i would love him not sure if he likes thursday nights in baku though


Baku was the Europa League final you're most like Vaduz or Vilnius or Kutaisi


its's in Tirana in Albania so good territory for kane if we ever make the final


One kith


With his workrate I fear Conte would actually murder him.


conte can kill whoever he wants as long as i get to see a trophy being lifted


The blood sacrifice must be paid.


Not sure what Isco offers anymore. I'd much rather have a go at getting Eriksen back over Isco.


Still surprised he has not moved on. Great talent


Real probably wouldn't sell him for peanuts and he's on high salary.


Yes, he won a lot of trophies but played secondary role. He has not played what he could unless he is happy then all good to me.


His high salary probably helps real to sell him for a cheaper price no? What’s the point of keeping a player on high salary that you won’t play, whom would eventually walk out free?


> His high salary probably helps real to sell him for a cheaper price no? His high salary makes him less likely to want to leave


Because he's unlikely to want to take a large paycut just to do a favor to Madrid. So whatever club he's sold too with have to come close to his wages. Which will make them unlikely to want to spend a ton on his fee and just rule out a lot of clubs.


should have left after the Russia World Cup where he played quite well. He's really wasted the best years of his career.


Not a lot of players want to leave the high salary at RM and the weather even if they don't get to play.


He won 4CL with us and played major part in 2017 one. I won't say that's wasted


He's wasted them because he's been fat


He wouldn't join us but I can only dream...


How is Willock playing? Did we profit from 25 mil sale? Just curious.


About as can be expected He's been pretty average so far and certainly wasn't worth what we paid for him. There's potential there but will be interesting to see if he can perform under the new system Arsenal definitely got the better end of the deal


> He's been pretty average so far and certainly wasn't worth what we paid for him. Arsenal have done pretty well with selling their English players for inflated fees only for them to not perform. Oxlade-Chamberlain, Iwobi, Willock. That's about 100m revenue.


Unfair for chamberlain to be there tbh, he was doing great then injuries ruined him


IIRC he wasn't madly expensive or was he?


He's Arsenal's record sale. Think it was around £40m which probably worked out okay for both clubs really.


Fuck me that's a lot always though he was like 25 lol


You should wake up to the reality that he's finished then. He's too slow for La Liga, let alone EPL.


Slow or not I can assure you he is a step above most of our first team


Mate rodriguez set your league on fire for like a month or 2 isco would turn teams upside down in the prem


harry winks would be a step up that says a lot


Is Harry Winks really that bad? I always thought he was an okay player, nothing extraordinary but could quietly put in solid performances


he's okay but most of our squad is players who are okay at some stuff and shit at others so collectively they all look a little more shit compared to the level expected at spurs. so people like to slate a lot of those players and winks is one of them. he would be fine in spain or even for you guys.


We played spurs yesterday and after watching 60 minutes of the game I realized he was on the pitch


the first half was an absolute shambles from everyone but lloris tbf


he was good before he got injured but then he just became a sideways pass merchant he is too lean to be a defensive mid but lacks the vision to play more attacking he gets slated a lot when he doesn't deserve it but he often does deserve it


tbf he'd look better in a different midfield. play him deepest of a three in a possession oriented team with two more physical players in front of him and he'd actually look alright.


Christ I would take a sideways pass merchant. Anyone who can help distate play and hold onto possession would be amazing for us. Carrick 0.5


I like Winks but he absolutely deserves the slate he gets. Some of the most atrocious performances I’ve seen in a Spurs shirt in recent years


Sure but you can get someone better imo. Although I guess Isco as part of an immediate solution to avoid relegation wouldn't be a bad signing.


Wouldn't be the first player I would choose We need another striker incase Wilson gets injured, a new CB and a DM but if by some miracle we signed someone like Isco I guarantee most fans would be ecstatic


> He's too slow for La Liga, let alone EPL. What does that has to do with La Liga? Eden Hazard and Coutinho use to run circles around PL defenders and get thrown and bullied by La Liga players. La Liga is no slouch in comparison to PL.


He kills attacks by his slow play in a league that isn't fast paced. He would be useless in the PL. I'm not shitting on La Liga. It's just 2 different leagues with 2 different paces. Edit: also comparing current Eden to his EPL level is wrong. He's not the same player. Eden in his prime would probably be just as good in La Liga.


> Eden in his prime would probably be just as good in La Liga. Eden did not get injured until December against PSG, and let me tell you if he was 'in his prime' from August -> November, I'm afraid he wouldn't even be better than Prime James in La Liga. Verdict; Some players play better in different environments. Isco can definitely still thrive as a the focal man of the midfield. Issue is that Modric and Kroos are miles apart in terms of how good they are.. (Also Isco did have motivation issues which again can change with the environment)


He was overweight. The game in which he got injured was his best in a Madrid shirt. He was clearly getting into his form. You're kidding yourself if you think Eden would fail. You think I look down on La Liga and think EPL is better/harder ( which I don't ) so you took a defensive attitude and trying to justify that La Liga is harder. That's how it looks to me at least. The best players excel in any league, and Eden was one of the best.


You do not stay overweight for 3-4 months.. Eden is an outstanding player but sometimes different environment corresponds to different strengths. Hazard would have been one of the best in La Liga but would it be worth it? (Considering he never puts a foot in defense and Madrid already employs Benzema/Ronaldo in the team and Bale actually tracks back)


He joined the team while coming back from a hamstring injury that sidelined him for 25 days. That alongside a new league and a new play style neans a slow start makes sense, but I don't judge players based on their starts otherwise Ligue 1 is also too tough for Messi or Serie A is too tough for Cristiano. Hazard in his prime would have gotten accustomed to the league after a while and reached his usual level imo. Also I never thought about having him alongside BBC, it was just a hypothetical scenario where Hazard joins a top La Liga team in his prime.


Fabregas was slow


Isco isn't as good as Fabregas. He's been shit for 4 years. And I don't mean his actual speed, I mean the way he plays and his decision making are too slow, he kills attacks. I guess I shouldn't have mentioned only that he's slow, it may look like I'm basing my opinions only on that. But he's simply been bad for years now.


He is an excellent ball carrier though and a more than decent finisher. Passing isn't shit. With some work in training, the right environment he could be much better.


I have lost hope that Isco would go back to his previous level, but we all know the talent is there. Sadly I don't see him being as good as he once was but he could certainly improve on where he is now in the right environment.


Guess three champions league in the row killed any motivation for isco to doing it better for himself, he thinks he already achieve anything he can possibly achieve in club football.


> he thinks he already achieve anything he can possibly achieve in club football. He is right tbf.. Collectively speaking.. 3-peat is the greatest achievement in modern football.


That's why i don't think he will ever go back to his peak form ever again. Same as Varane and everyone in that Madrid 3 peat CL team with very few exception is either in old age or lost motivation that can affect their performance.


He is not finished. He played well in some games this season when he has gotten the opportunity. He just isnt good enough for real madrid. He would be Newcastles best player together with Saint Maximin.


I hope he can find himself again. Isco at his best was a joy to watch.


Yeah, he made zidane drop the 4-3-3 and bale to play him.


He hasn't gotten any chances this season because he's really behind in the pecking order, so you can't really say he's "slow". Others in out team are just better. Displacing KCM is no joke.


He's been slow for 4 years now. And I don't mean that he runs slowly, I mean he plays slowly. He keeps the ball for too long and takes his time to pass and keeps on killing attacks. He's been shit for 4 years. Maybe a midtable team would be a very good option for him right now idk, I hope he finds his form again after he leaves, but the guy has declined massively.


he's been bad for the last 2 and a half years yeah, A change is probably suitable at this stage in his career.


10m and I would sell him


Deal We will even throw in an ex band member from Kasabian He who shall not be named And an absolutely clinical striker guaranteed to get goals...in the Championship


He would, if he gets enough money.


Isco and Jesse Lingard in a fight for "who can stay at a club too long the longest"


Surely Phil Jones trumps them both?


Stayed so long he’s been forgotten. Clear winner


Lingard doesn't have 1% of talent that Isco had or the amount of contributions for their respective club.


And? That's irelevant to the comment.


Better player at the moment


That was not what OP aimed at. Isco's contribution to Madrid is arguably as much as Gareth Bale. Just because he had a shorter prime, doesn't means he wasn't one of the best midfielders in the world for sometime and a crucial component of 3-peat.


He's much better than the washed up bum now tho. Levels


OP said contest over how can last longer.. 1 day at United was too long for Lingard.. Without Isco Madrid could have had missed La Liga and CL.


16/17 Isco is the best Isco imo


Thats not even a debate. He was such a fun player to watch back then


I'd imagine Madrid wouldn't mind him leaving tomorrow?


People in this thread rate 2021 Isco very highly, cannot fathom why


Yeah after a godly 16-17 and 2018 WC he got fat, lazy and slow. From my favourite player to just bad. Around the same time he declined, he also started looking like a homeless guy. I wonder if his breakup led to depression or something, because he hasnt been the same since.




I mean he's not bad. But he's not good either anymore. And definitely not upto our standards now. He has moments once in a while and they are beautiful. Could be a good player for mid table La Liga, Seria A teams imo.


Would he fit in at Sociedad when Silva is too old?


Hope he stays in Spain so I can watch him more


I have a 56k modem laying around somewhere in the basement that’s faster than him.


I say he goes to sevilla and tears it up, calling it now lol.


Wouldn't surprise me at all


He’s very slow but I think his main problem is staying motivated while being in the bench. He just gave up long time ago


Being slow was never really the big probelm with him. In the the seasons 16/17 and 17/18 he had weeks where he played absolute worldclass football regardless of his speed and I remember being so happy for him (partly because, at the time, he was one of my biggest celebrity crushes). However whenever he did not play good, which was the majority of his time at Real, it seemed to me it was due to lack of motivation. It sometimes looked like he had just given up.


Would be fun to see him go back to Valencia


Did real sociedad ever replace odegaard? I would like to see him with them it would be fun


Silva slotted in well, they're already fairly stacked in midfield and I don't think they need someone of Isco's profile.


Bruno Donny Pogba Isco


Please go home to Malaga and take em to the league.


Is Cortegana reliable?


Ah,the annual isco leaving real madrid rumours


For real this time. Last year for all of Isco, Bale, Marcelo.


I mean, this time he's leaving, his contract ends, he can't stay earning good money in that bench anymore.


Built for Serie A


Last good season RM had was 2016/2017, since then nothing, null, nada. Every season it's getting worse and worse. Hopefully with Isco, Marcelo, Bale and possibly some other players leaving Perez for the first time in a while will work on actually making the team good again, just need to avoid unreasonable signings like Pogba.




Tell me one good thing that happened to the club since 16/17? Not a single season since then was any good.


The 17/18 season?? Think winning a champions league is a good for the club


It's not about winning, it's about how you play, 17/18 UCL and 19/20 La Liga were not won in a way how RM should play, there was no glory in those victories, no enjoyment to watch the team play.


I’d die for my club to win a champion’s league but i guess if u say so


Lol, you seem to have Barca DNA. Footballing snobs.


We won both La Liga and UCL since then along with a few minor trophies as well. We signed players like Courtois, Militao, Mendy, Vini, Rodrygo, Camavinga, Alaba... We are also finishing the new stadium which will increase the club revenue even more in the future. Those are all pretty good things that happened to the club imo.


I won't because it's pointless


You're always like that, very rude and never explain yourself, stop seeing shadows everywhere, it will make your life easier.


Spurs could do a Sale time w/ Madrid and get Bale, Isco, Ceballos. I wouldn't mind at all


hows his fitness now?


Never been my type of player. I wish him all the best thou. Thanks for the wonderful years