I do agree


It's what I've been thinking since the beginning of this. I'm ALL for calling off matches because of the general pandemic situation. But teams asking to have their matches postponed because their starting XI is weak, is just horrible. I know English teams don't have B teams like we do in other countries, but those B-teams are 95% U21s anyway. And from what I understand, English teams very much have U21s.


I don't think a team full of U23s should play but playing some U23s at worst seems a fair point of balance.


We had to play five teenagers at one point this year due to shortages. It happens. Also, we won (lol MLS), so that made it even more fun. [the winner was actually really good](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Woht0dEH0_Y)


Bro River Plate played a Libertadores match with no subs and a midfielder in goal last year, and they won…


For its faults, no one can say the MLS lacks entertainment and absolutely amazing goals. I swear, last season especially at the beginning I saw worldie after worldie mixed in with some piss poor defending and gk errors. What a league


Oh yeah. There's all sorts of weird/dumb shit, but at the end of the day, it's fun to watch, so whatever.


I mean, I love it. Having the best and worst aspects of the game makes it much more enthralling. Just wish we’d bin PRO and get new referees. They’ve cost us so many decisions and often make poor choices for both teams. Other than that I don’t mind the defending or goalkeeping, nor the cringy announcers (I don’t watch with live commentary on). But for the love of god can we get some actual stadiums for some of these teams. The sight of the MLS champs playing in Yankee stadium makes me physically ill with cringe


>The sight of the MLS champs playing in Yankee stadium makes me physically ill with cringe In that specific case, though, the tie to the Yankees is supposed to be the team's draw. I'm actually impressed with the % of soccer specific stadiums the teams are in now.


Went to the NYRB vs Union playoff game this year with the Supporters group. It was damn fun


It's an understandable point But it ignores the blatant fact that youth players at a lot of clubs have been separated from the first team to limit the potential of a COVID outbreak


Bayern flew in 2 16year from spain like 24hours before their match.


Moving between the two different groups has hardly been an issue. There are several examples of players being involved in the first-team despite having played with the U23s only a few days prior. Cole Palmer at City even played a first-team game & U23 game in the same day.


I felt the same for our postponed games. Sure, we would have likely lost, but we have an army of youth and younger players who are good enough for Carabao Cup or dead weight group games when we fancy it...


Palmer is a fucking legend to be fair


Prem soon come.


If you test the youth players and the men team before merging them, then there is no further risk compared to keeping them separate, or am I missing something?


There's always a risk. We've been testing at airports for a while, there are still regular covid exposures on flights.


The more people you have in a group, the more chances you've got for having an outbreak. Merging the group is not a one time thing if you want to use them as one pool of players.


They’ll simply be replacing a player for the needed fixture, they’re not permanently combining all youth teams into the senior one


But if people leave the group because of infections, and others join to replace them, then the group size doesn't change?


I didn't know the players all stayed home outside training and matches


But also the reason there aren’t senior players is cuz they have COVID so it seems like the responsibility to field a team is on the team regardless, not on the league to cancel games.


If players are vaccinated there is very little to worry about.


(Not very) fun fact: Vaccinated players can still recieve and submit the virus


Yea and they can also transmit the flu.


Yeah and they can also catch a cold. But the flu and cold are far less dangerous.


Not when vaccinated


I mean, yes when vaccinated. Just look up the stats, dummy.


Its actually close when you compare getting breakthrough COVID-19 vs flu if you havent gotten your flu shot, which I think is the majority of ppl's situation. If the flu ever mutated to be as contagious/widespread as COVID it could become a problem for our healthcare as well


Not at all the players are vaccinated and that doesn't defer from the fact that in can still spread like wildfire


I got downvoted for saying this in another thread. Barmy that people see youth squad members as toddlers.


I do agree as well


They’re not wrong. They have plenty of youth teams in the Prem with the U-23, PL2 etc. Germany has official 2 teams yes, however these PL youngsters are meant to be the best in the world apparently, so why the difference? Only nation this wouldn’t work too well in is Italy with the Primavera structure the way it is.


our B team team and U19 were on vacation only U17's were available so PL clubs can't use the ''they have B teams'' excuse.


It just keeps sounding worse and worse for PL fans when you give even more context lol


Bayern also played out of position Sabitzer as LB and Roca, who was pretty much the last player on the bench as DM, they also fielded and a yout player as LM.


We also broke the record for our youngest ever player in the Bundesliga at 16 years and a few days old.


16 years and 8days i believe and another sub broke the previous record 5minutes before wanner was brought on


Pretty sure thats not possible because we played Moukoko when he was 16 years and 1 day old. Edit: sorry I read it as "the record" and not "our record" initially.


Absolute morons in this thread and on that twitter thread talking about league standings, as if the football federations should factor in the league standings, when deciding whether to postpone a game or not.


Play or forfeit, sick of this sham


Same in La Liga as well. Xavi gave debuts to like 7 new U20 players against Mallorca


Bayern should join EPL.


Yeah I don't think EPL fans would be happy about that


I wonder which team could walk into EPL and take one top two spot in first season. Would be a nice experiment.


Bayern and Real Madrid, maybe PSG if they can avoid injuries.


Why not? Lewandowski is just an average player statpadding in a farmers league, no chance he can keep up with the intensity of the competitive premier league /s


You forgot the physicality of the EPL! /s


Thank god you put the /s at the end. I heard this shit too often


BuT cAN He DO it on A rAiNy NiGht iN StOKe?


Well, he couldn't do it on a rainy night in Kiel, so judgement is still out there.


Will take us like three seasons to turn the PL into a proper farmers league.


It already is


Just imagine what Bayern's board could do with the additional money from TV rights in England and the higher popularity due to being in the Premier League. That wouldn't be fair.


Hi No.


A succinct response.


Can we hire Bayern's board to run our team?




> 70% of of your players were already playing in the Bundesliga before playing for you Unlike in the PL, where every player spent their whole lives at the club they play for.


Exactly, don't you know about the Manchester City academy product Sterling and the Merseyside kid Salah?


No no no, every english football player would want to play for Bayern and the germans would still also want to play for them. Dont you see?


> One of the main thing you've got is an almost monopoly over Bundesliga talent. What a load of crap. Dortmund and Leipzing poach way more players from the league than Bayern. Hell, Chelsea poached more top tier talent from the Bundesliga than Bayern did in the past few years.


Nonsense. When Bayern poach, they poach top tier talent (first teamers or nearly there) and usually for cheap or free. Chelsea have to pay a premium for Buli players and so too Liverpool. Keita and Konate were very expensive for bit part players.


Keita was most definitely not a bit part player. He was named in Bundesliga’s team of the season while at Leipzig. Konate, concur, but that was due to his injury woes as much as anything. I was surprised that Liverpool was willing to pony up so much money for another injury prone CB given that they already have 2 quite injury-prone CBs in Matip and Gomez.


This is stupid, what does academy players qualify for? Almost every young player is brought of local teams, so none is academy? Kimmich does qualify as academy player, also Alaba was academy.


It already is one lol


idk might actually be more like a Real <> Barca type deal with you and City (until pep leaves)


Doubt it, you won't be able to sign your competitor's best players and coaches in EPL.


we’d get the stupidly high PL money and just keep buying Bundesliga players like the PL already does


Pretty sure we’d still win it.


You think anyone can say no to Kahn, when they are alone with him in a room with a locked door?


You'd immediately have 3 teams who're more equipped to challenge you for titles than in the Bundesliga, and a few more under those with the resources to make things difficult. If any set of fans aren't going to be happy, it would be Bayern fans.


Idk, does the EPL really need ANOTHER London club?




Do Bayern still get to make bargain signings or do they have to pay the prem tax?


No prem tax for them. They still get feeds from German league. That would be awesome and entertaining.


Would have been a way more interesting season if teams were forced to play the kids. It would benefit the bigger clubs no doubt, but I still think ideal to this cluster fuck schedule we have left of post poned matches.


I agree. Most Arsenal fans agree. But the fact of the matter is the EPL has set a precedent and it’s fucking stupid we’re being made out as some mustache-twirling villains for asking for the same treatment given to other clubs all season


Yup, both Liverpool and United already did it this season, yet Neville and Carragher were the first to call us out. Very cheap shot this way. That being said, I agree postponing games for these reasons is absolute nonsense, just take the same stance all the time. But we all know the PL isn't the best at being consistent.


Both are dickheads so


Unsure about Liverpool, but United had a mass Covid outbreak. It is fundamentally different to what is happening at Arsenal. I dont think you should be blamed for using this dumb system either but portraying the situations as the same isn't correct either.


Arsenal had 11 covid cases since 25.12. The FA is also considering the effects of rushing players back early apparently - which makes sense.


This makes no sense as they've played since then. The reason people are pointing fingers at Arsenal is because they put themselves in this situation, and then cried about it.


I read comment after comment about Arsenal crying about being short handed for tomorrow….no ones crying here. No one thought it would get postponed, Everyone’s so pissed at us, but we didn’t postpone the game, the PL did. And it’s the PLs fault for setting this precedent. The NLD decision was a lose lose for them. If they cancel the game it’s getting out of control, if they don’t then people will question bias and consistency


Your statement exactly proves the point of rushing players back after covid


Who's crying...we think this is brilliant!


I don't remember Liverpool doing it? They did get the EFL game called off, but didn't they think they had a heap of covid cases at the time? That said, I agree with you because clubs like Everton, Leeds, and United have done this already (granted they had more cases). It's the league's fault for agreeing to this stupid rule so now they reap what they sow.


Both neville and carra are blindly biased cunts. Hate the both of them.


Imagine the outcry if the tables were turned and Spurs requested the same thing


As an Arsenal fan, I've noticed every other big team that has had postponements was either criticised or questioned in the media. I'm fairly sure the fan sets of those teams were also saying why always us while pointing at the other teams that were postponing. Seems to me to be another of those issues that's uniting fans in their employment of tin foil hats.


Can I just ask at this point - why is it we're getting so much shit over this? Other teams have done it and I've not seen the level of shit slinging as I have today.


This was going to be the marque game for sky on sunday so neville and carragher just whining because they don't get to show the game. This is pretty much them being mad about the super league cause sky was not going to be doing the games anymore. They are hypocrite$


Yep, Sky Sports commentators complaining about money ruining the game was a farce


Ah man fuck sky. I don't wish death upon anyone but I'm willing to make an exception for Murdoch.


Probably the high horse the Arsenal sub climbed on when we asked for a postponement of the EFL match after a string of positive tests.


I mean even outside of reddit


*a string of false positive tests, the likelihood of which is extremely unlikely.


The level of idiocy here is amazing.


Because other teams were affected by the pandemic, not loans and red cards


OK, but the final decision isn't Arsenal's, it's the leagues. The finger should be pointed at them for being fucking useless melts, not for the club for requesting it.


Only team to do it with one covid case


The outrage this has sparked is entertaining to witness.


I agree, but this is not Arsenal's fault. The league has already established the precedent that matches can get called off for a few cases. Arsenal have every right to try and get it called off if they can. It's the leagues fault for not having proper protocol


Whilst I agree, I think it should not be forgotten that the German teams had an extended Christmas break. I dont really care about the individual teams, but I do care if teams have only 11 players available for the 11 games played during December. You can argue it is fair for the clubs, but I dont think it is fair to any of the healthy and available players.


Scheduling is a whole another issue. PL has some terrible TV pressure to schedule things the way they are. Doesn't make any difference in this current argument.


>I think it should not be forgotten that the German teams had an extended Christmas break Exactly this. Man City just played this weeks PL game and have played 22 games, Liverpool with postponements on 20, Spurs with a lot of postponements have played 18. Bayern Munchen has played 19 games. So even with all these postponements, Liverpool have played more games than Bayern for instance. If we look at spurs, with 4 postponements they have still played 1 game less than Bayern, and that is without all the league cup games. I do understand that the argument is the same, but if we look from another perspective it is not weird teams are trying to get as much time as possible to have a good team on the pitch. I do understand that from this point FA will probably soon adjust the rules as we will run out of time to play all games necessary


Not to take glory away from Bayern, but since our injury list was the longest in the first half of the season, it was the same for us for basically the first 17 matches. Not our full bench but half or 3/4 of our bench were always players from our u19/u23(2nd team) this is why I didnt understand the PL pp matches at any point. If we would behave like that Dortmund would have played like what 8 Bundesliga matches lol


Teams have been postponing games for weeks. Seriously, why is this only an issue NOW after Arsenal has asked to postpone one game?


because arsenal big bad 😡


easy clicks to shit on arsenal


>easy clicks to shit on arsenal This. I'll happily admit to it being funny to shit on Arsenal for this, it looks bad. However if you want to respect the integrity of the competition you can't ask one club to field a much weakened squad because of African Cup of Nations, Covid and a very hopelessly timed red card, when all the other clubs have gotten a helping hand when they asked for it.


Just for the record the Xhaka red card had nothing to do with the postponement. Suspended players are included in the list of “available” players.


Because they loaned 2 players off last week and had years to plan for AFCON.


Because they have **ONE** covid case. The rule is designed to prevent COVID outbreaks, not make up for bad squad management.


None of our games were postponed when we had **FOUR** covid cases, so the rule definitely wasn't designed to "prevent COVID outbreaks" when it was applied to us early in the season.


The rule was implemented mid season so it didn't apply when we had our early season outbreak. I do think the rule was designed to manage Covid outbreaks but idk how it became what was eventually drafted. But all PL clubs agreed to the rule, surely in the hopes that it would give them an out when they're extremely short on numbers. I am sure that most clubs would do exactly what Arsenal have done if in the same situation. Especially if the postponed match has extremely high stakes like the NLD.


All this hate coming from teams that have benefited postponing their matches. Not every postponement this season has been 100% covid related. Arsenal played the first 3 matches of the season covid ridden and had no option to postpone. Then covid cases come on top of Afcon, and as a result of other teams' postponements end up with congested fixtures and as a result countless injuries. Spurs fans saying 'play your under 23s!'. Well why did you forfeit your only chance at a trophy this season and drop out of the Europa conference instead of playing your under 23s? Why didn't they play their under 23s instead of going 4 games in hand? Fully within their rights to request it when other teams have been doing the same.


For a uefa competition you can only register a certain number of players. The u23 players were not registered foe the competition and were therefore ineligible to play.


U21 players are exempt from uefa registration rules, surely some of them were good enough to play.


> All this hate coming from teams that have benefited postponing their matches. *checks notes* Spurs had 10+ cases of COVID and were forced to forfeit a match and were eliminated from a European competition as a result. So beneficial for them…/s


Yeah these takes are batshit. COVID was running rampant, not just in the first team but in coaching staff and the junior teams as well. "WhY dIdNt U pLaY u23s?", they were also under lockdown knobheads


> Spurs fans saying 'play your under 23s!'. Well why did you forfeit your only chance at a trophy this season and drop out of the Europa conference instead of playing your under 23s? Why didn't they play their under 23s instead of going 4 games in hand? Our training ground was closed and the outbreak seemingly spread to the under 23's. I would much rather we had played that game against Rennes but it was impossible to do on the scheduled date (and made impossible by external politics on an alternative date)


Arsenal's training ground is closed, they used the Emirates today in case the game went ahead


Training ground closed for 1 positive case…?


We already had another today


IIRC there are cases in the staff.


What the fuck are you on about lmao, our game vs Burnley was postponed due to the snow and the Leicester game was postponed because THEY had a COVID-19 outbreak. Rennes and Brighton were called off because the outbreak in our squad (which also affected youth players btw) was so bad the facilities were shut down, and considering that ended with our elimination from the Conference League it's pretty clear we didn't really gain anything from that no? None of those games could've possibly gone ahead even if we played our u23s unlike the one that is being postponed now. To be clear since Arsenal fans seem to have massive victim complex over this topic I don't think Arsenal are really doing anything wrong - I'd imagine we would do the same if we could, I just think it's a pathetic ruling that should probably be changed as soon as possible, whether a precedent has been set or not.


The fact that you're downvoted is crazy. Also funny that Arsenal are back to their online-poll-dominating best now that the team is playing better.


Spurs forfeited the Europa league game, so not sure what the point is? Curious how Spurs benefitted from that. Are Arsenal willing to forfeit the NLD? Secondly that decision was made for the concern of player and public health. There was an outbreak that was continuously spreading forcing all of Spurs grounds to shut down. I don't think Saka's knock from Thursday has a chance of spreading to his teammates or opponents. Edit: Four games in hand? One was a snow delay while Spurs were already at Burnley. And I believe two others were from COVID outbreaks in the oppossing teams.


Mate I don't know why you're angry, arsenal are NOT THE ONLY TEAM TO POSTPONE FOR INJURIES/AFCON/COVID. Arsenal has all 3, and other teams have had it postponed for the same reasons. No outrage when Everton does it, or anyone else. As soon as it's arsenal there's a massive uproar, it's typical. Edit: Again, bare in mind Arsenal hasn't started this trend. Savagely effected by covid at the begining of the season, and played through it. Arsenal are only requesting postponements under the same conditions in which other postponements have been granted.


Your post asked why Spurs forfeited and I told you it was for health concerns. What's false there? I agree other teams have done it for similar and it wasn't right then. Games should only be postponed when looking out for player and public health. No other seasons had games postponed for these reasons and I think it's total bullshit. You're also saying Spurs have so many games in hand because we've been asking for postponements, but that's simply not true. It happened once and was done for health concerns when all training grounds were closed and at least a dozen players were positive or in quarantine. In fact every Spurs fan was complaining about Burnley getting postponed. Arsenal's request is just because they can't play a full squad, not because they think people will catch COVID. What out of the above do you disagree with?


PL teams voted a rule next topic?


Fair point. You have a youth and reserve team for a reason.


Bundesliga is the only league with teams in sync in their game weeks..


The premier league really is the diva league


It’s so stupid.


i agreee, but this rule has been since some time. other clubs had the same issue and yet the outcry was very small. once bayern is affected its a huge discussion. same rule for all. if u wanted a change to this rule u should have supported other clubs who lost promotion cause of this or even went down. ​ solidarity in every way - not jsut for the top club


If leeds can manage by benching 15 year olds and the whole bench having 5 senior caps, these teams using sales and AFCON as an excuse don't have a leg to stand on with their billions


I mean, I agree. But here we are. We’re not the first to use this “rule”.


What happened to Bayern squad? thin squad or injuries or covid?


Covid mostly


Covid outbreak over the winter break, they had like 8 or 10 players test positive. Then with the wind up for training and testing and self isolation they didn't have many players left, like 8 first teamers plus Roca & Ulreich as good 2nd choices making the starting team, but then they had to start a 19yo and fill the bench with youngsters.


Most sensible comment here. I'd imagine German teams struggling if they played 4 games over the holidays. Bayern couldn't field a squad with starters, imagine the rest of the league.


3injuries and like 10covid cases. They had 9+1 senior players available, started abplayer from their second team, flew in 2 16year olds from the German u17NT from spain on short notice and broke their record for youngest appearance twice in a game


agreed but should've bene the case from the first game. Cant change the ruling now as simply not fair to affected clubs Another cracking bit of EPL ruling


Not only should they just use their U23s for the bench, they shouldn't have sent away 2 potential starters on loan. They've been hoist by their own petard here that's right I said it


They? Are you talking about one team or the PL?


He’s talking about Arsenal


arsenal in this case but the PL in general. I think a lot of these cancelled games should have been played, this is the richest league in the world where our relegation candidates earn more than champions in other leagues. There should be enough depth to cope.


The point isn’t whether Arsenal are justified by reason, it’s whether Arsenal are justified by extension of a previous precedent set by the FA.


Right, I think most people agree that postponements are probably ok for massive COVID outbreaks, but not for a few COVID, a few injuries + AFCON. It was stupid of the league to start allowing postponements for these latter issues. But, if you do it for some teams, you really have to do it for all. This is why Arsenal have a strong case for postponement.


Balogun tested positive for Covid last week, so I don't see how he would have given us an eligible player.


“That’s right, I said this extremely popular opinion”


> they shouldn't have sent away 2 potential starters on loan by this logic any player is a potential starter if dozens of conditions are right enough


We're only a few hours away from people suggesting Arsenal should be playing Arteta and Mertesacker.


One of those loaned out players have covid.


The PL postpones games due to Covid, injuries, and AFCON. Since Arsenal have players injured, players at AFCON, and player(s) with Covid, they are well within their rights to expect the game to be postponed. Anything else would, quite frankly, be a strange discrimination.


>they shouldn't have sent away 2 potential starters on loan. We will do what's best for our players and our club. There i said it. And where was your sense of invisible when we had 4-5 players or with Covid at the start of the Season and we're beaten black and blue by Brentford and City.


Balogun is an U23 player who has only played in the league once because we lost every striker to a covid outbreak (no postponement). He's not a starter.


Yeah like the team that dominates German football is concerned with dropping a few points by putting out an understrength team. What’s the worst that could happen? They win the league by 10 points instead of 20?


I was honestly surprised that the Bayern game was not postponed. If the title race would have been tight, I would be pissed as a Bayern official.


Why? There are precise rules for when a game can be postponed because of Covid. Bayern did not meet those rules, so the game took place. No need to be pissed.


It’s almost like Bayern Munich don’t have to be concerned for every single point in their non-competitive league?


ohohohoho, i love this response. Tiny dick energy


I think everyone agrees with this. I have not seen an argument that backs all these cancellations. It’s luck of the draw and how stringent your clubs COVID regulations are. COVID is just an injury, like a player out with flu.


Agreed, it's fucking pathetic


I think the decisions a farce but if Bayern were in a league like the premier league instead of going for their 9th consecutive BuLi they might behave differently.


Bayern and Man City taking the high road is pretty funny. Their U-23 sides could beat half the teams in their leagues.


Bayerns U23 got relegated from the 3rd German division, they arent good


still dont understand how that happened, we were justttt promoted too


we lost to a shit monchengladbach side what are you on about


excuse me? Bayern U23 would be dead last in the Bundesliga


No they could not it's a different kettle of fish at the top level. Plus it's good that there are teams trying to set a standard.


Premier League is a joke


I think that is the difference of having B teams and them playing in the football pyramid insted of their own league. There are pros and cons but this year with the injuries we have had we would have been dead without the help of the B team and it helps that they play in the second division


German clubs have B teams. There's a big difference between calling up a group of players who've mostly been playing competitive football all season and calling up a bench of kids who've only played youth football. A couple of those Bayern players were over 30 and have played hundreds of professional games.






But our B-team was not available as they were still on vacation. The same goes for the U-19 as far as I know. We didn't use our B-team, we used the U-17.


Ah yes, Timo Kern and Feldhahn to the rescue lmao. What a load of bs.


Timo Kern carried my 3. Liga team up to the Bundesliga, sadly he fell of hard there.


Feldhahn is a legend though


Both Real and Barca had to play games with 10+ players missing, and both their B teams play in the third league, mostly against other under 19 players, so...yeah.


our B team and U19 weren't even available their vacation wasn't over we only used U17's...


So did we


> German clubs have B teams. Some German clubs have B teams (although they are usually just a u23). Just like some English teams do. These particular players were not from Bayerns B-team though (except for two).


>German clubs have B teams. so do English teams


B teams in germany play against adult's is what i think he means


well u-23 teams in England don't have to be youngsters exactly either, especially that they also allow a number of older players to participate too


>that they also allow a number of older players to participate too such as the GOAT himself, Paul McShane


B teams and U23 teams fulfill literally the exact same function. It's 100% just the different naming that has you confused.


English clubs have u23 teams which are playing competitive football at some level. Clubs across Europe are more willing to trust youth teamers than PL.


We don't consider U23s to be competitive football. Never have done.


Bayern could play their u12 team and win the league.


Seems like City can play theirs and do the same


They couldn’t win the league, but they could probably beat United.