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Kylian knows he should never give away animation rights


Yep he hasn't even charged Paramount global for Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles


Haaland should start taking notes and lawyer up for his Majin Buu rights


OH for fucks sake. Now I can't unsee it.


He's more Super Buu than Kid Buu. The likeness is unreal.




That money money could go to RM if he signs the contract with them.


Thanks brother, this made me chuckle


Top notch Arrested development ref




We just say Bananagrabber.




If you believe Perez is offering $180m and 40m NET, you sir are a fucking idiot


That’s all I needed to know that it was a fake report. He’s getting 80-100 at the most as a signing bonus and he’ll get 25m net.


Who gives a shit about ElPais tbh ?


You mean the biggest and most respected newspaper in Spain? Yeah, who cares what the most important news source in a country has to say.


Pretty much this, tbh. They’re just contrasting information shared by LeParisien and AS/Cadena SER information which comes down from Molina and Onrubia


Not anymore. Since they had to sell their souls to the political power to avoid bankruptcy they have lost quality. It honestly baffles me how low they have fallen even in the matter of orthography. It's sad because they used to be what you say.


I am surprised some believe this , El Pais isn't even an average source for us , the biggest wage in our history was 45 M GROSS and suddenly we will double that ? With Fiorentino Perez ?? Unless Mbappe suddenly became better than prime Messi and Cris he ain't getting even close to that. Let alone 180 M bonus which even more bullshit.


It’s not only el pais it’s also on French media, Le Parisien, l’equipe, etc. Funny that Mbappe said that it wasn’t about money…. It is ABOUT money.


Based on the numbers this article is saying we are offering him, im 100% sure this article is full of shit.


Im 110% sure we’re not offering him 40M net lol. BS article


And 180M signing bonus? I'd be surprised if we offered even half of that. People keep assuming that since Mbappe is coming for free, we'll give the money to Mbappe. Well that's the best way to destroy a team hierarchy. Next, every player of us will be asking for huge sign on bonuses. I'm sure Mbappe will be the highest earner if he comes. His wages will be just above hazard's so around 25-27M net p/y. I'd rather not have him come at all than give him Messi wages.


Perez is the most self controlled president. He will move like nothing happened and forget mbappe even exists lmao


And Madrid has a wage structure, they are fan owned and have to keep everything in tact. This report is 100% bullshit


I am 200 % we are not offering 180 M in bonus , the higher I hear by our tier 2 so far was 80 M bonus


What's the highest salary in Real? Benzema?


Hazard and Bale.


The biggest wages are from players that don't play. Bale at least gave some results. But Hazard, unfortunately for Madrid, no.


Honestly nobody knew he will fall off a cliff after joining us. I mean at the time of the transfer he was one of the top players of PL.


This is part of football so shit like this happens every now and then. Used to be Robben, then Kaka, then Bale, and now it’s Hazard (and Bale).






Holy fuck what the hell


180m signing bonus , wtfak oil money strong


24 February 2025 Mbappe has become the new Emir of Qatar following the abdication of Tamim ben Hamad in exchange for the player's contract extension. Today PSG will face Borussia Dortmund in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16. The German team was unable to travel to the match, so instead the Dortmund beach-volleyball team travelled and ensured the presence of an opponent who will face the Parisian team. The latter having won 5-0 in Dortmund, it is obvious that the small Beach-Volley team led by their star player Jacky "Große Wurst" Kartofel (63 years old) has virtually no chance to turn the result of the first leg around. 90+9' : Jacky aka "Große Wurst" scores a 7th goal bringing the result to 6-7 in favor of Dortmund. Mbappe pests at this new failure in the Champions League, he doesn't know yet to add to the humiliation that Nagelsmann, who was sacked by PSG last season, will win the Champions League as Juventus coach this year. 18th March 2025 PSG lead 2 goals to 0 against FC Dijon at the Parc des Princes, temporarily placing themselves as the winners of the Ligue 1, If PSG win this match they would become the earliest crowned European champion team. The scorer of this double? Kylian Mbappe on the respective assists of David Beckham and Ronaldinho, out of their retirements thanks to Leonardo. Neymar, on the other hand, is not playing, but is taking part in the fashion week held in the Parc du Parc while the match is taking place. On the jacket of the visibly drunk Brazilian player can be read: "Rafaella, Poker, Counter-strike. In that order." Ousmane Dembele and Eden Hazard were cheering them on from the stands, the latters having been injured during a computer course organised by the club. PSG lost the match 2-3 while Dijon played at 7 against 12 players. Later in the year, Romain Molina revealed that the former Emir of Qatar had a fetish for humiliation.


Saving this for the end of year awards. The Molina line at the end tops it all off so well, you sir are a genius.


Heard his favorite humiliation after a remontada is asking his wife to hide his passeport


Haha did you write this


Yes, not the best at it tbf


Might as well start calling yourself the modern Shakespeare tbh.


Lol It is hilarious


Okay, how do i give away one of those free awards everybody seems to be talking about


I do it rarely but I'll start doing it more because comments like this one deserve it


Hahahah this is amazing Definitely gonna reuse this


I love you.


> will win the Champions League as Juventus coach this year. Most unrealistic part of this


> "Rafaella, Poker, Counter-strike. In that order." LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


>will win the Champions League as Juventus coach this year. Was believable until this point


> Jacky "Große Wurst" Kartofel Fucking dead


That was fucking amazing 👏 this needs more upvotes haha


Beautiful champ


This is fucking amazing, good job! 👏


Downright the best Footy Copypasta I've read in ages Take all my free awards for the next few days T\_T


>Jacky "Große Wurst" Kartofel Kartofel = potato in Polish Great stuff.


Also in German, though it takes 2 Fs


I swear I see this kinda shit in my sleep sometimes


Thats deffo fake.


It's Diego Torres, he's a known bullshitter of the first order. Nothing to see here


Might be the worst sport journalist in Spain, and that's saying something. Problem with him is he writes in an otherwise respectful paper. So he's 100x worse that the bullshitters we know and adore.


180m signing bonus is from Madrid


Construction money strong.


Would be funny if construction money was actually used. But the funds were clearly shown in the financial report.


If only we could use ACS's profits...


> wtfak ?


Who the fuck actually knows...? Maybe.


I think it's what the fak


A Brit


RM are basically offering him the same money tbh.


I've always expected Madrid to be rich but I never thought they were this rich. Goddamn they may turn out paying 300m+ including all the different fees for a player that has his contract ending this summer.


This article is fake. We are not offering him that at all, and if he wasn't sure about signing for us, he would've signed with Paris ages ago. This article is bs. Not even Ronaldo earned 40m net. And where does that leaves us in the next conteaxt extention? 50m net? Don't trust every article you read


Do not believe this bs


Straight up stupid to offer that money. I wouldn't believe this article


el pais is not reliable at all lol don't fall for this


Welp, renew Rodrygo! These players have gone insane


Renewing Rodrygo should be independent of Mbappe coming or not, only an absolute idiot would give up Rodrygo and Vinicius.


But would Rodrygo want to stay at Madrid if Mboopi came? He would basicly have no chance at fighting for a starter role if that happened.


The idea a lot of us madridistas have is that after Benzema steps down a tier in quality, our next gen front 3 will be Vini - Mbappe - rodrygo


A frontline where all three wants to play on the left.


Exactly 😂 luckily Mbappé and Rodrygo don't seem to have a problem plus they'll rotate


Rodrygo isn't thinking of going anywhere unless we make him, and I doubt Perez even for a split second thinks that.


How would you know that? At some point he might want to go to a team to start.


Benzema is turning 35. He cant keep up this level forever.


I think playing at this level till 37 is possible and even then he will still be great, even for real.


I feel rodrygo will be a great striker, he can replace benzema in a year or two


Next season: Vinicius, Benzema, Mboopi up front with Rodrygo being the first rotational player/sub for each of the starters. And in the future it's gonna be Vinicius, Mboopi and Rodrygo starting


Players have gone insane because they want to keep their own image rights? IIRC Madrid is one of the only clubs in the world that demands their players image rights


Barca generally does too - but that is why they pay players more than other teams.


Confidently ignorant


You in fact do not RC


Insane for wanting to keep his own image rights instead of handing them over to a corporation?


he hasn't learnt shit from neymar, eh?


Sounds like more made up shit. I'm convinced not a single journalist actually has a clue how this saga will end and are just spreading clickbait nonsense


Of course it's made up shit. Look at the "journalist" lmao. This thread is pathetic.


Just read the journalist name , this man is known for those click bait


He really wants that FIFA (games) money i guess?


if there's a club in the world that can give up a player like mbappe, it's real madrid. (They gave up CR7 for just a few million.) Obviously with his arrival, the club would be much stronger, but that doesn't change the fact that they are still Real Madrid and are in a season where they won the Spanish league and are in the Champions League final. while mbappe fell to real madrid itself.


I thought Ronaldo was 100m when Juventus bought him


yeah but isnt that just a few millions?


He is talking about the contract dude not the transfer fee


I think he was referring to the contract dispute? Iirc Ronaldo wanted close to Neymar’s wages in PSG at the time but Flo wouldn’t budge.


I also think that was not just a few million, it was a difference of 1/4 -1/3 of a million each week. So like 60M over the term of the contract IIRC


Flo: Did i stutter ?


They "gave up on Cristiano" when he was 33 lol. They got the 10 years of prime of the world's most popular footballer. If they could pay "insane" amount of money to have him again, they would obviously do it again, why not? It was a financial and sport benefit to them. The only downside of paying Cristiano an unprecedented fortune was that Reddit experts here were crying how it is insane, scandalous, crazy, too much etc, for some time. Florentino must have been crushed about that downside. But later they forgot like always and the money stayed. It was a great long-term investment, same as Mbappe seems to be.


Yeah but Mbappe is no Cristiano.


I’d still much rather have Mbappé than not though and I’m sure Flo and the other board members feel the same. I’m confident he’ll still go here with maybe 60% image rights like CR7 and Beckham and not even close to the numbers being thrown around in this article.


You give him everything he wants and you're already fucked imo. It's like what Seedorf was saying the other day. The moment that dressing room loses that mentality because of one player, then you guys are in trouble.


Exactly, you either want to join the club, or you dont. Imo, its a very good filter of who wants what. Thats why psg is such a mess, they dont pull all to the same side


Yeah, Perez some time ago said the difference between Madrid and other teams is that Madrid players are actually madridistas, they aspire and dream to play for the club, it's just the type of player we go for. Perez will very intentionally not match PSGs offer or even closer, precisely to ensure that Mbappes #1 motivation in choosing us will be aspiration and not money.


Perez doesn't want to match PSG's offer because it's a huge offer. The only club that could match that offer would be City and even they are staying silent.


Well they have Grealish...


There is also Newcastle


you know I laughed when I read this. But then I actually thought about it and...you are correct. strange world we live in


Gave up as in did not want to pay his 19M euro fine? He left for 100+17 M euros to Juve


Would it really be "bottling" if we pull out of the Mbappe transfer due to not being able to compete with oil money? If he chooses to renew with PSG, then Perez will use that money to improve a squad that won La Liga and made the Champions League final in other various other positions rather than spending it all on a single player.


Totally agree. Mbappe is not a vital necessity for Madrid. There are dozens of good players out there and no single player is mandatory in order to be successful. In fact, if Mbappe is some kind of wizard, then why is it that PSG still havent won the UCL with him (and Neymar)? I see that Vinicius is in this year's final, not Mbappe. The point is that even the best players in the world have a limited value. If the transfer cost is too high, just move on and buy 2-3 other players that together, as a group, improve the team just as much (or more).


Looking at it pragmatically, it's wise to cancel the deal if that's what he wants. To a guy like Perez however, he's definitely going to have his pride hurt when he's been courting Mbappe for years.


Honestly isnt ronaldo or messi calibre. Ronaldo fought with his dad(fergie) to make sure the transfer happened and even accepted taking a different shirt number to show sensitivity to club sentiments. Mbappe sound like a total wanker. I think other psg players should really feel hard if they dont get any of these treatment during their renewal


Yeah imo at Mbappe’s current age Ronaldo and Messi were already better. In fact they had won Ballons d’Or already


No player is bigger than the club. No player deserves that much, and Mbappe will not single handedly win you the Champions League, he didn't do it at PSG.


given that he’s been twerking for madrid for about four years now with every fan giving it the big un about him coming- yes, it is a bit


Bottling it would infer we had his signature locked up and then unwillingly lost it for stupid reasons. Choosing to pull out of the transfer because we can't compete with oligarch money doesn't seem much of "bottle job" to me, but to each their own.


Just raise ticket prices 4000% duh. Such a poorly run club over there in Madrid. Can't even spend probably close to half a bill (assuming they paid wages for 6+ years) on a player.


Ronaldo gave a big percentage of his image rights to Real Madrid when he signed but renegotiated it in 2013 to get it back. And in 2015 Ronaldo sold 100% of his image rights to Peter Lim *(Valencia’s owner)*. It worked out fantastic for both of them, expanding the Cristiano Ronaldo brand in Asia and capitalize on his fame that grew bigger and bigger for each year. Believe Ronaldo owns his image right now again and it was a 6 year contract. Anyhow, if Mbappe are going to have similar success growing in popularity they would need a strategic plan like Ronaldo and Peter Lim had, then Mbappe’s brand could skyrocket.


Guys, this is Diego Torres, take whatever he says with a fist sized rock of Himalayan salt


Wait 180 mil sign on fee and 40 mil net salary !!!! I hope he fucking extent with Psg cause no way is he worth that much. Good on Perez for not compromising on image rights.


Dont believe anything u read


Should be "Don't believe everything you read" fwiw.


I don't believe you


It could've been meant "Don't believe anything you read [in this article]."




>Good on Perez for not compromising on image rights Hasn't Perez agreed to sign on and wages to match PSG though?


If this season hasn't taught him anything, then he doesn't belong to Madrid.


What the fuck is that signing bonus. Hope Florentino pulls out of the deal, it shouldn’t have been more than half that. Mbappé can stay at PSG and blow the qataris for gas money all his life if it’s that important, no one else should be dumb enough to try to match their numbers.


Games literally gone. Embarrassing.


More on the article Real Madrid are offering : \- 180m sign on fee \- 40m net per year \- 50% of the image rights PSG are offering 3 alternatives which all include giving him 100% rights and have "fascinated" Mbappé's lawyers : 1. If 2 years extension : 80m sign on fee + 40m net the first year and 50m net the second year 2. If 3 years extension : 130m sign on fee + 40m net the first year and 50m net starting from the second year 3. If 3+ years extension : Starting the 4th season, he will get a 200m and 60m net salary


> 180m sign on fee We are out of our mind if we actually offer such a figure or something even close to it. It is too much money for any free player sign bonus.


We are 100% don't. That shit just proves this article is pure speculation.


> Real Madrid are offering : 180m sign on fee, 40m net per year, 50% of the image rights. Yeah, no way this was offered, now I know for sure this ~~magazine~~ newspaper is just spewing rubbish.


Lmao thats fake as shit


Holy shit, 200M + 60M net + keeping image rights is ridiculous That's a whole Neymar transfer, except it goes straight to the turtle's pocket


We told Prime Ronaldo to leave when he wanted more money. We aren't paying that signing bonus and that wages to Mbappe


All these articles getting published only for RM to leave with Ninja Turtle when they visit Paris later this month.


For what I have ever known as a Madrid fan and Perez handling the whole business after Cr7 leaving, Neymar fiasco, Bale’s initial arrival and Hazard getting an year early before his contract was about to end is that *HE DOESNT KNOCK THE DOOR TWICE*


But he did already with Mbappé, who turned him down in 2017.


I think it was the other way, IIRC, Mbappe wanted us to match the PSG Wage and we said "Good luck at PSG"


So he did refuse and went to psg


No, Madrid offered him pretty much the same salary and transfer, he just didn’t want to move to Madrid at 18 years old and wanted to establish himself in his hometown first. I’m sure the Madrid newspaper twisted the story around but the facts are the offer was exactly the same according to Monaco President at the time.


Mods keep bullshit articles up whenever it has a "Mbappe is staying" narrative yet insta remove the opposite lol. Journos are milking the shit out of this and unless someone like Fab reports about this nothing should be taken seriously. At the end of the day whether he stays for the money or leave is up to his ambition I personally got over this saga already regardless of the outcome.


1. The source is dogshite 2. Ppl in the thread barely know what image rights mean.


Christian Kirk really messed up the transfer market smh


Dont make this mistake Kylian...money isnt everything.


50% at Real > 100% at PSG


Greedy little ninja turtle


If this article were remotely true I'd hope Perez pulls out of the deal. Great player, but that's just too much. I do wonder what player they would look at instead because the club does need someone else to contribute goals.


Bruh. I just want this to be over with now. One way or the other. Anyway, I'm still positive Mbappe will come to Madrid.




I don't get the guy, he's already set for life and so are his kids and grandkids probably... he could literally just choose to play for whoever he wants and money is still a factor?


He deserves every penny. Get that guap mboopi


Can’t blame him for renewing. All that money is too much temptation. Same goes for haaland


This is the same guy who claimed Neymar had a 300M buyout clause at PSG despite them not being allowed in France.


Amazing. The football world has come to this. Our best players don’t give a shit about the sport anymore. It’s all about their personal image and the money they make. Football dies with Messi and Ronaldo. And the sinking ships they’re going down on




The player is considering renewing with PSG so as not to give Real Madrid 50% of the sponsorships, Kylian Mbappé's lawyers were perplexed when in mid-March, after the elimination of Paris Saint-Germain from the Champions League at the Bernabéu, Real Madrid presented them with the fourth and last formal offer to hire him: 180 million in concept of transfer bonus, a salary of 40 million euros net per year, and 50% of the benefits derived from his transfer of image rights. Sources close to the player assure that what weeks before his advisers had considered as the most generous proposal in the history of football, thanks to the commitment to pay a premium that equaled the price of his transfer in 2021, suddenly left them cold . The difference between satisfaction and disappointment was made by the wedge of image rights. Madrid, as is the norm since Florentino Pérez assumed the presidency in 2000, demanded the transfer of half of all the amounts generated by the footballer through sponsorships from the date of his hiring. Something that, according to his lawyers, completely transformed the scene. So much so that a month and a half later, the French striker is seriously considering renewing with PSG. MORE INFORMATION PSG, a paradise shaken by an earthquake Led by the lawyer Delphine Vertheyden, an expert in image rights, the lawyers who direct the professional life of the player informed his mother Fayza and his father Wilfried, that, according to their estimates, a basic pillar of Mbappé's heritage was constituted by its advertising appeal for brands such as EA, Nike or Hublot. While his salary at PSG did not exceed 20 million euros, they calculated that he would bill 40 million in sponsorships this season and could rise to 70 million per course in the coming years if the most optimistic projections were fulfilled. Mbappé is not short of offers from all branches of industry, including banking, commercial aviation, cars and technology. The celebration of the World Cup in Qatar at the end of the year multiplies the interest of companies in the scorer of the French team. Madrid, according to the lawyers, argued that the presence of Mbappé at the Bernabéu would have a multiplier effect on the value of his image, and this would more than compensate for the transfer of rights because it would result in more benefits. Vertheyden understood, however, that Mbappé had not needed Madrid to become one of the most profitable brands in world sport at the age of 23. People close to the negotiation say that if the player gave up half of his sponsorships, he would lose money in the exchange. Vertheyden and the footballer's parents confess that they are surprised because during almost two years of conversations, Madrid had not mentioned anything to them about the transfer of 50% of the image rights. They considered it excessive. And they remembered with surprise that in January and February, before the Champions League crossing, Madrid had come to propose the signing of a compensation contract. If the player did not sign for Madrid at the end of the course, he would pay a fine to the club; and if the one that failed was Madrid, Mbappé collected the fine. The lawyers did not see the benefit that this commitment could have for their client, who according to FIFA rules, since January was free to negotiate with whomever he wanted. The tranquility of the French In the first week of April, Mbappé's advisers orchestrated a public appearance so that his client would express in a sibylline way that he did not want to give up his image rights. "I haven't made a decision because there are new elements to consider," he said, when asked in public if he had decided to sign for Madrid. They asked him to explain what he was referring to and he was enigmatic: “Only new elements. I am calm and I will make the best possible decision together with my family.” Without closing the door on Madrid, a month ago the Mbappé family reopened negotiations with PSG to study the renewal of the contract that ends next summer. In two weeks the princes of Qatar, owners of the club, presented a triple alternative that fascinated the lawyers. If he agreed to extend the contract for another two years, they would pay him a bonus of 80 million, plus a net salary of 40 million for the first and 50 for the second, taking advantage of the fact that Messi's departure would unload the salary budget. If he renewed for three years, they would pay him 40 million net the first, and 50 from the second, with a premium of 130. If he renewed for more than three years, they would allow him to put the date of the term, I would deposit


If you're already richer than you'll ever need to be and a sticking point for a transfer to a club like Real Madrid is image rights then perhaps it's best the move collapses because that suggests to me he sees himself as bigger than the club.


I agree with you But its probably BS "news"


It's probably about control not money. He's been refusing to show up at certain collective sponsorship events for France NT and he withdrew his endorsement for some other thing earlier in the year because he didn't want to be associated with the brand.


He’s one bad injury away from losing all that speed, he’s no CR7 or Messi. That’s a shit deal, we can find someone else


Agreed, there will always be another. 6 years ago I didn't think we'd see anyone close to CR7 and Messi's potential and yet turtle appeared at 17. Haaland I hadn't even heard of in 2018, look at him now. Always players coming and going.


Haaland isn't even close to Mbappe's potential, let alone CR7 or Messi


In the end, it's just about money? t just wasn't enough? I don't live in the same planet ad those guys. All I need and want can be attained with a couple millions.


When you put greed over your childhood dream


What if your childhood dream is to fill an Olympic swimming pool with money and dive into it


Then my advice would be to fill it with paper money only and stay away from coins. Oh, and put something soft on the bottom of the swimming pool as a safety precaution.


Scrooge McDuck had coins.


I feel like a mix of coins and paper towards the bottom and paper all the way to the top is the way to go.


Family Guy showed what happens when you dive into a room full of coins.




New dream unlocked


Id put a delay on my childhood dreams for €250m


Well, asking someone to give their image rights is pretty greedy move in the first place.


Clubs typically own majority of the players image rights. That has always been the case. So it's actually unusual for Real to give up half of it --- Image rights is a huge part of why they want Mbappe. In England the players are paid an annual Image Rights Fee on top of the reporter wages. So players are not giving it up for free or anything. Iirc the image rights issue was the primary reason for Ronaldo's departure from real.


Real Madrid does that with every single player. Even Ronaldo who was and still is the biggest marketing brand in football gave up around 50% of his image rights to play for Real Madrid. And you can confirm that he also benefited and grew his marketing income by playing for Real Madrid, so it is a win win situation for both club and player.


They have the right to do it this way. And Mbappe has the right not to agree on those terms and sign with other club.


Not necessarily- it’s about the usage for marketing material. And the only reason why PSG can afford this is due to their heavily oversized sponsoring contracts. It is absolutely normal to NOT have 100%.


Mbappe wants to have a say over his image rights which is perfectly reasonable. He doesn't want to do sponsorships that he is not in favour of.


He would not need to do sponsorships he is not in favor of. He would have to give 50% to the club of whatever branding he chooses to do. But the report about the amount of the fee is most probably fake.


Again, it’s absolutely normal to only have 50% and the contract clearly says what’s allowed and what not RM would literally ask for approval every single time his face, name or whatsoever is being used


People really don't get how image rights work in this thread. This is all about money if it is true, but i am pretty sure the whole article is bullshit. Only PSG would be able to offer him 100% of his image rights anyways, it means the club has no benefit from the player besides sporting ones, and a fan owned club reliant on its revenue can't risk that. PSG will just dig deeper in Qatar, report another 300 million in losses and move on. Absolute pisstake.


Players very rarely have 100%


As an unbiased fan, I fully support Mbappe’s desire to hold on to his image rights


Flair checks out


Hhahhahahhahah make it first


I would too. No shame in getting £250M to live in Paris and win titles every year.


Dare I ask... Is he worth this absurd amount of money?


No one is, not even for 70% of those amounts, we should stop this discussion.


Mbappe should know if he doesn’t by now that Real Madrid will boost his image not the other way around. Cristiano went from European icon to global icon when he joined Madrid


Do you wanna become a CL winner and earn a fuck ton of money or do you just wanna become French champions every year but earn even more?