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Fair play to the guy, kept mentioning throughout his two loans with us that his goal was to make it work at Real Madrid, and it looks like he's finally getting a chance to make that happen.


Absolutely agree. I don't have many fond memories of him, but he definitely is relentless in pursuit of his goal and that makes me like him. Edit: u/garchuOW rightly pointed out his winner against Sheffield. For some reason, I thought that was Xhaka.


He scored a winner in the fa cup run against Sheffield


Also had that saucy nutmeg on Lacazette against Brighton


Laca was on all fours too wasn't he?


Yeah. It’s actually one of the top posts of all time on this sub


Yeah I’m really happy for the guy. While he didn’t set the world on fire with us, he had a good enough spell and got a lot of OTT criticism. Glad to see him achieving what he set out to do with his career




His debut against burnley with 3 assists, we thought he was the second coming.




That was its peak for sure, but his spell here wasn’t as bad as some people make it out to be. He just kind of fell in line with where we were in the moment. Made too many mistakes. It was pretty clear he was talented and the dude genuinely enjoyed his time here. I still remember his tweet of him celebrating our community shield win before he eventually came back for another loan spell. Even if he wasn’t as good as he could have been here I have nothing but good things to say about him.


Auba and Leno aside, it wasn't too high a bar to clear while he was there, to be honest.


It was an incredibly short period, think he got like 2 assists vs burnley and had some hype then died off quickly. Definitely wasn’t the player i saw in u21 euros even considering level of players.


He quickly became spinallos


Well deserved. Has been professional the whole time and gave his all when called upon. Reminds me of Nacho and Vazquez. Players who will always give their all despite not being the best ​ Edit - i would like to add incase you didnt know >Ceballos was already injured against City but both the player and the coaching staff decided to force it since the match was considered a final. @ SQuirante This is the type of players i want


The thing is, big clubs will always need humble and selfless types that would rather be a backing singer than the main attraction elsewhere. I'd love it personally.


Asensio and Vazquez being superb supersubs and Nacho being a rock in whatever position in defense Madrid need him really isn't appreciated enough during their CL runs


Nacho and Vazquez are beloved by madridistas and given a lot of credit


Which is ironic given the 'Zidanes and Pavons' narrative etched into their history.


Proffesional? Man was shitting on zidane the moment zidane left. He will be shitting on ancelotti when he leaves as well.


That's was a long time ago. This time not once not once he complained about game time and delivered when needed. Ancelloti has been giving him constant praise recently for this.


Managers give their players praise. What a suprise. He didnt complain abt zidane when he was ther but did when he left. He will do the same with ancelotti.


You can't shit on him for something he hasn't done yet. He was 22 when that happened. There's a lot of personal growth to be done in your 20s. He very well may have grown up and learned to not complain about those things. Or at least do it in an appropriate manner. He's been a model professional for us this season.


And you still say Gareth Bale is redeemable. I remember your username and comments on him. Hypocrite


Never said he is redeemable. I just said i love him.


Ah yes Love the guy that disrespected the highest level and is faking back pains But Hate the guy that hasn't complained this season and has given his all. He was injured v City but he decided to risk it because the match was that important. [https://twitter.com/MadridXtra/status/1522885059593883648](https://twitter.com/MadridXtra/status/1522885059593883648) ​ But nah, keep loving the guy who would never do this for us


Lmao peak delusion. Hate the guy who won madrid the CL twice and one CDR but love the guy and give him a renewal who disrespected of our biggest legends, zidane. Noone would give 2 shits if he didnt play. He is the 6th choice midfielder lmfao. Not to mention ancelotti himself said bale was unable to walk. And dont act like bale hasnt played thru injuries. Benzema himself said him, cr7 and bale played through injuries in lisbon 2014. Dont chat shit about a 6th choice CM playing through an injury when bale started as a rw in a CL final in an injury and winning it as well.


And he apologized for it [https://onefootball.com/en/news/dani-ceballos-expresses-regret-over-choice-words-toward-zidane-25911626](https://onefootball.com/en/news/dani-ceballos-expresses-regret-over-choice-words-toward-zidane-25911626) But please. Keep loving the guy who slandered the whole club and hasn't even bothered to do anything Cabellos also made up with Zidane btw -[https://m.allfootballapp.com/news/Headline/Dani-Ceballos-reveals-what-Zinedine-Zidane-said-to-him/2322974](https://m.allfootballapp.com/news/Headline/Dani-Ceballos-reveals-what-Zinedine-Zidane-said-to-him/2322974)


Ofc he apologized he is a shit player trying to stay at a big club. He tried to make up with zidane but stil got kicked to arsenal, which is where he belongs. Bale won us the CL and cdr and fans like you put a bang average player like ceballos over him. Disgraceful behaviour. And btw, it was his agent doing most of the shit talking.


Happy for him. He's hardworking lad.


Mix up at the fax machine. Ceballos gets that 180M sign on bonus intended for Mbappe


He has been immense in the last few months. Solid decision


He had some great cameos for the minutes he has been given and the extension is deserved, but let's not throw around the word "immense" like that


Agreed. He was really solid but if an offer for 30-40mil comes around we should accept


You definitely should because an offer that high is crazy!


Nah, Ceballos would be starting at any LaLiga club except for Real and Barca. That's an appropriate price for him.


Lmao commenters are starting to sound like bots with the amount of buzzwords they throw around casually.


He's literally played 200 minutes all season lol


Unbelievable. Really happy for Dani and I hope he gets to live out his dream for years to come, but honestly I cannot believe it.


Hes going to be backup though not like he will be starting many games. Hard to get a backup of his quality who is ok with playing less mins. Most would move and play


To be fair, in Madrid most of our players are aware that they won't be starters every week. Isco, for example, was crucial to our success and he accepted a rotational/substitute role.


Ehh, honestly as much as I loved his passion I didn't rate him as a player at all. Even as a backup. I'm glad he's getting to live out his dream, I'm just genuinely surprised it worked out that way.


I mean that's not necessarily true at least for the likes of the top of the top. City, Liverpool, Madrid can and usually do have better backups. I'm not talking about him right now because he's looked great. I'm talking about the arsenal version of him. He was great for us during the fa run but the next season i don't think any of us wanted the Beyblade back despite his passion. It is nice that he's managed to find a role at his favourite club but you can't say it's not surprising given what he did over two seasons with us that he did manage to even get a bench role with Madrid.




Ceballos already has Real Madrid's proposal on the table for next season. This was confirmed by Carlo Ancelotti at the press conference prior to the derby against Atlético de Madrid this Sunday, starting at 9:00 p.m. at the Wanda Metropolitano. A derby that the utrerano will not be able to play, due to groin problems that will leave him out for the next two weeks. If the deadlines are met, he will not be in front either at home against Levante or at Cádiz. He will only have the last day, at the Bernabéu against Betis, to close the course. Curious that Betis is the only rival that they will be able to face in the remainder of the league season, apart from the Champions League final against Liverpool in Paris, a game in which they had no chance of being part of the eleven, but they did to enjoy minutes as a bench option, as happened against Chelsea and City. Betis is the main interested in getting his services for next season, which would mean his return to Seville, from where he left for Madrid. "I have already spoken with him, he knows what I think, what the club thinks. He has to make the best decision for him. Everything is very clear to him. If he stays, perfect ," Ancelotti explained yesterday when asked about his plans in relation to Ceballos. He didn't reveal the details of that conversation, but given the player's circumstances, the options are pretty clear. His contract ends in June 2023, so this summer he must renew or be transferred. Madrid does not usually let players finish their contract in white, at least if they can avoid it . For a similar situation, for example, he was transferred to Varane a year ago. The course has been complicated for Ceballos: he started off injured, did not play until well into the season, and has barely accumulated 292 minutes in total, most of them in the last month. He was a starter in the last two days of the League, against Osasuna and Espanyol, and in both cases he left a very good image. But the competition is high and he knows it.He has the classic midfield trio ahead of him, made up of Casemiro, Modric and Kroos, and also Valverde, a player to Ancelotti's liking, and Camavinga, a decided bet by the club after paying 40 million last year to get him out of Rennes. Isco's departure will widen Ceballos' space, but he would start as the sixth man in midfield . Too far behind for the aspirations of the Sevillian, who wants to play regularly, which is why he went on loan to Arsenal for two years, in addition to his tense relationship with Zidane. Madrid paid 16 and a half million for him in the summer of 2017 to Betis and, if Ceballos does not want to renew, the white club would like to recover the investment with a transfer this summer. This final stretch of the season had to be important for it to be shown in the face of potential interested teams, but the injury will prevent that from happening. If he does not want to renew, Madrid will listen to offers. But he already knows, from the mouth of Ancelotti, that if he stays in the Spanish capital, he will have options to get minutes. But without guarantees. Now, the ball is in Ceballos' court for him to make his decision.


You already saw it in his brief Olympics appearance the he was up for the challenge.


And he is only 25. Would be horrible decision to let him go


He's s decent rotational player but they need another midfielder 100%.


He’s had a few matches recently where he has looked good, but overall I don’t think he has shown enough at Madrid or on loan to warrant a renewal. I guess if it’s cheap, it can’t hurt.


Yeah i think that's the plan, a Nacho/Vásquez role on low wages, i wouldn't be mad if he doesn't accept because he may want to be a starter


Oh hoped that we got him on loan


Arsenal legend


scenes when madrid fail to land none of haaland, mbappe or Tchouaméni


Well even without them we have already won the league and are in the cl final. If they don't come someone else will.


0 talent all vibes mctomminay vibes, He is being kept as a last resort option incase of injuries


Ceballos 0 talent???? He is very technically gifted on the ball and is press resistant. He is probably not going to be a starter, but has shown enough to be a good back up in our midfield.


he wouldnt settle being an injury rotation player at his prime if he thought he could make it at another club


it's Real Madrid, not Sheffield. there's no shame in not being able to start over kroos/modric/valverde


Stick to fifa. Jesus Christ......


>Fifaneymar2535 Sometimes a reply is not even necessary.


Got me so good damn 🤡


Hes miles better than Mctominay


Why tho. Man plays good 10 mins and gets a renewal.


Hopefully not through fax?