Depay only has another year in his contract, right? Maybe they try to tell him this summer to get money instead of him leaving for free, and keeping Luuk if Xavi wants him to stay


Luuk is a fantastic pinch hitter to keep in your squad. Depay hasn't brought much to this Barcelona team. Idk why. Maybe Koeman leaving, which he had a good relationship with, destroyed his motivation? But Depay also has market value, so if he's not working out you might as well sell him. Luuk de jong is probably cheap as hell compared to the rest of the squad, so why not keep him on as a pinch hitter for next season, while you look for a better striker as a starter?


He was awful in the last few matches of Koeman's tenure too


Yeah i know. but the entire squad looked dreadful during those matches so idk how indicative those couple matches are for a players form. but overall he's not been good for you i'd say.


Tbh I always felt that Depay is not a player for the top clubs. Ironically I feel like clubs like Lyon is where he really can shine and be the star player.


There's nothing ironic about that


He’s our top scorer and has the most g+a


he has not, but whenever it's brought up it's seen as scapegoating. You can clear ly see that he does not fit. Luuk de Jong, Braithwaite -> not even nearly as technically gifted as Depay but something about the way they play delivers returns more often than a 9 who really isn't a 9 but is a winger but really not either...


Braithwaite doesn't return much either. He's a nice story but he should be sold as well. 2 goals in the league last season is not worth picking him over Depay either.


Can we be more patient with players? Depay is overall a good player, he just can't carry the team himself


I agree, at least give him a whole season before we cut ties. He took a huge wage cup to join us, the least we can do is be patient with depay, and he just got back from injury too.


tbh Mariano was 20+ goals/season player in Lyon


Yeah selling Depay for 15-20m and bringing in Morata on loan would be solid business


why is it always morata? surely you can get someone better who won't demand as high of wages?


We want that all-Spanish squad achievement mate.


Dude's called Álvaro Borja, can't imagine him adapting to the club...


On loan? This market window? I don’t know how many are available that would fit those requirements


Surely you can sell depay for more than 20m?


Depends if Newcastle want another striker


Honestly might be a great deal for every party involved


They might be in the champioinship next year, other than money how is it good for Depay?


He will likely be a starter in a world cup year. Newcastle will definitely have ambition to climb the table For sure it is a bit of a gamble, but it's not like teams that Depay wants to move to will be standing in line for Depay


I think Depay feels like he's too big for Newcastle


Well technically we got rid of the bloke Barca are keeping instead, so from this we can all infer that we're bigger than Barcelona....


One and a half years left on his contract and probably won't get into any top teams. 20M tops lol


He was getting compared to Benzema at the start of the season lmfao.


He had a very good 2 games tbf


Surely you can’t be serious


I am serious. And dont call me Shirley


>Maybe Koeman leaving, which he had a good relationship with, destroyed his motivation? This sounds likely. Under Koeman he was the obvious star and centre piece. Now, not so much.


he was horrendus at the end for koeman as well.


For much of the first months of the season he was the only fit first team striker along with LdJ. No wonder he had to start..


>keep him on as a pitch hitter I agree with your point 100% but I’ve not heard this expression before. Is it Dutch ? I’m guessing it means keep him in as someone who can dictate play with his passing ?


Pinch hitter he meant, I think.


Yeah, not sure how i ended up writing pitch hitter when the n and t are quite far apart on a keyboard, but here we are.


It's a baseball reference I think.


Thanks. Don’t know why I’m being downvoted for asking a question


As some have mentioned already, pinch hitter is a baseball reference. To answer more specifically though, it is when the player who is at bat is replaced by another player (the pinch hitter), because the situation of the game calls for a player who is better at some other aspect of the game. For example, the current batter is good at hitting ground balls, but he gets swapped out for a player better at hitting home runs. So calling de Jong a pinch hitter means he's good at coming in as a sub for specific situations.


Thanks mate I appreciate you taking the time to explain it. I understand and agree with the reference, he’s proven he can have an impact off the bench and when given a chance to start. An excellent squad player to have.


Depay turning to dogshit after griezman left was the main reason why barca took a nose dive and koeman got the sack . He has no one to blame but himself


~~2 years more~~ Edit: You are right, I read that he signed an optional 1 year more clause that the club could trigger but apparently that clause wasn't included on the contract.


Depay leaving Lyon did not work for any party involved


He had a firey start, though. Had like 1 goal/assist per game ratio for the first few rounds. Then he just dropped form. Let's see him now after the injury. Give him few matches.


Everyone knew that Ligue 1 was his level when he left


He looked great for his first few games at Barca though, just fell off a cliff quickly


He's so one dimensional, defenders learned him really quickly. Doesn't help that he is a major ball hog that likes to lose ball by dribbling a lot, even if he has a pass to make.


This. This is his main problem.


If you told me he failed more dribbles than passes completed, I would totally believe you. Maybe not the worst Barca player I've seen, but easily the most frustrating.


He’s honestly just a worse version of Dembele atm. Dembele nowadays atleast goes for creative balls or ideas next to the dribbling and long shots. Its like he’s turning into more of a playmaker with Messi gone. Memphis doesn’t do any of the creative balls, just fails dribbles, and then walks back as opposed to sprinting back to fix his awful attempt at dribbling 4 of them. I really want him to turn it around and find his form, but right now its very hard to justify even putting him in the starting lineup instead of giving those minutes to our younger attackers. And yeah yeah i know “Dembele and Memphis don’t play in the same role so why make the comparison” Its more about them both dribbling a lot. Except Dembele sometimes succeeds and offers a lot more next to the dribbling. Memphis right now is just a dribbling merchant and isn’t even that good at it.




And of course the top comment is blaming it on other players just because depay was in form. Redditors.


Yep, this was his problem at United. Defenders read that cut to his right every time.


This was even his problem at PSV. In that season where he scored 30+ goals he scored a lot but he lost so many too.


So he's Krasić of Barcelona.


Losing the ball in a possession system make the player a huge liability. That's the reason Guardiola keep piling up offensive midfielder instead of buying poachers (Icardi and Jovic are mostly sitting on the bench in their clubs). Offensive midfielders give garantees. Guardiola hand pick his players on their ability to not lose the ball easily (including keepers). Xavi's bringing back the good old radical steamrolling possession system yet some people think they he'll want Haaland who's even worse technically than a player like Depay. On the other hand Torres and Morata will fit... I'm not saying that Barca and City won't buy a player like Haaland but i'm saying that if they do it probably means that Guardiola and Xavi are not part of their future projects...


Anyone would take Haaland in a hearbeat, fuck his technical ability, you throw a refrigerator at him and he'll score. That's worth more


No one is arguing that Haaland is one of the most lethal strikers currently. His profile fit better other systems (in particulat intense counter attacking ones). ​ >fuck his technical ability Technical ability is *essential* in a possession system like the ones played by City and Barca. The possession system is their first line of defense. A player who easily lose the ball translates in extra work (pressing to recover the ball) for his teammates and more goals opportunities for the opponents.. There's a reason they go as far as chosing their goal keeper on their footwork abilities...


No. We need goals right now, whatever technical ability Haaland lacks would be more than made up with his scoring ability. We would take him in heart beat, and under Xavi he would more than certainly improve in other areas of his game.


I think both managers would take Haaland in a heartbeat, particularly Xavi. Possession doesn’t win you games.


"A goal should be the final pass into the net." Can't remember who said this, maybe Cruyff.


Sounds like a vintage Mick Mccarthy quote to me


Wasn't British, that's for sure.


Really? I remember when people were saying that it was great move by Barcelona. Also Barcelona is a shitshow right now. Everyone is underperforming.


most people saying that never watched Lyon play. Depay was always inconsistent there. Last year for example he disappeared for half the season


Which is exactly how he performed for our NT as well. He was either a 9/10 player or a 3/10. No in between with him, and never consistently good.


You sure can desribe him like that when talking about his club game, but for the Dutch NT Depay is a 9/10 90% of the time. That's what''s strange about him, he could be on a month dry spell for Lyon and bang in 2 hat-tricks for Oranje in that same month. He's on course for the all-time leading goalscorer position for Oranje, you need to be consistent to get those numbers...


>He's on course for the all-time leading goalscorer position for Oranje That's actually crazy considering naome if the players they've had. Like Robben, RvP, Schneider


17 goals and 8 assists in 16 matches for the national team in 2021, it's ridiculous.


He's still got some way to go to pass RvP and Sneijder was ofcourse a midfielder. It's also just a time with a LOT of international games, he's on the same amount of Kluivert and Bergkamp for example. And Bergkamp and Kluivert played a lot on WC's and EC's while Depay has only played the past summers euros iirc, so most of his games are qualifiers friendlies and nations league games.


Depay has played in the 2014 world cup and if I recall correctly scored twice and got close to winning best young player.


> That's actually crazy considering naome if the players they've had. Like Robben, RvP, Schneider TIL Rob Schneider is Dutch and footballer.


I disagree in the regard that yes, if you look at all our games he's been a 9/10 for 90% of the matches. However in matches against top teams or matches where it mattered he's been bad just as often as he's been good.


So he’s like Pogba without the marketing.


Tbf pogba is just 10/10 with the NT and 2/10 with Man U


I swear half of this sub doesn’t watch more than 3 match a year reading all the answer


3 matches a year is usually how often pogba shows up for united.


Good 10/10 against switzerland


Most people saying that never watched him for any of his clubs


People were saying it was a great transfer by Barça because he moved there for free with low salary. Even if something wouldn't have worked out, the club could still sell him for nice money next summer. And it looks very likely now.


It still was, a player of that quality on a free when we had very few attacking options is always a good move, plus knew the manager. But now that we are getting back on track with the signings with players coming back from injury and we have a clear idea of what we want with another manager in Xavi, he probably won’t get many minutes with how things stand. But if we didn’t get him, top 4 could have been far now.


Not everyone.


It’s quite worrying that a significant number of players are underperforming tho. Even Frenkie has been off for a while now.


The midfield is generally only frenkie defensively (busquets' legs are gone, the young guns' defensive positioning is just not great yet). He just looks gassed after 60 mins most games, noone can cover all that space.


Frenkie will be fine when paired with Pedri again imho.


Always a good player but clearly needs to be the big dog and he's not good enough to be the big fish in a team like Barcelona.


Messi leaving Barcelona has not worked for any party involved. Everyone knew that La Liga was his level when he left. See it works both ways. Shitting on leagues is just the most r/soccer thing ever isn't it.


True, Coutinho and Hazard were both Premier League level, everyone knew it when they left.


Stupid comparisons is the most r/soccer and reddit thing.


Shitting over the r/soccer community has now become the most r/soccer thing


There are alot of idiots on here.


I swear, if you leave a comment here saying "none of you know a thing about football and I hate every last one of you clueless fucks", then come back in three hours it will be on +500 upvotes and someone will have gilded it


I mean there is a sub dedicated on exactly this do yes.


Now do Hazard.


It will not have the same essence as hazard moving has worked out for us


Worked out for Hazard too, financial wise at least. And his agent.


not everyone, when I and another small portion of Barcelona fans stated it, we were attacked saying "hE'd Be yOuR bEsT aTtAcKeR, hE iS a toP pLaYer"


Ah, the duality of highlights players. If you only warch the highlights you only see great dribbles and goals and you think they are messi. If you see full games of them constantly taking too many risks and starting opposing attacks with silly losses of the ball you think they are terrible. The Dutch are also really divided on memphis. Those who only watch highlights and topscorer lists think he is great, people who watch the whole game facepalm whenever he gets the ball.


Mate, my issue with him was his position. He's not either a proper winger nor a proper 9. When this was brought up, people used his position with his NT as a counterexample. Guess there's a difference between club and international football. Who'd have guessed it?


De Jong: *Call an agent - but not for me!*


Luuk de GOAT


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I would love to know how many people think this is for real


I swear. It's like so many people on reddit absolutely miss sarcasm unless the obligatory /s is given.


To be fair, there are some really weird opinions out there.


It's crazy how many people simply can't gauge sarcasm when there's no tone of voice to perceive


it was at -5 for a while lol


Xavi: “enough of this tippy tappy shit, get it into the mixer!”


Xavi "Steve Bruce" Hernandez


I feel like it's not a question of who to trust, but more about what attributes are needed. Luuk is another type of player that brings tactical depth with his height and presence in the box. While he may not be the most technical player he brings versatility to the attack. Memphis is a better player in most ways, but we have players with similar style that are better or fare more promising.


cant believe luuk is better than depay atm


Depay has been subbed on for 2 games after coming back from injury, hard to compare to a player that has just found form for the first time in the whole season. Depay is our top scorer and played in a makeshift attack most of the season btw


I'm no barcelona expert at all so might be wrong here, but is it more a tactical fit rather than saying LDJ is a better player than Depay? My impression from watching you is LDJ is a proper focal point at the top of the formaton that lets people play off him, where as Depay is one of the "drift around and make shit happen" players you have loads of - if Xavi wants a proper 9, that suits de Jong way more than it does Depay based on what I've seen


On paper yes. In practice Luuk was shocking most of the season, 3 good games and people are rating him above Depay suddenly. Depay isn’t a long term answer as a 9 but he’s done far more than Luuk with far less throughout the season. Fans are just extremely reactionary, as always.


Jup. Depay excels in a 2-striker team more than being a pure 9 for that reason, same with Griezmann.


Yup. People comparing because of this headline are mental cases and have the memory of a dead fish.


Pretty much every thread on /r/soccer reminds me why "you're only as good as your last game" is such a common saying.


Yup, everyone was hating on Luuk, now he’s everyone favorite player


> Depay is our top scorer tbf half of them are penalties.


Didn’t he win at least 2 of those?


I am Dutch. Depay has always been very, very inconsistent and will disappear for entire matches. LdJ puts in a shift at least. Depay has more football in his left little toe than LdJ in his entire body but that doesn't help you much when half the matches you just go missing. Having said that, both are clearly not good enough to be starters at Barça. Depay would look nice in a dominating Barça with Messi and a proper midfield - he wouldn't be out of depth too much actually. But having Depay as your best attacker and no midfield to dominate entire matches against every opposition? That's a problem. For a club of the stature of Barcelona at least.


The barca midfield does dominate entire matches though, depay is just another coutinho, he needs too much time with the ball. He would be just as bad with prime barca.


crazy how the mariano-depay striker partnership were tearing it up at lyon a few years ago


No way this is true, right?


From what's coming out, Depay is not putting a shift in training.


What reliable sources have said that?


Xavi himself


Isn't he tier 4?


Tier 5 since Iniesta left iirc


Can you link that? I haven’t seen it yet


That would be very unlike Depay so I doubt that.


I don’t see why Depay should be transfer listed just because Luuk is doing good. Keep both, it’s very simple.


Also, Luuk is on loan.


They have option to buy, though


Yeah, never considered that being serious option but now it may just happen.


No lmao. We shouldn’t buy him


Probably only going to sell Depay if we manage to bring in Morata.


Isn't morata pretty inconsistent for Barca's standards? I mean why would you guys sell depay and bring in another inconsistent player! Just curious.


From what I've seen of him (few Juve matches but all NT games), Morata isn't inconsistent, he's just a bad finisher. He is much better in buildup as he doesn't hog the ball and slow down play, presses like a madman, and does a good amount of defensive work. If he maintains all of that, he'll be much more useful to us than Depay. Morata is also a classic 9 to keep the CBs occupied, whereas Memphis has this tendency to drift wider into the half spaces a lot making our attacks more predictable. Xavi seems to want a more traditional striker, leaving the width to two wide wingers


I think you’re pretty spot on about Morata. I think he’s got all the potential in the world, and I’ll stand by this to the day I die - he’s one of the worlds best natural finishers. I think all of his faults in his game are mental issues, not physical / skill related. Everytime I watched him play for us (Chelsea) and he got the ball in a good position and just hit it, he was amazing. But everytime he got a few seconds to actually think about what he was about to do, he fucked it up. His biggest problem is his mind.


morata at least fits the system, i won't comment about his abilities though.


We aren't exactly expecting a world class player by getting Morata but someone who will fit in Xavi's system and put in a solid shift. Depay hasn't worked out and can bring in a solid transfer fee while we can potentially get Morata on loan with a buy option. And if he doesn't perform, we simply don't sign him. The big CF signing is expected in the summer.


Didn't allegri stop Morata from leaving


I think it's a similar situation to Arthur Melo. They just want a replacement before letting him go. But yeah, if they don't get one he isn't going anywhere


Absolutely true, Luuk is a real 9, as limited as he is. Memphis Depay just doesn't fit the system. He is not for possession football if he loses the ball everytime it reaches him and half the time is offside by being stupid


I'd love to see Depay in Serie A, how he shields the ball and gets out of difficult situations in tight spaces is amazing


Serie A would suit him.


Depay is so weird... hes clearly above the Eredivisie and Ligue 1, but couldn't make it at United or Barcelona. I feel like he would suit Ac Milan for some reason.


Watched every single L1 game he played. No he isn't above L1. Cheers.


Sounds like he just can't cut it at a top club, maybe it's a mental block/pressure.


It probably is mental thing, because he just can't keep up good attitude he was showing in his first games. He lacks confidence so much these days.


It's definitely a mental thing. When he's on it he's on it. He has shown this a few times at Barca too but just can't keep it up.


To be fair on the United point, he was very young and recently United have halted the careers of many a good player. The likes of Salah and De Bruyne had to go back to go forward so not succeeding at a very young age is fine. But he should be doing better at Barca


Yeah, you're right.


A lot of years have passed but when I saw him at PSV one thing I noticed was his lack of ball control, which means that the ball was jumping of his foot all the time. Hd might still struggle with that.


It's a game thing. His dribbling skills and physical bully-ball only works against weak opposition. You can't have weak ball control and long passing against elite level defenders. Outplaying the center back of Amiens, NAC Breda or the Estonian national team is one thing. When he faces up against something better, he at best becomes extremely inconsistent. Even in ligue 1 this was visible.


No it's his technical ability. He just needs to much time to control the ball and even more to make decisions .


Not sure if we watch the same Depay if you think his technical ability is limited. I agree that he often needs to much time to consider his options but he's quite gifted on a technical level imo.


I still don't understand why people think he is clearly above ligue 1... He has been a very good ligue 1 player at Lyon (sometimes great sometimes shit), nothing more. Half of last season he was very mediocre. I really don't get it, it might me because he kept talking highly of himself that skewed others' opinions. There is absolutely not top clubs in Europe where he has the level to be a regular starter.


Oh no, I agree. I worded it kind of badly. Ligue 1 is actually a top league, and I think it should even rival Bundesliga (this coming from a massive Buli fan) for top 4 leagues. A lot of French teams would challenge PL, Serie A , Buli teams in games. The gap between them isnt as big as people make it out to be. But, what I meant is that for the most part he was one of the top players in Ligue 1. And should be regularly playing CL football etc. I think he is a step up from Lyon, but that is no disrespect to them. But, hes definitely not at the level of the elite teams. - can you class Barca and Manchester United in that elite right now? In terms of club, yes, but in terms of team and performance, no.


He is just a non-top club player. He fits in a club where no one expects much from him.


Mundo Deportivo will never get tired of writing this nonsense Depay just came back from a 1 month injury last weekend


Barcelona fans are as confused as I was when Wenger chose Giroud over Podolski many times.


Eh I think giroud generally proved himself well at Arsenal, and then numerous times for France too. He may not have been the best finisher, but his link up play was outstanding. He was so good at being able to bring others into the game which was pretty important when you had a prime Sanchez on one wing.


The better de Jong


Depay is a one trick pony. Eventually defenders find out he has one signature move , run at you , turn away and shoot. I am not one bit surprised .


Called it. https://www.reddit.com/r/soccer/comments/qyckn3/daily_discussion/hlfje5a/


Depay is a much better player but as Xavi has fully embraced the 4-3-3. With our current roster he isn’t better than Fati or Dembele on the wing and the addition of Torres has only made it tougher. We have more need for a true #9 atm


I cannot believe this is the same fella at Newcastle years back He was literally below average in every aspect of the game at the PL level, it’d be like Leon Best or Wayne Routledge running around for Barca ffs


He was played as a number 10 after not having played much the season before, for only half a season, in a disfunctional Newcastle team. Of course he was going to look bad. His time at PSV has clearly showed that he is limited but can absolutely be of help to most teams, if only for his heading abilities and work ethic.


The thing is, people really have rose-tinted glasses looking at Luuk. He certainly put in a shift for us, but I remember what people thought of him in 2016-17 and the beginning of 2017-18 and wanting him gone.


We have quite a habit of stifling potential tbf


Not too far removed from the Braithwaite case honestly


Wasn't he having a decent year with Leganes before Barca bought him, though? Remember it being said that Barca buying him was essentially relegating them


It was very frustrating as a dutch guy because they played him at 10 instead of striker.


Fucking Luuk “Marshmallow Boots” de Jong.


Welcome to North London, skills and highlights 2018 DESPACITO


Why do people change opinion so quick? Does no one remember that depay was one of the best players in the league like 1 month ago? Jeez not everyone can be perfect all the time. Can no one in football just chill for a moment and not overreact about every slight change in form? Hes still remarkably better than Luuk de Jong. How is this even a question? This is why clubs like barca are in ruins, shortsighted nonsense that costs them millions of dollars.


Has Memphis really been that bad? 8 goals in 16 doesn’t seem like too bad of a return for a forward. Especially one who’s only been there for 6 months.


He hasn’t. People just expect him to be like prime Suarez or Messi for some reason. Memphis has done well considering he’s free and on low wages


Ngl Luuk was a genuine threat against us. He just connects to every cross with such ease. Was very surprised that he was subbed off. Though tbf Fati basically did de Jong's job with the headed goal and more


He gets tired around 60 minutes which is the reason he was subbed off. He was genuinely linking up decently in the second half but man was gassed.