You fucking love to see it.


Lads, it‘s Manchester…


Manchester United is the gift that keeps on giving


Bantchester United.


How was Alexis Mac Allister?


Decent should of scored tho


Who cares we just wanna talk shit about United


Right, my bad, I forgot I was in r/soccer


Rangnick is shockingly bad


He's European Bielsa, getting praise for being some secret football genius who inspired a whole generation of brilliant tacticians but in reality he's a midtable manager for any top league.


Many great filmmakers are inspired by great film critics and many great critics are failed filmmakers. This guy and Bielsa had opinions about the game, and inspired plenty of tacticians but that does not mean that they would succeed in making them into reality and it does not mean that their opinions are wrong. But I do think he was very wrong in his public interviews. Playing the media is part of the job. Look at his His disciples: Tuchel act the fool and blamed the pitch, Klopp whines about Tottenham playing cautious. Rangnick could learn a thing or two.


In reality he's a sporting director and not a manager, in reality he was brought in to deep dive into what's wrong behind the scenes and with the players. In reality not one part of his 6 month contract was to win trophies...


What kind of big 6 club bought in a sporting director as the manager for more than half a season with top 4 still in play?


He's a genius at building up a club out of nothing, but he's not a great coach or a great sports director for top clubs.


Ralf’s at the wheel


The final stab in the back will be when ETH flops and Rangnick's "four-year rebuilding" idea goes nowhere. ETH *might* just succeed, but this is a tough league.


Oh, Erik ten Hag. For some reason I thought you were implying that Ragnick and Manchester United's future was reliant on Ethereum


I keep making the same connection… Hate the new manager’s name abbreviation.


lol when has RR ever mentioned anything about 4 year rebuilding???


He did says three windows, but most people assumed that it practically means about four years to win the league or something.


More like a 1000 year rebuilding lmao


United is truly a finished club


They’ll be a lot of talk about how bad United were, both on here and in the press. However on a day where we paid tribute to Stuart Storer for saving the club at Hereford we put in a world class performance. Sanchez proved why he’s leapfrogged De Gea in the Spain squad. Cucurella played CB and LWB at the same time and embarrassed them. Dunk was a rock. Caicedo is beyond words at this point. Mac Allister was everywhere & Groß potentially signed off his Albion career with the best performance I’ve ever seen from him… and to think, those 5 players cost £24m between them. I love this club.


U forgot trossard. I think he was the best player yesterday... He is damn good


Do you believe after such a great season from the seagulls that groß may extend? Or is he 100% off?


I get the feeling he wants to go back to Germany if I’m honest. I wouldn’t be surprised if we offered him a new contract but he turned it down.


and you didn't even mention Trossard


Heya, how's Mac Allister playing this season?


He’s been really good and is unlucky that Bissouma and now Caicedo get a lot of the attention. He’s a proper box-to-box midfielder now which I didn’t expect when we signed him. He’s got over 50 tackles, 50 ball recoveries, 50 shots & 50 shot creating actions this season so he’s very well rounded.


Best season so far for us


This is the thing about games where the so called "weaker side" wins against a "bigger side" that irks me. The focus is so much on the loser that we fail to appreciate the winners.


I don't think I've ever been so happy to see the end of a season. And I don't think I have ever actively disliked even more than a player on our team vs. today where the reality is, I would happily get rid of 90% of this team and be good with it.


Hypothetically if you're in charge of the club. Which players are you keeping? I think for me its probably just Bruno (tho he's been awful this year) Sancho, Fred, Rashford (also had an awful year but has showed he can score goals) and De Gea.


That list has to start with Ronaldo. He has been the only bright light in uniteds season.


Why not Ronaldo?


If you can find someone to buy him I think it's in the best interest to sell him personally. He's had a good year, but you have to look at next year as the start of a rebuild imo and Ronaldo doesn't fit into that. If he stays it's fine, but probably best to just move him on and get something out of it


Bruno, Sancho, probably Varane based on previous merit and the fact he has been playing beside dog shit defenders for first time in hisn career and I'd happily get rid of the rest of the first team squad zero hesitation.


What an embarrassment United is nowadays...


This is the history of the Manchester


Ragnick was a terrible appointment. Honestly why bring a consultant to do a managers job. He should have gone straight upstairs and they should have got a competent manager in or trusted Ole.


Terrible as a coach or director? It's a good move if he is good at his job as a director. He gets a perfect view of the players which helps in building the squad. They were not winning this season anyway, so does it really matter whether they finish 3rd or 9th? They gave up short time success for their long term goals which is smart.


>He gets a perfect view of the players which helps in building the squad. Well literally every other DoF does not need this "perfect view" to do their jobs. And to throw away the season to just get a better look? Completely absurd.


They could have definitely got fourth. They’ve been terrible and yet they were in with a shout only a few weeks ago. If they had a better manager, they probably would be getting CL football. I don’t think he needs to coach the team to know who’s incompetent, it’s his job to do that anyways.


This is such a bad take. Why on earth must a DOF or "consultant" need to manage the players before making decisions on how to asses them? It's something that I've never seen to my knowledge, and even if it is a successful approach Ragnicks CV paints him as a mediocre manager who has achieved nothing of note. I've also never seen s football club give up on a season midway through. Say nothing about short term success, this period has caused stress to the squad and if they aren't careful they're going to push Ronaldo out of the door. I'm not sure how we can reliably say some of these players aren't good enough, they've been managed by bad managers for far too long!


He doesn't have a job as director.


To think Milan was 🤏 close of getting rid of Pioli and appoint Ragnick as a consultant slash temporary manager... We dodged a bullet there.


If I thought the board were smart I’d say they brought in Rangnick so that when he heads upstairs at the end, he’ll have the inside knowledge of the dressing room, who to get rid of, who’s not trying, who’s toxic etc. But they’re not smart…so…


The problems didn’t start with the manager, it started with the board’s recruitment. Not even Klopp or Guardiola can fix the dysfunctional mess known as Manchester United squad building.


Not that it's realistic anyway, but I don't think Pep or Klopp could be convinced to deal with that headache without completely ignoring the financial fair play rules. They'd probably want a couple hundred million for transfers right away. Pep is reportedly making £19m per year and Klopp is second in the PL at £16m. They would definitely want a raise.


Finally people calling out the emperor is naked




Ronaldo had to laugh from crying


Nice that people can't just blame mcgurie for the defending anymore


Yeah I was really feeling bad for the dude


I decided to skip this game. Thank God I did. We were fucking shite this game


First United game I’ve seen in a while. It’s insane how bad they looked :/ players unorganized and disinterested. Not the United I once knew


I know, this is the worst season in Manchester United history period. We need to sell a lot of players in this transfer window


Get over yourself mate, have a look at the 70s & 80s.


Can’t expect a plastic to know his own club’s history


Honestly give it a go, I found it quite a good watch


This is the first time Brighton have scored 4 in the PL since a 4-1 win over Swansea in February 2018. It's also their highest win since they beat Norwich 5-0 in October 2016 (that was in the Championship). It's their hightest win in the PL.


Our defence has been relegation worthy this year, we have conceded more than fucking Everton. If it weren't for Ronaldo we would probably be mid table.


You are mid table!


'Upper-mid' table


But they're not 10th yet.


[that's not midtable](https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/9qz5jf/comment/e8d9wv3/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)


damn such a classic


That was brutal


Reminder that Maguire cost as much as Van Djik and more than Romero Fucking lmao


He only cost 5 mil less than the entire Brighton team today including the ones what came off the bench


Romero has been a star. Such a great signing for Spurs


If we get de Vrij in the summer it'll be a fucking boon. I've wanted him way back as Feyenoord. Such an elegant defender.


> Maguire cost as much as Van Dijk Technically correct but Maguire cost more


Maguire didn't even play during any of the bad you pillock.


Lol that’s even worst you pillock A player that cost 80m but not even playing cause he’s so bad Sucks to be a MU supporter






You are currently below Arsenal in the table btw despite having spent a lot more


I hate gooners as much as the next rational human being but the fella has a point


Feeling’s mutual 🤝


Maguire was the only reason it didn’t end up worse for Man Utd.


Lol… yeah, his own goals, lack of pace, inability to block shoots, 18-wheeler like ability, and absence of attitude have been great assets for us; thank god we have him as our freaking captain.


I meant today only you idiot.


Mf played 20 minutes, lmao. During which, United had majority of possession. Won 0 out of 1 attempted tackles, recovered an astonishing total of 2 balls, won 2 aerial headers which were then sent into the stands… but he saved us, for sure


Pace is a non issue for a CB damn yall are filthy casuals. Varane got all the pace in the world and still shite


Oh my fucking god. World Cup, Nations League, 3x La Liga, Copa del Rey, 4x CL, 4x Clubs World Cup champion Rafael Varane is shite. And we are the “casuals”; go change into Your pjs and don’t forget to turn your bedside SpongeBob lamp on before you go to sleep tonight, little baby boy.


Keep praising a player for what he did elsewhere. You bought a CV, not a quality centre half.


Ok. Don’t delete this, then. I’ll come back when he has a proper team, where he isn’t forced to come out of injuries, and where he’s not abandoned adrift by his companion, wide backs and midfielders.


It's still hilarious.


Maguire was clearly not the problem for United today. Yeah, he’s been poor, but I think their last few games have shown that United’s defensive system has been making him look worse than he is.


Why do people keep saying that because man u finished 2nd last season that they expected them to do just as well this season and actually challenge?....last season Liverpool sucked, Chelsea only picked up when Tuchel arrived, arsenal were arsenal and Tottenham also didn't do that great last season...I mean all the typical major players sucked last season that's why man u finished 2nd...do you guys seriously think the man United team from last season would have had the same points tally from last season and finish 2nd in this season's league?.......people who thought man u would challenge this season are deluded


You can say that about most seasons though? X team only finished high because Y team did shit. I mean well yeah? For example, this season you can say arsenal only got top 4 cause United completely collapsed and spurs didn’t get going until Conte came in


4th should have been a gimme this year. Arsenal started so badly there were calls to fire Arteta. And Tottenham started so bad they fired a manager after less than half a season. Man U failing to beat them to fourth (or even fifth) is wild this year.


Liverpool didnt suck. Just injuries ridden team last season. Main defenders are injured. Because Jorden fucking Pickford did a Kongfu tackle to Van Dijk in a early season derby and didn’t even receive a yellow.


Because you finish second, then bring in Sancho and Ronaldo without any big outgoings, it's not exactly a leap to suggest they should improve on that, or at least be comparable. At the worst they should have been 4th.


They should’ve had 4th place 100% locked in, barring an injury crisis to them or the teams above them. City, Liverpool and Chelsea were still clearly better than them at the beginning of the season, but United had also made better transfers than/were in a better position than Arsenal, Spurs or West Ham. The fact they’re not 4th and could finish below all three of those teams is a complete failure on their part.


Well not challenge City or Liverpool really but tbh there was some hype going into the season with Ronaldo. Maybe top 4 was a bit too ambitious but imo, going in to the season, expecting maybe a top 6 wasnt crazy. Ronaldo, Varane, Fernandes, Sancho and De Gea are legit good players and would have a place in serious european contender teams. It seems the good players have underperformed sligthly and the shit deadwood like Maguire and McTominay have been exposed this year, leading to a disaster and a 4-0 up the balloon knot by Brighton


Fourth wasn't too ambitious in my opinion. It's Manchester City and Liverpool, and then a gap to everyone else.


With the challenges Chelsea have had since March there's no reason the team couldn't have gone 3rd even. On paper the team isn't that bad, but the problems at wing back that have been there for a decade finally showed. Don't forget United were using midfielders as left and right back for 4 or 5 years in Valencia and young. Shaw injury hasn't helped either, he was one of the better players first half of the season. Dallot and Tellez are probably the 2 or 3 worst players at their position in the premier league. I would honestly rather see an academy player than either one of those 2


That’s fine to say now, but nobody was saying it at the start of the season. Most pundits had Chelsea above Liverpool and United on par with Liverpool. Indeed, even half the Liverpool subreddit were convinced due to al the money United and Chelsea spent that Liverpool had the worst squad of the bunch and would fail to compete etc. People always over-inflate the importance of signings every summer and equate it to guarantees of success— and Liverpool ‘failed’ the window in the summer so few were betting on them performing anywhere near the level they have. Saul is the perfect example- the amount of people who were hysterical when Chelsea got Saul; was a sign of Liverpool’s lack of ambition and clearly Chelsea had more pulling power and FSG were cheapskates etc. Tis a pity we don’t learn from hindsight a bit of patience and faith.


Sure even spurs made champs final with no transfers, spurs for christ sake


Reminder that Mason Greenwood is 3rd highest scorer for ManU this season. I know they didn't play but good lord are Sancho and Rashford awful.


Sancho was finding some form before he got injured again recently, not quite the world-beater he looked at Dortmund but he was at least doing something Rashford can go and get fucked, fucking lazy twat


Not everything is stats man. Sancho has been decent united. Far from replicating his dortmund form but he is a player I will defend out of that hot garabge team. Him and ronaldo. Everyone else more or less terrible.


De gea is the best utd player this season. After that, its Ronaldo. They are the reason Utd are in top 10. Hope to see the same phase next season as well.lol


Sancho has been far from awful


Sancho, awful? Are you fuckin high??


Sancho was so good before he went Man U. I hope he does more next season.


Because he was playing in Bundesliga. Everyone can be 'best' there. If Dortmund signs rashford, they'll make him next ronaldo. The league quality matters


Just want him back...


My brain refuses to process how bad Man Utd are. What an absolute mess that club is.


The funny part is they think a manager can solve that shit show


No we don't.


I don't think United fans think that. The board think that because to think otherwise would be to admit they're the problem.


I am loving the "anti-Glazers clause" for Chelsea more and more.


He can if he is given latitude to clear out the bad players and bad personalities


What if the bad attitudes are above him?


This puts a smile on my face 😂


It really does my friend.


Man Utd losing on Purpose cos "Thursday Nights are Europa Nights" I know that is where we want to be but we don't have a £Billion squad.


Even though it hurts us for top half finish. I can’t help but be happy man utd got beat like this.


You and me both, hopefully they stay shit and we can actually beat them at villa Park next season.


Nah doesn't matter how shit they are we never win. Plus 3rd FA cup game is theirs too. I hate them so much lol


Sell Bruno while people still think he's good.


We don’t talk about Bruno-no-nono


Bruno is so fucking bad, I truly believe people who think he’s good just look at his stats. He’s a midfielder without technical ability and positional sense who thinks he’s a striker


A midfielder who plays as a second striker


Sad thing is he’d be a better version of firmino but he doesn’t press for shit


And I'd be a better version of Lewandowski but I don't score goals for shit.


Ronaldo may have helped the club in goals but has hurt them mentally its like Bruno knows he is second to Ronaldo I would have him at Villa in a flash


The stunning hot takes on this board. Bruno is a world class player, his massive drop in form happened with Rangnick giving him different instructions which just handicap him and the entire team getting completely unmotivated, which also affects him.


“Bruno is a world class player” Fucking lol 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡


Bruno is exposed now because he has to play in a system. He was great under Ole because he didn't have any defensive duties because the team would just sit back under pressure, which they can't do if they want to challenge for top 4. It all fell apart for him the moment someone tried to implement a system where he had to do more than just play his game and not bother with positioning and instructions.


The Man United board/ownership aren't in the business of selling players it seems. Just hanging on to them until end of contract, almost certainly because they pay wages that can only be called absolutely insane. If they want to get anywhere, it's going to take a total reset, including depending on youth and cheaper purchases for at least a few years to reset the wage structure. There's no other way, keep bringing in established players on astronomical wages and nothing will change. It's just rot top to bottom.


I was surprised we still had Mata on the payroll LOL.


At least he tries. He's just old. Very classy player in his day.


Also has a dope yt channel


Despite my disdain for United Mata is certainly one of the "good guys" of the premier league. Very intelligent and socially conscious, as far as footballers go.


He is good, no one looks good in thus mess of a club, Bruno is in poor form but people should realise man United kills talent and it was bound to get to Bruno eventually.


Ronaldo got to Bruno Remember at Villa when Emi Shit-housed Bruno for handing Ronaldo everything and the subsequent Penalty miss Ronaldo has hurt Man Utd this season by trying to make it Ronaldo and 10 other guys.


Ronaldo please leave


that guy is here to stay lmao


Amazon documentary next season for Man U please.


~~All~~ or Nothing Manchester United edition


commercial club van gaal said


I'm very late to this, but Ralf is getting away with murder of criticism here. No way it would have ended like this with OGS, he has the straight up worst managerial stint of the PL I can remember (factoring in the team). Everyone saying only 2 or 3 deserve to be in the prem are so deluded, there are so many quality players, but the club isn't allowing anyone to perform.


Ole's not at the wheel


And to think the media were calling him the godfather of German football 😂 fucking pathetic man


I mean he is, just look at the coaches he's influenced and mentored. The problem is that everyone else has just taken his concept and ... made it loads better. It's exactly the same as Van Gaal or even Jose. Getting in someone who had revolutionalry ideas 20 years ago and expecting magic to still be there.


Rangnick has been a disaster. If the board wanted someone to come in, assess the players, put them in bad positions to see who makes it, and overall roast half the squad, then he did his job. If the board wanted him to improve on OGS and win some title until the end of the season, then he did the worst job he could have done.


Rangnick being Interim has not helped its made him as influential in decisions as Man Utd as Malta at an EU conference.


I mean, the greatest achievement Rangnick has had in his 30+ year career has been a DFB-Pokal. The guy isn't world class by any stretch of imagination. In fact, on paper I think he is the worst manager United has hired since SAF left. He knows how to project himself as a top manager (having reputation as someone who invented gegenpressing helps) and must've interviewed pretty well for the job.


I mean let’s not forgot Ole was losing 5-0 to Liverpool, 4-2 to Leicester and 4-1 to Watford. Saying Ole would be better than Ralf is like saying Morata is a better finisher than Werner. Accurate but it still isn’t anywhere near good enough. That being said you are bang on with Ralf avoiding criticism. This team is terrible, but his win percentage is 38%, which is quite literally our lowest ever PL win percentage. Our fanbase just goes on about “but he’s telling the truth about the players!!” despite them calling Jose a bully for doing the exact same thing while having actually been a success here.


You guys were stupid to sack Ole just because everyone was memeing "Ole's at the wheel". The reality is that he was probably doing about as good a job as anyone could with your shitty players, because unlike the managers before him, and Ragnick after him, he actually cared more about your club than his own reputation. The media and the opposition fans were after Ole since day one, praying that he'd fail. He proved us wrong for a couple years, but eventually that one horrific run we'd been waiting for finally came. Ronaldo and Varane's arrivals unsettled people, Lingard came back and started leaking everything to the press, Pogba downed tools (again), and the whole "Ole's a PE teacher" thing became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Your players started believing it, then your fans started believing it, and before you knew it you guys were sinking. Not to say Ole was good enough to manage Manchester United, he obviously wasn't. But the fact that so many United fans think that Ole was the problem with their club is hilarious. He was basically the only one left at your club who never downed tools. And you sacked him because you were embarrassed that we made fun of him.


The issue is that Ole brought the majority of those players. When you look at the form was in he absolutely had to go. I’d also completely disagree about him caring more about the club that his own reputation when you look at some of his comments about fan protests towards the Glazers. I can’t take you seriously when you’re saying the media were after Ole. Ole had more friends in the media than anyone and they covered for him constantly, every single ex Man United pundit (which is seemingly half of English punditry) never said a bad word about the guy. What did he prove wrong? He was here for almost 4 years and never won anything while our two biggest rivals mopped up almost every trophy available. “Ronaldo and Varane unsettled people” imagine framing it like the issue is two of the best players in the world are the issue and not the weak minded babies who can’t handle being told they aren’t good enough by players who have achieved more than they could ever dream of. There wasn’t just one problem at the club, but Ole was absolutely a huge part of it. He bought these players. He was the one who lied to a lot of the squad players telling them he had plans for them when he didn’t. He was the one who failed to win anything while he was here. He was the one who started this culture of smiling at losses. Nobody sacked anyone because “we were embarrassed you made fun of him” what a load of nonsense lol, he got sacked because we’d lost 5-0 at OT to Liverpool, 4-2 to Leicester and 4-1 to now relegated Watford. When he was sacked he lost 5/7 of his last games, we took 4 points from 21. He had us on less points than Jose did at the same time he was sacked. Do you really think Jose was also sacked because “rival fans were laughing at him” too? To this day I still don’t understand why people think a guy who bought the majority of the underperforming players, never won a single trophy and helped create the culture of non accountability and smiles and vibes fc wasn’t a huge part of the problem. That’s all without mentioning his puppetry for the owners. If you truly think our owners sacked the greatest puppet they ever had months after giving him a new contract because “opposition fans made fun of him!!” then you’re delusional


Ralf was a bit unknown, a lot of united fans already fucking hated Jose and pounced as soon as the wheels looked shaky.


I do wonder what would’ve happened if we fully backed Jose after his second season and got him a CB + Perisic and sold Pogba/Martial. Still don’t think he’d have won us a league title but we for sure wouldn’t be as bad as we are now


That's completely unknowable. I do think Jose's mystique was pretty much gone by that point, so it is a toss up whether he got it back being backed to the hilt with money or not.


A goalkeeper that sticks on his line, a defence that plays too high, and a midfield that doesn't work. Add to this a dash of being unable to pass to a team mate, and a splash of inability to pressure for more than 45mins, and you have a recipe for disaster. There are soooooooo many issues with this team, that you can't blame any one factor. Whether that's the quality of the players, coaches, tactics, desire etc... I'll be happy next year if United just play some nice football again, cos this is fooking dire.


Agreed. Rangnick is really mediocre. Tactics are nonexistent and he's not even giving us the purple patch Ole gave us as interim manager. We've cycled through so many quality players who always look half of what they were when they first got here. Since Fergie it's been one sub par manager after another.


Neville was a right prick to Micah whenever he correctly pointed out that this was a horrendous appointment. Apparently Ralf is immune to criticism because the club have a pathway in place for a new manager to take over from him and he's a stop gap. He's not even living up to those meagre expectations. They would have been better sticking with Ole.


Ralf has been a disaster but I think the players have been just as bad. Outside De Gea and Ronaldo the entire team looks mentally crumbling or already crumbled. It's easy to say Ole could have done better when you're just imagining it, but they were getting smashed by Watford and shipping 5 at home to us towards the end of his tenure. They were always on this trajectory.


It's been 10 years Man Utd please stop it.


I did not watch this. God dammit.




He did but forgot to turn them on again, it seems


Did you see that ludicrous display last night?


4 goals Jeremy?


Who was the memest club this season; Barcelona or Man Utd?


Barcelona is a club in transition. Man United is a club in decline. Big difference.


Well, one of those 2 teams has secured CL football so...


Definitely Man Utd. Barca have qualified for 2022/23 UEFA CL


From an outsiders perspective definitely Man Utd


I wish it was you, but it's man u all the way.


Na, I mean, getting eliminated from Europa League with a 0-3 at Germany. Except it was actually at home. You can't top that.


As much as I hate Barca, at least they don't get humiliated in the league by some just-promoted Stratford upon avon harry potter sounding meme team week in week out


At least Barcelona's back in the Champions League. United will be playing Warzone FC next season, if they make Europe at all.


Unless Wolves win out and ManU lose it's last game. They can do no worse than the Conference League. Which honest to god might have a fucking Warzone FC in it.


It wouldn't be totally a surprise. United lost to Everton lol


Lmao warzone fc


There'll be dancing on the streets of Warzone tonight!


Obviously United.


Man Utd without a doubt


We're second, mate.


Does this make it more of a meme or less?


We will make CL, they will not. They have a better squad that was touted as Title contenders in pre-season. We were a club in crisis that would barely make top 4 in pre-season. It's simple math.


Tbh it feels like everyone in La liga self sabotage itself, Sevilla, Betis, Sociedad, Bilbao, Atletico shit the bed so many times


Tbf we also beat everyone of those clubs you mentioned after 2 legs, except betis which is 2-2 but we scored two goals away.