My standout memory of Jan is against Dortmund in the CL where he suddenly decided to become the best wingback in the world for one game. Turned in a goal and an assist (I think. Correct me if I’m wrong), marauded up and down that left channel and kept Sancho quiet.


Correct, goal and an assist, the goal was also a volley followed up by his Super Jan celebration, in the next leg I remember he also made a stunning tackle from what could have easily been a goal


That cross to Son was fucking perfect


He played basically LM/LF for us a bunch of times on the NT. Games vs the US or Japan come to mind.


I was lucky enough to be at that game, one of the few games I got to see live as a spurs fan.


Super Jan


It's time to Michael down your Vincents


There can only be 8 Chad Michael Vincents


But there are 16 Quadrants


That’s why it’s time... for Jan Michael Vincent 16!!


Unrelated but the improv is by far and away the best part of Rick and Morty, it's so outlandish and yet the animators do such a good job


Does whatever a super can


He became one of my favorite players ever during his tenure with us. Was with us during so many different tenures and rebuilds but he was so consistent, and for a few years his partnership with Toby was phenomenal It’s a shame his legs are gone, or just not up to PL standard anymore, but 8 years man, feels like not too long ago he had just signed, as cliche as it sounds.


Will he return to Ajax?


Don't think so. Overmars already said he looked into it and decided not to pursue him for a return.


I think he said he might be returning to belgium to play for Beerschot again. Not shure tho


Why would he want to go to second class?


Beerschot could still be promoted!


They most likely will promote, first leg has been played and they have a 1-0 advatage, 2nd of august is when the second leg gets played.


They have bottled it in the past 2 seasons in the return leg, don't assume they'll make it


Now they're 1-0 instead of 1-1 last seasons, and OHL isn't the most difficult team to play. I'd say get your hopes up because we're probably going to 1A


> and OHL isn't the most difficult team to play. Now wait just a minute there, bucko! Ah, what am I saying, it's true...


Jan himself said he doesn't want to compete with his good friend Blind because they play at the same postion.


That makes sense, thanks!


Would be cool to see them play together at the back though


Overmars already confirmed that that’s not happening


We've been after him for a while now


The rumour was City were interested.


I've seen redditors say this several times and I've never, ever heard of the City rumor this season. Last season maybe, not this one at all




Decent left-footed CB cover for Laporte


Amazing in his prime... not sure he's up to City's standards now. If he was, I doubt we'd be letting him go.


His wages were probably too high. For a backup CB he is more than good enough even now.


Still good on the ball, though he'd be vulnerable to counters with City's high line. He'd only play rarely, and would allow City to sell Otamendi while spending the money that would otherwise be spent on a backup on a young left-footed prospect instead.


City play possession based football, which should help him a lot more, and Jan’s great on the ball.


City also play a suicidal high line which needs defenders that can outpace attackers with the ball


Transfer to Feyenoord almost confirmed


If it wasnt for corona I would say go enjoy the MLS.


At 33, MLS might be the best option for a guy like him. He's pretty good on the ball and he's class too, definitely can see him having a successful couple of years there.


Eight years ago is exactly when I started following Spurs. I've literally never known a Tottenham team without him or, for that matter, Lloris. He was absolutely class those first few years as AVB then Tim and even Poch shuffled him around the backline. Was never happy about playing outside or in mid but always put in a shift. Really going to miss him. (LA could use a competent defender too, Jan!) Also, throwback to that time [Mourinho called Jan a special one for a controversial foul on Torres](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OISEE0y07Yc) when Spurs drew Chelsea.


Him and toby were arguably the best premier league cb pairing of the last decade.


Most consistent long term one I think maybe but overall best seems a bit excessive. They were good together though


Can you name a better one? We've had some great CBs in the league like Kompany and VVD but their partners were generally changing. I don't remember a partnership this solid and long lasting.


I mean Vidic and Rio still played together in 2010, 2011 and some parts of 2012?


I think both of them had had their best years come and go by then though. 15/16, 16/17 & 17/18 were great years for the Belgian boys


Vidic was arguably the best player in PL back in 2011. PFA went to Bale but I think Vidic won the writers award or something.


Was more talking about Rio tbf


Rio was very much past it from like 2011 onwards


He made team of the year in 12/13? His game time had to be managed but he was solid until the Moyes season in 13/14.


rio's best days were definitely behind him by the time vertonghen came in


Mertesacker and Koscielny no joke. In the first two years playing together they never lost a game when both played the full 90 and conceded only 0.5 goals on average Age caught up to Per but yeah between 2012-2015 he was great with Koscielny


They did make a great pair. Wenger plucked out Koscielny from nowhere and he suited Per well.


You might be right here when you put it like that. Tottenham's defence in 15/16 & 16-17 was outstanding thanks to these two rocks It's weird because I wouldn't say either Alderweireld or Vertonghen was a top 5 PL CB over the last decade (VVD, Laporte, Kompany, Terry etc.) but you're right about the partnerships changing often. I suppose it's a testament to how well they played together.


Laporte has played 44 premier league matches. Madness to put him ahead of Toby.


Wow has it been that few? Feel like he's been there for years. I take it back.


He was injured for a huge portion of this year.


Mad hype cos their defence collapsed this season, and he was conincidentally missing during the downturn.


I'd say Alderweireld possibly sneaks in the top 5. He was a rock at Southampton and then carried that over to Spurs. I'm struggling to think who else could be top 5, assuming we think Rio and Vidic were out of their prime.


Vidic was still good until 2012 I think, so maybe?


Obviously Terry and Laporte won titles but when you look at how consistently they played over the decade, just in terms of ability, I'd put Toby and Jan up there with them. Mainly because Terry declined as the decade went on (understandably) and Laporte has only really been established in the last 2ish years (In the prem). If Jan or Toby were at city they would still have won titles imo.


Can't really think of another. Only terry and cahill come to mind. And that's really only because of terry. And by best I mean over the whole decade. Other pairings have had good seasons of course.




Kos and mertesacker are one.


Didn't really last 5 years, very good though.


Not 5 years? How so? Do you mean because of a mix of injuries between them or they didn't play together for 5 years straight?


The main partnership was over after like 2015 really with Per being replaced and later injured for ages.


Carvalho and terry


Largely down to the fact that none of the teams had a stable cb pairing as lasting




He's too expensive and we have Blind for his position.




Only ever played for two clubs, and stuck with us despite probably being above our station at one point. He's definitely someone who values loyalty.


3 clubs. He played his whole youth for Beerschot (together with Toby and Dembele). We play our second promotion game sunday. If we go up to the first Division it would be absolutly sick if he returned to end his career.


Right, forgot his youth career. Didn't Wanyama also play for you guys?


Yes we signed him as a 17 year old. Sold him 3 years later for the whopping amount of 1 million to Celtic.


Don't spend all that in one go!


> together with Toby and Dembele Ah fuck. You're making me sad again. It's been so wonderful to reunite the three at Spurs. We couldn't send them off with fanfare and silverware, but at least they've still had a great journey together at Spurs.


Beirschot marginaleeeuh


When he was there it was a weaker point in Ajax history when players like Taino, Enoh, and Anita could make the first team.


I allways saw Toby returning rather than Jan, but both would be cool aswell to see at Ajax




Former colleague of mine went to school with Jan and keeps in touch with him regularly. He said he liked Tottenham cause the fans will clap for anything where at Ajax the fans were much more critical.


Will you move Blind to LB if Tagliafico leaves?


Only if there is literally nobody else, he doesn't have the speed anymore (if he ever did). Lisandro Martínez would take that position before him, as he has played there before for Defensa/Newell's.


Blind still does a serviceable job there for the national team but yeah speed is not his strength.


Would love to see that.


Come ~~home Jan~~ TO FENERBACHE KING


I'll sure miss that iconic celebration of his. So long, Super Jan.


Can't relate


i’ll never forget when Vertonghen bossed left wing against you lot at wembley, crazy night


He was magnificent 🥺


Neither will I, still have nightmares


[clip here](https://youtu.be/oFGPhEayi3I?t=259)


His inch perfect cross to Son and goal vs Dortmund I will never forget..


Been a staple in the league for the past decade. Will be weird not seeing him around. I feel for the players that are retiring in front of empty stands.


He deserved a standing ovation in front of a fully packed NWHL.


He will certainly get a testimonial


Unlikely with Levy :(


Hopefully the bastard makes an exception


If Dawson and Lennon haven't gotten one, i highly doubt Jan will :(


Any reason he didn't renew with Tottenham?


I think it was more Spurs didn't want to renew. Hes 33 and spending most of his time on the bench, can't see Levy giving him a new contract


Rumours were we wanted to give him a one year extension but he wanted two or three?


he probably deserved a two year deal given his service...wish we could afford to keep players like him and dembele around the team a little past the time that theyr'e starters


Wants consistent playing time. Rn he's our 4th choice and would be used to cover cb and lb as a backup. Plus there's tanga ga going through the ranks at those same positions


You dropped this: n I like Tanganga, great find by Spurs, and great defender as well.


That debut start against you lot was pretty impressive given how in form you were. Haven't seen much of him since but let's say Jan leaving hasn't left me nervous about our centre half situation.


We should be good at CB for a good few years. Toby is solid, Sanchez and Dier are still young and hopefully the few brainfarts they have in them can be sorted out by Mou, and have Tanganganga as a promising prospect for the future.


Missing a couple more 'ang's


As much as I love dier, he’s not good enough. Lost his man in the box yet again yesterday and we concede. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen him do that just since the restart. He switches off too much to be a reliable Centre half.


In my heart of hearts I know this to be true, his suspension was a blessing in disguise. But still, I am hoping that Mou will pull off a miracle with him.


Combination of us not wanting to pay high wages to someone who’s now 4th maybe even 5th choice at CB and he also very likely doesn’t want to be 4th or 5th choice himself so this was the best move for everyone.


Main reason was he wanted 2 years, we don't want to give 2 years to someone who is 33. Also of course that he only 4 choice now.


We offered ome year he wanted two neither party budged


I know why it’s happened. I understand why it’s happened. But seeing my favorite player go stings like hell. I hope wherever he goes he succeeds. Farewell Super Jan.


bale was when i learnt to never love again until harry goes, then i'll finally go postal


I'll love other players and I still love some of our players. Jan was my favorite though, thank goodness we didn't lose him AND Toby at once, that would've given me an ulcer from sadness.


I was a bit upset at losing Walker and Dembele, I was bitter hateful cunt towards Eriksen, but I could never hate Jan. An absolute legend on and off the pitch.


Dembele I agree with. Walker kept running his mouth after talking about how he wanted to make us regret letting him leave (like he didn't ask to) and Eriksen was a brat.


Eriksen fucked off to Inter and hasn’t really been that good, making his demands for Barca/Madrid look hilarious


Except for the last 12 months before he left, Eriksen was a fantastic player for us but his form went to utter shit and he's not really much better now at Inter which shows it wasn't just the contract situation that was the problem. I was glad he left because it clearly was affecting the whole team, and looking at him now I'm specially happy we didn't give him the fat check he wanted (if he wanted that at all). Walker and Dembele were massive losses however, not much we could do though, sadly.


Can't blame you for feeling sad. Don't like a lot of your players for obvious reasons but it always annoyed me that we missed out on Jan. Always seemed professional.


Never did I think Alderweireld would outstay Vertonghen. He should go to Italy, he will do great out there.




Imagine a Smalling - Vertonghen CB pairing, how good would that look haha


Don’t underrate that this gives us the ability to use Mancini in the midfield. A rotational piece on the midfield and defence we are truly lacking


Anywhere but inter/lazio and i'd be happy


Pure me


Fuck I was still hoping that it was another one of his pranks. He's a legend at Spurs and we'll all miss him. Just wish he could've won a trophy with us before leaving.




Is he linked to any club??


Us. No idea if it will actually happen.


You guys are like the new United, linked to everyone


I wonder if Inter will get Sneijder after all


Might get Müller too


It's really not new, the world press loves to make us look like we're buying a new full roster every Summer. Every now and then I wish I could go back as far as early 2000s and look at who we were supposedly going after. Look at the whole Messi bs, anyone with a grain of common sense knew it was a coincidence that everyone ran with, and all of a sudden Conte is being asked about Messi in a press conference. Why


Linked to City as CB backup if Otamendi and Stones are sold.


That will sting so much if I ever see him in a City kit


Look forward to seven years of "Man City legend" comments from reddit comedians if it goes through


You know he'll sign a one year deal and win the Champions League, Premier League, FA Cup and League Cup in that year.


I'd still be happy for him, it's a disgrace he's never won anything with us. At least Hugo won a world cup even if it wasnt relevant to Spurs.


Captained them to World Cup victory, doesn’t get any better than that


idk i might have to put the [2015 AIA Cup Champions](https://media.gettyimages.com/photos/tottenham-hotspur-celebrates-with-the-aia-cup-after-they-defeated-xi-picture-id474860478) over that


Any word on who'd be in for Stones?


Everton or Arsenal would be top of the list. Arsenal probably favourites as their defence needs some work (not saying Stones would make it better or worse) and Arteta is a massive fan of his.


Imagine wanting Stones to solidify your defence. This is how David Luiz happened in the first place!


I belive Juventus will sign him as he is free transfer.


As Roma we’re thinking of him. In case Smalling went back to MU. But if course we never have any money!


I read something about us a few days ago


He's a plan B for Roma if they can't extend Smalling's loan/purchase


I really do think Vertonghen is criminally underrated by non Spurs fans. When Alderweireld joined us and did great people instantly recognized him as a great defender. But Jan for many years was the lone reliable piece in a shoddy defense. Then when we became good defensively, it was because of Toby. Not to pit the two against each other but outside of 15/16 and 16/17, Jan was much better for me.


i still remember jan as LB and lennon+ the boys ripping us apart in old trafford. how time flies.


Man it's weird. Feels like it was like 4 years ago but it was 8 somehow. Just looked at it and then it seems like even longer ago. The goalscorers that day were Vertonghen, Bale, Dempsey, Nani, Kagawa


Holy shit I completely forgot that Dempsey actually put in a shift for Tottenham.


dempsey hated united lol. got a brace against them in another game.


> Holy shit I completely forgot that Dempsey actually put in a shift for Tottenham. He was actually pretty good that year for Spurs, probably would have stuck around had he not gotten offered mega money to come back to MLS.




Aston Villa can actually use him just like we got Terry 3 years ago. I mean, if Cahill still playing in EPL why can’t Vertonghen?


Certainly more technically gifted than both Terry and Cahill. Definitely still has value in the PL. Although thinking back. Most of the no nonsense CB’s tend to have insane longevity.


Didn't Poch drop him at the beginning of the season? Was there a particular reason for it?


I mean most of our players were ran into the ground due to us not signing any players.


and the season before the CL final campaign he and 13 spurs players were in the world cup semis, so theyd played pretty much non stop and at Poch-intensity for years. We also had a decent PL and CL run in 17/18 at wembley, beating dortmund and real madrid as the stadium got delayed. The drop off from that WC tournament is why we should have signed various replacements in 2018 and led to the inevitable in hindsight sacking of Poch and Co. All of them reached the peak of their careers (fitness wise) pretty much


>Was there a particular reason for it? Yeah, he’s just old, not the player he used to be. Even Mourinho dropped him after a few weeks.


you still have Jan Vertonghen-Peters right?


How big of a drop off has he had? Any idea what level of clubs are after him?




No joke he was probably the best defender in the prem just 3-4 years ago. Time comes at you fast


Even 2018-19 he was brilliant. Just fell off a cliff


To me it always felt like Jan is very much an emotionally charged player, he showed that plenty of times on the pitch throughout the years at spurs. I'd like to think the past horror year for Tottenham, the last couple of months under Pochentino etc had a terrible effect on his mentality. He's never been that fast, and always makes that 1 mistake a game, but him falling off a cliff like that doesn't really make sense. Could be age, sure, but I think we'll see a different Vertongen at his next club.


Yeah, he definitely felt the past few difficult years, remember him being subbed off against Boro? Man loves this club, it hurt to see him decline, but he was world class for a good 4 seasons


Thanks. Weird how a decline can happen so quickly. Thought very highly of him when I saw him in previous seasons but havent watched as much premier league football in the last year. I was kind of hoping he might be at our level. Feel we need an experienced leader in our defence. Need someone to organise the defence. Like how Cahill did at Palace. We play a pretty high line though which is helped by the fact that one of our centrebacks is pretty fast to catch up to quicker attackers. Could mitigate any decline in pace for the 2nd one. If his wage demands are too high or theres bigger clubs after him then we'd have no chance. Whats he like personality wise?




Thats good. Whatever happens, I hope he lands somewhere that suits him. Always difficult to see a player leave who has been so important and been at the club for so long


Consistently seems to be one of the most liked players in the club. Appears in most of the PR videos and always gives everyone a good laugh. In a goodby video posted today harry winks said too that jan made it a good environment for a young player to come into. All in all a well respected, well liked presence


Had the game of his career against Dortmund in the CL last year Couldn't make an appearance in his final game with the club yesterday


Just come to Brugge Jan, you know you want it.


Anderlecht so he and Kompany can be the spine of the Belgium WC 2014 team.


The ability to speak does not make you intelligent.


Yes please


Would love to see Leeds splash cash for him on a 2 year. Lost his legs a bit but at 33 he can still start in the Premier League. His experience could be a nice boost for promotion players.


Not sure he'd suit their football. Best fit in the prem that I can think of is Palace, but they've got other recruitment priorities


Idk why but of all the prem teams i feel like I’d die if i saw him at palace


So sad to see him go. Brought us stability in defense that I didn't think we'd have after King retired. Now I have to watch Sanchez and Dier trip over their own feet every game.... Farewell Super Jan


would u still start him? also what’s up with toby ?


Nothing wrong with Toby, he's started the last 4/5 games. And Vertonghen was about 4th choice CB behind Alderweireld, Dier and Sanchez.


Sporting CP needs a world class CB. Think about it, great food, great weather, awesome ppl. :)


Going to miss him in defence, was amazing for so long


I'm going to miss him in attack. his ability to take an opposition player out of the game and carry the ball forward was pivotal to many attacking moves. it made passing the ball forward feel "downhill" rather than the onerous task it is for us these days.


Jan and Toby partnership is definitely one my favorite CB partnerships


I’m definitely not crying right now.


Whatever about tedious banter of their lack of trophies. The guy has been a immense for a large chunk of his time in England until last season and of course, prior with Ajax. And while I am cursed at attending games at Wembley, his performance against BVB was one of the best individual performances I have seen live and generally last season. Actually wouldn't mind him at Dortmund for a year if and when Balerdi moves on it seems if he accepted lower wages and a cover role mostly. Also Meunier, Hazard and Witsel, so a bit of a Belgian thing going.


Good luck jan mate, been nothing but a fucking boss since you joined


Tottenham legend and I don’t want to hear otherwise Massive part of what made us that good under Pochettino, and a massive loss for the entire team


I still remembered when he decided to join spurs instead of arsenal in 2012 when spurs barely missed CL qualification...


Gone but not Vertonghen!


Class act.


All the best Jan, will miss the Superman celebration.




Damn. This tweets just show me, i should avoid Twitter. All this sad fucks, that are just on twitter, to start shit with supperters from other Clubs and stalk and watch every tweet from Rival Teams just to put one weak attempt at banter, that they bring up 999x times is so annoying. I feel some people literally choose their clubs, so they can banter other Clubs, to somehow please their loser ego, with some kind of imaginary success.