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Clauses and transfert aside, how has he been this season, I know he god injured, but is he still a starter ?


Top 3 players this season. Carried Atletico through group phase in the UCL, player of the match against Man Utd. He's found a partner in Joao Felix and is helping the kid to mature and shine, since Griezmann's arrival Joao has finally learned to sacrifice himself for the team and his numbers are great.


[Felix Griezmann bromance >>>](https://twitter.com/atletioh/status/1503887090852978691?t=LuONRM0yrSRpVop2xW0usA&s=19)


Is it a problem neither of them are a target man? How do you tactically work around the lack of a physical focal point/ threat from aerial crosses?


Spoken like a true Englishman


As you can see from the Man Utd first leg Joao is pretty capable of scoring from crosses. Joao is pretty good at holding up the ball when needed but he's used more as a pass and play type of player. Atleti do send crosses into the area but it almost always to the far post for the incoming LM/RM but besides that they always look for cut backs/low crosses using Griezzy's and Joao's great positioning or someone breaking through from behind.


Thanks for the answer.


It's coming Rome!


The World Cup certainly isn't 😯


Haha, I was just poking fun at England and Italy at the same time man.


Yup, he really comes alive on European nights and tears it up. 10 men on the field? No problem.


It still amazing to me, got big money from selling Griezmann to buy wonderkid in Felix, and then still having Griezmann on your team. Basically Barca giving money to Atleti to buy Felix.


Not sure about top 3 players or not but he has been very good under the circumstances I feel. Had a rough start but is really starting to get back close to his best levels His attitude is amazing, it's clear that he is desperate to make it up to the club after leaving like he did. Not a peep from him, he doesn't look for thr spotlight just puts his head down and works incredibly hard. In those big CL-matches he is invaluable, 4 goals so far and played very well against Man United and Liverpool. He actually caused Van Dijk the most problems out of any striker I have seen this season, pulled him all over the place


He's been clutch in crucial moments for Atletico, which leaves me bitter about his time with us at Barça - yeah, fine he performed well in the Copa Del Rey but so did Jose Arnaiz and Sandro Ramirez


Good in the CL, Shit in the league. I don't think hes worth the fee/wages.


Bartomeu really fucked Barca with these purchases, Laporta doing whatever to clear wages to get under last years salary cap. Moving forward that €40 mil won’t matter either way, but shitty situation last year which ended up costing the team Messi.


His €40m fee becomes mandatory in the second year of his loan at Atlético Madrid if he plays at least 50% of the games overall in which he is available. Atlético Madrid can make it a permanent transfer when they deem it appropriate. However, at the moment, they do not consider paying the €40m fee this summer, as they can continue to count on him for another year.


Does the 50% of available games include both seasons? As in, if he plays 100 games between those, as long as he plays 50 games it becomes mandatory? Or is it 50% each season?


Yes, 50% overall for both seasons


MD is reporting it wrong. It was confirmed by multiple sources at the time that the 50% of overall matches was only for one season after which it becomes a mandatory buy clause.


Source link that 50% was for only one season?


I‘m afraid that they‘ll only take the loan for two years and not buy him for 40m as he‘ll be 32 by then.


They must pay though. It's a mandatory buy.


Only play him 49% of the time Or go back and negotiate. I imagine Barca doesn’t want him back either at 32


Barca don’t want him back period, I’d imagine . Would likely be a simple negotiation if they don’t want to play him that much. If they do then it’s done deal already.


>at least 50% of the games overall in which he is available Available? Don't understand this? If he is our injured for the whole of next season then would Atleti be forced to sign him?


Ah shrewd move. Anyways business as usual.


Doing it the Barca way “we pay you in 15 years”


He’s not a 40m player anymore. Atletico should loan him out to prevent that buy option.


Dont think you can loan out an already loaned out player mate


Roma did it with mayoral


Didn’t Milan do this with Fernando Torres?


No. We actually bought him then loaned him if you can believe that.


How is he not a 40m player in this hyperinflated market


Finished player




You’re blind


Been good this season from what I hear




You are clueless, 40M for someone who shows up in the big games like Griezmann and just oozes quality in general is a no brainer from our side. Griezmann is the same player that finished 2nd or 3rd in the Ballon D'or in 2018 it's just that Barcelona were incompetent and couldn't utilise him correctly(and even then he was pretty good). Now he is back at a club that knows exactly how to get the most from him


Yeah he was good in 2018. Just like Diego Costa was good in 2017 when Atletico bought the finished version of him


Given Atletico probably will have to rely on Barca for future positive transfer interactions doing something like this which totally burns your bridge w them sounds incredibly stupid


If Atlético doesn't want to pay the full 40M, we will probably end up negotiating a lower price. It's better for us to sell him for a lower price to them than having him in the team with his salary.


Atleti literally don't have an option. It's a mandatory purchase if he plays more than 50% of matches available, which he is.


It's not mandatory yet as he hasn't played 50% games overall two seasons combined. We can say, play him 49% of the games and then renegotiate to a lower amount, instead of sending him back.


He's already played in all but **1** match this season that he's been available for. To make it less than 50%, Atleti would have sit him out almost the entirety of next season. That's not happening.


Well that's the thing, you never know


Yes now that's what I like to hear. This is what exactly Juve is trying to do with us for Morata


Man, can't you guys do us favour in return for once ? We gave you Villa and Suarez for free and you won the title with our gifts.


Hey you didn't do us any favor. Your so called finished players were signed up by us and ironically they themselves led us to trophies in those very seasons. Also, not forgetting how y'all tapped up Griezmann unethically when his RC at that moment was €200M before dropping to €120M


It wouldn't be a favour to Barca, Griezmann is a great player and we are better team with him. He was very good for Barcelona too just that you didn't know how to utilise him properly