Come on, guys, don’t you understand? This isn’t about money, it’s about women’s football!


"Teams in football are in crisis, therefore we're gonna fuck off and make our own league leaving the smaller teams out"


With blackjack, and hookers!


You know what? Forget the football!


Eh Marotta and Zanetti said that too.


Oh the blatant hypocrisy the PL and other ESL repentants have shown will be quickly forgotten by their fans as they seek to show the the real evil guys in this story are Juve, Real and Barça. I hated the idea of an ESL before and I still do, but I’m disgusted by the misplaced sense of pride some fans feel right now. No, 100+ supporters (or whatever the numbers) protesting in London didn’t stop the SuperLeague clubs from seeking billions in funding. UEFA blackmailing and threats did.


UEFA, Qatar and British Government risking to lose the big revenues from the PL*


Tories and Labour investigating ownership in football did.


You know things are really fucked if tories and labourers (?) work together


They paid a PR person thousands per hour to come up with that line. Just think about that.


Three weeks after the whole thing fell through... Their PR reps should voluntarily give themselves a ban from ever working in the field again..


They hired [Theresa May's former head of PR](https://inews.co.uk/sport/football/european-super-league-theresa-may-director-communications-press-strategy-962349). I wish I was joking.


> Moreover, one of its main objectives was to promote women's football on a global level, Hahahahaha, yeah sure. That's why you did it. Bunch of greedy cunts.


Say what you want, but Sky Sports host already laid ground for excuses like that, he was saying something like that "what went wrong with, perhaps maybe with better promotion they should declare to invest in women's football, declare equal pay in 2-3 years for women etc". Which I personally would love to see, ESL would sink way quicker.


>declare equal pay in 2-3 years for women etc I never get this argument when it comes to sports. It absolutely makes sense outside of sports and I'm all for it, but as a sports player you're not an employee, you're an asset. Messi doesn't get paid that much money because he's a male employee, he get's paid that much money because he generates millions for Barca while also helping to win tournaments. When there are millions of kids out there running around with female players on the back of their shirts like they do with Messi and Ronaldo, I assure you, that female player will be getting paid a similar salary.


Every other regular employee is also an asset, making money for the employer.


I don’t buy Maytag washers because Steve’s doing great accounting work though


>Which I personally would love to see Oh please. Watching sports relies on entertainment value. It's incredibly condescending to say women deserve the same salary as men when they perform so much worse. It's incredibly patronizing.


The gap in quality doesn't necessarily translate to a gap in entertainment value. Women's football is a very new sport, and it's barely professional. It has a lot of room for development. And in due time, it can be huge. An example is women's tennis, where I don't think the gap in entertainment is big in comparison to men's tennis, which is mainly because it was established a long time ago and had room to grow.


>Women's football is a very new sport, and it's barely professional. It has a lot of room for development. And in due time, it can be huge. So once it develops women definitely should have same salaries, but right now no.


For sure not right now, I'm just saying we shouldn't write off women's football just because of physical differences.


> The gap in quality doesn't necessarily translate to a gap in entertainment value. Except in football it absolutely does. Women goalkeepers alone make the games pretty unwatchable for me, they goals are just too big for them in general.


> Except in football it absolutely does. That may be the case for you, but it's not a statement of fact. Some women's matches are far more entertaining than men's matches, just like how watching a local non-league match can be more entertaining than a boring 0-0 draw at the top level.


Nobody's promoting non-league for the sake of it like they do with women's football and they aren't looking for non-league players to be paid the same as the best professional players though are they. This is a shit point anyway since professional men's football is clearly more entertaining to more people or else they wouldn't get billions of viewers


I wanna see a woman on Messi wages.


I can wear a wig.


Do the Buffalo Bill tug in too.


Why can't the women's game be the blueprint then? Prove it works and is sustainable. The skill disparity in the women's game is almost as prevalent as in the men's game. If the product is so good - why does it need the others to drive it also? It's bullshit.


Skill disparity is much worse in women’s football then men’s. Teams like Lyon - who were early in putting money in women’s football used to go years unbeaten. It’s not uncommon to see 8-0 scores on top flights. That’s because women’s football on its own is not profitable. The clubs who subsidise their teams have a financial strength magnitude of hights more than in men’s football.


Exactly so there's a case to be made there and due to its infancy there's less impact - but they're only doing it conditionally. It still is a big fuck you to the real fans of wsl though so if they're opposed to it I stand by them too.


There’s a case to be made for women’s football to be made more sustainable, sure. But the clubs involved are big hypocrites. (Barring Arsenal) they only started caring about women’s football recently. Germany, France, and Scandinavia which had been investing in women’s football before were left out also. And the goal of women’s football now is for it to be democratised around countries to become more practiced and accepted. Not an elitist model with 20 clubs from 4/5 countries racking all the cash. It’s addressing a real problem but with a solution that only helps the 1%. Just pure PR and selfishness.


Man, statements like this make you think these clubs are on the brink of collapse, and you just know in a few months they're going to buy players like Haaland and Mbappe for hundreds of millions like it's nothing, disgusting statement.


Signing players on 300+k a week for 5 years


And naming them Galaticos


they are mad that they arent the richest kids anymore so theyre having a meltdown. quite literally the football version of a trust fund baby raging that they can only afford a ferrari and not a lamborghini with their allowance


Probably sad seeing other clubs dominate the European competition lol


Where were they when Serie A was the financially dominant league in the 90s? Were they complaining about how unfair it was then?


True they're complaining cause they will not be able to dominate other teams like they did in last two decades


Tbf PL is also so competitive because of City and Chelsea having sugar daddies, when Italy had sugar daddies every player wanted to play in Serie A or la Liga, wonder why


Back then only league champions were allowed to play in the Champions League, so only one team from Italy in the CL. And City and Chelsea haven't qualified as their league champions.


Back when Blackburn had the most expensive strike partnership in the world?


To be fair a City - Chelsea CL final is genuinly sad


>To be fair a City - Chelsea CL final is genuinly sad Lol nope. Real had Emirates as their sponsor and La Liga literally are about to play a final at Qatar. Don't act like City, PSG and Chelsea are the only morally bankrupt club in Europe


After the Super League debacle, Bayern is the only elite tier club I respect


As much as I hate those two teams you can't deny they've been in and around elite cl competition for the last ten years. Chelsea are ex winners ffs.


City have been one of the best teams in the world over the past five years. And Chelsea is a multiple champion, with wins more recently than at least Juventus.


How is it sad? Id argue that both City and Chelsea are the two most inform teams at the moment. You can call me biased but its the truth. Both teams won the semi finals fair and square and are also doing great domestically.


I think he meant sad as both of those teams were financed by shady billionaires who spent a ridiculous amount of money to buy their success. ​ However, I dont agree with that logic at all. Look at arsenal and their entire fanbase is complaining about kroenke not spending enough, but the man city and Chelsea owners actually spend money, they seem to care for their team and the people still complain about them. Not to mention that teams like real Madrid, Barcelona and man united spent ridiculous amounts of money back in the day and they are building on that spending. no need for romanticism there.


Americans know Kroenke doesn't give a shit about their team with the way he treats his franchise owned teams back in america.


I mean Barcelona kind of is? they’re prolly not gonna do any big transfers either


Thinking Barcelona will ever learn from their shitty transfers is very hopeful considering they're linked to an aging striker that will demand high wages a year after they let theirs go for free to a rival club.


Barcelona needs to learn to manage their already incredible resources. They can't mismanage their finances for years and then tell us it's all because football had become unsustainable.


It's pathetic because they make it painfully obvious it's about their own financial problems while repeating the "for the good of the whole football family" shit. Most clubs in the world are really suffering financially with the pandemic and these are just worried with maintaining their status as top clubs forever.


Well, Perez' problem is that he can't buy both Haaland and Mbappe and he knows that there is a huge part of the fans who only care about those kinds of transfers.


That Juve badge is a joke still can’t believe it




Jorge Jesus masterclass


janez janša :(


Bwahahaha.. EDIT: the logo should be a black panther /s


#Jj *


Johnson & johnson


Jungle juice


Jermaine Jenas




Old badge: 100 years of history, golden arch and crown, bull representing Turin, stylish and modern New badge: OUR NAME BEGINS WITH J


it was genuinely one of the nicest badges in football :( now even the generic ea piemonte one is better




The piemonte one is fire bro


It genuinely makes me sad when classic badges are just tossed away like nothing. West Ham's a few years ago, Juventus and now Inter. All quality badges that were a part of history just discarded for some flavour of the month minimalist nonsense. Imagine if England changes the three lions to the letter E in some fancy font.


To be fair, the West Ham badge with the simplified hammers has been seen before throughout their history and pre-1960s.


That "London" needs to fuck off though


Or a logo-ified version of the face of a lion


> It genuinely makes me sad when classic badges are just tossed away like nothing. West Ham's a few years ago, Juventus and now Inter. All quality badges that were a part of history just discarded for some flavour of the month minimalist nonsense. its frankly our fault. when the club changed the shape of it and got rid of everything surrounding the cannon it not only made our logo alot worse, but somehow convinced every other club that they should make theirs worse too


Hahahah this is as funny as it is sad lmao.


Looks like a logo you’d get on a fake kit


Looks so out of place between those two iconic crests as well


Just wait for Real Madrid's ~~market research approved~~ modernized logo. **RM ™** too many letters in the current one, crown no, too many colors.


Socios would vote out the President who does that lmao


Ok fine, you're right. Market research came up with a compromise. Colors gone. C F? out. It becomes RM but M will be a minimal, easy to recognize branding friendly crown. Thank you for the input.


It looks so bad Piemonte Calcio's logo from Fifa is better


It looks good on clothing, but like hell it should be the official club crest.


so sad


How can they place that emblem besides the Barça and Real ones, and think it's ok?


Looks slick on a tracksuit tbh.


And that's exactly the point of it, minimalistic brand logo.


That’s why they changed it, they were jealous of PSG’s revenue from their lifestyle brands


Not surprised, PSG kits and the like look gorgeous.


It does. Some of their kits look fantastic, with it.


On its own I don’t mind it but it looks like such a joke when next to any other club crest


Having all three of them together makes me remember that meme of the three head dragon lol




What "diversity of reactions"? The only reaction I remember is "Fuck you."


Quite a hefty statement from the big boys today, seems to be a coordinated release as well. They appear to have learned that presenting their plans to save football on a trashy late night TV show while complaining that you can't buy Haaland and Mbappe is not going to be effective. ~~~ In relation to the statement released by UEFA on the 7th May in respect of the Super League and the position taken by 9 of its founding clubs, Fútbol Club Barcelona, Juventus and Real Madrid Club de Fútbol state the following: (i) The founding clubs have suffered, and continue to suffer, unacceptable third-party pressures, threats, and offenses to abandon the project and therefore desist from their right and duty to provide solutions to the football ecosystem via concrete proposals and constructive dialogue. This is intolerable under the rule of law and Tribunals have already ruled in favour of the Super League proposal, ordering FIFA and UEFA to, either directly or through their affiliated bodies, refrain from taking any action which may hinder this initiative in any way while court proceedings are pending. (ii) The Super League project was designed jointly by its 12 founding clubs: a) with the aim of providing solutions to the current unsustainable situation in the football industry. The 12 founding clubs shared the same concerns -as other stakeholders in European football do-, particularly under the current socio-economic context, that structural reforms are indispensable to ensure our sport stays appealing and survives in the long-term. To that effect, on 18th April, they announced their willingness to create the Super League and establish a channel of communication with UEFA and FIFA, in a constructive spirit of collaboration between the parties, as it was so notified to each of them on such date; b) with the utmost respect for the current football structures and ecosystem. The founding clubs expressly agreed that the Super League would only take place if such a competition was recognised by UEFA and/or FIFA or if, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, it was deemed to be a competition duly compatible for all purposes with the continuity of the founding clubs in their respective domestic competitions. However, despite being aware of the above terms, UEFA and FIFA have so far refused to establish any adequate channel of communication; and c) to bring financial stability to the entire European football family, currently under the effects of a deep crisis that threatens the survival of many clubs. Testament of it, the announced commitment to establish annual solidarity payments for guaranteed annual amounts that materially multiply those distributed by UEFA, and the obligation to reinforce financial sustainability rules, through the creation of a clear, transparent and effective control system verified by experts. (iii) The 12 founding clubs also acknowledged that the Super League was a unique opportunity to offer fans around the world the best possible show and to reinforce global interest in the sport, which is not a “given” and is challenged by new generational trends. Moreover, one of its main objectives was to promote women's football on a global level, a tremendous, but currently underestimated, opportunity for the sector. (iv) We are fully aware of the diversity of reactions to the Super League initiative and, consequently, of the need to reflect on the reasons for some of them. We are ready to reconsider the proposed approach, as necessary. However, we would be highly irresponsible if, being aware of the needs and systemic crisis in the football sector, which led us to announce the Super League, we abandoned such mission to provide effective and sustainable answers to the existential questions that threaten the football industry. (v) We regret to see that our friends and founding partners of the Super League project have now found themselves in such inconsistent and contradictory position when signing a number of commitments to UEFA yesterday. However, given that the material issues that led the 12 founding clubs to announce the Super League weeks ago have not gone away, we reiterate that, to honour our history, to comply with our obligations towards our stakeholders and fans, for the good of football and for the financial sustainability of the sector, we have the duty to act in a responsible manner and persevere in the pursuit of adequate solutions, despite the unacceptable and ongoing pressures and threats received from UEFA. (vi) Mostly, we reiterate to FIFA, UEFA and all football stakeholders, as we have done on several occasions since the announcement of the Super League, our commitment and firm will to discuss, with respect and without intolerable pressure and in accordance with the rule of law, the most appropriate solutions for the sustainability of the whole football family. ~~~ The article ends here but I also saw an advert for Snickers that says "NON SE PIÙ TU QUANDO HAI FAME." Not sure if it's in line with the Juventus brand to have a break but oh well.


It’s bit odd that Madrid and Barca both include football club in their name whereas Juvetus without it.


Because Juventus Football Club wants to become a brand, that's why they changed their logo aswell.


God that's so fucking lame. They sound like an instagram influencer not a football club.


I feel like I'm being scolded just reading this shit. they really have no shame and act like they are bestowing a gift to the world.


"Best possible show for global audience" while having Tottenham, Arsenal and AC Milan as founding members, lmao. They really can't see this joke of a league will never be a good idea.


Milan is one of the most popular European teams around the world or outside whatever bubble you live in.


For last 7 years they haven't qualified for CL. They should earn their place at the top like they're doing right now. Popular or not, you fight for that spot and not be granted it because that's how you reafirm yourself as an elite club.


The point of ESL was to use the most popular teams to generate high viewership, which makes the case for Milan and Arsenal, as they are arguably some of the most popular teams worldwide. Milan was mismanaged since the last years of Berlusconi, but it’s also odd that a team of Milan’s stature generates a lower revenue than a team like Everton, whose global outreach and fan base is far lower than Milan’s.


Weren’t Barca fans saying that they are not part of the ESL until their socios vote on it? Was that just trying to look good because Barca are really doubling down on this.


Yeah, management didn't need the socios vote to proceed with it. Like a government, elect them in then they can do what they want until the next election. When the backlash was in full swing someone came out and said they'd give the socios a vote before committing but that was an attempt to mollify the outrage.


They won't/can't vote on it unless it really takes off. And I think they will vote for it. Seems like people in Spain hate Tebas and UEFA so much


Im am sorry how can they be so deluded and hypocrite... The amount of lies, backpadeling, passive-aggressiveness and victimization is beyond any thing i have ever seen


are you talking about UEFA or Juve/Barca/Real?


In this case the three clubs, but the same applies for UEFA, some pundits and a lot of fans and supporters fron both sides




Maybe we should just agree that being hypocritical is one of the most human traits, that we all fall victim to every now and then.


Normalizing a negative trait doesn't do good to anyone... there is a difference between being flexible and being a hypocrite. Saying or doing something to get out of a certain situation or to avoid it but understanding that it is wrong and reflecting is being flexible in life... Saying or doing something that you interpret differently, lie to your self and convince your self that it is right... that is total hypocrisy






But I wanted guaranteeeeeeed revenue every year, why can't we turn hundreds of years of football into the nbaaaaaaa


Lol in the NBA you have to qualify for the playoffs with your regular season record. You guys are giving them too much credit by comparing this to american sports, no one has ever attempted something as horseshit as this. If you're comparing it to the NBA it would be like if the Celtics and the Lakers were always automatically 1 seeds in the eastern and western conference playoffs because they've won the most championships historically.


This exactly. There may be legitimate gripes with UEFA, but this league is founded without even the guise of sporting meritocracy. The top clubs will always be top no matter what others do. These are clubs who have it much easier than anyone else because they command such huge revenues on name alone arguing that the deck isn't stacked enough in their favor.


The idea of the ESL was play-offs/knockout stage after the league stage, just like the new UCL format afaik


> We are poor, we need money and are FORCED to make a superleague Reduce ridiculous salaries and transfer fees >haha no


It's like these guys took a look at their fans Twitter and asked how they could one up the entitlement.




The ESL clearly isn't the answer, but the current system is incredibly unbalanced and needs reform. We're fooling ourselves if we ignore that.


For sure, but neither ESL nor Fifa/UEFA is going to solve it for us. To actually "save" football you'd have to implement stuff that would f.ex reduce peoples salaries and most involved would throw a hissy fit if they didn't get their six/seven figures every month. The only way to achieve something like this would be to go above their heads through the government, through changing laws etc. Things like: \- A serious amount of money that the club earns should go to the local/football community, could even extend to feeding struggeling communities not neccessarily related to football. \- Clubs are not allowed to operate on a loss. \- 50+1. \- Salary cap, agent caps, maybe enforce buyouts to cap/lower player prices. \- Forced 5-7 day rest between games. All of this is possible. But not with the vultures currently in charge.


Salary caps are a terrible idea. Assumes the market is fixed & limited which is the case in the land of the Americans. NFL for example is likely near the market cap it could achieve. Makes sense for them to implement some version of a salary cap. If we are to assume football has a global audience potential, a salary cap set and organised by either an oversight body which has no player representation in its leadership (UEFA) or by the clubs (anti-labour executives, woo) before there's even the chance to reap the fruits would turn football from "for the fans & players" into "for the executive and their pension plans". Player wages aren't a problem. Never have been. Never, ever, ever will be now, then, in the future, in the future's future or the motherfucking post-apocalypse Earth. They are only a problem to executives and little Bobby Kroenke doesn't need a 78th yacht so he can go fuck himself. Edit: Just don't pay what you can't afford and build up proper reserves for your club to absorb a crisis like corona or risks in selecting management.


Lol what you just proposed is not a solution AT ALL to the current system. It just stacks the deck even farther in English favor. This is what we are complaining about, we need competition. Clubs outside of England NEED outside funds to be invested to compete. Not having how much we spend capped at our 40 mill revenue while Everton can spend 250 mill, which is what you just proposed to “save football” lmao. We are complaining about competitive balance. And you just want to entrench it even further, well because you’re a Liverpool fan and giveth the slightest fuck about anyone else but yourself, as all English fans showed during this pathetic propaganda spectacle from Crying Gary Neville to UEFA coordinated propaganda.




Where did they say liverpool were blameless? LFC are still not forgiven for this shite but at least they did pull out.


I don’t see how that’s relevant. This isn’t a statement from Liverpool. The fans of the English clubs have unanimously condemned the ESL so it’s not really hypocritical, if that’s what you’re implying.


I'm sure that like most fans of the English clubs involved they were against their team being part of the esl


Imo the ESL is just an attempted bargaining chip to get what they want with Uefa. But without EPL clubs there is no ESL. Fans and politicians have slammed that door shut. The fact that these clubs haven't buckled either means they feel they can still negotiate tough with uefa or that they are truly desperate for $$ after Covid (and lavish spending). After the GFC I'm inclined tell these clubs to fuck off. 'too big to fail' my ass.


The three teams can play 4 matches for year and be a retirement league for top players playing to their 60s


Just ban them from the UCL and their domestic leagues and be done with it.


> Just ban them from the UCL Well Juve might just do that themselves


Absolute scenes when Juve gets banned but Ronaldo wins UCL with psg




Easier said than done.


On what grounds? UEFA is playing hard to get and tough, but legally they don’t really have arguments,


UCL is an invitational tournament.


Their argument will be that an organisation like UEFA which effectively has a monopoly on top level football cannot use their power to punish other organisations for attempting to set up a competing organisation.




They can and given Ceferin's background and the structure of UEFA there's a good chance they will try to do that soon since the power of the elite clubs and the threat of them leaving seems very diminished. But clubs like Bayern, Dortmund, PSG, etc. won't be particularly happy about the money they regularly get being distributed away.


All 3 pulled out of the ECA uefa can just stop them being able to rejoin for 2 years, they willingly pulled themselves out of it so nothing they can argue with on that front. But they won't as they generate to much money.


most would consider that a fair argument in most other industries


Even if so, a it's a competing organisation built out of a non merit based criteria and thus, I really don't see them wriggling out of this loophole from CAS.


It doesn't really matter, the clubs will appeal it to the EU if they think it's necessary. CAS doesn't decide whether a monopolistic league is abusing its position of power, the EU does, and the EU is unlikely to care (legally) about the fact that the hypothesised Super League (which none of them actually played a game in) would have 15 permanent members.


UEFA couldn’t even ban clubs for FFP violations. Banning them over what to this day amounts to a press release is going to be impossible. I don’t believe that any actual strict contracts have been signed about the SL by any of the clubs involved, otherwise they wouldn’t have backed out in a day


They banned man city over ffp and CAS only overturned it because the documents were 5 years old at that point and man city were found guilty of violations.


And they never missed a single game of CL and kept spending 200M/year for transfers. Proving how toothless Uefa actually is


An invitation you apparently can't decline.


They can decline to participate, they can't decline and then set up a shitshow of a competetion.


they most definitely can lol, the only reason this didn't happen was cause of unprecedented fan backlash not any legal reasons


No, the only reason this didn't happen is because the English club had too much money to lose if they were banned from the Premier league. That is the reason why each of those clubs mentioned they were committed to continue Domestic football in their Super League announcement. This subreddit and a lot of fans are delusional if they think that they somehow convinced or frightened the clubs to back out. English FA just like other local leagues are hand-in-glove with UEFA because in addition to rendering the premier league practically useless with no UCL spot to be won, the Super League also opens up a possibility of a potential break away domestic league which they cannot allow.


On basis, Clubs officially resigned from UEFA league basically rejecting the league. It’s upto UEFA if they approve their application back. UEFA can say we don’t want to do business with competitors and won’t like them be part of our business. Good luck with Super League. UEFA gave Super league clubs way out. If you want to compete against me and fail then how can you work with me again without penalties. It’s just business


The same way they were going to do it to the whole 12 when it was first annoumced.


Yes, just ban them from everything and punish everyone ever attached to those clubs from journalists to fans to players and managers. In the meantime, everyone who put out a 300 word statement on Twitter to say ‘oops’ get away with a pat on the back. This thread is full of mindless reactionary shit with no legal basis, have fun collecting pitchforks you’ll never get a chance to use.


Ok, go make your own league, just the three of you!


El Classico every 3rd match!


"Right and duty" oh fuck right off


UEFA should enforce a transfer ban on the clubs since they seem to be struggling so much with finances. Real Madrid can't be crying about having no money, then being allowed to spend silly money on a player in the transfer window.


Disgusting from all three clubs... It feels really bad seeing my club having such a desperate temper tantrum Also fuck off Pérez


I think we are going to find out in the next few weeks/months that the financial situation at these three clubs in particular are much, much worse than we've been led to believe. I just don't see any reason why they continue to persist with a clarly lost cause. All of the teams that pulled out, and the ones who refused to join, are financially stable, but the situation in Spain/Italy is tenuous at best, and is certainly affecting the top teams, and they likely want to break away because they see the writing on the wall of an imminent collapse in the financial status of their leagues which is going to cause an enormous amount of fallout all the way up the ladder. I hope I'm wrong and it is just shameless, sociopathic greed, but time will tell.


Wah wah wah This is what you get for paying players over a million a week you dumb cunts


They definitely learned their lesson now /s. Alaba to Real for a totally reasonable salary that.... ... No one else wanted to pay...


That's just 8 paragraphs of absolute waffle, still adamant that they can convince fans it's in footballs best interest Absolutely insulting to all football fans, basically describing us as idiots, we see right through your waffling paragraphs of legal nonsense and we know the 1 reason you want the super league is the money Fuck off back to your holes in your respective countries because you haven't got a clue about football


This is getting embarrassing


I would expect this from Florentino and Agnelli. But Laporta? Is barca in such a complicated situation you have to listen to those 2 mob bosses?


I think Barca’s situation is complicated enough that it’s tempting to listen to them, but he shouldn’t be joining that company anyway. Bartomeu clearly got the ball rolling on this process but Laporta should have stepped up while he was running for President and should have stepped up when he got elected.


English is not my first language... and I HATE reading administrative stuff, laws, etc. On english.. So can someone please explain me what the heck these guys want more? Why are they continuing to talk about Super League? Why are they still using "we want to save football, we need reforms"? Why can't they just shut the heck up and realize that they screwed up by their poor managing of the clubs, and that it is because of them that they have put their clubs in so much debt? WHY DON'T THEY JUST SHUT THE HELL UP?


>So can someone please explain me what the heck these guys want more? Money, they want more money.


Omg just ban them already! Football doesn't need these clubs. New will come. See how fast Chelsea, City and PSG got shit ton of fans.


I mean Chelsea were fairly popular in the late 90s and early 00s. They were the underdog club to support in England and played entertaining football with great players. I probably knew more Chelsea fans than Arsenal when I was younger(I'm not saying Chelsea were more popular than Arsenal).


Paris has always been a fan favourite even when they were shit


>New will come. See how fast Chelsea, City and PSG got shit ton of fans i mean that's the whole reason they wanted the super League


It's not really. The reason they want the super League is because their hegemonic position can only be maintained if they continue to make good decisions when running their clubs. If they make some mistakes like signing underperforming players for lots of money, they will struggle to compete at the highest level and in the worst case scenario could end up competing with poorer but better run clubs for champions League qualification. It's happening to Juventus already, and it's already happened to Arsenal and Tottenham. Madrid and Barca seem a long way off but Madrid are extremely reliant on older players and Messi is still at Barca.




*"We were pressured into abandoning ESL and you are very wrong if you think we will give up on that. We are a bunch of disgusting creatures and I hope we all die."*


And it was all about promoting woman football !!


"We did it to promote promote women's football."


Real didn't even have an official women's team until 2019, and did it by absorbing an existing team, who only came about in the first place because Real rejected women's football in the past.


Did not know that. Makes that statement even more absurd.


A lot of 'big' clubs have terrible records for promoting, or even accepting women's football for years. When the Glazers took over United they disbanded the existing women's team and it wasn't reformed until 2018. Likewise Juventus didn't have a women's team until 2017


This is so pathetic and embarrassing from these three historic clubs. Madrid fans: do you see Florentino Perez being re-elected after this farce? He’s making your club look incredibly petty and small-time in the eyes of the footballing world.


He was re-elected a few days before they published the proposal for the super league. Quite the coincidence I know /s


AFAIK people in both club are sadly OK with the ESL, at least not as much opposition as in England, probably due to financial issues which seem to sting them harder.


I see. Well, I’ve got no sympathy for them. It’d be like feeling sorry for a guy who’s bleeding out because he stabbed himself in the stomach. Take Barcelona, for example. Instead of focusing on their youth academy to find “the next Messi” (you know, the way they found the original Messi), they’ve thrown ridiculous amounts of money at the problem only to find it’s not that easy. Paying over £100 million for a Liverpool striker, only to loan him out after one season so he can score the last two goals as you get brutally sodomised 8-2 by a club that’s actually run properly? Barcelona deserve every bad thing they get.


If there would be elections again with Perez trying to be president again, he would win again, he has done a lot for Real Madrid and ESL was a way to make Madrid even bigger.


Fuck the esl. Madrid doesn't deserve to be big by right. You won your status by winning, not by signing a contract that assured your presence uptop.


The very idea that the 13-time European champions, the club that won the competition for the first five years of its existence, the club with which the very idea of European competition is synonymous, would be willing to piss all that history up the wall for a bit of money, is disgusting. Their fans can try to justify it all they want: Perez is a prick and they’re pricks for loving him.


I know this is not the most popular take, but I don’t really see the issue with a super league. It sucks for the other teams, but for these clubs: I get it. They don’t owe the other clubs anything.


It’s just shit for football overall. It turns it into the NFL, NBA, or MLB. The can be amazing but there’s only 30 teams or so to choose from and the ones who preform the worst get rewarded too. At least in football no ones tanking. Plus small clubs get a shot at the big ones during the domestic cups which always fun.


Embarrassing ourselves further - just tell them it depends on the socios anyways and leave it at that


Fucking twats. All of you. I wish poverty upon all of your clubs


Christ I think they just need to be made an example of at this rate. They aren’t giving up. They have doubled down and refined their statements to try and not look like such a bunch of cunts. Unfortunately no one, not even a large portion of their own fan bases, agrees that their solution was anything other than a dirty cash grab motivated by self interest and greed with no respect for anyone but themselves. They are a joke and I hope they get properly punished.


My team has no money! I have huge debts. Instead of doing what any other small team does which means selling your assets to save your ass & not overspending (declare bankruptcy at worse). I'm gonna fuck off and create my own league and/or demand special privileges, because I the management is no way at fault. P.S. Oh I'm gonna spend 700 million on a stadium renovation, because I'm such a good manager.


>We are fully aware of the diversity of reactions to the Super League initiative and, consequently, of the need to reflect on the reasons for some of them. We are ready to reconsider the proposed approach This is probably about the "permanent members", so I just wanna know, if this "permanant members" stupidity get replaced by a proper sport-based rule, would you guys be still against the ESL ? and why ?


It just becomes a CL ripoff at that point but the main issue is trivialising the big games between big clubs and shifting focus from the domestic league to the more profitable SL. It’s an awful idea as a whole and the only good idea is clubs being able to sell their own games in the form of streaming them.


I'd be against it because it means players flying out to Dubai/North America/Asia/Australia midweek for about 10 weeks minimum a season. I get that there are fans in all these places but what about the local fans of these clubs who want to follow their team and would miss out on say man United playing Barca at old Trafford because the games now in Sydney.


That's an angle I hadn't considered. Sounds good, actually. (Melbournian here).


The absolute termerity of these clubs to continue on with this Super League farce is astounding. Ban them from Champions League for 5 years minimum and make them go bankrupt.


Looks like at least Perez and Angelli are going to plant the flag on their own hill and defend it until the hill is burnt to the ground. Probably will bring the club down along with them. Or just lots of posturing between them and UEFA like yelling at each other from a very far distance telling the other side to punch them. Not sure why Barca is still in, I thought their stance is to have the socios vote? I suppose if the socios haven't voted yet they won't change their stance? Anyway, we are probably out of European contention next season so yay?