complain about


I’m not complaining though


My local is literally on the brink of relegation so it’s funny to see a Real Madrid fan wishing for the old days, that’s all


Also they seem to forget that Madrid were not the favorites to win 17 and 18 at the beginning of the season. Especially 18 when Cristiano and Benzema probably had the worst season starts of their careers


with all due respect fuck off you're annoying


Lol Savic really bit into that feint panna, got him to close his legs.


Completely rinsed those three there. Benzema's close control and skills with the ball has always been elite.


It’s been 5 years already ? time do fly


Looks to me like over 5 years


At least with these kits it definitely looks dated but pretty soon 17/18 is going to have some 5 year anniversaries, and THAT is what truly scares me.


What? Those kits are absolutely amazing and would be great today too. Or am I misunderstanding you?


Idk what this guy is on, those kits are fire and wouldn’t look bad today.


I remember it felt like an eternity becoming 18 And now that I am an adult it feels like time is going too fast.


Adult hood go so fast thanks to bills stress job life


This is why I'm confused why people like Micah Richards say that this is Benzema's first world class season. This man has been the number one striker for one of the best teams in the world. He's one of the all time highest goalscorers in the CL for a reason.


Whilst he missed a lot of chances during the CR7 days he was still one of the most important players in that team


Micah can be entertaining but he’s a loudmouth who simply knows quite little about football. Sure he played at the top level but he clearly can’t have an insightful or informative conversation about football, especially if it doesn’t involve the PL.


No need to be confused, you just need to accept that: * 90% of football fans only watch games from the team they support * 95% of football fans only watch games from their own league + no more than 10 games from other league teams in European competitions + 1 or 2 derby from other leagues * 5% - of football fans might have watched more than 10 games per season of teams outside their country ​ Nobody is willing to accept it as that would automatically invalidate many of their points when they talk about how good/bad teams/players from other leagues are, but that's the truth and it's no different for pundits.


You literally could have just said micah Richards is stupid in all honesty because that's very much the truth.


>micah Richards is stupid That would actually make more sense because Benzema has been the indisputable starter in what is arguably the most coveted position in the world for more than a decade and Micah Richards said he sarted rating him only 6 month ago... Starter fore than a decade in a club in which world class players like Hazard and Bale struggled to be starters at times. A club able to spend hundreds of millions to buy players every season and where the best players usually dream to sign. Not to mention that during what is considered Benzema's "worst" seasons in Madrid, Benzema was an indisputable starter in team that won the champions league 3 times in a row. People always forgot to mention that he had a different role in the team back then. He had playmaker role in a team built around Ronaldo as the main goal scorer. You don't have to have a PHD in football to understand that you need to be consistently great (not just good) to be a *stater* for that long in that team. When a player is not up to their standards he sit on the bench or he is out (even legends like Ramos, Casillas or Raul). If Richards isn't stupid he sure looked supid saying something that stupid...


I accept it, i watch only Arsenal games and occasionally big derbies. Tho this season I have watched almost all CL knockouts.


This is the play where Benzema redeemed himself. I still remember how bad the season was for him prior to this.


People were really shitting on Zidane too for sticking with Benzema over Morata too, I haven’t forgotten


What a goal and what a season as well


For him individually that season was one of the worst.


teamwork in this one play is amazing and also the camerawork in the first few seconds showing the closeup of benzema is so mmmmmm


I'd rather have the wide for the whole scene.


> Zizou : I have no idea how Karim got out of there !!! Real MAdrid that season was something else, the diamond of KCM with Isco roaming ahead of them, god was beautiful to see.




Which red card? We won the league and the UCL that season, not sure what more you want


I think he is talking about the next season, ronaldo got a second yellow for diving against barca is the super cup, when it was a clear penalty. He went to the ref and shoved him and got 5 games ban. We struggled in la liga without ronaldo in those games and it took cristiano untill January to regain his form ( this is was when ronaldo is finished started if i remember correctly)


Ah the Ronaldo golazo x Red card 10 minute cameo. I remember after the Super Copa Pique said that he felt inferior to Madrid for the first time in his career, good times. Shame how we performed in the league that season but we won the CL again so that redeemed the season quite a bit.


2016-2017 Isco really was something else. He litteraly benched Bale who was also having a great season especially after the Euros performance he had and even started in the Cardiff UCL final.


2016-2017 Isco was great. 2016-2017 Bale, however, was not. He was constantly injured and never hit full form and really only got a quick cameo in the Cardiff final when Madrid were 3-1 up with 10 mins to go. Bale was out a month before the final, he was never gonna start, and if the game was closer (and not in Cardiff) he probably doesn't even get the 10 min cameo. It was Isco's best year. But he didn't bench prime Bale. He benched oft-injured-never-hit-full-stride Bale.


Which was a blessing in disguise for real Madrid cause this was the best of the threepeat teams, when isco came in and they played a diamond.


I think the 2016-17 was one of the best teams of all-time, perhaps the best. Barca fans will get all pouty, but this team won the La Liga and CL in spectacular fashion and did it by beating the biggest teams - after and before winning more CL titles. So, I agree... Isco that season was absolutely amazing.


I don't think its the best having watched them play a lot that year, that's why I specifically mentioned when isco came in to the team. I don't even think it's the best real Madrid team, I rate 11/12 very highly, I also wouldn't put it above the treble winning barcas or 10/11.


>I think the 2016-17 was one of the best teams of all-time, perhaps the best Nice joke.


? What’s funny? At the time: Best cb pairing in Ramos/Varane Best fullback in Carvajal/Marcelo Best midfield in KCM Benz, Cristiano and Isco/bale up front Won the La Liga in front of Messi Barca (still the only real competition they had). Beat Bayern, Atleti and Juve in the final. Also won 4 CLs in 5 years with that core.


And look at the bench too. Great depth. Pepe, James, Morata, Kovacic. So many options


Danilo, Nacho, Vasquez and Asensio as well.


Simeone definitely had something stronger than garorade in that bottle


Nostalgia. Loved this Madrid squad.


Unselfish playing




Benzema on fire


This was five years ago? Fuck.




It was only recently I realised that benzema is on harry Kanes level


Godín with some absolute schoolboy defending here. He was the LCB, running over to help the RCB when the CDM is already standing there.


Jesus Christ, you guys always have to complain about someone's defending in even the greatest goals!


He did a bad job


Lol gimenez tries to make up for his mistake and slide tackles felipe luis who could’ve cleared it


Holy shit that is a true forgotten fotballer nominee :Isco What is he up to today btw?


Bro, Isco was quality that year. Hopefully leaves and regains top form


Lakaka can't do that


What the fuck happened to Isco


And Isco hasn’t been seen since


After covid started he hasnt been seen since. Something happened to him during covid, one of my favorite players😔


What happened to Isco? I don't remember him playing much recently, does he just sit on the bench? Has he been phased out by younger players?


Idk if Madrid fans will agree with me but I specifically remember having lunch with my Madrid friends and them being super upset at zidane for playing benzema cause he was sucking dick every game previous to this game. And then he did this awesome play. Anyway I think this is the turning point of his career after this he played amazing and hasnt stopped since


This goal shouldn't stand as Benzema was offside when Ronaldo took the throw in. I'm sure if this goal was ruled out,Atleti would have scored two goals in second half and conceded none and won the match but what can you do when Madrid has paid all the refs? What bullshit,Madrid has always been lucky and gotten away with stuff because of the paid refs during the three peat smh




Wrong account puto


I’m so confused right now. Someone with a Real Madrid flair complaining about Real Madrid scoring a goal and paying off refs while he doesn’t understand the rules of offside…


Maybe he forget to switch accounts or flairs


i think he’s trying to take the piss out of people who do say that kinda stuff, but the thing is absolutely no one has said anything along those lines in this thread so it’s kinda random


I was being sarcastic and making fun of the people who complain about the "ref help" we got in the three peat


Ah gotcha!


You can’t be offside from a throw in


That Ronaldo’s Shuuushing 😍


I guess anything qualifies as a highlight nowadays






Lmao it’s not like there’s at least 3-4 pep and Klopp posted here every 3 days.


You just conveniently ignore all the Klopp quotes and Salah stats? Or all the PL posts? This is a PL-centric sub and you know it, no need to get your panties in a bunch about a post that doesn’t even affect your club. Don’t like it? Don’t open the post


> Edit: Downvote all you want, but there is literally a Madrid focused sub Reddit for so many of those posts Similarly, you can complain all you want but it doesn't change the fact that types of posts you're complaining about usually get >90% positive votes. That's a very clear indication that the sub as a whole appreciates these posts and doesn't share your view that club-specific content shouldn't be allowed.




Did you miss the various posts in the past month about Frankfurt fans? Or celebrations from Trabzonspor, Bournemouth, Rangers, Lampard with Everton, Schalke, Bologna, etc? Celebration stuff regularly gets posted here about various teams and they generally get upvoted. When Liverpool undoubtedly wins one of their finals there will be a post showing a player, fans, or Klopp celebrating and people will upvote it just as they have for Real Madrid and those various other clubs. And highlights like the OP get even more love because people enjoy seeing highlights. In the past month we've seen similar posts but from teams like Chelsea, Newcastle, and AC Milan. They were even from the same OP here that you're suggesting has an agenda about posting Real Madrid content.




People posting celebrations from Real Madrid players, managers, or fans is literally no different than people posting celebrations from players, managers, or fans of other clubs. But I can tell you want to offended about this for some weird reason so believe whatever you want to achieve that goal of yours.


Oh sorry that you wanted to see pep and klopp dicksucking more.


The second RM loses it becomes anti Real Madrid sub so go cry somewhere else. RM is the most hated club on this sub lol.


Madrid focused Top posts last 24 hours [Akinfewa](https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/ulo97c/adebayo_akinfenwa_its_amazing_its_beautiful_im/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share) [Luton Town](https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/ulvzxc/cost_of_squads_heading_into_championship_playoffs/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share) [Schalke](https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/uloh1d/schalke_fans_celebrating_promotion/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share) [Benzema (focused on himself)](https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/ulr8q3/french_muslim_footballer_karim_benzema_sues/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share) Sure buddy, mADrId FoCUsEd. Also irrelevant posts would just die in new. I don't get how you would be so mad with something so trivial. Don't like it downvote, like it upvote. Wtf with the sudden conspiracy Madrid focused subreddit shit?




What the hell happened to Isco?


This was 5 years ago?! Damn, I'm getting old


This Madrid team seems to do what they did in this game so often. Giving the opponents hope of an unlikely comeback and even when they're all fired up and the momentum is with them, Madrid just score a goal and see off the game. Chelsea this season. This Atletico game. Juventus in 17/18.


I often forget about Isco Really weird turn of events his career took during the years which tends to be a player's peak


CL Madrid is different gravy.