Just think of now till August as a long pre season...


Son's crying.


Hey man give your Son some love and attention


Rage quit








But then you have next season? It's only going to get worse until he goes.


yeah it's totally Mourinho's fault that our two best players are injured and we have no squad depth


That doesn't explain why the rest of them are shit


So there was a handball in the build up, but because Tottenham cleared it, is that the same phase of play?


At this point nobody knows what the fuck the rules are


Refs association is honestly a joke


Refs playing Calvinball


> [It is an offence if a player](http://www.theifab.com/laws/chapter/32/section/92/): ... > > gains possession/control of the ball after it has touched their hand/arm and then: > > scores in the opponents’ goal > > creates a goal-scoring opportunity


Correct. And neither of which happened.


There are rules?




Such an obvious handball as well, there’s no need for VAR there. I don’t know how John Moss misses it


The first four words of your second sentence have never accompanied the second four. It's Jon Moss. He misses everything.


He’s such a fat fuck, how have the FA not got annual fitness tests.


They do, the bar must be set pretty low.


So low that Jon moss just walked right smack into it


New rules I heard. No longer checking handball in buildups unless it is assist or from the goalscorer.


These aren’t new rules. This is what they said at the beginning of the season. It just got interpreted by some as anywhere in the build up


Heard on the tv they had a meeting last weekend in Belfast to discuss new rulechanges on handballs.


For next season. Nothing’s changed during this season


Has to be either the goalscorer or the assist. Same as trent handball for fabinho goal vs city


Amazon Show lookin spicier by the week




At least Daniel Ricciardo can cheer me up




Spoiler alert?


Did they change the rule suddenly?


I thought “no way this stands” and then it stood... and they’ve applied this new rule in less clear situations this year... I’d be fucking livid. The cross doesn’t go in if he doesn’t handball it.


Genuinely I thought they were reviewing it then straight away the game's kicked off again.


Fuck VAR


Nah, no chance of offside armpit hair = no VAR


It’s the easiest rule as well, if it hits a hand in the build up to a goal, it’s hand ball. How do they get it wrong?


Obviously, they need to change the handball rules yet again to clarify things.


Or maybe /r/soccer users should click on the link to the Laws of the Game in the sub's sidebar.


Because he technically didn’t have a part in the goal, it doesn’t matter. Very strange rule, should be disallowed if u look at all the goals that have been disallowed this season for the same reason. Can’t imagine the rule not being changed in the summer


It literally set up the cross. Not sure how they can justify this one.


I've got no horse in this race, but the cross itself isn't a goal scoring opportunity. And even then, it was headed away by a defender


Yeah, after hearing the clarification from the VAR, I still don't like it, but I understand it.


After the handball there was a cross, a defensive header, a shot, and a save. I think there was enough football played to say the handball did not directly lead to the goal. Anyway, it's stupid rule.


I think this is a fair interpretation of the rule for an unintentional handball that was way in advance of the actual goal. Whether or not this will be enforced consistently like this is the question.


It doesn’t have to directly lead to the goal. If one of the attacking players touches the ball with their arm during the build up it is a foul.


It does have to. It’s been clarified multiple times this season


That's not what the rule says. It says: "a player wins ball possession after it comes off their hand or arm and then scores, or creates a goalscoring chance." The cross was easily cleared by Dyer. It did not create a goalscoring chance. The rule was applied correctly.


Referees are dumb sometimes, but definitely not even close to the level of r/soccer experts.


I still don't know the handball rule because the referees inability to properly implement it. That goal happens tomorrow in our match v Everton, VAR rules it out. Referees are fucking dog shit.


> It’s the easiest rule as well, if it hits a hand in the build up to a goal, it’s hand ball. That is not and never has been the rule. The [law](http://www.theifab.com/laws/chapter/32/section/92/) adopted this season states that it's an offence if a player "gains possession/control of the ball after it has touched their hand/arm and then: scores in the opponents’ goal [or] creates a goal-scoring opportunity"


Without him handballing it and then kicking it into the area where it was ultimately scored from, the ball is out on the left wing, not where the goalscorer is. He doesn't handball it, it's nowhere near the spurs goal to go in. I'm not a spurs fan, but how him putting the ball into where one touch then led to a goal isn't the same phase of play is odd.


Honestly it’s the correct decision but not according to that shit law changes the pushed through. This goal probably shouldn’t have stood according to them but it absolutely should’ve stood anyway. They better change it back in the summer because the fact that I think the officials got this wrong in anyway is annoying me massively My head is spinning here


Why should it have stood anyway? I mean if the ref saw it hit his arm there he would have stopped play and no one would think anything of it because of course thats the right call. But he missed it, and for some reason VAR won't go back 5 seconds into the build up that directly lead to the goal to overturn it?


Because he can’t do anything about it or anticipate where the ball is going in the split seconds it takes for it to deflect into his arm. That’s what the rule should be but it’s not. You shouldn’t be punished for the fact alone you have an arm. I hate the new rule. But I get it. I would be fuming too if Arsenal conceded the same goal because of the rule and the goals the have chalked off for similar reasons. But honestly I wish they would just change the rules back where only a “deliberate” handball was a foul. It’s a nice and open. No one can read the players mind so deliberate simply means looking at the players arm position and if he could’ve reasonably avoided it. In this goal there was no way for him to anticipate where the ball was going. Therefore it’s a valid goal imo but again, not according to the new shit handball rules.


I assume it wasn't disallowed cause it's arguably a new passage of play once the defender clears it (and I'm not pretending to know the exact rule on it), but that's literally something I've just made up and am mainly hoping they didn't miss a handball that obvious.


This has to be the explanation


There are rules?


possession changed. similar to fabinho goal vs city.


I hope so, its a stupid rule


But you can't change it in the middle of the season.


They haven’t changed it. It’s always had to either be before the shot or before the assist to be considered “directly leading to goal”


Lloris could've done better.


My blood pressure could be doing better too


I feel like this is the case with a lot of goals he concedes.


Handball surely??


Not sure why it’s not been mentioned lol? Just hit his arm clearly


possesion changed after that. remember fabinho goal against city?


League is a fucking joke


Big club bias is getting out of hand.


Ridiculous tbh. Burnley deserve a lead but it hits his arm and should clearly be disallowed. Swear the refs gets worse every week...


Did you forget that time Sanchez got literally fucking DDT'd and then he got carded for it? Refs have been a fucking joke in every fucking match i've watched for years.


With Mitrovic right? That was ridiculous, probably the worse decision I’ve ever seen tbh. Mitrovic DDT’d him, Sanchez got up and didn’t react to it and the referee decided a yellow card for both was the fair decision. A yellow card for getting DDT’d and then standing up.


It doesn't directly lead to the goal, between McNeils cross and the Woods goal Rodriguez had a shot, doesn't make a lot of sense but that's the rule.


You're not making sense. Handball is a handball.


Moss should blow for handball because it's obvious but once he hasn't and the goals been given VAR won't overturn it, that's literally the rule.


Now *that* makes sense.


Lmao that's not how it works.


How does it work then?


It gave them an advantage in the build up of play that lead to the goal. Or in the phase of play.


I agree, it's a stupid rule, but from my understanding of it if the person who handballs it doesn't either score or directly assist then VAR won't overturn it.


Ah I see if that is indeed the rule then this makes sense, tbf that’s the only way this makes sense as it’s definitely the same passage of play. They really need to make the rules black and white, but they won’t because controversy sells stories.


Yes I've read that a few times this season. Yeah, I feel like they don't know the rules themselves sometimes.


How’s that handball not given


Refs have been wild today


This season*


Different phase of play, since it changes possession (I believe)


Every time I think I can’t hate this implementation of VAR any more they manage to surprise me.


It's the rule, not VAR here unfortunately.


Apparently it’s because it wasn’t a direct assist from McNeil. It also didn’t really change possession fully because it was a clearance. So harsh on spurs


It had to have been in the penalty box or a direct contribution to the goal. It clearly was not a purposeful handball as well so it seems fine by the rules.


It's half and half because without VAR, these handballs wouldn't get called just like encroachment on penalties.


That’s still VAR? It’s a handball by the rules, but VAR won’t overturn it because it doesn’t directly affect the goal.


Ah I see. I agree fully.


Did it ever actually change possession? I'm asking because after a decade of watching football I still haven't got the slightest clue what constitutes a "phase" of play. The ball ping-ponged around, nobody actually possessed it.


Dier touching it means (extremely briefly) it's in our possession. Stupid imo as well since it should be a foul before he touches the ball, but VAR can't step in since it changed possession.


As far as I remember, the rule only states that it is to be disallowed if a handball directly leads to a goal. Meaning assisting, controling or scoring directly from a handball. Just to clearify, I'm not saying it's not handball, just that this scenario doesn't fall under the new rule. So the ref could argue that the quick rebound made it so he couldn't move his arm away or what ever, and that it's in a natural position (balance) for crossing. (More likely he's just blind).


I hate this sport




Obvious handball. And yes I’m salty.


I know that feeling.


2 of your wins at turf moor have come from handballs


Idc, we have been robbed so many times.


So when you do it it’s fine


Nobody said it was fine it's just we get to many calls against us. Idk where you concluded that I said it was fine. Just said idc anymore since we always get the badluck when it comes to these calls.


London club and being fuck by ref


Loris should have held onto that, however nice finish


Man's a monster within 6 yards.


He is what Ronaldo used to be


? ronaldo is still amazing in the 6 yard box


This might have been upvoted in November.


Clear handball by McNeil how has VAR not disallowed that???


Dier should permanently move to the stands


Might be a stupid rule, but that was handball in the lead up to a goal. WTF is wrong with our refs?


Clear handball, no?


VAR not even bothering with that one? Hahahahaha


I don't agree with the new handball rule, but that must count as a handball or have I misunderstood it?


Strange that the handball wasn’t given, but I think it’s such a stupid rule I don’t care too much. No way a goal like this should be disallowed. However I am annoyed about the fact the rule hasn’t been applied here given how they’ve used it so far this season.


Not sure what the controversy here is. Handball by the scorer or the player providing the assist gets flagged. Regardless of intention. Here, it was an unintentional handball that was from a ricochet and then Mcneil crossed, which was headed clear. That's over. Now, the loose ball was charged down by westwood (?) who hits it. This is considered a new play, which is why offside decision on the eventual scorer Wood is considered. Lloris fumbles. Wood, onside, tucks it in. The handball was from an earlier phase, which also happens to be unintentional off a ricochet, which is not considered a handball generally. McNeils unintentional handball is not a handball by the rules, unless it leads to a scoring opportunity. So, basically, unless he shoots and scores (Mane against Utd.) or his cross found a Burnley head which smashes it into the net, it will not be considered a handball. Which is what happened here. Certainly, spurs can feel hard done by. But it would also be extremely harsh on Burnley to chalk that off because of something that happened a couple of scenes before.


Do we even have VAR anymore ?


No clue how that was given?!


Handball??? I guess they never even thought to check for it.


Handball? Definitely accidental but I thought all goals from handballs regardless of if avoidable would be disallowed?


Yeah, going off the rules that came in this season, that's a handball by McNeil


Yeah but how stupid is the rule if goals like this are disallowed. Literally nothing wrong with this goal imo. I though the rule was only going to stop direct goals/assists with arms.


It doesn't surprise me at all they didn't disallow cause if that they referees set themselves a new level of shit every week in this league


Is that not handball under the rules?


premier league seems like changing the rules every single game.


Doesn't directly create a goal or chance so no. ***Directly*** is the key word.


Spurs are a mess


So apparently because the goal wasn't scored as a result of a handball (as in, the arm didn't knock the ball into the goal) VAR will not check it. New one to me. I swear these handballs change every week


Ah the inconsistency of this rule, it better get changed back to normal in the summer.


I honestly feel decisions like this are “home advantage”. Are you telling me this doesn’t get given against Burnley if they’re playing away at Spurs? It absolutely shouldn’t be a thing, but I think refs behave totally differently given who’s playing home/away


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Under current handball rules shouldn’t that he disallowed? Imo it shouldn’t be because his hand is down and it’s not directly involved in the goal but isn’t the rule that any attacker can’t score if the ball has touched the arm?




He still had half a season left from his Man U stint, so he just brought that 3rd season mojo to Spurs.


Does that mean we get a fresh 1st season next year?


Mou masterclass


If I speak I'm in trouble


My wood is hard


The Ball deflected McNeil in the hand in the build up, VAR has been overturning goals in same type of situations. The inconsistency


How in the fuck was that not disallowed? I don’t even like that law and we’re proper shite, but??? Some consistency would be nice. Leicester got a goal disallowed for that a couple of weeks ago ffs.


Handball but different phase of play as Tottenham cleared. Surprised many here are confused about the rule. ​ Edit : Just found out they changed the attackers handball rule. Wouldn't have mattered anyways, clearly different phase of play IMO.


At least we’re consistent.


Wood destroys Bus


That's been coming.


Wtf has happened to Jose?


Sweet header, Dier


I think we should just tank the rest of the season, rest our 11 injured players, and hope for high pick in the upcoming draft.


On this episode of 4th Place is Lava


Throw the whole season away


its kinda weird how I feel like spurs can't come back from this goal even if its only one.


Mourinho 3rd season coming sooner than expected


We're awful. Can't wait for this summer.


Crap rule, but McNeill handled that. Bizarre that no-one gave that a hard look.


So tired of watching this team stand around and wait for someone else to do something. They get beat and just watch.


switching from borussia vs bvb to this match right now!


Clear handball in the build up and VAR just went "Nah, lets not."




Strange that the handball wasn't called there, but Burnley have been the much better team so far.


We’re proper shit.


Still don’t understand how handball can be different for attacking and defending. Absolute ridiculous rule. Basically if an accidental handball happens when attacking, then there is an argument you might as well give the ball back to the opposition as if you score without the opposition touching it then it won’t count!


Mourinho was once a very good manager. It's amazing that United hired him following Chelsea sacking him after he exhibited a complete unwillingness to change his tactics. Now it's happened again at Spurs. Any money he'll be managing in the Middle East or China next season.




Did he come back and give a yellow for the lunge in the beginning of the clip? Seems like refs ignore any foul that happened prior once a goal happens.






Lol the mourinho comments. I guess it's his fault when it's a handball. Also his fault that lloris is an overrated keeper who makes mistakes like this often.


What an unreal world we live in


Spurs are so poor under Mourinho


Believe me, Spurs have been poor since long before Mourinho. Our current form is better than it was during the last months of Poch.


The Avon seller appears in every thread and is completely clueless. Best just to ignore him.


Spurs are too shit hahaha


Not a handball. Arm was not in an unnatural position, it wasn't above shoulder height and he literally just tried to kick the ball in. Try crossing a ball with your arms by your side. Also his arm didn't lead to a goal, or help create the goal. Him whipping the ball in off his foot is what helped to create the goal. Finally, the ball hit the Spurs player and then ricocheted off his body before hitting his arm. Edit: For those knee jerkers who cba to check the rules https://www.premierleague.com/news/1263332


Well deserved, Burnley have bossed the game


Hit McNeil's hand in the cross, wasn't intentional but according to the rules if it hits a hand in the buildup of a goal it won't count...


The commentators just said it had been a rulechange last weekend and an offensive handball will only be VAR checked if it is an assist or the player scoring the goal. Not in the buildup.


Is this for real? That’s a really good change if so. Although very annoying to change rules mid season because of situations like this where no one know what’s going on


What do we think of Tottenham?


Arsenal still below in the table.