Morocco haven't won in 50 years, pressure on them


There are some interesting contrasts for African teams. Egypt is absolutely massive in AFCON history, but not particularly consistent in qualifying to WC. Morocco and Tunisia are big underachievers in AFCON, but consistently qualify to WC (an achievement in and of itself in African football), and Morocco had a historic WC run with brilliant performances.


Before 2018 it had been decades since Morocco qualified


Well, okay. Tunisia qualifies often but I don't enjoy the way they play, and Morocco not as often but they put in great performances, including 2018


the fact that *that* egypt team never played in a world cup baffles me so much how are you that dominant in afcon but don't even make it to one wc?


Wasn't Egypt present at the 2018 World cup in Russia?


yeah but thats like a decade after the team I mean, the team that won the afcon 3 times in a row (including in two separate world cup years) from 2006-10


I remember just getting into football as Egypt were entering their AFCON domination years. That team was beautiful to watch and we had so many frustratingly brilliant strikers such as Mido, Zaki and Zidan. They were all so talented but lacked the commitment to make it in bigger leagues. For example, Zaki really fell off after THAT scissor kick against Liverpool for Wigan. I, to this day, will never understand how that team didn't qualify for 2006 or 2010 World Cups. I watched all the games and I still now feel the anguish at watching the dreams slip away. We also went from winning 3 AFCONs in a row to not even qualifying for the next 2 I'm pretty sure. Team really dropped off after that core group of players retired.


i always thought that the CAF world cup qualifiers were so brutal and i wanted them to be changed a long time ago. i can't believe during our golden generation when we won 3 back to back afcons, we couldn't qualify for the world cup. there's virtually no way in hell we're gonna win the next afcon either, it's morocco's now. i want salah to win something with the NT at a certain point but he's really all we have. football in egypt is getting worse and worse by the day because there's so much corruption and bribery. if anything our national team will get 10x worse in the next few years, we have absolutely 0 development.


They are called Morrocans not Morrocan'ts


Was it postponed? all the games are in 2024


Yes. CAF decided a few years ago to host AFCON’s in the summer. When they gave it to Cote D’Ivoire, they had to postpone it to January 2024 because in the “summer” it is rainy season and gets severe floods that kill. It would be a dangerous situation to put the people and foreign fans in that scenario. It’s just better to host in Jan. If it is hosted in a location with normal summer conditions, it will go back to summer.


I'm looking at the calendar and it seems so. The 2021 afcon was supposed to be played in 2021 but was postponed to 2022 to avoid scheduling conflicts with the euros and copa america. 2023 afcon was supposed to happen in 2023 but the late world cup sort of clashed with qualifying and everything. I think 2025 afcon is when it'll actually take place in 2025 just like 2019 afcon.


Why are they calling it AFCON 2023 when its taking place in early 2024? We're past the covid era now, they should just call it AFCON 2024. I expect a Morocco-Ghana final if they don't meet earlier, Morocco to win it all for the first time in decades. Edit: Scheduling for AFCON 2021 and the Qatar WC seem to be the main reason its in 2024. Afcon 2025 will be in 2025 I guess.


Also the rainy season in Ivory Coast is another reason why it was postponed (and was cited by CAF). The rest are additional factors. And if Ghana made the final I would be very shocked. We have started ok under Hughton but there is still a long way to go.


You've started ok yeah but I think your performances in the world cup went under the radar. Nearly got the draw against portugal, very exciting win over korea and the game against uruguay was very open but you just couldn't finish. I honestly think that uruguay-ghana match was one of the most entertaining games of the world cup, especially the last 20 or so minutes. Your attack overall is quite exciting and with a bit of luck I don't see why you can't make the final. Who do you think is likely to make the final apart from Morocco and Ghana?


Morocco for sure. And yes our performance were exciting for neutrals but for us fans it shows the flaws we have on our team, the lack of structure and collapse against Uruguay. World Cup and AFCON are two different things anyway, we haven’t imposed our self in recent times like you would have to win Afcon.


As good as Morocco look, I wouldn't be surprised if they choke at the AFCON again to maybe Ivory coast or Algeria in the semi final, Morocco at AFCONs have always had some bad luck, hopefully they change the narrative this time