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And to think, he could have stayed with us and fought a relegation battle. Bet he’s full of regret.


It's still crazy to me that he coach you guys for a minute, such a bizarre squad with him and James.


I dont think you would have been in a relegation battle if he stayed tbf.


I hope you stay in the PL just for Ancelotti's sake.


I just realized Eden Hazard has also won the title.


2 La Ligas in 3 years lmao. High hopes I had but it just wasn't meant to be.


talk about padding his cv lol


Carlo eyeing another grand slam of 4 UCLs but he would have to defeat 4 of the top 5 teams in the world to get it! What a journey if he can pull it off.


if he does , he deserves a statue


I'd argue there should already be one, at the very least of his eyebrow.


At which club? He’s a legend at quite a few now


Man even as a Barca fan I wouldn’t be surprised if Madrid manage it. The Madrid that plays in the league is much different from the one that plays in UCL. They step up big time for the UCL. Like the hit the NOS button or something.


I would have left Everton too, honestly.


"Real Madrid will be back. You can put that on a poster. Stick it on your wall. Pray to it every night. We will be back."


>Real Madrid will be back. Where did you go?


The largest and most richest club in Spain steps up in the league they’re expected to win, and when their rivals were fielding youngsters for the first half of the season. I normally like Sid Lowe but I don’t understand why he’s trying to make this so grandiose


Probably because while our rivals are breaking the bank season after season we have barely spent anything for the past 3-4 years. We also lost 2 of our defensive stalwarts and we have a couple of players starting more often than not who would struggle to start at any other top club


> We also lost 2 of our defensive stalwarts And gained Militao who was good at Porto, and cost you 50m and David Alaba a reknown world class defender. You make out as if you have scrubs filling in. This is pathetic tbh


Militao, a youngster who has come into his own under the management of Ancelotti. And Alaba, a player who every Bayern fan here was skeptical as fuck about at the CB position. He's world class as a LB. No one knew he'd be great at CB, too. Your apparent anger at nothing is pathetic.


Militao is not an unproven youngster, he impressed on the world stage when he stood out remarkably against Liverpool in the champions league for Porto. Every transfer will have skeptics fans, there were even some fans doubting ronaldo’s move to Man Utd, doesn’t mean nothing in the grand scheme of things or take his ability and reputation. Likewise with Alaba who has won a bucketload of trophies, 2 trebles and an international captain.


Was* an unproven youngster when we got him from Porto. He was promising, but he hadn't proven himself in a top league yet. This is what I was disputing. An individual performance isn't indicative of overall strength. Again, Alaba won those at LB. He's a world class LB. He came as a CB and has played there. His skill there was relatively untested. So, saying we got 2 world class replacements for Varane and Ramos is disingenuous and ignores the reality of what these players were able to accomplish just so you can try to shit on the club.


I mean, you were the massive ones, weren't you?


Hahaha you're pissed


exactly, it's odd. Ancelotti looked completely finished in his previous 3 jobs. He got handed a lifeline here and admittedly seized the opportunity, but considering the circumstances (i.e. the state of Barcelona and Atleti) he can consider himself a bit lucky.


You don't win a league with a 17 point lead and make it to the UCL semis just with luck. He may not have been the no. 1 manager in the world before this year, but he's exactly what we needed and he's done a bloody good job. Nobody expected the league to be wrapped up this early and if anything, most people thought Atleti would win it. Calling him lucky because other teams in the league struggled is reaching a bit, isn't it? It's like me saying that City and Liverpool being 15-16 points ahead of you is just Chelsea's bad luck.


Atleti won the league and improved their squad over the Summer.


They still were absolutely dross across the season


Even their fans are duped into thinking this was a Cinderella story, how more delusional can you get ? I didn’t hear any of this when Bayern and Nagelsman won bundesliga when they were front runners the entire season and unchallenged just like Real Madrid


That’s because this season it was expected to be atletico stream rolling through the league. Real Madrid and Barcelona always considered this as a rebuilding season. Atletico was the team to beat per pundits prediction. Plus even real were unsure about Carlo at the helm ( he was like 4/5th choice).


They were expected to tbh with how their rivals declined


It wasn't expected tbh. Atletico won the title last year, Barca gifted Griezmann, they also bought Cunha and De Paul. Didn't lose anyone of importance either. While Madrid lost their world-class CB pairing and we only bought Alaba and Camavinga. So at the start of the year we weren't favorites for the title at all.


Everyone said Atletico got stronger and we got weaker before the season. They were the favorites, besides that our point total so far is just good, we got 84 last season, we have 81 now with 4 games left.


I remember most predictions from the beggining of the season and most of them were saying that either Atlético or Barça would win the league.


>Atlético or Barça would win the league. Who the heck said that we will win the league? We literally sign no one significant, and lost our two major star especially messi. The person who gave us chance must be smoking a lot. Also don't you finished close to Atlético in the last match day. And everyone knew Atlético is overperforming with oblak and Suarez. This year it's vini and Benzema.


Well we could have declined with them but simply chose not to /s