The match was [eventually finished](https://twitter.com/FutbolPalestine/status/1641563468292673541). Jabal Al-Mukaber were crowned champions after a 1-0 victory over Balata despite that their keeper Rami Hamadi had to receive medical assistance because of tear gas inhalation. Other sources: -[MARCA](https://www.marca.com/futbol/futbol-internacional/2023/03/31/642698b446163f74278b4632.html). -[Al-Jazeera](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Idg-6hvkUrQ). -[Israel media](https://www-kan-org-il.translate.goog/Item/?itemId=149072&_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en-US&_x_tr_pto=wapp)


horrible. absolutely incredible if they resume play after experiencing choking and even fainting from the gas.


during Ramadan too...


How are the Israelis are going to spin this one? Jfc. So fucked up


The entire crowd was Hamas


The ball was Hamas


The trophy? Believe it or not, Hamas


The playing surface comprised approximately 1,200,000 freshly-mown blades of Hamas.


Ball? You mean BOMB!


And what about that Cannon ( of a left foot )


That was a thing on one of the original sensible soccer demos https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NVY2FPr8E04


The game was actually a hamas training exercise


Today I feel Hamas


Today i feel…oppressive


No, the argument is that Hamas was using the crowd as a shield.


they say that when they do stuff like destroy a funeral or rip 1000 year old olive trees out of the ground too


The whistle that the referee gave ? Hamas code for destroying Isn'treal, I mean Israel.


Palestinians playing or watching football = Hamas terrorist activities.


Child ballboys= Hamas suicide bombers Any assertion contrary to this is anti-Semitism and Nazism, which tried to wipe out an entire ethnic group by taking their land, settling it with others and turning large areas into ghettos that are repeatedly attacked. Nobody else could ever do such a thing.


This. Unfathomable how a people who were oppressed and subjugated can do the same thing unto others.


And if you try and say it out in the public, you're instantly labeled anti-semitic


Hurt people hurt people.


It's pretty fathomable to me, one way of looking at it is that the group has a real reason to feel victimised and they think the only response is to militarise to violently preserve their interests in an us vs the world mentality.


Then they've created a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Yep, violence begets violence. People can't step out of this mindset because they've lost people precious to them to the other side which then leads then to kill people on the other side which entrenches their hatred too.


You either die a hero...


It’s modern colonialism. It’s an apartheid state, being run by ethnic and religious supremacists, carrying out an ethnic cleansing of the the indigenous population.


> It’s modern colonialism Pretty straightforward settler colonialism TBH


Complete with their own Manifest destiny and "empty land" myth


And people keep expecting the other settler colonies that back them to condemn them in any meaningful way


That's EXACTLY what English did to Ireland!


Bit fucked up when your have to ask "Which Bloody Sunday?"


And here we are again in the 21st century.


The crowd were hiding Hamas.. or some other bullshit




Difficult to say whether hummus or hamas tbh


Everyone who run is a Hamas. Who didn't run is a well-disciplined Hamas


> going to spin this one *Just the usual pyrotechnics from the ultras*


Watch the Bibi interview with Jordan Peterson, he basically claims when Jews moved into Israel there wasn't anyone there


JP is so painfully embarassing to listen to. Definitely back on the benzos


Disheartening seeing how many of my friends follow him on social media. The guy is pathetic


Every time I hear JPs name mentioned I remember the nick Mullen impression on cumtown “Fellas it’s actually gay to get pussy”


Always has been. His meltdown was the most predictable in history. If you ever thought this man was insightful you should seriously question your own judgement going forward. You fell for this nonsense, what will you fall for next?


It's usually Jordan Peterson > Shapiro/Walsh/Crowder > Andrew Tate > Nick Fuentes


Shapiro. Tate.


Usually in that order.




It’s free real estate!


Spin what? they literally believe that palestinians arent people, so for them it's like cattle...


Sure, but at least say it, you know. Don't be hypocrites about it, but they come out playing the victim card all the fucking time.


The state of Israel bleats anti-Semitism every time someone criticises the state. Shit people criticise the American government all the time but it certainly doesn't make them anti American. They're embarrassing.


> Shit people criticise the American government all the time but it certainly doesn't make them anti American. It does if you ask a republican


or if the US is starting an illegal war


That would put their sugar daddy (the US) in a bad spot. Can't have that.


The biggest wager of war and arms dealer of the planet doesn't want their bastard son who wages war and buys their guns to stop doing so? color me SHOCKED!


Using American taxpayer dollars no less.


But nobody tear gases cattle !!!


Don't visit my modded stardew valley save.


Like they spin doing air strikes every few days on my country which always ends up with civilian deaths




Israel is just doing Israeli things ...... again


If anyone ever wondered why Ireland feels a strong connection to the Palestinians, just over a century ago the British Army drove into the middle of a Gaelic Football match and oped fire on the crowd with an armoured car. They killed 14 including 2 children in Irelands national stadium: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bloody_Sunday_(1920) The international community was silent


Pretty sad that there were two Bloody Sundays, and both had pretty similar outcomes.


Right, I almost thought I was going crazy for thinking that I had learned about a different Bloody Sunday. Felt like I had made up the entire story about the later one in my head.


Turns out there's lots: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bloody_Sunday


Unless I'm mistaken, we were also the first European state to endorse the creation of the Palestine state. Good bunch of lads.


Based Ireland


It was wonderful to see the solidarity with Palestine from football fans during the World Cup. It is a reminder that even if our governments support Israel's apartheid and ethnic cleansing, the people of the world are with the Palestinians.


Everyone sees them for what they are. We see the child killers, the bombings, the gangs of settler thugs for ourselves. They can gag the media and the politicians but ultimately they can’t hide who they really are.


The thing is, they don’t care one bit. Criminals like them are deluded to think “what I say is correct” regardless. They believe their lies. The world doesn’t act against them to cause them issues. They carry on. Until there are suitable sanctions against them that affect them seriously, they won’t care one bit. Even then…


Sanctions against Israel, ha, good one. The moment anyone - politician, athlete, commenter, anyone - even mentions it in passing, he/she will be shunned at best and cancelled at worst. Let me give you a story. Polish government tried to oppose the notion of paying Israel back for their losses during the war. The idea there was that the Jews owned stuff in Poland and during the WW2, many owners were killed and left no next of kin to inherit said stuff. Obviously, in any sane country, ownership of said stuff falls to the government if there is no way of identifying an inheritor. Israel however had different idea and said that whatever was owned by a Jew (even if that Jew was a Pole), the ownership has to be transferred to some Jewish organization with HQ in New York. So Poland opposed that. Few days later, Polish minister gets a call from US Secretary of State with what is essentially a threat that if Poland continues with this course, it will do damage to its international relations. Israel and its scum government are untouchable.


But that’s the problem. Governments support them. So that’s all they care. They don’t care if the entire world hates their actions and hope they’re all jailed etc. they will keep doing it since there are barely sanctions that affect them.


If there's one thing social media has been good for, it's exposing stuff that would otherwise never be reported on globally. Israel has been doing this apartheid shit for decades, but now everyone can see it for themselves. Maybe governments are still supporting them because they have been doing that for so long, but once public opinion, and votes, turn against them, they might one day change their ways.


>the people of the world are with the Palestinians A lot of good that solidarity from afar is doing


Yep. You can't even donate to Palestine without being put on a watchlist


You can't even say you support Palestine without accusations. You can't refer to a Palestinian as "my friend" if you want a political career


That's antisemitic!! /s


I know you’re joking, but I hate that line of reasoning. We hate your government, not your people or your religion.


Also Jewish people aren't all Israeli - in fact most of them aren't Israeli


I hate when people say that unironically. We hate the Israeli government's actions, we are antisemitic. We hate the Russian government's actions, we are Russophobic. I also hate my country's government, so I must be anti-Portuguese...


They have forgot to never forget


If I speak... It's mindboggling that they still have support from certain countries that see themselves as the beacon of ''peace''


Israel is just a better geopolitical ally in the middle east for Western countries, which partially explains this imo


"If there were not an Israel, we would have to invent one to make sure our interests were preserved" - Joe Biden


That's exactly why Israel came about in the first place.


Israeli are going agains the US because of what Biden said. They’re going after the hand that acts feeds them. £4bn+ of tax payers money go to the ethic cleansing state, I wonder how much of that money would go voluntarily is the tax payers had a say in it.


It was two things, Christian Europe really really hate jews, the other thing is mentioned above. Was a double win in the west’s eyes.


Hell you could attribute that to MBS too. Those dictators *love* that Israel exists to use as a perpetual boogeyman to draw attention away from their own failings in their countries.


Completely explains it actually.


It's a military base of USA and its lapdogs from NATO


Sell themselves as*, I seriously doubt people in positions of power in said countries actually consider themselves beacons of peace. But you know, there's always an image to keep up.


Why can't I find anything about this on Google? Suppressing search results or am I just getting extremely unlucky with keywords? Or, is nobody reporting on it?


Because Google can throttle what enters its search engine.


You would think a site like Al-Jazeera would have something after 8 hours but nope, not a word.


Al Jazeera just posted about it


Russian teams can’t compete in any European competition, but Indonesia can’t bar Israel from the U-20 World cup. Surprising, but not surprising


Israel is a western ally, Russia isn't. That's what it boils down to really.




Crazy how it’s “no politics “ when it’s about sending a message, but very much politics when it’s about literally banning teams from events




Did you miss everything Fifa have done in the last few months? LGBTQ+ rights have definitely fallen under their 'no politics' banner


It isn't politics when my beliefs are in question, because my beliefs are common sense and can't be questioned. It is politics when your beliefs are in question, because you're a fucking bigot/racist/insert new word and you're completely wrong, only trying to spread propaganda.


In 2014, when Crimean teams started playing in the Russian league system, the Ukrainian Association of Football petitioned UEFA (during the presidency of Gianni Infantino). Their reaction: [UEFA bans Crimean clubs from Russian league](https://www.reuters.com/article/soccer-uefa-crimea-idINKCN0JI23U20141204) (Reuters). In 2017, when teams from settlements in the West Bank started playing in the Israeli league system, the Palestinian Football Association petitioned FIFA (during the current presidency of Gianni Infantino). Their reaction: [FIFA will not to intervene in Israel-Palestine standoff](https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-soccer-fifa-infantino-idUKKBN1CW1VS) (Reuters). Both appeals were based on the same rule of the FIFA Statutes. Both Crimea and the West Bank are not internationally recognized as territory of Russia and Israel, respectively.


Saudi Arabia bombing Yemen. I have yet to hear our politicians being outraged.


Welcome to double standards


Russia should have said they were going to “de-Islamise and disarm Ukraine”, and the West would have sent them weapons.


They did (again) Crimean Tatars. (Also fyi don’t mean to direct this space away from Palestine in this comment, this is about them)


Parts of Russia like Dagestan and Chechnya are majority Muslim.


Parts which got bombed by Russia Most Dagestanis and Chechens don’t appreciate their “presidents”


Yeah and we know how the Chechnyan war went


Chechnya which has famously always got on with the Russian state?


Beware we can’t be saying double standards, because it’s apparently *whataboutism*


God I hate that that term has gained so much traction online, you can't ever compare any two similar situations now without someone just crying "whataboutism".


It's like, no dude, sometimes comparing to similar situations creates needed context for a discussion.


Only us decide who's the good and who's the bad, how dare you challenge the bar?


And in that thread about the announcement people were clutching their pearls about Indonesian football making that statement. Bottom line is that it is atrocious that Israel gets a free pass on apartheid and when consequences do occur people get up in arms calling it “anti-Semitic” or “Muslims being intolerant”. People can’t see past their own biases on these issues and veer toward the Israeli side of the discussion.


Great post. As much as it's heartening to see the consensus in this thread, it's always some nonsense about Muslims and Arabs being intolerant from neoliberal types on reddit whenever they actually try to express their indignation against Israel. Israel should be banned from sports like SA were under apartheid.


And in other news, water is wet.


“Uhh banning a country from playing is not the same as refusing to host a country ackshually🤓🤓” -semantic clowns defending apartheid


The West (including Ukraine) continues to support the atrocities committed by Israel. Then they wonder why there isn't much support for Ukraine in the global south.


It's why it's so infuriating to so many Arab players that everyone's out there wearing free Ukraine arm bands and Russian tennis players were briefly banned etc. Where the fuck was this level of empathy and solidarity when they weren't allowed to express their views by FIFA etc for years?


Excuse me


It’s sad. Imagine taking your child to a game for enjoyment and this shit happens. It’s embarrassing.


State of Israel; "everyone hates us and it's unjust and only because they're antisemitic"... also Israel; tear gasses crowd of innocent civilians including children randomly.


Apartheid is as apartheid does


Remember it’s anti semitic to even criticise anything done by Israel lmao. Or that’s what the right wingers in Israel and the West are tryna push


it's just the way the west has been heading, can't have a genuine conversation about anything mildly controversial. Atleast that's what it's like in Canada


I mean look what happened to Corbyn. Its like that throughout the West.


Symptom of the times. Social media allowed for any odd nutjob to not only speak out their mind but also garner a following. To get your word out there before took money and contacts, and even then the TV channel or newspaper would put frames on what you had to say. Social media also allowed for the masses to join the conversation better. These things had less of an impact when only TV channel guests were the vocal ones who got to debate the issues, but now instead of growling at the newspaper you can join in and with big enough following have actual impact. All of this changed the language and made massive holes in the facade of only suits leading the world, and suddenly the political environment shifts since it's now normal to be a bit batshit and still get massive amounts of votes. Also, "cancellation" made people walk on eggshells. When you are expected to be a moderate in the public eye and one slip of the tongue can banish you into the shadow realm people tend to say less.


It’s always so funny when Canadian politicians try to weigh in on this, as though they didn’t take in hoards of fascist ukranians and other eastern europeans after ww2. It’s all a spectacle tbh


Correction. The match actually resumed until full time and the result was a 1-0 win for Jabal Al-Mukaber


It probably is evidence of a people’s resilience to do that.


supposedly one of the keeper was still suffering from the effects of tear gas when they finished the game. for all our jokes of football has gone soft its ridiculous that a player has to risk being fucking tear gassed


Palestinian resistance against genocide has been nothing short of incredible. They’ve been subject to genocide for 75 years and yet, they still stand in defense of themselves and still exist. I highly recommend Rashid Khalidi’s book on Palestine.




Free our Palestinian brothers.


Free Palestine 🇵🇸




Just Ethnostate things, you guys in the West wouldn't understand


Why aren't there sanctions on this country?.


Becuase that would be antisemitic /s


Our mass murdering allies in the US don't approve of that.


Bacause sanctions are a bullshit western colonial system of coercion and control that are only used when states wont do what the west says. I fucking hate this world sometimes.


Sanction never work, it's never proven to achieve anything it's set out to do, yet they keep pushing for it. At this point it is just a weapon of spite. They simply want to see the people in those countries suffer.


i think Israel People should go against the goverment for all the bad things they doing


Because we are not the 'good guys' either in the west. And until most people realise this, nothing is gonna change.


This was posted 7 hours ago yet I can't find any more information at all. No reputable news service I can find has a single word about it, even those based in the Middle East. I can't even find a match scheduled between these two for 30 March 2023 or the results on any football site.


Free Palestine as always


Fuck you for abusing your military advantage over some people who just want to enjoy and playing something.


Any other evidence of this apart from a random twitter account?


Nope, not even Al Jazeera or other pro Palestine sources


Embarrassing from this subreddit then, if this was real we would have seen it everywhere. As much as I loathe IDF, this seems way to crazy to carryout..


At least in South Africa, the black people could play. Not mixed with whites, but they could play. Even that is not possible in Palestine.


Noam Chomsky was right when he said don’t call it apartheid, it is worse than apartheid.


It’s because it is genocide. The Israelis don’t have any interest in having Palestinians in their lands. It’s not so much of a necessary workforce for them


Never ending brutal occupation!


Usually even Israeli news report about incidents like this, often sourcing Palestinian news. Teargassing an entire stadium seemingly unprovoked is not something that would go unnoticed, however it seems like neither Palestinian news or Israeli news mentioned anything about it last night. Not even certain a game was played last night? I'm not going to pretend like Israel is a bastion of morality, and there definitely have been terrible football related incidents before against Palestinians. As far as I can tell, this is not one of them.


You are probably right, but do you really think anyone is looking for the truth here ?


Listen, r/soccer hates Israel. Fine. But use a tiny modicum of critical thinking. Do ANY of the pictures linked actually back up this story? Does the closeup of the man covering his face look like he has been tear gassed? Is there an IDF soldier in any picture? Is there any gas in the stands? And if the response is: "but Israel does this all the time, so the fact that this specific incident never happened is irrelevant"... Then why make up lies?


Finally, a sensible comment in a sea of garbage. I'm not saying it's impossible, but is there a single source about this anywhere out there other than Twitter with a small handful of pictures? Not for now. People really are chimpanzees who will jump at the chance to be outraged.


People on Reddit often seem to think that they're better than boomers who gobble up fake news off Facebook but here they are lol.


Redditors have a crass superiority complex lol, always been that way


And no news site has picked this up. But apparently people not finding anything about this on Google is proof the Jews own the media, or something.


No way this subreddit actually believed a random Twitter account when there’s no other source, not even on Palestinian media


Fucking pathetic isn't it. Everyone just karma farming off some fake news.


11 hours in, any of at least a bit reputable pro-palestinian sources reported this? So far, the only pictures I've seen are of the smoke in the pitch in a football match. No IDF vehicles, no soldiers, literally nothing. This kind of source is literally what antivaxxers would use to prove their truth. What is more likely, fans playing with pyrotechnic or IDF vehicles entering a pitch, throwing couple of gas grenades and leaving?


I just spent a good part of the morning looking for literally anything, and can’t find it. There was the one article posted above in Hebrew, but that’s literally it. If anyone finds anything please post it.


Everything is fucked


Israel’s oppression of Arabs is fucked


Agreed. As a Lebanese I know this all too well. It’s infuriates me at times seeing the protection Israel get in the media.


In a poli sci class I took, [we watched a documentary on Israel/Palestine](https://www.gumfilms.com/projects/lab) Israel uses them as a way to test out their war tech. And then they sell the tried and proven tech to other countries. It's pretty fucked. Part of it too was showing how even if countries "condemned" them publicly, they would still support them by buying weapons and tech.


Why isn't there a single photo of the Israeli forces or the two armoured vehicles they supposedly had there?


Why is this clearly fake news allowed to stay up?


nothing to see here. Israel just doing their normal routine


Palestinians aren’t allowed to have fun


Or exist if they get their way anyway.


how is this acceptable?


Blatant misinformation. The users eat it up and moderation doesn't give a shit I guess


Free falastin 💙💙💙


Isreal is an apartheid state that actively wages genocide and you cannot change my mind


Well, that's terrible.


So is there literally any evidence at all that this is true?


So did this happen or not? I juat want the truth


Based on the two sources actually posted, all we know is that there was smoke on the pitch at some point. It is possible that smoke was tear gas. It is alleged IDF invaded the stadium and tear gassed the stands and the pitch, but I find this extremely unlikely for a couple reasons. First, no other sources corroborated this account of events. Second, there are no images of IDF in the stadium. Third, there are no images of smoke anywhere else in the stadium. Finally, the players came back after halftime and finished the match (unlikely to be allowed to happen if the match was forcibly halted by IDF). Until more information comes out this seems like the worst kind of fake news because it is 100% believable.


At this point, I'm just gonna blame myself for expecting FIFA to have morality. Pretty sure there's just as many pressure to ban Israel as there are to ban Russia. But of course, banning Israel is "complicated" because you can't pinpoint one person as the bad guy, unlike Russia and Putin. But hey, don't mix politics with football, am I right?


If I'm speak, I'm in big trouble.


So many garbage ridiculous comments. Hatred blinds you. Ignorance blinds you. I'm sad and ashamed from all of you hateful people.


I'll say it again: it is completely indefensible that Israel is allowed to participate in international tournaments. They should have been sanctioned the way Russia has and for much longer with all of the atrocities they have committed on a regular basis for many years. How are they so immune from consequences? It's bullshit.




Yes, both should be banned. In most threads this point gets downvoted to all hell, but it's so obvious. Everyone seemed in unanimous agreement to ban Russia last year, but why not other aggressive nations? The United States has started numerous wars and is still actively arming other countries in their wars during their time off. Should we ban the US? No, let's make them host the next World Cup. For all the criticism towards Qatar, will be using those same points to talk about America's neocolonial projects, or its vast prison industrial complex? Of course not.


"America is so violent, once they invaded themselves and burned Atlanta to the ground, most regarded it as an improvement."


and Saudi Arabia, this is the problem, if you're going to bar certain nations from competing you have to ban them all or else you're just being inconsistent which is what is happening now.




Shame, gives a different perspective to recent events in Indonesia




What a fucking surprise.