That's about 500k a week. And if he's making that this young, imagine how much you'd have to pay him when he's entering his prime.


This is the only time i dont want a galactico player. The guy literally wants ronaldo level money at such an age. Then 40m for each of his father and raiola, then the signing bonus. Fuck that


Yeah, i know how supply and demand work and all that, but you are almost hoping they overplay their hand and in the end no one buys him this season cause he's way too expensive


I can see him going to Newcastle.




> but you are almost hoping they overplay their hand and in the end no one buys him this season cause he's way too expensive Almost? Thats what every BVB fan is hoping ;D


That's why he negotiated a modest release clause in his Dortmund contract, so he can make up the rest of an Mbappe-level transfer fee for himself It's smart business for players


Facts but Haland is fokin insane tho. Also different times lately. He does not deserve that kind of money yet but Id rather pay that for him than Neymar for example


The opportunity cost of him joining a domestic or European rival is even greater. Filling a position for years often makes the signing cheaper than it seems. Ronaldo has 100M was a bargain because he filled the position for 9 years, we had a reliable goal scorer and key player. That in itself is a lot more valuable than you think. There is a chance he might not work out, but in this case, he has not had a long career, but enough to show that he will be world class. I would rather get him now than let him move to PSG or City and then work out a transfer from them four years later. Unless there is another reliable striker coming up with similar efficiency who we can rely on, not investing in him is just strengthening the rivals. I get the financial aspect but Madrid can generate money to support these players as long as other contracts are kept in check. Post lockdown we are going into new revenue generating avenues, and would soon cross 1B euros in revenue (without transfers).


the difference being that the transfer fee here isn't outrageous but his wages are obscene and on top of that he wants exorbitant signing on fees, which he probably wants once again when time comes for an extension.


You need to look at wages and other expenditures in relation to revenue the club can generate. It seems obscene compared to previous instances of a player getting salary at this age, but then that is how football economy has improved. Moreover, there is no other talent right now who would guarantee goals, atleast not as reliably as Haaland. (not just in football, you can currently see 22 yo developers getting paid way more than what it was 10-15 years ago. You cant say they dont deserve it given it is a demand supply game. )


> The opportunity cost of him joining a domestic or European rival is even greater. Because no teams ever stood a chance against Messi at Barca and Ronaldo at Real. /s


Having a chance is always possible. Yet, teams should strive to build the best possible team to win all the time. Madrid could with Haaland, or they go for another striker, but they will have to buy someone to take over from Benzema long term. (and that striker needs to be good enough to last 7-8 years at a club like Madrid)


I am curious, do you think it makes sense to basically get 2 goalscorers for the future in Mbappe and Haaland? In my opinion, Mbappe should become the focal point of your offense, so that position as a goal machine would be filled. That Haaland money could then be used to find a worldclass RW to create chances for Mbappe and take some of the defense's attention away from him. Another worldclass RB/CB/CM would also help you a lot in the next years, possibly more than Haaland. What do you think? Is it realistic to build your team around both Mbappe and Haaland? I think both would want to be the focal point of Real's offense, but that's just not how it works.


Mbappe would play on the wing where he gets more freedom I think. He likes getting into the box, not starting there. Who is a world class RW that Madrid can sign, who would keep his position for next 7-8 years? All of this is guesswork and obviously may or may not happen, just that I would not reject Haaland because of wage demands if we can afford him and make it work. The assertion that he is asking for a lot and would ask for even more in future is not a footballing reason to not sign him now. Regarding the system, the focal point can be only one player. The drawback of just having Mbappe is that he could be marked out of the game or we miss a lot when he is injured. That is the reason we need to have 3 world class players in attack. Let's not forget, Barca made it work with Messi, Neymar, and Suarez. Surely, given the hardworking midfield talents we are getting, we can too. Regarding the focal point, good players learn to play off others, or a good coach can make it work. Edit: Agree a world class cb/rb would also help, but haaland would not exhaust our budget given we are not spending anything on Mbappe's transfer.


Alright thx, let's see what happens. I have to admit that I'd love Haaland to join Barcelona in 1-2 years once their finances are stabilized and their young players have matured. An Mbappe-Haaland rivalry would have great potential to become the next 10 years' Ronaldo-Messi rivalry. Though I am obviously biased, haha. Would be great to have Haaland for another 1-2 years, and basically the only chance for that to happen is if he only wants to go to Barcelona


I’m sorry but the notion that it’s necessary to sign up the most expensive player in the world because it can’t be allowed for him to end up at a “rival” off in the PL just sounds bonkers to me. Not even necessarily saying it’s wrong, just a crazy idea to me.


It's not that we cant afford him. We can and he would be very very useful for Madrid if he indeed chooses to come. he would fit in well, does not play in the same position as Mbappe, and can thrive in our setup which has increasingly relied on athleticism combined with technique.


Of course he would be a useful player, one of the highest paid in the world should be. On paper he should be able to play with Mbappe as well, although their egos might clash. It’s just wild to me that the instinct is not “this superstar is crucial for our sporting project, we need to sign him no matter the cost” but instead is “we cannot allow our rivals *Manchester City* to get this superstar, so we must sign him no matter the cost”. As far as whether you could afford him, I’m sure you could, right now. But having two players in their early 20’s making some of the highest wages in the world would make it difficult not only when it comes to renewing their contracts, but the contracts of the everyone else in the squad as well.


> we cannot allow our rivals Manchester City to get this superstar, so we must sign him no matter the cost”. The instinct is not this. My instinct is "We cannot reject a player like him because he is asking for top dollar now, and in a few years he would ask for even more." That whichever team he ends up would be a rival is an added incentive. > But having two players in their early 20’s making some of the highest wages in the world You are right in this regard. The whole point is whether revenue can keep up that way. At the very least, it becomes a problem if we had a business savvy guy but without good instincts about footballers (Bartemeu). Player like him would also have a resale value if in case he wants to move, maybe for a world record fee if he wants to get out of the shadow. ;)


Average wages will always increase as long as there is increasing income in football. Comparing him to a player who left you three years ago doesn't hold that much value. Anyway, your choice if you want to miss out on the biggest talent of his generation.


The biggest talent is mbappe. Not haaland. Haaland has yet to prove himself in a league thats not all out attack ( not attacking the quality of the league. Just saying the defense is shit )


Is that why Haaland has outperformed Mbappe since 2019? Even if you adjust Haaland's goal contributions per 90 to the goals per game stat in Ligue 1 he's still ahead of Mbappe. Bundesliga clubs put the most pressure on their opponents compared to clubs from other top 5 leagues and they also have the most pressing resistent players who make the least mistakes in those situations. Nice try but the Bundesliga simply plays more aggressive attacking football. Your league should try that instead of parking the bus all the time. You have the lowest average goals per game. Or are you just shit at attacking?


Ahahaha you really pulling numbers out your ass. There hasn't been any report of 80m in agent fees. All reports point to50m in agent fees. The fact remains that's he is a generational talent, if Madrid can manage to get him and Mbappe on the same team. They really should make it happen


Oh is it just 50m in agent fees? That makes more sense. Do you take cash or credit?


I know its a lot but its still less than the 80 that the OP is reporting. By all accounts it is actually 50 split between the two.


They do need to put a cap on agent fees. Also why would his father get a cut? How many agents does this man have?


They shouldn't bc we dont need him. His heading is shit. He hasnt proved himself against low blocks which we play majority of our games against, and ge demands shit load of money, what will happen when he wants a contract renwel? 40m? 50m? Even ronaldo didn't get that


Also he feels like an overgrown monster and for his size he will have injuries later on in his career. I think he will have overfrown nails problem lol. I think madrid is doing good without him, and we have mbappe, we should enforce other regions with his fuck u money. Mbappe is a worldcup winner .


Exactly. We need new defenders, we need a replacement for modric, we need a replacement for benz in 2 years. Haaland like youve said seems like he will have a lot of problems in the future with injuries


We will also face a problem of wages, like barca had, every new prospect would want high salaries. With them one mishap and our structure would collapse. We would have a strong messi or maybe two but none to back them up, and all would financially become a burden. Flo managed well and i dont think he wouldnt compromise that much looking how our mid needs new blood after 2-3 yrs so do our defense in wings. They seeing this high on haaland mbappe would not demand 5-6 million though


If he continues at this rate he will surpass Ronaldo. Mbappe was already offered 40m by PSG. The wage ceilings will keep rising, it's inevitable. Might be him or Mbappe or another talent. But wages will keep going up. And there are reports that they just want to match Mbappe's wage which apparently is 25m.


>If he continues at this rate he will surpass Ronaldo. Uhm, hold your horses there bud **Edit**: Wanted to make myself clear, my point is it would pretty much never be reasonable to assume anyone would surpass Ronaldo or Messi at this point. They're so far away and above the norm, even doing half of what they've done would net you being one of the best ever.


Don't editorialise what I said. I said IF he continues at this rate, he will surpass Ronaldo.


I see that from what I quoted it looks like I intentionally tried to make you look stupid, that's not what I intended. I'll edit it. My point is that claiming anyone would surpass Ronaldo is pretty much a no go zone regarding assumptions.


I mean he won't but


Only time will tell. Records are meant to be broken


Can't wait for him to sign for Madrid and fast forward 5 years when he goes through a rough patch so Madrid fans can start booing him what a culture


Happier with my edit?


>If he continues at this rate and that's a big if, we have said that about many players, fact is he's not as good as ronaldo, if he is, he will get paid like that


They aren't paying for his current output, this is a punt on his potential. It's the same with Mbappe, they both have a high ceilings and you are betting that if you secure them now,they will achieve that potential


He is very possibly entering his prime


He is to young


Bale, marcelo, isco leaving will help.


Sure but I feel like we should recruit for others parts of the Squad , defense and more depth come to mind


We have enough funds ecen after mbappe and haaland signings. We will still have 120 mill left for transfer fees and as for wages isco, bale and marcelo leaving and sales of deadwood lile ceballos and mariano will help


So why the cry for Super League if Real Madrid has the funds to sign Mbappe, Haaland and signifcant depth all in the same summer lmao.


Long term issues. Chelsea got 250M injected by Roman in 2019... Madrid or any club for that matter don't have an easy 250M lying around them. City/PSG received 1.1B in last decade by their owners, whats to say they won't get it again next decade?


>Long term issues. Chelsea got 250M injected by Roman in 2019... Madrid or any club for that matter don't have an easy 250M lying around them. You literally have 200m lying in your bank account.


Generated organically and been net positive in terms of transfer spend in the last 5 years.


>Generated organically and been net positive in terms of transfer spend in the last 5 years. You don't think Chelsea one of the top 10 most popular clubs in the world can't generate organically money lol? Chelsea also had a transfer ban for a year which you conveniently ignore and is probably the best club in the world at selling players. So stop with the narrative that the EPL is killing little old Real Madrid :(


You can take a look at it yourself mate: https://i.redd.it/0m8cfbuxq8o71.jpg


Not when their revenue is over 220mil€ lower than ours


Deluded pl fans as usual, trying their best to make sugar daddy clubs look better. He was talking about future of fan owned clubs rather than the present . We had to sell our players to get the funds and arent pumped oil money from asian billionaires.


You don’t have to sell shit lmao. Real Madrid are the biggest club in the world, stop acting like you are some random midtable club trying to compete against the mighty big clubs. You don’t see Bayern fans crying about it like Madrid or Barca fans and they are fan owned as well. If anyone is deluded it’s you. Real Madrid is just getting a taste of it’s own medicine right now, seeing as your philosophy has always been to sign the best players in the world. How do you think you became the biggest club in the world? It certainly wasn’t because of your local talent. It’s because you started signing the best foreign players as early as the 50’s and have contionously done that throughout your history ever since.


Except Bayern do cry about PSG every other day. Its Juve who don't (makes sense since they are bankrolled by their owners)


They don’t cry about the need for a Super League is my point.


> You don’t have to sell shit lmao. I'm gonna stop you right there because that's just not true. We had to sell players like Hakimi and Reguilón that we would have kept in normal circunstances in order to recuperate from the loss of revenue due to COVID and to keep the numbers in the green. We also didn't purchase a single player in the 20/21 window, even though our squad was short of players due to almost half of them spending time in the infirmary throughout the entire season. Even though are hardly what anyone would call "struggling" right now, we have still had to make some sacrifices along the way. Your claim otherwise is all we need to know that you're chatting ignorant shit. Imagine believing that our club has endless pockets like your sugar daddy has and that we can just keep wrecklessly spending with no consequences to face whatsoever, as if Barça's current situation wasn't enough proof of the contrary.


The reason has been stated hundreds of times already so shut tf up


Because Real Madrid is the only club that matters, they've kept doing this shit for as long as I can remember and it's always a crisis immediately if they don't get their way. Guess what.. if the galactico stuff never happend, football wouldn't be as broken as it is today. They basically started every bad money trend in football. **Edit**: PSG buys Neymar for €222m because of a RELEASE clause, they wouldn't have sold him without the clause. Then PSG DOESNT sell the most valuable player **IN THE WORLD** for €200m, **NO RELEASE CLAUSE**, and the entire worlds on fire. Poor Real didn't get their way :( Now they use this situation to try and be the heroes of football and calling out state backed clubs, a problem who's been in football for years and years but the only solution they've proposed is to immortalize themselves and other clubs on the top level. My own club included. It's NOT to save football, it's ONLY to save THEMSELVES and THEIR position.


Dude is gonna make so much money


Madrid won't pay him more than Mbappe, that's for sure. City won't pay 30M either.


PSG will probably pay him whatever he wants if Mbappe leaves for Madrid


But he probably doesn't want to go to PSG.


If he prefers money over anything, then he’ll have no option but to go there.


United will do something stupid.


He'll ask for 30, United will offer 35.


35 and a balon d’or clause take it or leave it


I’d like to hope United aren’t that stupid


They are that stupid believe me with their kind of board.


True. His demands are too much. Not many can afford him.


He’s expressed a desire to follow a similar career path to Zlatan, basically he wishes to be a mercenary I don’t see why he wouldn’t join Psg if they table a suitable offer


When did he express such a desire?


[Here, I think his agent commented on it in a similar tone before too](https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8210205/amp/Erling-Haaland-admires-Zlatan-Ibrahimovic-moving-one-club-another.html)


Text from another [site](https://bulinews.com/news/4957/erling-haaland-admires-zlatan-ibrahimovic-for-his-ability-succeed-different-leagues) because that dailymail link is beyond cancerous: >Borussia Dortmund starlet Erling Haaland has previously admitted that he considers Zlatan Ibrahimovic a role model. >In an interview with FourFourTwo, the 19-year-old explains what he admires about the Swedish star striker. >"I like his mentality and how he sees different things," Haaland said and added: >"I think I've always had that confidence, too – that's just me. I also like how he moves from one club to another, in another country – which isn't easy – but he always comes in and just bangs in goals, from the first second. I liked seeing that." >Throughout his illustrious career, the 38-year-old has played in Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, England and the United States. Not too sure about the use of 'starlet' though...


Wanting to play in every league doesn’t necessarily make him a mercenary. Maybe he thinks winning ever league title is better than sticking it out with one or two teams


>Dude is gonna make so much money Quite the nuanced take


"nuance is sooo overrated" - Voltaire


we will have to do Mourinho-esque rotation in 2022 if this happens Benzema and Higuain shared gametime in the record breaker season


Don't thing that's possible with your current coach


no shit. he'll play KCM till they're 70


Sounds like his real dream destination is whichever team can meet his and Raiola's demands.


I'm still not fully convinced that both Mbappe and Haaland will play together at Madrid. But good for Madrid if that happens, they have 2 attackers for the next decade. Edit: yup 3, including vinicius, and why not rodrygo too.


3 with Vinicius




Vini Haaland Mbappe. 🥵


I dont think any club will be able to sustain both of their salaries (at least the ones they ask for)


Perez is really about to collect all the Infinity stones


And Spanish Tony Stark—Xavi—will have to work with spidey (fati) and friends to un snap Madrid’s 5 year back to back champions league titles


Woodward: How does Disneyland for Adults sound?


Not gonna deal with Raiola again


No way Perez is gonna give him Ronaldoesqe wages at his age. No chance but if it is his "dream destination", he'll probably accept same wages as Mbappe.


I'm starting to wish him to flop because that's too much money for a player regardless how skilled he is.


I know people like to say it's better off in a players pocket than the owners but greed like this still effects the fans because the owners are assholes who'll do whatever they can to pay for it. Increased ticket prices, super leagues, all that is partly because the ever increasing demands of players and agents.


As if owners wouldn't increase those prices anyway? Let the players make as much as they can. Their careers could all end tomorrow and they are the 0.0001% who people will actually pay good money to watch play.


He's gonna price himself out of a move at this rate


Come home, papi.


These kinds of wages are unsustainable. Let him go PSG and play for money.


We’re not paying him more than Salah. No way he joins us.


I also don’t think we’re putting a fat cheque in Raiola’s pocket either


> No way he joins us. No shit?


We Wouldn't even pay his release clause lmao


PSG it is.


oh no......




who is paying him that in pl,maybe united


Not when we’ve just signed Ronaldo on stupid wages


so then nobody is paying him that in pl


Seen City fans talking about a Puma deal where they won’t have to pay his full wages but I dunno if there’s any truth to that. If not then yeah


Still waiting for Adidas to pay for Messi to come to Chelsea


The good old “sponsorship” money eh? Sure


They quote the Sun....


Hmmm. I'm starting to doubt we're gonna get him.


30 million net. Ahem ahem.


At this rate, he is gonna be with us for rest of his career. fucking subscribed.


So you are saying if an epl club can pay him more he'll let go of his "dream destination"... Ummm doesn't that kind of make the player look like someone only interested in money?


Nahhh, at €30M a year he’s happy to play on minimum wage. His dad and Raiola are in his ear telling him to demand every last coin he can, if Real Madrid are the ones paying it to him that’s a bonus cause it’s his “dream”.


Newcastle enters the chat


Might as well delete football if Mbappe & Haaland are teamed.


You're probably young. Real Madrid had Zidane, Figo, Brazillian Ronaldo, and Beckham together in one team at one stage.


You’re probably also young. If you actually watched football at that time you wouldn’t put Beckham there.


Huh? Is this /s?


Yeah totally. Beckham is just as good as those guys who all won Ballon d’Or. P.S. Reply ‘But he was second twice’ for easy upvotes.


I mean once world's best player, third best player and the best no. 9 were the front three at Barcelona. It will be hard to beat that.


Suárez was better than Neymar.


People will say things like this but you could just put Aguero in place of Suarez and he'd be just as good at the same team. People love to downplay how good 14/15 Neymar was just because Messi was better and Suarez scored more.


Not according to ballon d or rankings.


Public image is everything in regards to the Ballon d'Or, and Suarez's is far from the cleanest. In terms of performances he more than deserved a top 3 placing at least once.


Good thing we don't base our footballing opinions off Ballon d'Or rankings then.


FIFA 22 rankings it is!




You might, but we don't.


There's no way you thought Modric was better than Ronaldo and Messi that year.


Not ronaldo but better than messi. Different roles anyway.


And that's your unbiased opinion? Lol


The same Messi who had the most G+A that whole year? I understand they’re different roles but christ


The third best player in the world was the best number 9


Messi Neymar & Suarez played together and they didn’t win so much on international level.


Wtf is international level for club football. Also MSN won a treble?


International is opposite of national level, european cups if you didn't understand. Real won more UCL during MSN period than Barca.


It's just that I've never heard anyone call it that. I'm not comparing Real Madrid to Barca for the 4 seasons Neymar was there. Just saying that Barca won a treble during that time which is an incredible achievement


What? Mbappe is with Neymar and Messi atm, Haaland would be a big downgrade on that lol


The big clubs in England will have no problem with that


U love to see it.


It's gonna be City, people who think otherwise are clueless. Don't talk about that wage structure bullshit, they're gonna get him in one way or the other.


You’re deluded lol.


Yeah, we'll see who's right.


If he goes to city it’s because she has significantly lowered his demands or puma is stepping in and covering most of it


If he couldn't provide the same service as Benzema is doing with that wage, he would be the next flop after Hazard


Tbh, no point to pay the transfer fee if he demands such high salary. No one would really pay for him.


So did City do bad by Haaland Snr. ? Why the slight reluctance to go there??




€30 million a year for a guy who has achieved absolutely nothing. Yeah. No.


500k a week, so PSG or Man City.




Deluded. City don’t just pay every player 300k +.