Give him everything he wants, fuck it rename the stand the Klopp Kop. Please never leave


Seriously. He's the only thing keeping the PL from being a one-horse race. I'm not a Liverpool fan at all but I'd be devastated if he left.


He has a nice smile too.


And Hugs


[With a nice slap to balance it out](https://media.balls.ie/uploads/2013/12/Klopp.gif)




Damn, beat me to it.


Fuck you in particular


Oh jesus, lmao


hes jacked. not only that but he wears the freshest clothes, eats at the chillest restaurants and hangs out with the hottest dudes.


Question is though does he also smell good?


We need to ask Troy Deeney


I volunteer to find out


If Liverpool and City are both dominant they only win half the titles. Some luck in all this misery


And every year you sweat balls hoping someone stops either club from getting the quad. United fans living the worst nightmare.


I honestly doubt it would be every year, this year should be the closest either of them (liverpool this year) will be from quadruple/treble. Like that shit is so hard to achieve it's insane.


I don't remember a team ever being this close actually Even when City won the domestic treble, they left Europe in the quarters so the quadruple talk wasn't really all that But ever since we got past them it's been talked about a lot


The BBC did an article a couple of months ago where they looked at how far into the season a team went where they could still win the quad. Chelsea in 06-07 were top when they were still in contention for 4 competitions until 1st May (when Liverpool knocked them out of the CL semi). They ended up winning the two domestic cups while finishing second in the league. Second was United in 08/09 who were knocked out of the FA cup sf on 19 April. They won the league and league Cup and lost the CL final. City's treble winning season got them to the 17 April when the were knocked out of the CL qf (and they reached the exact same date last season when the lost the fa cup semi). This effectively means Liverpool will have gone the longest because even if they lost the second leg to Villarreal and went out they would have reached 3rd May


City last season.. pl & carabao cup winners, semifinal fa cup , finalist of CL. They were very, very close.




Dont think those two are needed for United to suffer mate, you're giving us far too much credit




Im a bit tired of suffering, can we get just a little break. Not asking for anything big here.


You’ll play in the conference league and you are going to like it


The Europa or the English one?




CR7 hitting a big SUIIIIIIII in front of 6000 people at Dynamo Paperclip next season 😍


Dynamo Paperclip 😂😂


From where I'm sitting- why would he want to leave? The squad is one of the top 3 in World football. The team is playing perfectly. It's taken so much work to get to this point. It's exciting to think what could happen if they improve further. What's the incentive to leave and start over somewhere else?


Don't think its about starting over somewhere else, its mostly because he wants time for his family


He’s talked about at least taking a sabbatical. He doesn’t want to get burned out, and he also doesn’t want to manage into old age. I bet if he does sign an extension, it will be until like 2026, where he can see off the older members of the squad and build something new with younger players like Harvey, Carvalho, Konate, Trent, and Diaz. They’re all younger than 24.


I think Diaz is 25


You’re right, just turned 25 in January. Fuck me I’m getting old, I see 1997/98 like when I was born and I still think we’re all kids.


It still feels weird . 1997 means you’re a grown ass adult now in your mid 20’s. I’ll be 20 this year so everyone would tell me I’m young as fuck (which is mostly true) but I see tons of people now that are famous that are younger than me which never happened before. The first one I remember was the rapper lil tecca who’s just a few days older than me. He blew up when I was still in high school and I was blown away that we were the same age


Wait till you get to the point that "past his prime" and "off his pace" players are younger than you.


I was born in 1997 and follow esports as well as football. The classic comment of "yeah this guy ain't gonna progress much anymore, better get a young talent" when the old guy is like 22 years old always kinda fucks with my head.


Getting old! Mate I'm 54. I'd do some pretty heinous stuff to be 25 again.


Fair haha. Guess time is relative.


Time is a cruel mistress that will rip out your innards, bloat you with cancer and kill all your friends.


Lol...born in 97 is old? Fuck me I see people born in 97 and I'm like, "look at that kid over there."


Exactly that. The incentive is to build another world class squad. E.g. Dortmund.


He has always talked about not wanting to stay in the same place for to long and getting lost in one job. He wants vacations and he doesn’t want to work his whole life. The thing is that Liverpool have given him what he’s always wanted professionally. A team that backs him and won’t constantly sell key players so he doesn’t have to keep building a competitive team that eventually just strengthens his rivals. The greatest thing FSG has done for Liverpool outside of hiring Klopp is their commitment to ending Liverpool’s streak of being an ending team. Now players only leave if they force a move and because of Klopp and Coutinho’s cautionary tale that pretty much never happens Edit: ending was an autocorrect of selling


Good point. Looking back Coutinho going was a great thing for the team. Both in terms of the money and in terms of how it went. Who the fuck would risk that.


Literally give him the whole club. To take us from where he found us in 2015 to where we are now is nothing short of a miracle. Will be my first real heartbreak when he leaves


Give him a key to the city, a statue of liberty sized statue by the Albert Docks and rename Anfield to the Jürgen Klopp arena. Just do whatever it takes


> a statue of liberty sized statue by the Albert Docks Now you mention it, that tower of rocks next to the Tate has had scaffolding around it for a suspiciously long time...


It's for Lampard's statue when Everton survive the drop


Liverpool would probably finish it for them if Everton do drop. Either way, it's going up


It'll be Rafa


Or origi


That'd be an alright alternative as long as Klopps happy


It‘s frightening how similar the story is to his Dortmund years, just a level higher. The club is still struggling due to his leave in my opinion, it feels like he cursed the club. Liverpool should keep him as long as possible, but I think he is too down-to-earth and very self reflected. Especially if they won CL again I think there is a big chance that he‘ll leave after his contract expires, maybe earlier. He played through his career already and I can imagine only German National Team would be the final level for him. But even this might not happen, if it‘s not suit at that time. Be prepared for your heartbreak, had the same in 2015


With Hansi Flick as new coach of the german national team I don't think this job will be available anytime soon. Honestly i can't imagine Klopp somwhere else than Liverpool at the moment. Besides a return to Dortmund or Mainz I wouldn't even know which club would fit his profile.


Me neither, the most realistic scenario to me is that he will leave Liverpool after the current contract and then takes a break. Then when the day comes where Flick is finished at Germany in like 2028 or 2030,Klopp will be the first option. He also mentioned that he would be fine if it‘s just Mainz, Dortmund and Liverpool where he worked. And I like this attitude very much, it don‘t always has to be the way like Ancelotti for example


Ya it makes sense with him. He took a risk taking the Liverpool job, he pretty much could have had any club job in the world but he chose Liverpool as a challenge that he could bring them back to greatness. He's done that tenfold and made them arguably the best team in world football. What he's done is nothing short of a miracle. He's done it playing incredibly attractive football as well whichn is what makes even more enjoyable. I think Kasparov had a quote about chess that probably applies to Klopp for soccer as well: "I used to attack because it was the only thing I knew. Now I attack because I know it works.". He's made what usually is pedestrian matches so much more entertaining. The last PL game vs City (which obviosuly Pep had a huge part in as well), that League Cup final (again kudos to Tuchel) and the game yesterday was one of the most dominant displays by any team I've ever seen. Villareal played well but they just came up against a team that words can barely describe. All those games as well were within the past two month which makes it more insane.


if he goes to Germany it'll become the official Liverpool national team


A lot of liverpool fans already have some animosity towards england, they'll all become german fans overnight lol


The difference between Dortmund and Liverpool is pulling power. I’m not trying to talk shit about Dortmund but even with Klopp they don’t have the same reputation as Liverpool. Players want to stay here where as players always seemed to see Dortmund as a stepping stone (just like Liverpool without Klopp)


I still get the feeling that if klopp went back to dortmund his pull would be greater than when he left it


It absolutely would. The question would then become one of finances (where Liverpool surely wins), and whether would-be players would prefer life in and around Liverpool plus the PL, or life in/around Dortmund and the Bundesliga (presumably a personal preference).


>whether would-be players would prefer life (...) in/around Dortmund lol


I do too tbh. He was still regarded as a top manager at Dortmund but at Liverpool he has cemented himself as arguably the best manager in the world atm. He could 100% turn Dortmund into a powerhouse if they have him the proper funds to do so


I have a lot of arguments with my mates about this, but how anyone can argue he isnt the best manager in the world is beyond me. I think if you asked most football fans they'd probably say Guardiola. I honestly find that baffling.


Reds thought it was heartbreak when Rafa left, or even when Stevie left, but yeah this is once in a lifetime legacy Klopp has made there


Listen, Liverpool might not thank me but get the contract out, put it on the table. Let him sign it, let him write whatever numbers he wants to put on there, given what he's done since he's come in. Jurgen's at the wheel man, he's doing it


Where does Klopp rank in Liverpool managers? Do any consider him the greatest or how far until he takes over Dalglish or Shankley?


Would be almost impossible to take over Paisley to be honest. 6 leagues and 3 CLs in 9 years.


Hard to compare Paisley to Klopp. Klopp is more similar to Shankly. He's the one who build the team from scratch.


So you're saying Pep Ljinders will be the greatest Liverpool manager of all time?




watch Klopp win next 3 CL's to make it 4 CL's in 9 years!


Always rated you


He meant with Bayern


Never rated you




I never said with which team he will win those CL's with...


Would he have to match that though to be on the same level? Paisley didn't have to compete with Pep at City for every trophy. The competition is fiercer and the odds are more stacked against them now than then.


If he somehow manages to pull it off this year, he will definitely be in the same breath as Paisley, otherwise it"s about what he does in the next few years.


if you fucks win the Quad this year no way he isn't your GOAT, is there?


I don"t think he can ever eclipse Shankly just due to the importance he had in shaping Liverpool to what it is today.


> Paisley didn't have to compete with Pep at City No, he had to compete with Brian Clough.


It's never easy to get 6 titles and 3 CLs in 9 years. Or it would have been done multiple times.


I'm not saying it's easy, it certainly wasn't but Klopp's task is even harder in my opinion. I'm just comparing the context of winning now to then. Paisley didn't have to compete with a financial behemoth like Man City at the time.


3rd for me. And 1st in my lifetime


Agree. The greatest man i’ve seen manage this club


>Agree. The greatest man Could have ended the sentence there mate.


From what I see online and with mates we all kind of consider him as third behind Paisley and Shankly, maybe joint with Dalglish. I do think if we do the unthinkable and win the quad he’s up there with Paisley and Shankly


Dalglish is a tricky one to rank: he steadied the ship after Heysel, and led the club through its darkest days after Hillsborough, and he won a lot of trophies. But he also inherited one of the greatest teams of all time, and when he quit everything was a complete mess and it took us nearly a decade to get back to a decent state.


Gonna have to rewrite Allez, allez, allez to have his name in their. What a great song that is.


It’s such a banger, genuinely think it’s one of the best football chants ever - I think a rewrite could just say ‘Bob Paisley, klopp and shanklyyyy’ - he should already be in it imo!


I'd say he's had the greatest significance in terms of (re) building the club with a proper vision since Shankly. Had some amazing managers (Paisley and Dalglish come to mind) but no one since Shankly has come in and changed/improved the entire culture not only of the team but also of the club - and even the fans. He's a wizard, Harry.


It will take a lot to get above shanks and Paisley but he at least on the same level as Kenny (probably above him at this point). If he can win the quad this year he will certainly be helping his case of our best ever


For me personally he's number 1 and for family members who lived through Shankly and Paisley they regularly debate between the three. I say Klopp as I've lived through his tenure seen the shit first hand we were in, fucked up a pretty big geography exam because I was caught on my phone. I was listening to news hoping High Court would allow the club to be sold from under the two previous dickbag owners. While Klopp wasnt involved then things were still murky at the club but since he arrived in its been incredible. Shankly laid the foundations, Paisley built the house, Klopp renovated it after it had fallen derelict.


1. Paisley 2. Shankly 3. Klopp 4. Dalglish I'd say that's the most accepted order currently.


Where is Fagan in all of this? He came damn close to the quadruple and still won Liverpool the second most significant treble in English football


True, I think Fagan's lack of longevity is why he's not right up with the top couple. Only manager for a couple of years! Probably would go in 5th though


Most rate Shankly above Paisley from what I've seen. Paisley was more successful obviously, but he built that success on what Shankly had done.


Shankly was the most important or influential, but I was ranking moreso based on the term "best". I'd say that distinction is what puts Paisley first!


*rubbing of hands continues perpetually*


Numbers will be a factor but I think the biggest swinging point will be the coaching staff renewing with him


If it’s blood sacrifice he demands so be it, anything our Lord and Savior desires!


The article also mentiones that Liverpool are targeting Tchouameni this summer. Edit: as well as Aberdeen fullback Calvin Ramsay


JJ Bull has signed on as a scout it seems. He was only waxing lyrical about him last night on a TIFO post match pod.


I'm not familiar with JJ Bull. What's his expertise?


he’s a scottish analyst (and aberdeen fan) who used to write for the daily telegraph and is now an executive producer for tifo football (a kind of sketch-comedy but also serious football show/podcast with close ties to the athletic and its journalists) who understandably is amped about a kid from his team being good enough to join a top 5 league


Liverpool lads, fancy giving us ten mill for Calvin and then loaning him back for a season. I want to see make us lots of money but watching him sit in the Under 23’s for years would be pain.


surely he would be in the first team with a similar role to what tsimikas currently has


don't think they'll be able to pull Tchouaméni just due to Madrid being interested and the cost but fuck me if they signed him for the midfield, fucking jesus


I can't see tchouameni happening as much as I'd like it to, but I definitely believe we're interested. If Klopp stays though I couldn't give a rats who we sign, they'll be great under Klopp


Charlie Adam returns and his corners become worth £10mil finally.


only found out the other day that he's still playing! Was shite and looks about 50 but he's still out there surprisingly


He has looked 50 for 30 years


Did you see the dive as well?


7 years ago, if both Liverpool and Real Madrid were interested in a talent likeTchouaméni. It would almost be a no-brainer. But now? Konaté has been given his chances for example and has taken them, despite his age


fair enough, didn't think about that I guess


In the end, it's still Real Madrid and sunny Spain


Yes, plus with Mbappe and Camavinga at Madrid he might want to go be part of the french core


I heard that Tchouameni depends on outgoings for Madrid. Liverpool are offering a bigger fee and better wages. The overall package is better from the Reds. But like you said, Real Madrid is still Real Madrid


Has fee and wages been rumoured anywhere? I'd be very surprised if Liverpool were offering a bigger fee and better wages


No, the only information is that Liverpool are willing to offer more than Madrid.


It's because of the Klopp song isn't it? Brilliant timing that


Jurgen said to me you know


We'll win the Premier League you know


He said so!


I'm in love with him


And I feel fine!


I might have a German bias here But I don’t think that Liverpool shouldn’t try anything they can including naming him the major of the city, just to get an extension


Let’s give him land, castles and armies.


An Independent Liverpool with Klopp as Prime Minister.


I think we might even be able to get some evertonians behind that one if Boris carries on much longer


Klopperpool has a nice ring to it


Might as well rename the club Klopp fc while you're at it


Nah make it more subtle... Liverpool Football Klopp




Erdinger new official beer of Liverpool. Nothing else to be sold.


>*don't think they shouldn't...* So you think they should?


This would be the best signing since Klopp signing for us in 2015


Definitely deserves a new lucrative contracr.


I really doubt Liverpool won't give him the best contracr ever


Hopefully this was one of the reasons other than money that Salah was talking about!


Never thought of that but it makes total sense. Two big renewals announced at this stage of the season would be amazing.


Yep it’s an interesting take for sure, and would be understandable for Mo to want his team to stay hush on the reasoning. He isn’t the kind of guy to want to kick up stories and narratives so it’s definitely realistic that he wants assurances about Klopp’s future. It’s fair to say Liverpool’s success will very possibly dive after Klopp leaves, regardless of the team he leaves behind.


Double swoop. Salah and Klopp signing together.


Would make sense...if you were Mo, you'd want Jurgen around for as long as you're around


Summary: Liverpool are looking to accelerate talks to extend Jürgen Klopp’s contract after he indicated that he would be open to remaining at Anfield beyond 2024. Mike Gordon — president of Fenway Sports Group (FSG), which owns Liverpool — flew from the US to England for Wednesday’s Champions League semi-final against Villarreal, with one of his priorities to progress discussions on a new deal with the manager. Klopp’s agent, Marc Kosicke, was also at Anfield & sat a few seats away from Gordon during the 2-0 first-leg win, which bolstered LFC hopes of reaching a third CL final in 4 years. Gordon is leading the negotiations after FSG was encouraged by positive signs from Klopp.


Liverpool should be approaching this willing to pay a multiple of what Salah was after. Liverpool without Klopp would likely be in Arsenal territory right now.


I feel like this whole story has been created because Gordon was sat a few seats away from Klopp’s agent


Joyce is about as close to an official announcement as we can get, if he's put it out then it's happening. edit - talks are happening I mean, not 100% convinced Jurgen will go for it yet.


Clearly Salah wants Klopp's position clarified before he signs his own extension.


I've become so nuuuuumb


I can feel you there




The Henry, Carra and Sourness video discussing Klopp as the future manager appeared in my YouTube feed yesterday. Just hurts to see we are exactly where they were in 2015 and we have regressed and fallen off since




Well, him remaining in Liverpool will benefit both the club and the league for two reasons. a) The club lives and breathes through his personality right now. He has the whole squad ready to die for him on the pitch and that’s a type of backing very few managers get. If he leaves, it will be a good while till the club finds that rhythm back. Pretty much like a Dortmund situation. Post Klopp, they have struggled to get back to the same title winning levels. Or even our situation. When a manager spends a considerably long amount of time with one club, it gets real tough to get back to the same levels or even try and maintain it once they leave. b)He’s the only one who’s keeping the league from becoming a one-horse race. The level of competition that Liverpool bring is unreal. With that being said, if he does leave or take sabbatical like he’s said a few times, then probably the German national team is the way to go. Cuz he has achieved pretty much whatever there is to achieve at a club level. Edit : He has indeed signed today a contract extension till 2026, per David Ornstein. Well, that’s another obstacle to City’s agricultural ambitions. And even tough times ahead for us.


National team has always been thrown around, but for the exact reason you stated, I don't see it. Klopp needs to be "around his guys"; I don't think seeing them every other month for a week of practice before a game/tournament would work for neither Klopp nor the squad.


Nice to see that Klopp is putting on hold his planned sabbatical from the game


No, Michael! No no!


This is a title race. We’re going title-chasing.


this is so not right


We went football managing, Frank.


Make him the heir to the throne so he stays. Give him anything he asks for




I felt a great disturbance in Manchester, as if thousands of r/RedDevils suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.


“Somehow…. Roy Hodgson returned.”


“Something is not right at Liverpool” - Gary Neville Depending how Liverpool’s season ends this is going to be the new “You can’t win anything with kids”


We’re at a point now where, unless you’re a United fan, if Neville says you’ve got something to worry about, you have nothing to worry about


PAY THE MAN WHATEVER HE WANTS! We'll start a crowdfund to make the difference!!!


somehow don't think it's a money topic


his wife is the reason he's at Liverpool anyway, need to make her happy


does she need a song?


Get Jamie Webster on the case immediately.


Always rated Klopps wife


Gerrard mudded


We saw Villa's form and were like "Fuck that"


I'm in love with him and I feel fine ! edit: this is Paul Joyce so this is Tier 0. Must be close to signing


He could ask for the sacrifice of ten firstborns of Liverpool supporters and they’ll still be ecstatic


A small price to pay for salvation


Perfect use of this reference, well done


the prem is now a two team league and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it


newcastle is on the horizon.


Newcastle is one of the 2 teams


Farmer’s league


Will be our most important signing again. Love the man!


He's an outstanding manager. Getting him to leave Dortmund was a miracle. He loved that club more than anything. He's the girl you treat right


If I had to make a guess, it'll be renewed


Didn't he say he wants to take a 1 year break when his contract runs out and then see if he enjoys being away from football and decide if he retires?


Yeah but why do that in 2024 when you can do that in 2054? Klopp please I beg you


The heartbreak my future sons will endure when Klopp leaves in 2054...


i'd follow that man into hell, give him the lot


Fuck Salah this is the most important contract extension.


Salah said he was not signing his contract yet for "non money related reasons"👀


Klopp's hug > money. He wants to ensure he got daily dose of those.


I will give him one of my testicles if it convinces him to stay


Kloop said he wanted to be with the best player of the world, so he'll follow Origi at Milan.




I don't know. If I play 'Football Manager' and win every trophy going, I tend to go on a break for a bit, then start a new save.


He should throw the community shield every year so he still has something to win then


oh god oh god oh god


Moneyball is fine for Salah, but fuck it in the bin for Klopp please.