How is Dani Alves still getting nominated?


I thought this was a joke comment until I read the list lmao wtf


Dani Alves will get nominated for 40 years in a row. He will be 65 years old and he will continue to be nominated for the FIFA World XI.


These elections are always a joke but that had to be the greatest joke of all.


lmao what the absolute fuck.


I thought you were joking, holy shit this is so dumb lmao


I hope this is the final nail in the coffin and everybody realises what a joke these awards are


The players and clubs care. That's all that matters


Bonucci as well. Its like a meme at this point


Bonucci had a great Euro, it is not that outrageous


So you only watched him in the euros, good to know cause hes easily the worst out of Chiellini and De Ligt. All of Inters CBs were better than him, Kjaer was as well. Hes literally only here for his name


I didn't say he was deservedly nominated. Just that there is a logic there if you value international competition and peak performance. Unlike Alves who you can't ever make a rational argument for being in this list


Still better than Alba, Busquets and Alves


Busquets had a great Euros and is doing better than Bonucci with Barcelona


Busquets was great in the euros and in the nations league


Maybe, havent watched barca enough so i wasnt really speaking about them.


Hes clearly better than Kimmich, Salah and Müller? Barca just signed him, he must be good


Death, taxes and Dani Alves being in a team of the year.


He's the emperor Palpatine of FiFPro






At this point the voters have to be in on the joke too


LOL what a fucking joke


No fucking way Dani Alves is still getting nominated for these awards


I think it's actually a good thing because it makes us remember that footballers are not great voters. They're awfully biased and a lot of them don't watch much football outside their own matches. When there's a few outrageous selections it help remind people these popularity votes aren't that important and we don't need to fall out over who is and isn't there.


It's friends voting for friends. Most footballers don't even watch football.


In Peter Crouch’s book there’s a bit where he talks about Benoit Assou-Ekotto having absolutely no idea who Spurs were playing most weekends. There was even a time where they were walking out onto the pitch and he asked “Who are we playing?”


Dani Alves is (along with Lahm) the best full back I have ever seen play, at his peak streets ahead of any of those currently active. But the fact that he is even nominated clearly just shows that the voters can't name more than two full backs.


Watched until Dani Alves showed up and stopped. Wtf is this lol a twitter follower contest


Barca has more nominees than Madrid or Atletico


More than Bayern too lmao


eat shit you two lmao


maybe youll qualify for the conference league next year thanks to your nominees


More than Man City and Bayern combined.


De Jong (also KDB) being here ahead of Modrić or Kroos makes 0 sense Courtois not even in the top 3 GKs also makes 0 sense Overall a terrible list


Making a top 3 gks list for the year is hard as hell, saying that a guy who didn't win anything being excluded makes "0 sense" is a bit much when they're against the Euro and UCL winner


He has won the same amount of trophies as Alisson and outperformed him individually tho


KdB won PL and was in the UCL final. Easily deserves it over Kroos and Modric. October and November isn’t everything


Bruh he was injured for tons of games and wasn't even City's best midfielder Individually he comes nowhere close to those 2 in 2021


KDB arguably doesn't even make city's best 11, why don't we put ferran torres there while we're at it


Is this the team of the year, or is it the team of whoever won the most trophies in 2021? Team achievements are completely irrelevant when judging individual awards. There is nothing lazier than a voter saying “well he won a trophy so he must have done something right”.


We’re clearly better than all of these other teams, just don’t look at our league position or any European games or any of our recent results




Most of them vote for their friends/team mates


Or they do but know that they mean shit and dishonestly vote for their friends and teammates


The year is 2042, Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, considered one of the all time great full backs, has just received his tenth nomination for the World XI at 32 years old. He is beaten to a spot by 58 year old Dani Alves, who now plays walking football in Sao Paulo


This is why Dani Alves is the GOAT


I can see him as a 66 year old goalie tbh


Who is still voting for Dani Alves


the fuck is this list


Muller clearly plays golf


Kimmich, Barella, Kroos, Modric, Salah, Hakimi. So many players ignored.


not a single Chelsea defender being in there is fucking farcical imo. Entire reason we won the Champions League was the combination of Mendy-DEFENCE and Jorginho and Kante in front of them.


Anyone could’ve got in considering alves got in lmao


If you’re listing 8/11 players as the reason you won I’d argue it’s got more to do with the system than individuals and isn’t as farcical as you think


Conversely, I'd argue that Rudiger and Thiago Silva specifically were THAT good. Set the record for least goals conceded for a reason. I'm not saying the entire defence but fuck me at least one of them




>Will you hear that argument for why TAA is considered the best RB in the world because of Klopps “system” which is designed to bring the best out of his fullbacks, where he is effectively a deep lying winger? No Yes, I make this argument consistently. Some players have obvious flaws or overwhelming strengths (or both like TAA) which mean that managers have to design systems around them, creating a unique role in which they can flourish compared to the traditional position. > like trash since Chilwell, Kante and Kovacic got injured and Alonso getting reintroduced? They were putting in unconvincing performances before Chilwell was injured too, in truth they've just been getting punished more often in recent times. They're reverting to mean a little bit tbh, Mendy was overperforming his PSxG massively and has slightly reverted to the mean. He was actually a net negative on PSxG last season, we could see him concede further based on precedent. >These “system” arguments are irrelevant because every team plays a way to bring the best out of their players but you won’t here “system” for other teams. No, some players are just outstanding. There's been very little specific benefits given to say Karim Benzema or Ronaldo in recent times, they're just fantastic players. There's a difference between players who need to be coached into being excellent and the true world class guys who could play with anyone anywhere and still be lethal. That's why some people are perennials in these teams, and some pop in and out over the years.


Yeah but your defence was poor for the majority of last season no? What Chelsea defender would you include? Mendy is there!


?? No? Second least goals conceded in the League. Only 2 goals in the entire CL campaign (an all time record). Our defense is the major reason we made Top4 and we won the CL.


Considering Euros as well, Christensen. Euros alone seems to have been enough for Busquets. Not sure why Alba is there, plenty of other options that also include chilwell. Also need to remember our poor form was a limited amount of time last season, it wasn't the whole of the first half of the season - we were top of the league for a bit before that period hit, largely because our defence again was doing great.


I thought France Football was bad...


Did Mo Salah retire or something?


Salah has never once appeared on the World 11 somehow. In 2020/21, he hasn't even made the shortlist despite recording 31 goals and 6 assists. In 2019/20, he didn't make the team with 25 goals and 16 assists, which is fair enough. In 2018/19, he recorded 29 goals and 14 assists, came 5th in the **attackers** category despite coming 4th for the Best Mens Player Award (?????) **In 2017/18, he scored 51 goals and had 18 assists. He came 3rd in the Best Mens Player Award and yet somehow came 4-6th in the attackers category....** You get the picture....


Damn he had 69 G/A 17/18, insane Who was the 3rd attacker than(assuming messi-ron were 1 and 2)


Mbappe, who had 28 goals and 21 assists in total. If we remove international friendlies, Mbappe had 25G/16A and Salah had 50G/18A. As you can see....Mbappe was *clearly* the better player. People were just on the hype train for him. His performance was, of course, incredible for such a young player...but this should just be a direct comparison and there's no competition there.


Oh, the same year where Mbappe was voted 4th in BDO while Messi was voted 5th and Salah 6/7th


it’s just racism simple as


What makes you say that? Plenty of minorities have been in the World XI in recent years


How many brown arabs?


How many brown arabs deserve to be there ? Only Salah.


TIL: only brown arabs suffer racism.


Absolutely not but when you exclude a brown Arab for what can only be assumed as his race, that’s racism against him in this instance. It’s not all or nothing, different situations have different connotations - just because the other minorities are excluded in this instance doesn’t mean they aren’t discriminated against at all.


Kind of a reach. Benzema has north African roots and he's there.


I know. I just find those kind of absolute statements made by the bloke I was replying to a bit annoying. It’s not black and fucking white hahah.


Not nearly as many as there should have been


Sarah and mueller apparently non existent footballers


The amount of disrespect salah gets from awards is insane


How on earth did Alves and Alba make that list and Salah didn't? Mind boggling stuff this.


Different position. Better question would be how Neymar got their over Salah,


>how on earth did Alves and Alba make that list and Salah didn’t? What kind of stupid question is this lmao positions exist


You are braindead if you think Alba is still worthy of being called the best left back in the world. Forget positions, his inclusion is one of many laughable choices.


>you are brain dead if you think Alba is still worthy of being called the best left back in the world Tell me where I said that. Please tell me


If you think he should be in there then yeah that’s the implication


But I don’t think that. And I never implied that. I get your insecure Davies didn’t make it but you don’t need to project on me. The dude asked why how Alba could get in when Salah didn’t. They don’t play the same damn position


What's wrong with alba ?


There are better left backs. Mendy, Robertson, Davies and even Hernandez and Guerreiro (who play for less recently successful clubs).


alba had an insane season last year


He had a 20 G+A season and that's just for the club, Which is absurdly high for a fullback. And I fail to understand how any of the mendys come into this conversation


also getting in the way of far far better CBs, there's only 2 CBs listed lol.


> Because they cant make an xi with 11 forwards. Alaba is both LB and CB, more of a CB this year anyways. Listing only 6 defenders for a total of presumably 4 spots is criminal though.


Because they cant make an xi with 11 forwards. Query why a forward is there if you wonder why salah is missing. You need some defenders in a best 11. Edit: do people think that salah would be swapped for Alba or Dani? Come on have some sense


They didn't find any better defender than alba and alves?


And bonucci. Every top 5 serie a team had defenders better than bonucci. Doesnt change the fact that you cant exactly swap out a CB/FB for a winger/striker


Yes you can't. But you can't tell me choosing Lukaku and Neymar over Salah or even Harry Kane makes any sense? Most players in this list had better players playing in their position last season


Alba was the best LB in the world last season. More than 20 goal contributions are a fullback is insane.


Alba has 17 g+a in 47 games playing for Barca. Fucking Borna Sosa has 15 g+a in 33 games playing for god damn Stuttgart. Why the fuck is he not there?


You think Alba is better than Andy Robertson, in the year of our Lord 2021, nearly 22.


If this is only for the 20/21 season, it's fair Salah isn't nominated. Kane not being nominated is far worse considering the season he had


As if Salah wasn't 1 goal behind the PL top scorer, he was carrying Liverpool as much as he could.


Kane had 1 more goal and 9 more assists playing for a defensive team that finished 7th, so he definitely had a better season and was more deserving based off of last season alone


So? They can both be nominated.


If it's just for 20/21 the list is even worse wtf


It's a so fucking weird list. No Salah, but it does feature a lot of Barcelona players who aren't exactly in form past year. It features Busquets and Frenkie de Jong...


in terms of wtf level: alaba? Lukaku? alba?? FDJ??? Busquets?????????


Lukaku makes sense for the season he had with inter. But fuck me the rest of them make none


Thats why he only got one question mark. I agree on him being in consideration


I genuinely think Neymar is a ? Aswell, unreal player obviously but PSG didn’t win anything last season and I swear Neymar was injured half the season and Mbappe did most of the heavy lifting.


Definitely is questionable. Probably half the entire list should have a ? next to their names lol.


Why are Dani alves, Alaba and Busquets nominated? And why is kroos,modric, kimmich or müller not nominated but De jong is.


I think alaba at least somewhat deserved it but the list is still terrible


Maybe if it was this season only.


he was good for bayern too, not as good as the previous season when they won the treble but still very good


„Very good“ has in football never warranted a place in the goddamn world XI


No, he was straight up Bayern's weakest player in the starting XI in his final season.


Busquets probably for the national team. I don't know about the others. Müller for some reason never gets the attention he deserves in these kind of awards


Lets be honest. He is there because he is a Barca player. Sure, he was great for Spain, but I doubt those people voting even taken notice of it.


These awards are media focused and Busquets has got a lot of praise in the press for his performances in the national team, which is why I say this. The media talked a lot about how better Spain was with him as opposed to without him in the Euros and he got the award for best player in the Nations League final four (not an important tournament but still something). I'm sure that playing for Barça or for Madrid gives an advantage to a player to end up in the list but he is far from the Barcelona player that gets the most praise in the media and so on.


Busquets is the one barca player who was always left out of these teams. He’s here for what he did for Spain


David Alaba was the 3rd best defender at his club last season and he made this shortlist. Hard to take this stuff seriously.


4th.. sule, boateng, lucas all better. Though lucas didn't play enough so fair


5th... Davies


De Bruyne and de Jong ahead of Modrić or Kroos what the actual fuck lmao Also no Courtois???


Real Madrid can't even qualify for Europa League while Barca are into the Round of 32






Never thought this would happen someday.


I know I’m biased but Kane had the most goals and the most assists in the league last season, feel like that’s worth a nod


Especially considering Neymar only got 9 goals in 18 league games


In the French league...


It's for the season rather than year so yeah he's a big omission imo, being overlooked due to this season.


The midfielders are Jorginho, Kante, Bruno and who! KDB, Busquets and De Jong wtf. Where are Kimmich, Goretzka, Muller, Llorente, Kroos, Gundogan, Fabinho, Barella... And the only CBs among those defensive nominations are Bonucci and Dias so are they surely gonna be selected or what?


Include Modric too


Apart from the obvious Euros, did Donnarumma have a good season?


AC Milan finished second in Serie A. So yeah he was good at club level as well


Fair enough, will be interesting to see the voting difference of the goalies - expect him to win it


But did Donnarumma have a good season?


He won seria a gk of the year so yeah


This list is shite lmao


GK Alisson, Donnarumma, Mendy Defenders Alaba, Alba, Alexander-Arnold, Bonucci, D. Alves, Dias Midfielders Busquets, B. Fernandes, De Bruyne, F. de Jong, Jorginho, Kanté Forwards Benzema, Haaland, Lewandowski, Lukaku, Mbappé, Messi


Lukaku over Salah?






CR7 is mentioned in actual post Salah isnt lmao




Busi is cuz spain. Dani Alves I have no damn idea about.


Where is Spain’s best midfielder then?


It's literally there, Busquets.


I mean their best at the Euros who also was the MVP of the title winning side


Dani Alves must have Gianni Infantino's nudes. Only explanation.


These awards are all becoming a joke. Its been this way a good few years at this stage but I think finally people are starting to notice. Something has to be recognised as faulty in order to be fixed.


Ask the voters to justify their nominations and make it public. I actually want to know the reason behind voting for alves


We should stop giving shit like this attention. Nowadays this is to just making money off the dumbasses buying fifa points.


Looking at all the awards being given out these days, you'd think Barcelona would be dominating world football.


Did they really nominate Alaba for last season?


LMAO what is this joke award?


No Müller and Kimmich as expected 🤡🤡🤡


How the hell are Busquets, Alba, and Dani Alves even remotely considered? And Salah is not even nominated? These rewards are just dumb and are just based on personal prejudice.


Surprised they've not gone full whack and stuck Ramos & Marcelo in there as well.


If Xavi had made even a late sub appearance, he would have been in.


More farcical than Balon D'or, which is quite incredible.






Yeah, Messi and Lewa had similar year. If it was the award for 2 seasons, maybe it would have been controversial, but Messi had a slightly better year


**[FIFPRO and FIFA asked professional footballers worldwide to vote for the World 11. We requested them to pick the three players who, in their opinion, were the most outstanding players during the 2020/2021 season in the following positions: goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards.](https://www.fifa.com/news/the-23-most-voted-players-for-the-2021-fifa-fifpro-mens-world-11)** Hardly anyone reading this comment and asking why are these players here is hilarious. And this world XI is for oct 2020 to aug 2021 so no, Salah shouldn't be here.


So.. is it safe to assume professional players lack ball knowledge ?


Who actually watches enough football (all the big games in the big leagues + all the CL + all major internationals) to actually know who the best players are right now? I don't believe anyone does. I'd expect players to have good knowledge of guys they've played against but most players voting in FIFPRO won't have played against most of the elite players.Popularity and reputation are always going to come into play.


No one, but at least everyone here knows Dani Fucking Alves is not one of the best 3 defenders of the year.


I wanna know who is waiting for Alves?


Lol this is why Ballon D'or is a way, way better award, Fifa lets players and fans vote for this. At least Ballon D'or even if it has outliers, it evens out due to democracy of 190 voters.


Dani Alves for defender when Marqui doesn’t make the list ?


At this point I am convinced Dani Alves will still be in these when he retires




No Chiellini and Verratti. Disgraceful


Has Laporta have Fifa by the balls or something


Footballers are even more idiotic voters than journalists


So it's based off the 2020/21 season Neymar played 18 league games and scored 9 goals How the fk is he there ahead of Kane or Salah? This is supposed to be voted by players and it just looks like none of them actually watch football and just select the same players no matter their performance.


> So it’s based off the 2020/21 season Correct > Neymar played 18 league games It’s based off the 20/21 season. That includes more than league games.


These awards man...


Modrić, Kroos and Casemiro not even nominated while De Yong, Buscuets, Alves get nominated. This guys really like Barcelona 😂


True. I also think kimmich deserved a nomination aswell but maybe I rate bayern players too high cuz of club’s current form


Why no Salah? I just don't get it, the fella is the best player in the PL at the moment and arguably the best in the world.


It's for the past season tbf. Still was 2nd top scorer and Kane isn't nominated.


No way Busquets and de Jong were voted more than Modric or Muller


Lukaku, Alves, Alba . What even are these nominations ? I am now more than convinced that no individual award ever in football has anyy value. Every year there is at least one daft inclusion in one of them, proving ppl voting for them know sod all about the game.


Lukaku got 24 league goals and won Serie A last season which is what these are based on The real question is why is Neymar there with 9 goals in 18 league games


No Salah, no Chelsea defenders but Dani Alves 🥱




I remember Marcelo was included one year and everyone was outraged.


Dani Alves lmao


No Atleti players, not even Oblak. Damn.


There is going to be at least 1-2 undeserving players making this TOTY.


What the fuck is this shit


These awards are pathetic.


Is this by chance fan voted? If not, it is spineless