So...when Is Salah coming back from his vacation?


No quad for pool plz


Don't forget we're gonna face Spurs soon..


I hope you get one point off the title. I’ll explain why, my other football friends wonder why as well. If city wins everything while arsenal is shit it doesn’t mean anything to me because clubs like Liverpool and united have long standing support and are seen as real historic clubs (obviously city is as well to a certain extent). If city wins everything it’s like psg winning everything, who cares. If Liverpool does it it seems more real to me.


Tbf that's been my United friend's logic this entire season


I know, I know, bragging rights etc. But you have to understand something mate. It's mental if they achieve it. It's also very low prob, you know. Like we have to win every match of the last 6 matches, 3 of them is with Chelsea, Spurs, Madrid/City. If city wins prem, yeah it's kinda meaningless for a neutral or rival. But still it's an amazing accomplishment if we beat City, cause they are crazy good. That's why I want final showdown between them. But anyways, if Liverpool wins the quad, you gotta feel something more than just disgust or hatred, even if you're rival, cause it will be historic.


It would be historic, but that’s the reason I don’t want any club going unbeaten. It’s one thing arsenal holds over everyone. Now off to beat sp*rs


Unai Emery had all the momentum in the world and decided to play back and hold the result this was the decision that costed Villareal the game Luis Diaz was phenomenal btw


Honestly fair play to villareal they played brilliant in the first half


Had me in the first half ngl


Villarreal just gave up after around 50mins.


I think they couldnt keep up the level and intensity of the first half, and Liverpool basically can always go for a full 90 at full speed


Welp. Calling it. R.M vs Liverpool. Liverpool is going to choke....AGAIN


Liverpool v Madrid in Paris. Looks like it's another Madrid bottling




Yea? Well, in the spirit of irrelevant comments, Real Madrid are going to lose in a semifinal AGAIN (because they lost one to Guardiola a decade ago).


After today's match, I really am not in a state of mind to face city in the final.


I backed Real at 10/1 to cover all losses.


you won't be facing city kid


Won’t be City in the final


Peps career record against madrid is 11-4-4


Told you man




okay and?


Means there’s a high chance itll be city vs Liverpool 😏


Why? Villareal's first half is not the way City press, they man marked us. There's no similarity here really so no relevance to how it will be when we play City.


It felt like the first half in the last city match. We were out pressed and outplayed.


Didn't you play us in the fa cup semi-final and shat on us in the first half due to shitty defending and steffen having a lapse in concentration mid-game? The time where we pressed you in the first half and should have been ahead was the pl match at anfield


Yea the last PL match is what I meant


"at the Etihad.


Again, there was a difference to the way it was done. And we had a two goal cushion coming in here which is likely to have played a part in us sitting too deep.


Doesn’t matter how it happened. They both did it and we didn’t play well during it. City even more so because we didn’t play that well second half either we just took our only 2 chances in that game. Here’s to hoping City can’t replicate that or we have a counter for it.


Ehh I think you're holding us to a really high standard. It's not really possible to play "well" against a full strength City. You smash and grab. That's the way it is. City fans will also say their side didn't play well because they created a few chances but didn't convert any. We have countered them time and again despite not being on top throughout the match. I'd be more worried about what happens post 70th minute because that's the time both teams will get inevitably tired because of the way we'll play against each other. So no score is safe in the last 20 minutes.


The last PL match we played against them we stole a 2-2 score line. In no world did we deserve to walk out of that match with a point. Yea they missed chances and we took ours which is great, I love it. But for 85+ minutes they outplayed us. They created more chances and we could barely string together passes. And next season when they have Haaland, they won’t be missing those chances.


I don't think we were outplayed for 85 minutes at all. 40 out of the first 45 yea, but in second half, we were in control for about 20 minutes or so before the match ended up going nowhere with both teams playing it safe looking for opponent to make mistakes. And I reiterate, we don't need to outplay them to win, they do to beat us. Next season is a different story. Maybe he settles in maybe he doesn't. Maybe playing 5 midfielders instead of 6 hampers City's creativity that little bit and maybe that allows our defenders to block out Halaand from the game.


I don't think we were outplayed for 85 minutes at all. 40 out of the first 45 yea, but in second half, we were in control for about 20 minutes or so before the match ended up going nowhere with both teams playing it safe looking for opponent to make mistakes. And I reiterate, we don't need to outplay them to win, they do to beat us. Next season is a different story


Villarreal went out too hard and fast in the first half. They had no energy for second. They could have won if they managed the game better.


the liverpool style is to wear teams down and then attack in the 70+ minute. villarreal sorta played into it but fair play they needed to. they were down 2 goals.


If they dont do that in the first half the games just gone. They only had a chance because liverpool were not mentally in the game first half


You guys are so smug I really hope you get your asses handed to you in the final with all the condescending bs


You got alot of hate. But people always said Liverpool used to run out of steam. Probably constantly diving saps these Spanish players energy. Yes feed off the crowd but over doing it then you sit at halftime you return with less energy unless you get the next goal. If Robertson didn't go asleep for the 1st goal then the game might have just been a dull 1-1 or something. Football is unpredictable. Fair enough you want an oil rich team to win.


Yeah? Atb making it to the KO stages in the next 5 years


Smug? That first half was the worst I’ve ever seen under Klopp. Fuck are we smug about? Beating a team of a fraction of the salary?


what he said.wrong? stop hating mate


Sorry you've had that experience. We're not all bad.


Especially considering they only won off of a goalkeeping howler across both legs.


Actually it was between both legs.


Should the goal be disallow? or you waiting.for an apology like PL ref apologised to Everton for post Rodri handball?


No, goalkeeping errors are part of the game. They deserve to go through. My point is that the margin is a lot smaller than the score line would indicate. And that the Liverpool supporter should be slightly less smug about it. I’m not trying to say the result is somehow invalid. Just trying to say that it wasn’t exactly a comfortable tie for Liverpool as this guy is saying.


I forgot Man city goalies like giving away easy goals too. You remember!


A few inches either side and your point is moot.


But nobody's been smug in this thread. You just had a confirmation bias moment because you saw that behaviour somewhere else. The person said we weren't in it mentally. Nowhere did they say we were comfortable throughout the 2 legs (we were for 3 halves out of 4)


How did he say it was easy or comfortable? Maybe read the comment properly instead of just assuming bullshit. What he said was correct, if Villareal hadn't come out the way they did there wouldn't have been a game because we'd have grown into the game. The played a perfect first half but it took a shit load of stamina to do it.


yes agree these type of fans are in every team.


Disgusting display from Liverpool imo. If you’re up against an outsider and they’re pulling off a great comeback, you at least have the common decency to let it go to extra time.


Bad ebening


Mane is a Goal Machine! score in important games love it!


Most goals in CL KO stages by any player for a single club (tied with Lampard), and most by an African player in CL KO now. 🙌


I‘m convinced Klopp wanted to be 2:0 down to show that reporter /s


Villareal would be half decent if they played with a keeper. Don't know why they don't just play one. In fact I'm more surprised they're allowed to play without a keeper. I thought it was the rule that you had 10.outfield players and one designated goalkeeper?


Come on he had a bad game. He was their keeper through out the knockout stages. He didn’t fluke his way to semifinals


That, unfortunately, didn‘t save Karius from being shat on. He will be remembered for that.


funny laughed


It was implied :) I enjoyed the game but as an Arsenal fan I'm ambivalent.


Holy shit how have I never heard Fabinho speak? His voice sounds completely not how I imagined.


He kinda sounds like he‘s French, also the actual voice itself sounds like white French guy to me lol


Tbf he was in France for 5 years!


You want some chicken lad


Yep. Same here.


bro i threw $400 down on liverpool to win jesus christ what a ride


If you had got on at half time you'd have got odds of about 14-1!


Very much doubt the odds were that high just for winning


They were I made the same bet


Oh this is to win the game not on aggregate. Makes sense now


Ah, yeah, sorry, I should have specified that. I also should put the bet on... :-(


At 2-2, fans from both sides had accepted the fate while you were still tense as fuck over the outcome. Knowing that brings me a chuckle.


😭😭😭😭 actual pain, it wasnt until Capoues out burst I gave myself a chance to unclench my asshole


It helps when you watch with a bro who will eat yo ass




Con-fucking-gratulations. How much you make?


$400 ---> $600 + the liverpool win is also spread across some other parlays with the NBA, could go up to like $700-$900 if i hit some of them!




probably like $50


that was the size of the hedge bet i made before the end of the game at 3-2 lmfao




Well done to Liverpool and huge respect to Villarreal to get through this far. That said, all 3 goals were down to absolutely shocking goalkeeping, in particular no justification for the 3rd one. It's like his head totally went and he forgot how to he a keeper. If I was Emery I'd be checking Rulli's Paddy Power account


What could the keeper do about the second one? If anything it was the defences fault for failing to play the offside properly.


His defending didn't help, but his positioning is awful. His initially comes out a little to challenge and then doesn't, and his indecisiveness cocks up his stance and positioning, Diaz pops a nice header in, but it's directly at Rulli , it goes through his legs because they're so wide apart and he even gives it a tap in off his foot for good measure. It's a good goal, and by far the one he's 'least' responsible for, but its poor keeping for sure, especially when the other goal goes straight through his legs as well


Yea I thought it was offside for sure because there were 4 Liverpool players behind Villareal's line


Fans gotta be proud of this Villarreal team. Great run to the semis and went toe to toe with Europe's giants. You just know tomorrows semi between City and Real Madrid will be more nervy than this.


city the favorites now




does that mean you'll support the underdog team?


City are the UCL favorites every year…. How does that work out for them?


shhh you conceded twice to villareal lmao. shut up


your salt would be appreciated in my bland food.


Good point. Should be embarrassed by a 5-2 UCL semi final agg score /s


> city the favorites ~~now~~ *since the start of the season*


And next season and the one after that and so on.


unlike villareal, city got a keeper. real is a whole level bellow city, tomorrow's match gonna end up with a similar score to today's. against liverpool it's close but city have the edge


Told ya


Real's a whole level below city? Bruh. Yeah , if we were playing "who can keep the ball for 20' minutes and then throw it to the sides". Real is in a re-building phase so of course the teams not 100% like it were back in 2014-2018, but the team has some of the best players and probably the most experienced players for matches like these. City is in better form , but every time Real was at their half they were really dangerous. So , it's kinda stupid to think that tomorrow's match will be that easy , especially if you think that City won with only 1 goal difference in the Emptyhad and Real scored 3 goals there. I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow. For me it'll be a close match, because the Bernabeu is a whole different story compared to the Empryhad. Maybe i am wrong, idk, i am just guessing.


Stick to the hentai buddy. A tie between the two best teams on the planet can go either way, especially in a CL final.


yeah thats why I said "it's close but city has the edge" i understand you are just a dumb futbol fan so no worries.


How did that edge help them in the FA Cup semi final? Or the final last year against Chelsea? On paper they're the most stacked team on the planet but they've still yet to win when it matters.


Fabinho looks high


Hats off to villarreal, exceptional campaign from them. They may not have advanced but their tenacity was impressive. Emery has completely changed the perpection of himself.


Spit fully captured in HD




My respect to Villareal and really a bigger one to Unai Emery! Wow! Woke the whole world up in the first half


Amazing atmosphere


Was it? I was a little bit disappointed how quiet the crowd got so quickly. It's a semi, cheer them on!


My respect to Villareal and really a bigger one to Unai Emery! Wow! Woke the whole world up in the first half


Where's the respect for their keeper?


Good game Villarreal, shame we won't see you next year but the Villarreal players gave everything tonight. It was a great run in the competition. I think Emery's approach to the second half is what's cost you but the players gave their all.


Players couldn't keep that pace up for 90 mins. They were leggy.


They looked leggy after conceding especially after the second goal.


This is the first second leg game Liverpool have won in the knock out stages this year in Europe


But the 6th away game we've won which is a competition record from group stages onwards. And in the final, we'll be the "away" team. 👀


I hope we beat Liverpool. Wonder how Klopp will set up the offense against us. Luis Diaz against Carva will be tough.


You're confident considering your team scraped through with luck the whole competition. You won la Liga with loads of points and enjoy that. Manchester city and Liverpool are the big boys and so know your place.


Liverpool had a run of Inter-Benfica-Villareal and City faced Sporting-Atletico (and god only knows how that match didn't go to extra time after the horrible second half time in the second match) and you tell me Real is the lucky team here? They won against Paris Saint Germain, the most expensive team in the world and Chelsea, the European Champions. Scoring some of the most beautiful goals in the competition and winning against 2 of the best teams while scoring a lot of goals (they didn't parked the bus and scored a goal by luck) isn't luck, it's called knowing what the hell you doing. Most of the players have 3-4 Champions Leagues under the belts, they don't need 10 chances to score and take the match, 1 stroke of genius in the right moment is enough. Also, calling Manchester - 0 Champions Leagues- City a big boy is probably the funniest shit I've read here. You have to be delusional to think something like that. Yeah ,the team is in good form these past few years, but it needs more to win the Champions League, to actually be the best team in Europe. I mean, I don't know how many years Pep will stay there but I don't think he'll ever win more than 1 Champions League with them (if he ever win it) As for Liverpool, is a team with rich history and i respect them. But literally last year they got eliminated by real and 3 years before that they lost a final again by real. Klopp did an amazing work but the team is inconsistent. One year is amazing in the League but bombs the Champions League, the next year is amazing in the Champions League and bombs the League, the next year is shit and full of injuries. This years is probably their best year and i give them a lot of chances of winning the whole thing. But calling these two teams the big boys because they have a good year is just stupid. Big boys were teams like Real-Barca-Bayern the past decade , almost every year they were in the semis and probably one of them was winning it.


While some of your points hold truth to them, you really have to ask yourself: since when is Liverpool one of the big boys again? 2018, 19? This correlates with Citys‘ recent success, so it is absolutey justified to call them that. History is irrelevant in this matter.


>Manchester city and Liverpool are the big boys and so know your place The arrogance is unbelievable


Do you think Benz will score a brace or a hattrick?


This comment could be literally be cheese by this time tomorrow it could age that badly.


Well thankfully Finals Don't have two legs


Dr Strange deffo pulled some strings today


The Multiverse of Classness.


Well i thought the footballing gods were gonna troll us today during that first .


Liverpool are too good


Thank you Villareal for giving us an ass kicking in the first half. It was a real wake up call.


3 finals in 5 years is peak Barca/RM levels


4/5 Real 2014-18 3/4 Bayern 2010-13 3/5 Pool 2018-22


Only thing with Bayern, very different teams the 2010 one from the 2012 and 2013 ones iirc. So it's a bit more impressive with Real and Liverpool seeing how they did it with the same group of players and same managers if you exclude the first one for Real.


2010 was wild Second to Bordeaux in the group On away Goals vs Florenz Vs Lyon 4:0 On away Goals vs Manu with that Robben banger


Forgot that Bayern lost to inter in 2010!


isnt 3 in 3 peak real?


3 finals in 5 years is peak Liverpool/Real Barca are below us in terms of the UCL m8!


Savage! Lmao


Nope, 4 finals in 5 years is peak madrid


I know but I meant how good those teams were.


Def an accomplishment


Congrats to Liverpool! And Villarreal have nothing to be ashamed of with this CL year (except for those last 10 minutes). Above expectations, and fun games.


unbelievable atmosphere, 20k+ sounded like a million we got wound up, got scared with the press, kicked the ball long too often


Hahahaha Sadio!


Whew, glad my early confidence in booking flights to Moscow for the final has paid off.






plot armor bitches villarreal went full nuclear in the first half


Mane jumpscare


Im ok with Liverpoool winning the CL, but fucking god dont let them win the prem


Lol why do you care about prem league as a Barca fan? You're not a closet Manu fan are ya?


I'd imagine because of how vocal Liverpool fans on this sub will be


haha why?


> but fucking god dont let them win the prem why? genuine curious why would a barca fan care?


They wont shut up about the quadruple


And why the fuck would we? If we won all 4 I'd be telling my grandkids.


that's news to me cause most liverpool fans I know are mildly miffed about the media hype around i liverpool sell, brings the click so good or bad stuff gets amplified last season, we are bad champions, worst title defense (even though chelsea were hovering around 16-17th in 15/16 and finished 10th) but we finished 3rd chelsea and man united were higher than us in the EPL according to loads of pundits people wanted to pretend we were finished, that klopp era was on it's down ...must be a twitter thing onto the quad, man city were 3 games away from the quad having already won the league we are 6 games away The general consensus of r/LiverpoolFC is that quad would nice ...but we aren't obsessed most of us are just happy to be in the position given how dire last season was when at one point we lost 6 games at home in a row and even CL chances looked bleak "These are the Days", "Don't take them for Granted" is what I keep seeing on the sub on a personal level, I didn't expect any of it to happen after last season experience Thank Fuck for Alisson Becker


I had just gone back and saw that Alisson goal again (and the Salah goal v Utd before that match) before reading your comment. We are here because of those priceless gems of moments.


So what should people talk about then? Genuinely asking. If, and a big if, this happens, why wouldn't you shout it from the top of every horizontal surface.


I love how you've already written the FA Cup Final off I know we're shite, but geez lmao😭


you lot seem to do well against us though...not one game was easy people keep going on about the quad but while it is opportunity to win 4 we could also end up with 1 and people will jump at the opportunity to make fun of it but on a personal level, I didn't expect any of it to happen after last season experience Thank Fuck for Alisson Becker


It's weird -- particularly as Liverpool haven't beaten Chelsea this season but that ludicrous 11-10 shootout.


Cracks me up lol


Diaz is Liverpools best winger rn


There are no words to describe quality that Diaz brought to this game. What a player it already is and it can be in the future. Bright future for the Liverpool's front three. ​ Although, collectively, there are things to worry about - like going 5 v 2 and not being able to score. Abusing opponent's defense mistakes is not going to suffice against Real, City or even Tottenham this weekend. We'll see. ​ Edit: Massive respect for Villareal though. Great story and nothing to be ashamed of.




Never in doubt. As soon as Luis Diaz came on it was a wrap.


Happy to see Coquelin sad, the diving fuck.


For me Lo Celso was worse v0v




English commentators are so fucking annoying


The worst in the biz


Nah, American commentary has got to take that


That was a fun match! Squeaky bum time in first half to make me nervous and an excellent performance in the second to make the victory even sweeter. Now that the dust is settled, it was actually good we played shit in the first half. Just for pure entertainment and ahithousery.






Great campaign from Villarreal, shame it had to end like this


Fun game. Would watch again.


Salah has been exceptionally mid


Salah has been ghosting for half a season, but people say he's amazing. Old man Ronaldo, with his band of wooden legged friends, about to catch him in the golden boot race


mid is far too generous


Thank you for watching everyone. Your salt helped.


Villarreal did make us suffer


Villarreal, we'll handle them for you. Heads up and keep building your future.


Can't think of any way this comment could possibly backfire




Remind me in 24 hours


fuck off


Doubt it. You'll get thumped in Madrid tomorrow.


let’s see how that will work out for you in 24 hours


Let’s see if you get through to the final