I'm already tired of this




Me three..


Somebody has to cover for the Neymar news


Thank god! We almost went an entire hour without posting about this. Was really starting to worry


Ugh. Transfer window hasn’t even opened and this is all over the sub. Long summer ahead


You mean every post about him leaving was sensationalized? No. Not buying it.


This doesn’t mean that. Transfer request and directly communicating it would mean that he loses any loyalty bonus. It just means that he hasn’t pulled that particular trigger (yet).




Yeah, I got that... I’m saying that you’re wrong to sarcastically say that as this doesn’t prove anything one way or the other.


Are you kidding? The bombardment of posts about Kane leaving is simply clickbait by these major media organizations. It can be true that it’s being sensationalized whether he’s still planning to leave/not leave the club.


While a lot of transfer reporting is hot air, the Kane story was different in so far as it appeared everywhere at once, largely from respected journos. That is usually an indication that someone from Kane's camp briefed reporters. The intention, presumably, is to establish the 'gentleman's agreement' with Levy as part of the narrative. On the flip side, this story has very clearly been briefed to the BBC from Tottenham as a push-back against the earlier stories, trying to establish the narrative that Kane has a long contract with no break clauses and hasn't formally requested to leave. What's really happening is that both sides are getting their ducks in a row for what will probably be a long, drawn-out and wearying saga. By going public, Kane's camp is ensuring that the starting point is Kane wanting to leave and that Levy has a moral obligation to allow him out. This puts Kane in a stronger position to raise the stakes gradually if it appears Tottenham are trying to stall or derail his transfer. For example, he can hand in a transfer request and say that he has tried to resolve the situation reasonably and honorably but has been left no choice, and if that doesn't work he might refuse to show up for pre-season. The point isn't that he will definitely do these things, just that his camp is laying the groundwork for this to happen if it needs to and for it not to appear to have come out of nowhere. Does that mean he will definitely leave? Of course not. But it does mean that until the transfer window closes, the press will be full of briefings and counter-briefings.


Most fans understand, I think, there is behind the scenes jockeying and posturing by both camps. What’s hard to track is the truth due to the constant conflicting information. Either way, I wasn’t trying to say one story is more valid than another. I was making light of a complex situation.


The Athletic did a pretty good [article](https://theathletic.co.uk/1530084/2020/01/23/how-to-force-a-transfer/) (soft paywalled) and [podcast episode](https://www.podbean.com/media/share/dir-haepj-7d3f650?utm_campaign=w_share_ep&utm_medium=dlink&utm_source=w_share) last year about what's usually going on behind the scenes in these sorts of situations. You're certainly right that this story is going to fill a lot of backpages for the rest of the summer, and if it seems unbearable now, we ain't seen nothing yet ;)


I’ll listen to that! Ever since Neymar to PSG, the transfer market sagas are unbearable as a fan. Messi’s was even too much. By the way, I think Messi’s transfer story deserves a movie.


His point is the posts about him wishing to leave aren't sensationalized or clickbait they're confirmed by tier 1 spurs reporters, you claimed they're sensationalized, they aren't.


That’s not the big picture. Read through the comments on the posts about him leaving or staying, people are perceiving the constant media response to this news as sensationalized.


What tier is this now?


BBC reporting something as direct from their own sources rather than reporting on reporting are quite high in terms of tiers. They don’t gossip in that way, they have their “gossip roundup” section for that.


But the article it comes from also says the club are pleading with him to stay.


BBC aren't refuting the recent reports - they're just saying Kane hasn't put in a transfer request. Its obvious at this point he wants a move away.


What else has he not done? We need to know.


This is so much fun and not tedious at all and is gonna last until September. I've read about 15 articles saying he has said he wants out, 12 where it says he wants out but hasn't communicated it and 10 stating he doesn't want to leave. Today alone.


Pretty much all your journo connections have said he's got a gentlemen's agreement with levy to leave this season


Spurs tier ones said the same shit but everybody wants to unsettle England’s best player before the euros I guess


Too nice is Harry. Tottenham DNA.


Is this a saga already, or am too early?




What a waste


Is this supposed to be a cheap way of earning some karma ? Because there is no other explanation to this.


He’s bottled it, clearly not good enough for the top clubs with that mentality