Jose keeps saying that this is the saddest night of his life


It'll always be one of those "what ifs..."


Yea they probably would have beaten Chelsea, and Mourinho would've had 3 CLs with 3 different clubs in 3 different leagues. Was there for the taking.


Reckon Bayern probably would have beaten Chelsea in that final too.


Twas a painful night...


His quote- José Mourinho: "That night is the only time in my career that I've cried after a defeat. We were the best team in Europe, we won La Liga smashing all records and we would've won that final, I don't have any doubt."


That moment when cameras caught Jose kneeling on the ground, just powerless, is just a beautifully haunting photo. That team was insane but he could so nothing there just leaving it to the PK gods I do wonder if that extra time goes differently if played by today's No Away Goals rules, as Madrid seemed terrified in ET of giving up a goal and therefore needing to score twice


Thanks for ruining my day


If it makes you feel any better it kind of ruined my day by mentioning the UCL final


We can all suffer on this blessed day


Big game Didier


Lampard and Cech were phenomenal as well


Remembering this and making us feel old at the same time...


Super weird in hindsight to think of Kroos and Alaba now playing for Madrid, LOL


Alonso went to Bayern after this too.


"Fuck these guys, they can't score" - Alonso probably


I think he left the year after, after winning La Décima.


Two years after.


Yeah I didn't mean directly after. Alaba left 9 years later 😂


We got em eventually a few seasons later though with a 4-0 mauling at Allianz


The Bayern - Real Madrid tie is probably one of the most balanced ties in the Champions League. Intense games with usually very close scorelines, apart from two lopsided finishes (2014 Real and 2000 Bayern, both with 5 goal difference). For me hands down the most spectacular champions league tie.


Alaba had the game of his life that night after he got booked. He knew he had nothing to lose after being suspended for the next game so he went all in


Yep, if I remember correctly that called a bullshit handball on him which caused a pen right?




I still had all my friends, and was struggling through middle school, sigh. Miss the old days even if they sucked, better than these ones.


Same, I was living in a different country, different timezone, friends, etc., yet I remember these weeks all so vividly: - **Over the weekend**: Ronaldo scoring the famous "Calma, Calma" goal to seal the league with arguably the best attacking Madrid side of the decade (100 points, 121 league goals, both still records) - **Midweek**: Chelsea knocking out Barca in a huge upset with Torres scoring in final minute as a sort of cherry on top of that moment - **The next day**: Real Madrid getting knocked out against this Bayern side after Ronaldo, Kaka, and Ramos all missed their pens - **A few weeks later**: Aguero scoring *that goal* to win the PL title for Man City Simpler times man, simpler times...


>Aguero scoring that goal to win the PL title for Man City I actually only saw that goal for the first time a few months ago. I was streaming the United/Sunderland game and only got a notifcation on my phone that Aguero had scored - so I didn't see it. Couldn't bring myself to watch the goal all these years. Finally watched it recently ...hated every second of it.


It’s quite an incredible goal though honestly. The clarity from Balotelli to give that leading pass to Agüero while falling... United fans on their phones calling in the stands back at old trafford trying to figure out what’s happening. Just absolutely wild finish. We haven’t seen anything like it since.


Balotelli's only assist in the EPL iirc. So yeah, we haven't seen anything like it before or since.


I watched it live on stream but it froze the moment Balotelli received the ball, when it came back Aguero was running around shirtless.


I totally get that. I saw the late Iniesta winner that won Spain the World Cup live, but it took a decade before I could bring myself to see it again. Didn't want to relive that feeling of intense disappointment, haha.


The Chelsea/Bayern CL final was pretty memorable that year too. A threadbare Chelsea team playing Bayern at the Allianz (Bertrand and Bosingwa starting). Drogba playing out of his skin. John Terry in full kit. "They say the Germans never lose on penalties - they do now".


Robben missed a penalty in extra time, too. The winner against Dortmund the following year was a huge moment of redemption for him.


Precisely this. I was living in a different country as well, I was actually in Spain when this all happened, and the memories of that week are still so strong. Reading Mundo Deportivo on the balcony, listening to the Barça game on the radio, watching the Real game in the middle of some “party” happening, Chelsea winning the FA Cup, the Champions League, Aguero’s goal, and then Euro 2012. Simpler times indeed…


God, this was the highest level of entertainment football will ever reach


I was watching this live in college, how ya think I feel 😅😂


> time is flying So is Ramos‘ pen to this day lol


ISS had to correct their course recently to not get whacked by it.


Hang on and keep working, thats only I can say. Good days are there/ coming in everyone's life.




I don't mean to sound insensitive, If you are having terminal health issues waiting for the hammer to fall then I hope you go out as happy as you can and on your own terms without struggle my friend.


Well at least this was a good game?


hold on there


Same here, was a student in my first year in a new country, had no money but life was just easier. Now I have money but life is just, well, life.


What's crazy is that Ronaldo had a penalty during the game and scored, and Bayern had one as well which Casillas came incredibly close to saving.


Ronaldo having penalties isn't weird SUWEE


That's what happens when you're the penalty taker in your team




My mom told me.


> SUWEE I'm old so forgive me, but I keep seeing this - what does it mean?


I'll try to keep it brief "Siuuuu" is Cristiano ronaldo's celebratory word that he screams (si meaning yes in Spanish and he adds a u onto the end) Some popular American kid that streams games is vaguely aware that Ronaldo exists in the same way I know nothing about basketball being a UK kid and still know who LeBron James is Anyway on one of that kids streams a fan of his asked who his favourite football player was and he responded "CRISTA RONALD, SUWEE"- this went viral, he realised how popular football was and has leaned into the Ronaldo love for views and clicks


He actually screams "SIM", which is just "yes" in portuguese. It sounds a bit like a U for englando speakers because the M comes from the nose and yelling it simply doesn't work (you can try doing it to see how weird it is). tl;dr SIU is actually a low-pitched SIM


Thanks for that. I get it now. Don't really understand why people type it here but that's cos I am old I suppose!


It's this guy https://youtu.be/hzrK-iGy-5E


Why do you think Robben didn’t take one?


Those shirts are sexy as fuck


Germany black-gold jersey in 2010 world cup is my most favourite jersey of all time.


the font brings so much nostalgia


I recognize that font anywhere. It was round and felt fun.


Madrid kits during the 2010s were mostly all sexy as fuck


That white and gold were too hot to handle


The green,red, and purple third kits were insane still have the purple one doesn’t fit any more lol


On both sides, I miss the gold


Those red and gold kits are in my opinion the best one we've ever had.


Baller knowledge 👆


ok im old fuck off


Came here to say the exact same thing. Watched this in Spain when I was visiting an ex who was working there at the time. First thought when I saw this on my feed was “Jesus, it’s been a decade already?!”


Could've sworn Alaba was still only 25


Same for Dybala


Fuck my ass I thought Dybala is now at an age where he enters his prime, not 28 already what the fuck


He’s 30 now i think, so was probably 20 then.


> probably


I think it was this game that I first heard of him, couldn't get over this teenager bombing down the left flank for Bayern at the Bernabeu. Iirc he got a booking in this game that ruled him out against Chelsea?


Neuer had no right to save Kaka penalty. That was insane shot stopping!


Casillas stops especially the second one was great too.


How old was Alaba at the time? He must have been really young


19 I believe.


Unthinkable that Casillas dragged us back to nearly be level in that shoot out. But in retrospect, if we went through that year maybe the threepeat never would have happened. But we were monstrous that season otherwise, Mourinho really shouldn't have played so defensively in that first leg


Said this on other subs. This was the Madrid team us Barça fans were most afraid of. It's the best team not to win the CL.


Actually Mourinho's best teams (real Madrid 2011/12, Chelsea 2004/05) never won UCL.


We conceded in dying minutes of first leg. I should have mentioned Casillas in my title, he still kept us until that Ramos penalty. Also there are perks of having Ozil and disadvantages as well. His off the ball work is what prevents him from getting into my all time fav XI.


That Mario Gomez goal in the final moments of the first leg still haunt me...


Under Mou, Ozil did a lot of defensive work. In the first leg, without the ball he almost defended as a left midfielder doubling up on Robben. He was one of the most hardworking players at Madrid. I remember Mou being frustrated with Kaka because he would not track his man and let him escape. He would sometimes spend the entire half shouting at Kaka to track back, and then sub him off cos of the lack of defensive work. In the first leg, the shittiest bit was how Mou switched Di Maria and Ozil as a tactical surprise but it failed, and we failed to do much. The goal was scored by Ozil but other than that we were ineffective. Thats where we probably lost the tie.


That team was soo good. Deserved a CL.


I mean, they more or less won one, didn't they. Only important players that left before 2014 were Özil, Higuain and Kaka.


We went to semis every year when Mourinho took the charge. If luck was a bit more on our side that could have been threepeat as well.


In a parallel universe we went through and Mourinho had to face Chelsea in the final. Considering the successes that followed I can't be too greedy though. I was happy to see the likes of Drogba and Lampard lift the trophy.


This one still stings.


Trust me losing the final at home still stings more.


would u rather have lose to us?


Nah. The loss against Chelsea was one factor why we were so strong the year after


Glad it worked out for everyone*. The year after we became the first defending champions to be knocked out in the group stage. Then went on to win the Europa League. *Except Spurs, who didn't qualify for the CL despite finishing 4th because we took their spot.


Chelsea legit have had some underrated success for quite some time. I don’t think your club gets it’s due for how they’ve done recently compared to others.


People recognise we've been successful. They just hate how we went about it, which is totally fair. Any recognition we get is usually in the form of a stick to beat PSG and Man City with. I'm happy to take that from everyone except Man Utd fans, whose club have spent the entirety of the PL era with more money to throw at players than anyone else and try to argue that a disruption to that state of affairs, however inorganic, ruined football.


I remember watching that game with a Bayern fan and I still can't believe it. Chelsea weren't even in the game and somehow shithoused their way to a victory.


The Drogba effect. Back then I hated him :D


Stupid Sexy Drogba


Drogba and Mata famously had a conversation about them needing one chance to score and Mata delivered the ball on a plate for the Drogba header. It also helped that Cech who notoriously was poor at pens had a remarkable shootout and dove the right way for every single pen. Every character in the side showed up


Not to mention the penalty save in the extra time against Robben. Really all the stars aligned for Chelsea that night in Munich. Or that UCL campaign.


Oh it was 100% for the entire campaign. I remember that Napoli game where we needed everything to work for us and the three most notable players scored for us. Cavani also missed chances you’d expect him to score on a regular basis. It was like a 1 in a 100 chance we’d win the champions league yet luckily things worked out. Funny though given that was the worst Chelsea side in a long time yet that side won it


That Heynckes team that next year was the greatest team I’ve ever watched on level with Peps treble winning Barcelona. Two best teams that have ever existed imo


Actually a great comparison and not at the same time. Both teams were so great but played completly different. While Barca was playing like an artist, beautifully outplaying every opponent, Bayern was a well oiled machine, pretty straight forward but ruthless as fuck.


Bayern moved the ball with such fluidity and pace that year. I swear sometimes your players would just hammer the ball so fast & control it precisely it would just ping around perfectly controlled. Heynckes ball was a thing of beauty, some resemblance to tiki taka but much more direct & much more aggressive as you said with less possession emphasis. My best friend during that time was a Bayern fan so I watched so many of their games that year, was truly blessed to have witnessed that season. It was some of the highest levels of football I’ve still yet to see again.


Man reading this warms my heart. Heynckes ball is still my favorite football my team has ever played. Closest to pure dominance, coincidentally, was Peps last year at Bayern. When our paths intertwined and my admiration for your teams 2010 success was as closely matched as I’ve ever seen. A lot of my friends, to this day and since then, are Barcelona fans. Couple Pep and our shared hatred of Real Madrid, and those young years for us had a lot of great memories. Since then, of course, we have came up against one another a lot. And of course I enjoyed every second lol. But nothing will be like those younger days when our worst worries were a school exam and a football game.


That was peak Bayern IMO. Pep's teams came close, but it felt more like an epilogue to me. But that 12-13 felt like a complete puzzle. Not the least because they signed Javi Martinez after a long transfer saga.




The thing is, those two pens aren't even bad at all. Bottom corner is where you want to put penalties because keeper needs to jump correctly, perfectly to the bottom corner.


Looked like Neuer teleported to make those saves


watching them it looks like no shot has a chance against him


He deserves his status as one of the best of all time


*the* best


Both kicks and both saves were so identical, it almost looks like a replay.


> Bottom corner is where you want to put penalties because keeper needs to jump correctly, perfectly to the bottom corner. The German Sport University Cologne made a quantitative analysis of all FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship penalties since 1982. According to the evaluations the probability of scoring is greatest when the shooter chooses high goal zones: There he is independent of the keeper's skills. From the goalkeeper's point of view: He increases the probability of stopping if he stays in the middle more often and speculates less on one or the other goal corner. Whether right-footed or left-footed - for the goalkeepers it makes no difference in the result, they do not decide more often for the right goal corner with left-footed opponents than with right-footed ones. On the other hand, there was no evidence that right-footed or left-footed penalty takers scored more often than the others.


I don't have the strength to watch this.


[The STARTING XI for both sides this game](https://imgur.com/a/2DxEhJ7) José Mourinho: "That night is the only time in my career that I've cried after a defeat. We were the best team in Europe, we won La Liga smashing all records and we would've won that final, I don't have any doubt." "I remember it well… Aitor [Karanka] and I pulled up in front of my house, in the car, crying… It was the worst moment of my career." "What was most cruel for me was that in the shootout we chose Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaká and Sergio Ramos, they were dead certs from the penalty spot and the guys who missed were those who never miss, it sunk me." Bayern won 2-1 at their home and Real Madrid ended 120 minutes at Bernabeau with 2-1 as well. While Real Madrid were eliminated on this day, Barcelona were as well a night ago befor this game. Also El-clasico was played only 3-4 days before these semis knockouts.


I remember the ball traveling to the moon/space memes of Ramos’ penalty miss


Also, unrelated to this game but around the same era, all the memes of Torres when he went to Chelsea.


I watched that entire UCL. Wow. Remember exactly where I was in college watching these penalty kicks happen. & exactly where I was when Drogba sank Bayern’s hearts


I was in the stands at Stamford Bridge when messi missed his penalty :) 11 year old me couldn’t believe it


Kroos at Bayern Damm I forgot about that. Some absolute insane talent on both sides of though.


Alaba was here too. 19 at the time and took the first pen in a ucl semi v Real Madrid.


Bayern legend Xabi Alonso in a Madrid shirt, what a strange sight.


Madrid legend Xabi Alonso in a Madrid shirt, what a happy sight.


Liverpool legend Xabi Alonso playing as Real Madrid legend Xabi Alonso taking a penalty against the German club that had Xabi Alonso as a legend.


This comment irritated me more than it should.


Real madrid legend David Alaba


Not sure if it was that year but when I saw a young alaba had ronaldo in his pocket I knew he was something special. Maybe it was the year even before this one, it atleast was one of his first champions league matches against real for bayern.


I don't know Alaba was at Bayern for that long until I saw this clip


I was thinking about that too. Crazy good deal Madrid got with Kroos.


All because Bayern refused to up his wages. They didn’t want to disrupt their wage scale. One of the biggest mistakes ever in hindsight. He’s a big reason Madrid won 3 UCLs in a row. Happened right after he got there too. He’s won 3 with them while Bayern has 1 in that same time period.


He’s won 3 with RM and 1 with bayern


Edited/corrected. You’re right


> One of the biggest mistakes ever in hindsight. On the one hand, yes. Giving such a great player away (who expectedly continues his success and goes on to win 3 CL in a row) for such little money is a big blow. On the other hand, there were tensions between Kroos and Bayern/fans, and it's not like his departure tore a hole in Bayern's midfield or Bayern's success in general. Bayern didn't get noticably worse: Still went onto CL semi-final the following 3 years and winning the CL following that. After Madrid, Bayern was the most successful club in the world. It's just that Madrid had an insane streak with Zidane (also with a decent amount of luck and leadership by Ramos & Ronaldo involved, they weren't always the best CL team when they won it).


Agreed. Hindsight is 20/20. I thought Kroos was so quality at that time though.


I remember that Torres run with the ball at the end against Barcelona like it was yesterday. I was literally screaming.


So was Garry Neville


Badstuber D:


Still hard to believe that we lost after being 2-0 up in the Bernabéu in the first 15 mins. Also that Gomez winner at the Allianz where we went not to lose and almost did it. One of the if not the best team not to win the CL. At least we got la La Liga that year unlike 14/15. The latter might be the best team not to win anything.


After this match Cristiano Ronaldo said "I Owe you a Champions League Final and I won't Fail you". And Leaves Real Madrid with 4 Champions League...


Both Ramos and Ronaldo redeemed themselves. That 0-4 at Bayern with both scoring braces was the perfect match for it. It eventually led to the 10th with Ramos himself saving us.


Gosh that win felt so relieving. I finally believed we could win the CL.


\> Promises a CL \> Scores 70 goals in 5 CL seasons \> Refuses to elaborate further \> Leaves


After Madrid won the CL in 2018, Messi also promised to win the CL in front of a filled Nou Camp lol. Barca then proceed to get humiliated 3 straight seasons in a row and then Messi yeets to PSG where he gets humiliated by Madrid lmao. Can't write this shit. Madrid are just badass kings in UCL.


Nobody can stop Barto, not even Messi.


I remember all the 9gag memes about Ramos’ ball going on a tour around the earth and such Simpler times


Always catches me off guard how "short" Casillas was.


Casillas height has been weird over the years. I remember back then he was officialy listed as '1,85m', now he's listed as '1,82m', his height has been reduced for some reason. Then you have [these kind of pics.](https://i.imgur.com/c79Ha61.png) For context, Nacho (third one on the left, picture quality is really bad) is 1,80m. Arbeloa (after Florentino) is 1,84m. My guess is that he actually is 1,80m or less.


It depends what photo you look at. [here](https://media1.popsugar-assets.com/files/thumbor/iJt4PlMHBd12yrfoQ12rxC_xreM/fit-in/2048xorig/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-/2011/07/28/2/192/1922398/c5f6ae3660dd5afa_118923663_10/i/Cristiano-Ronaldo-Iker-Casillas-Landon-Donovan-David-Beckham.jpg) he looks a few cm shorter than Ronaldo who is around 186cm. I doubt he’s under 180cm, probably more like 181 or 182.


Still hurts.


It was like a dagger stuck in our hearts, simple as that.


r/classicsoccer !


r/Football10YearsAgo Shame the sub is inactive. Was a great idea when it started.


Jose setup our threpeat team always grateful


Sad for mou. This was our best season I've ever watched hands down. It was better than the 4 CL seasons dynasty.


Sorry for the Real fans but this was a great time. Exciting year and era for Bayern. The final hurt (watched it at a bar in Yosemite) but man what a ride.


You just know Ramos was gonna sky it with that run-up.


lol even after rewatching it had a hope that he wouldn't sky it and it was just a dream.


Shame they canceled the final that year


Probably the most traumatic football moment after Zizou’s WC headbutt until France got bounced from the Euros by Switzerland. 😤 Thanks for ruining my week OP. 😤


The Switzerland loss sucked in the moment but looking back the game was entertaining as fuck and had some great moments. 2006 though I'll never get over that.


That was peak time of the most players: Ronaldo, Messi, Neuer, Xavi, Iniesta, Di Maria, Casillas, Pepe, Xabi Alonso, Ramos, Ribery, Robben. Damn, what do we have now?


A new era is kinda coming up right now. There are so many world-class talents that will reach their peak in 4-6 years it will be great again. For Madrid Vini is looking promising and Mbappe obviously will be massive for Madrid in the next few years. Bayern has Musiala kinda as their golden talent and if Gravenberch comes they got another top tier talent. Sad thing is tho that a lot of the unique aspects of a player get trained out of them these days during the academy.


Fede Valverde is my favorite of the young ones.


I'm partial to camavinga myself. Dude looks like he'll be insane


>Sad thing is tho that a lot of the unique aspects of a player get trained out of them these days during the academy. The biggest cost for efficiency. We'll have 4-6 clips of Ronaldinho doing his magic on this sub if he's playing at his peak today.


I cried that day fam, this one still hurt like it was yesterday. I will always love you Mourinho!


This was my favourite football matchup of all time! 5 star football with some of the best players, managers, and kits ever


The greatest European rivalry (after Roma and Bodo/Glimt of course). None come close.


What an end to that CL season, imagine if there would have been one more game, surely we would have won that, maybe even at home, a man can dream right? But it was satisfying to end our run with a penalty shoot out against Real


Was following that on the radio while in the car driving to my grandfather. Man the final really fucking hurt


There is nothing you can do but suffer during a penalty shootout.


Did the ball ever land from the Ramos penalty?


It was spotted by the ISS the other day..still intact and doing it's thing.


Beautiful kits


Damn, wish I bought one of them Madrid kits from back then, they look so nice.


After that penalty Madrid knew Kroos would fit right in


Greatest keeper of all time and it’s not close imo


That Walcott save is one of the best I've ever seen


.....ten??? I don't believe you.


10 years fuckin hell


so young then. have remembered the giant of football Xabi Alonso, talk of shot power and he will emerge.


man i want that Real Madrid jersey :((


Yeah. This didn't happen.


The amount of times we've missed out on a prime Messi vs. Ronaldo el clasico Champions League Final is too damn high.


I remember the space memes like it was yesterday


I was dreading this day. Easily the most depressing day for me supporting Madrid. And I have seen losing the title by getting one point from last six games. Why the fuck did Mou shut shop after getting two early goals? Why the fuck did Luiz Gustavo not get a red for nine fouls? He did not even get a yellow until the very end. So many things could have been different in this game.


How did that final go? Bayern were at home for it right?


Man. I hated Drogba for that.


Chelsea won, thanks to the legend DROGBA. who equalized with a bullet header from corner kick, Chelsea won on peenalties.


I have a feeling the guy with the Chelsea flair knows the answer already mate


Better safe than sorry?




I still remember every moment of that knockout stages run and the emotions I felt as if it were yesterday. When Drogba sank the final penalty after all that had happened the last 4 months I literally thought I had just witnessed magic. magic, fate, cosmic intervention, voodoo, god , whatever, I thought I had seen that people give way too much credit to our squad other than grit and passion. It was THE worst Chelsea team I had ever seen in terms of quality (I'm relatively young), worse than the one that finished 10th. To put it in perspective and I think this sums it up: Drogba scored 13 goals in all competitions that year. A dreadful return. Of the 13, 5 were in the PL, 2 were in the CL and FA cup semis, and 2 were in the CL and FA cup finals. He wasn't playing very well, he wasn't attacking the spaces or winning the matchups with the CBs anymore. In fact he left after winning the CL because everyone knew he was "washed". He just somehow, SOMEHOW scored those crucial goals at those crucial moments in spite of overwhelming evidence he hadn't got it anymore And I cherish that year of football more than anything because of it.


Yeah the revisionism I see from some on r/chelseafc on that squad is funny, it was crap. I think that’s what made it so much more special, the fact it was such a poor side compared to the teams we played.


I fucking hate this thread


How can you post a video with Mario Gomez scoring a penalty without including the button? https://www.tomnash.eu/gomez-button.html


What a team. My favourite counter attacking team of all time. 121 goals 100 points.


Forget how early Alaba broke through, what a babyface haha.


Ramos ball is still orbiting