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"Fantastic game"


He sounds like a promoter, not a manager. His choice of words is funny


he's trying to gas it up so he could get enough time to take charge of that game. Liveprool are shit, he could buy himself a couple more weeks with a win


He already bought himself the rest of the season when he won 3 in a row to take it up to something like 5 wins in 23 or some horrible shit like that




And they have Salah who still knows how to score , whatever the hell is happening behind him


He’s just saying whatever he thinks will prolong his job. Praise the players, praise the board, etc. It’s behavior of someone who knows he is woefully under qualified for his insanely high paying job and is trying to keep his job by being the “nice guy”.


I mean, I don't think it's the money angle. Contracts are guaranteed mostly, so if he was about money, he would not care if he gets fired. It's mostly about his career and ego.


True. Feels more like Tony Khan promoting Dynamite than a manager reviewing a defeat.


Major announcement from Graham Potter coming Thursday


Did you not watch the game at Anfield? A true spectacle between 2 top teams. Goals galore.


The Battle of Mid.


Stoppable force meets movable object


End to end stuff


He speaks like a manager giving the interview in their second language


This has been noticed by some people. The way he says “we are in a bad moment” is especially bizarre


Liverpool and Chelsea about to have a mid off


The boys gave everything👍




He probably was going to say "opportunity" and then rethought his sentence. Way too much scrutiny on the bits that don't matter.


The reverse fixture was probably the worst game I have seen this season. Doubt any neutrals want to watch this one.


Highlight was Mudryk completely rinsing Milner with no output, can he do it again?


Now it's Milner's turn.


Milner comes on the pitch with fresh neck tattoos


After putting on his instagram him deadlifting 400 lbs






Last season's games was very high quality and entertaining, this season, yikes.


Especially with both sides now coming off Ls.


I’m not even a neutral and I’m not looking forward to throwing away 90 mins of my life on this one…


Feel like this same article comes out every week after they lose


Because this dude says the same things LOL


"We have to accept the result and do better. We can't feel sorry for ourselves. We have a fantastic game on Saturday against Wolves to put it right."


"We knew real Madrid were a good team going in. We'll do our best to turn around the 7 goals they scored at the bernabeu and get through to the semis"




He's just spamming the media response buttons


Even worse than a AI.


Chat GPoTter


People used to make fun of Lamps for doing the "serious, joke, no but really" bit but Potter says the same shit CONSTANTLY


Lampard had a consistent format but said different things on either end, I don’t think many people actually criticized him for it, it was just funny


I miss Conte's " we must suffer " at this point lol I can't handle another " lads gave everything "


FIFA career mode reactions at this stage


You are onto something, I could pull up all 30 of his post game pressers and it's just 3 statements copied over and over depending on the results.


“The lads gave everything”


He should try out chat gpt


For his post match interviews, or for picking his starting 11?


For ideas on winning a match


Because they lose every week


Chelsea are actually first on the second page of the PL table. Trust the process


Started from the top, now we here.


It's mad to me. All this talk about things taking time and the squad being in a rebuild would make sense if Chelsea were 6th or 7th. Last season was honestly the most hopeless and meandering I've ever seen United and we were still always around the Europa league spots. Chelsea are nowhere near that and they're on track to finish with around 6 points less than United last season. I don't know how anyone could have patience with that.


6 points less than United last year honestly isn’t nearly as dire as the reality. We’re in April, and they’ve won what, 4? Games since the new year?


We have a fairly awful run in though, so I’ll be shocked if we improve. Liverpool, Man United, Newcastle, Brentford, Arsenal, Man City, Brighton all still to come. Wouldn’t be shocked if they bottle the games against Bournemouth, Forest or Wolves either


First on the Championship table if we keep going in this direction




Lama thanks for the laugh mate


“The gang loses 2-0 to Liverpool”


Seems unlikely tbh. Depends if our boys decide to run around a bit.


luckily they didn't have a game yesterday so they should be well rested


Chelsea doesn't lose, it merely readjusts the process timeline.


"We have to accept the result and do better. We can't feel sorry for ourselves. We have a fantastic game on Saturday against Wolves to put it right."


El Sackico


Highly doubt Klopp gets sacked. I was going to say the same about Potter but with Nagelsmann available, I’m not so sure




You subbed yet?


Wasn’t the rumour that he’s waiting until summer?


I can guarantee that Klopp is nowhere close to being in any danger of getting sacked. In fact, nearly every Liverpool fan would sooner see every single player at the club sold before that were to ever happen.


It's amusing people think Klopp would ever be sacked. He is at literally no risk.


The fans would clear out the entire dressing room before we ever wished for Klopp to go.


Perfect name. The difference between the coaches though is one has built two great teams, one of which is one of the most devastating attacking teams we've ever seen. Potter has done well in the Scandinavian league and built a good Brighton team, although not as good as his replacement has made them. He shouldn't be in charge by the time El Sackico comes around.


Klopp has enough credit in his account. He is safe.


ThE bOyS gAvE evErYtHinG!


They showed great character today


A bunch of beautiful human beings


That's Rodgers copy righted


Genuine question - surely the majority of you guys want him sacked now? Not after the Liverpool game, not after the CL campaign, not at the end of the season, but now? I mean as a United fan I'm enjoying this, but just wondering what the mood is like at r/chelseafc


Bring in Nagelsmann now, give him the rest of the season to judge the squad, then let him lead the summer transfer window. He has worked with Vivell before too so it'll make the transition a bit easier. New manager bounce may even help with the CL tie against Real if we make the change quickly.


I think he would be a godsend for Chelsea, but another question - do you guys think he would take the job? With respect, he has to see it as a downgrade. Why would he take the job?


Why would he not? We pay a lot, he'd have essentially unlimited funds, and can start a long-term project here (Boehly wants this, but obviously Potter isn't the right person for the job). What are his options? Spurs? Maybe Real in the summer? Most top teams have a coach already.


I mean sacking Potter 5 months into his tenure when he was brought in for a rebuild doesn’t send any sort of positive message to Nagelsmann that he’ll have time to oversee a project either.


If Nagelsmann doesn't have the confidence that he will do better than Potter over the same period then maybe we should pass on him as well.


We'd be sacking him because we're genuinely terrible under him, not because we don't want to see some long-term progress. We've been in relegation form in the league for a while, and I expect it to continue with our upcoming fixtures. Potter has also gotten 7 full months fwiw. One of the two coaches impressed at Leipzig as a very young manager, then took over Bayern and had a great year and a half with them before being sacked for unclear reasons. The other impressed at Brighton and has been quite horrendous in his first stint at a big club. I'm sure Nagelsmann would be confident he can do a better job and stay long-term.


> I mean sacking Potter 5 months into his tenure He's been there since September. he's had the entire season


Not that it makes much difference but he’s been here since the start of September, almost 8 months.


I think they've shown they're willing to stick by managers long term regardless of results


he's been shite though, even arteta at his worst run of games for arsenal wasn't this incompetent imo arteta had a far worse squad and there was a vision for what he wanted to do. we have none of that under potter


There was an expectation that potter would do far better than he has, especially with the ridiculous investment in january. Even tho it doesnt send a great message about building a project, there has to come a time where you say enough is enough, potter hasnt been good enough, and we let him go


Was potter in charge of the January signings?


We hired his entire recruitment team from Brighton, and Tuchel was apparently sacked for not being involved in the summer recruitment enough, so you have to think Potter has been quite involved.


Almost every job in world football is a downgrade from Bayern


With RM job coming up soon I don't think he would. Especially with the players we have. Not sure who would want to manage our current selection of players. If they are good quality manager they could potentialy be in the running for RM soon.


A downgrade from what? Unemployment?


You think going from Bayern to Chelsea isn't a downgrade? Don't be disingenuous, it's lame.


He's not going from Bayern to Chelsea. He's going from being unemployed to Chelsea.


He's still being paid by Bayern, and will until he decides on a new team.


he should have been sacked months ago




Liverpool gonna bounce back against us.


Nah lol. We might win but we’d just lose to Forest a couple weeks later.


It is, in fact, not going to be a fantastic game


The attack that can't score goals vs the defence that can't stop them going in? Sounds great to me!


And neither team is playing with a midfield! Riveting stuff


Stoppable force vs. moveable object


just like last Liverpool V Chelsea game, the Liverpool defence will get skinned time after time and Chelsea will score 0 out of 20+ shots.


I was pretty sad he left Brighton because I wanted to see how that project there was going to turn out, but this might be better entertainment.


Brighton seems to be better off with De Zerbi. I thought Potter going to Chelsea was a big mistake. But I was told you can't not take that job, but like come on, new americans just came in, Chelsea fans who are used to a leadership being sack happy that was probably yhe worst job to take for Potter.


What could have been at Brighton might have been greater, but Potter's still walking away with a solid win even if his stint at Chelsea ends now. He's gotten the valuable experience and resume boost of running a CL team with a much bigger budget and star players, and on top of that, a very large sum of money. It's not like he's going to have trouble finding his next job either, it just won't be a top club, and he'll still have plenty of chances to prove himself if he is actually capable. Even now in retrospect, I still think Potter would have been an idiot to not take the Chelsea job.


Yeah you're crazy not to take that kind of role. You get enough money guaranteed you won't care about money ever again, plus once you have the UCL experience you're on the shortlist for a bunch of to clubs. And it's not like it had to go wrong either, right? Could have worked out but it didn't.


He could be a candidate for Spurs as well as most mid-level teams. He's also worked abroad so could be a candidate for nig clubs in another league.


There is no way we'd go near him after this


Would you turn down that kind of money?


>Brighton seem to be better off with De Zerbi You're not allowed to say that here, but you're right. Potter had his limitations that we as Albion fans generally blamed on our budget and our quality not being good enough for him. He's shown that his struggles with getting attacking players to find a good output is not a Brighton thing but a Potter thing, we can see this with Chelsea's struggles and Brighton's unbelievable scoring record since RDZ unleashed them. All that said it would be silly to sack him now with lots of games coming thick and fast, maybe revisit this after April 15th?


It's going to be 0-0 and send both sets of fans into further despair.


United-Chelsea vibes? I can see that.


Him and his $668M boys are about to get torn up at the Santiago Bernabeu 😭


Oye, they're going to win the f\*\*king CL


When they do it I think I'll give up football


In 2012 we had a squad full of leaders and champions. In 2021 we had one of the best coaches in the world who is ridiculously good in cup competitions. Don't see us winning this year with a young squad and a much worse coach, but happy to be proven wrong.


Don't worry, the boys'll "gIvE iT eVeRYthInG"


You weren’t the best by far either year you won. Chelsea has had far better squads than either of the CL winning campaigns. I’m not taking this “crap” Chelsea for granted.


i’d argue we were the best in 2021, every match was dominated


*the f-f-fucking CL.


They probably still could is the real tragedy. These guys turn up in the CL


The worse they play in the league, the better they get in the CL. It was Potter's 4D chess all along, Boehly just didn't catch on.


Boehly and co waiting to see if we progress before letting set-piece coach to Bayern. That’s some confidence


Carlo will pity us surely


Eh, not really. Best we could do is may be a 2-0. Could even be 1-0 if Chelsea plays defensively. If Potterboy decides to play attacking however…


Normally, its one of those situations where you can predict a fluke a la 2012, but sadly, they're up against the CL's final boss, so this is most likely going to be a slaughter


It’s April and Chelsea haven’t beaten a top half team. No, Villa under Gerrard doesn’t count


Holy shit, that's a wild stat.


Dude regardless of how he is as a manager (he is pretty bad) someone needs to give this dude public speaking lessons or something. I swear that for the role he occupies he makes everything ten times more infuriating for the fans.


It feels like he isn't even disappointed or mad. Some Ten Hag comments from 4 different post-match interviews >"Second half.. unprofessional. That can't happen, we have to talk about it... It was the whole team not 1-2 players. I saw 11 individuals losing their heads and not sticking to the plan. That is unprofessional... We know they are a transition team, you can't lose your head 1-0 down." >'I don't think they get clean shots, there was one time from a free-kick. The rest were shots from cutbacks, shots from distance... And that's what I meant that all of the goals were avoidable. It can't happen.' >"Without belief, no spirit, only running back and not brave on the ball, you get hammered by a team like City... It starts with that (belief), out of that, we have to follow certain principles, we have to be proactive." >"First 10 minutes we were good, the disallowed goal took away some composure. That is not necessary, we have to keep going. When we learn that, it will be better... Pressing routines maybe not always good but they fought and recovered." If I was a Chelsea fan or a player, I would feel better if Potter was actually acknowledged what went wrong and was frustrated, not just "have to accept the score, move onto next one".. Maybe he'll do one later Edit: Player's cant get too comfortable with underperforming all the time while making the same money


It's worth noting that shit like this is part of why he still has a job. The players actually like him and appreciate that he's never blamed them. I think we're seeing that maybe trying to keep a 32 player squad happy is not actually that important, But there is a reason he doesn't say much of note in press conferences. Conte by now would be at the very least be threatening actual murder by now.


This is why Potter was brought in and Tuchel was fired. Boehly wanted this philosophy and feeling at the club to be like a "family".


You don't have to be the best, honey, we just want you to give everything you can. Of course we love you, here take 668m to spend.


It doesn’t matter if he has said tomato or potato, no one will feel better after a loss.


Tuchel is one of the most liked Chelsea managers ever because he was brutally honest. He got the fans behind him, and for the most part, he got more out of the players than we'd seen since early Conte, and certainly made us feel more optimistic than with Potter.


Tuchel firing was the stupidest thing in recent European football years


Nah, we definitely would. It’s always just so neutral with Potter, like there’s no passion there whatsoever. I cannot think of a single thing he’s done or said that would galvanise the fans in any way


United don't lose much, so its easier to say when they Sacked. This wasn't a terrible game under Potter standards though, it was a typical one.


Not the best example. One was where a team in form gave up 7 goals to their biggest rivals and the other was a loss at home to Villa which can happen. Ten Hag had to be incensed after the Liverpool game and give some strongly worded comments That said, I agree Potter has seemed resigned to defeat far too often and that shouldn’t be seen as acceptable at Chelsea.


Can’t wait to save potter’s job


Feel free not to


Brendan and Graham going head to head in who can deliver the most delusional post-match comments


el shittico 2.0


This man’s definition of “fantastic” must not be the same as the fans’.


Meanwhile Tuchel just got his 1st win as the manager of Bayern


Hopefully you won't be there by that time mate.


Conference league sounds fantastic next season


That would be an achievement Chelsea are currently 11th and haven't won against any team above them in the table.


We’ve struggled with that this season too. It’s nothing to worry about




Chefs kiss


Hey that's not true! Villa are above them now, they beat Villa earlier in the year


I mean they beat Villa! in October


I would be delighted with conference league at this rate, I might actually celebrate no matter how tinpot that is for our investment. It would at least be somewhat fun to watch us in the conference league and it would mean that we improved considerably between now and the end of the season


The players need to learn to get their shots on goal. They had plenty of chances but can’t score. That’s not really on the manager.


Stoppable Force vs Movable Object surely is gonna be a fantastic game Potter


A showdown between the two most disappointing teams this season… guaranteed to be a classic.


"I want only players with smiles, because we are playing football. We are playing for Tottenham!" That's all I want. Pride in the badge. Stellini in!


Tuesday night's game = who can be less shit


same story


The team that can't score vs the team that can't defend, should be a great match!


Every week the Tuchel firing looks worse


This guy's post-match responses are like real life FM simulation. Like he's only got three, and recycles em, good or bad. "The lads gave it their all" "We just weren't good enough" "We have to accept the result and do better" Edit: and the owner only has TWO at this point "Shit match" "Great meal, great meal. Wonderful food"




Great. We’re going to see what happens when the stoppable force meets the movable object.


He'll win that game 1-0, and then he'll said 'We did perfect, everything went as planned' in the presser


Two bald men fighting over a comb on Tuesday




"Fantastic game" lol, we all know it's going to end 0:0. Can't fool me, Mr. Potter!


Chelsea have to sack him and go after Nagelsmann. Anything else would be insane.


Battle of the massively underachieving clubs.


Fuck off


We're minutes away from the announcement that Potter has been fired and Boehly is going to be interim manager for the rest of the season


Liv would actually hit rock bottom if they lose to this team.


100% Liverpool win this game


Everything that comes out of his mouth is pure comedy gold


I don't think it's going tobe a "fantastic game" like what you said though. The first fixture they played each other was really not fun to watch for neutrals


battle of mid


0-0 worst match in the history of ever incoming


How can you call the game fantastic when it hasn't even been played yet?


Bro it's just the same shit over and over. This man is not serious.


There’s a dude who was at Bayern until recently that’s out of a job…


El mierdo - Game of the century


On Tuesday, the immovable object meets the immovable object


How the fuck does he still have a job?


Chelsea-Liverpool game on Tuesday will be huge for both.. The losing team will definitely say bye bye to the 2023/24 Champions League


Lmao there's no chance Chelsea are in next year's CL regardless. And Liverpool have a very tough task to get there even if they beat Chelsea.


I mean there is a chance of winning the CL… like 1 in 100– erm… actually… more like 1 in a million…. Basically.. I’m saying there’s a chance


What makes that game fantastic Graham?? You probable secondary school geography teacher/liberal democrat councillor.


A moveable object vs a stoppable force battle coming up. Truly one for the ages.


Unless Real Madrid want Nagelsmann, he's replacing Potter isn't he? A month ago I thought Villa would win this game and that'd push the sack, but they beat Leeds, Dortmund and Leicester, I expected losses and draws there. Most owners are sacking Potter now with CL ties and 4th not yet impossible, for all the mocking of Boely he's doing what owners rarely do, and trusting his choice.


"We?? You're sacked mate." - Boehly (probably)


He’s just a less exciting version of Jesse Marsch


I hate Graham Potter.