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Difficult situation for both parties: i understand haaland doesnt want to get pressured, at the same time for dortmund its a multimillion dollar question. My guess: he will leave end of this season


Summary: Haaland is spontaneous. He’s a young guy. He may say that he’s frustrated. We don’t have any problems with him. But he should understand our situation. We can’t wait until may.


I think this has to do with Adeyemi, I know he isn't a direct replacement for Haaland but I assume they want an answer on Haaland so they can close the deal for Adeyemi.


I agree. They need to have the certainty that haaland leaves, then you can invest this money into adeyemi, who is considered to be germanys most promising youth player, price tag probably above 30mm eur.


That's BS. Understand the club's situation? They would have an entire summer to sort out their issues. It's stupid and self-sabotaging to be pestering your star player mid-season.


If he’s holding back out of respect for the club and the fans that means he’s decided to leave. The club should plan accordingly. But they also don’t want a situation like they had with Christian Erickson when they wanted him to replace Gotze back in 2013.


>If he’s holding back out of respect for the club and the fans that means he’s decided to leave. No, it doesn't necessarily mean that. Presumably, if he's already decided to leave, it would be easy for him to say that to Dortmund. The more likely alternative is that he didn't want to say openly that he's considering leaving the club, out of respect for the club. Even though everyone knows that it is a possibility. I think he's genuinely unsure whether he stays another year. There are a lot of moving parts here, he also needs to decide where he wants to go, and these clubs need to be both interested and able to submit a bid. This is by far the most 'important" transfer of his career so far. For the first time, the expectations will be fitting to that of a world class player. It's easy to see why he's annoyed at being pressured to make a decision, and it's easy to see why Dortmund would like him to.


Right, and none of that requires pestering Haaland about next season. They should operate with the assumption that he is under contract next season, but plan for his departure by making contingency plans.


Dortmund likes to plan for their next season before the end of the window. Its why we've seen deadlines on players that have wanted to move away, for example Sancho last season. Dortmund can't do that with Haaland. They can't plan their season if they don't know if he is staying or leaving. If he leaves the 2nd last day of the window, they would need to sign a new striker in a very short timeframe, which would be hard since other clubs would then be in a similar position if they sold their strikers to Dortmund. Dortmund just wants to know if he plans on leaving in August or staying for another season, it'll help them begin preparations to sign a replacement.


> If he leaves the 2nd last day of the window There's a huge difference between pressing the issue in May and pressing the issue mid-season. It's distracting to do such a thing, and they should just be making plans for both scenarios.


It's pretty much garunteed that he's leaving, surely the Dortmund board aren't that oblivious?


Maybe Haaland leaving isn't as obvious as you think? We'll know what the outcome will be going towards by the end of next week after Dortmund and Raiola and Haaland's dad have their first of many meetings about him


I'd bet my entire house that he's leaving this summer


I probably would as well but until we get the definitive answer I'm going to hold out some hope. Either way I trust Dortmund to move forward with or without Haaland in the summer with some much needed additions to our squad


Dortmund is one of the most creative fanbases out there. Can't wait for their "sign da ting " song.




There could be a bidding war (for him in terms of wages) and he might leave later in the window taking his time on where to go. They likely want it done now so he can leave immediately in the summer and use the funds for his replacement. Kinda what you sign up for when you sign a super talent and include a relatively low release clause. And of course when the agent is Raiola.