Breaking news: nothing changed


They're going to end up paying him to bugger off and another team will take him on, probably in a different country.


Are we? We literally turned down offers already apparently according to the Athletic on Monday. All the press is pointing to them trying to bring him back if you ask me and most Utd fans watching.


They've tested the waters sure, but I'd be truly truly shocked if he ever plays for united again. United dealt with Greenwood really well initially, decisive and done the right thing. I'm sure he's got plenty of mates in the squad that want him back, but the shadow looming over him for the rest of his career is surely too much for United to overlook


They're throwing that hot potato over to the new owners is what it seems like to me. Then whoever owns the club in the summer will make a call. If someone buys the club and pushes towards bringing him back, I swear to God...


If it drags until then, it'll really show their morality towards the club honestly


It will definitely not be decided during the season either way. Whether he stays or goes will be decided in the summer when there are no fixtures to prepare for and no regularly scheduled press conferences. And as much as I don't like him getting paid, I can respect that the players and manager should be allowed to focus on football until the season finishes, and he won't be involved.


Oh yeah, I doubt he gets out of this one way or another without a big payday. I'm sure he has something in his contract, but as he hasn't been formally charged anymore that might muddy the 'good behaviour' thing in the contract


If Im a new owner and I want to bring him back, I push the Glazer to make decisions before they hand over. They go out, noone question them and noone question new owner because it is not their decision. On the other hand, If the new owner dont want him back then they will have the Glazers do nothing. When they take over, they can announce that they dont want him back and boost their popularity


If Qatar buys you then it's fairly obvious what's going to happen imo


They chop his hand off?


Guy had sexual relations out of wedlock and drank beer. He's getting executed.


If he was a woman, yeah


Bit of a stretch if you consider their purchase of Manchester United as an attempt to 'Sportswash'. Why would they immediately do something that everyone hates for very little gain when they could just as easily spunk a bunch of money and buy new toys




I don't see him staying either way. I have no doubt he will cost them more money than he will make them if they don't dump him I assume at this point they're trying not to get sued since the legal proceedings were dropped but ultimately they will get rid of him. Maybe that's wishful thinking


I'd really like to know what it is you are insinuating, because I don't think it's as obvious as you think..


Actually I´ve seen reports that he wasn't nearly as well liked as people assumed. The person closest to him socially was allegedly Brandon Williams, who is not exactly a key member of the squad, just got photographed huffing nitrous oxide in his car and apparently liked to party with Mason.


Phil foden was boys with him too but that tracks tbh


Foden to United just to stir shit in the locker room by supporting Greenwood 5d chess by Pep


It'd be awfully nice to be able to believe that they weren't particularly friendly with the piece of shit.


By all accounts, they weren't friends with him. Partially because he was significantly younger than most of the starters, but mostly because he was an unlikable, arrogant loner who didn't get along with others very well. That, however, has no bearing on whether or not people at the club want him back. A lot of footballers don't care about off-field issues at all. A lot of them don't care if they like their teammates one bit. A lot of them don't care about sexual assault/women's rights issues in the slightest. For many of them, all that matters is winning, regardless of what he did and how bad it would make them and the club look to have him rejoin.


Can't imagine Sky would be too happy having to cut crowd noise every time he touched the ball lol.


> I'm sure he's got plenty of mates in the squad that want him back It's probably one of the biggest reasons holding him back from being reintegrated which is a joke in itself. He is not well-liked at all by the majority of the squad. Most of his close nit group have either left the club or were part of the cohort that came up with him and none of them are senior or a mainstay in the squad. The main homegrown player at the club and the star of the academy in recent years Rashford for sure hates his guts.


Rashford hating him just makes me like Marcus more. Got any evidence to back that statement up? I very much want it to be true.


People just assumed Rashford and Greenwood both being academy lads would make them close. Total opposites. Lead totally different lifestyles and believe me Greenwood being a shitstain before the whole case is well known and Utd covered up a ton of shit not even including multiple covid breaches. He did not get along with the majority of the squad at all. The unfollowing and cryptic posts from Rashford at the time allude to it all.


I believe not long after Greenwood's video was leaked, Rashford posted an ig story with his then girlfriend (wife now) with the caption of something like "this is how you should treat your girl". He followed that up with an ig post captioned "through thick and thin" with multiple photos of him with her. He was also one of the first ones to unfollow Greenwood after the incident.


Stop trying to make me like Marcus Rashford! Next you’ll tell me he’s trying to end food insecurity or some shit.


Based Rashford


I’m a huge United fan and try to read everything on them. Got a source that Rashford hates him or you just speaking out your ass based on what we know of him?


>They've tested the waters sure Depends where you look. On Twitter, he has a lot of support. On Reddit its the opposite. Spoke with a few match going fans and they say they'll have him back gladly.


If he does come back, I hope when a team is relegated they kick him off the pitch. Yes they did well initially but he's still at the club, still getting paid treated like nothing has happened. The second the prem is over, he'll be at training the next day.


Ngl keeping him suspended while the legal process is going on is very much the norm across professional sports. If they released him and then the charges were dropped he'd have a line of lawyers waiting to help him sue the club. As for why he's not gone now I can only hope United are trying to find a way to get rid of him without paying out a huge chunk of his contract.


It should be seen as standard procedure to suspend a player with an ongoing investigation yeah. Do we know whether sigurdsson or mendy has been released by their clubs yet or are they still under contract?


All that and I don’t see Ten Hag wanting the drama involved And right now he’s succeeding so he’ll get his way


Man, that's so boneheaded by the club. Regardless of his talent, nothing good comes of letting Mason Greenwood don the shirt ever again.


Based on the recent reports, he doesn’t seem to be a good character to be around the dressing room as well. He reminds me of Ravel Morrison, talented and young from the academy but didn’t have the personality to become a top player. Greenwood is just not worth keeping even from a sporting perspective.


harsh on Ravel tbh


I'm sorry but how can you compare the two? One was too lazy to become a pro. The other had over 100 appearances for Utd before his 20s and isn't gonna play again (hopefully) because he raped someone. If this happened 20 years ago he'd 100% still be playing. Morrison simply didn't have the right level of talent and hard work. Greenwood, whatever you think about his personality had everything he needed to be a top pro as long as he could stay out of trouble. Which he couldn't.


Will he even be any good? He didn't play for so long. It will take him a year to get into the former form if he ever gets there.


No, I think this is softening the ground for him to return next season.


Arsenal enters chat


No idea why your comment was downvoted. Was less well received than Thomas Partey at a Hertfordshire nightclub


Because the Internet is full of arsenal fans recently. Couldn't guess why.


Haha that’s Arsenal fans for you




I meant the triggered Arsenal fans downvoting, my original comment was directed at Arsenal club, not the fans


No chance. No Premier league club would be silly enough to take on a player who got dismissed from Man Utd over *that* sort of thing. Arsenal also have prominent women ex players in the media (looking at Alex Scott) who I'd imagine would have pretty damning things to say. Look how Jess Enis Hill wanted her name taken off a stadium if they kept hold of a certain player. It's PR stupidity. No PL club would take him. To be fair I'm struggling to see how he could play in France, Spain, Italy etc, I doubt the women in those places would keep quiet about it. I'm truly hoping United see sense and terminate


This is probably the only the thread where Arsenal fans, don’t want to be mentioned on r/soccer


Why would they?


I'd be surprised if United did anything other than just let his contract wind down and release him. Not unless they get a good offer.


Tbh, I'm pretty worried they're gonna try to bring him back into the fold with a quick and quiet "Mason is very sorry and is rejoining the first squad" There's been basically no news since the "internal investigation" and rumors are that the staff and player base are split to some degree on it. I hope we just let him go


That Laurie Whitwell article the other day had that feeling to it...


That and this article make it sound like they are fully planning on bringing him back into the fold next season. At the end of July there will be an article out saying "he's changed and gone to therapy, learned from his mistakes and would never do such a thing ever again" and maybe he'll give a donation to a sexual assault victim charity. That Whitwell article in particular reeked of a PR campaign in full effect.


I just don't understand how that doesn't fuck up so much of the club. The women's team will have some serious concerns (understandably) and some may well go on strike as a result, there are sponsors who are apparently not okay with the idea. The Whitwell article just listed a load of reasons why somebody like ETH would hate working with him. And that's before you get into the backlash that'll come from the fanbase and national media. If they let him back it'll be a mental decision, yet somehow absolutely everything seems to be pointing to him returning.


Sponsors will only hate it if it loses them money. If the public feel he's worthy of redemption, or more likely dont care, then they wont either.


football has a weird place in society. I'd wager the bulk of the population don't care much about it, but are aware of it. In that regard, sponsors might be very wary of inviting Greenwood back. The fact he was arrested for, and got away with, rape is well known. It'll be brought back up if he steps onto the turf at old trafford again, and it'll be a very bad look for the company on his shirt.


Idk if kit sponsors are gonna love photos of their logos in articles with words like “Rapist” in big bold letters and that’s what’s gonna happen.


If Robinho had to be dropped in Brazil due to sponsors backing out, I doubt Man Utd's sponsors will stay quiet.


Robinho was actually convicted


Well new qatari owners are likely, they dont really care about rape


But they care about PR. Paying to get rid of Greenwood would be massive PR win for them


The storyline has been really clear for a while now. Mason and the girl got engaged and she got pregnant with his child so that’s the angle they will go with. Show a happy couple and the pregnant girl states it never happened and they want privacy and she feels hurt by all the baseless speculation and lies about them in the media and what not. *The audio? What audio? And if such an audio exists then it must be out of context.*


At the end of the day, they could still just let his contract expire and rid themselves of him, but the fact that this stuff is coming out means that they are at least considering bringing him back. You don't go to these lengths if it's not at least a plan, even if it's not followed through on.


If it was a PR article, Greenwood/his agents would be furious with the mentions of him belittling academy teammates, missing games for no good reason and how even his teachers at school didn’t like him.


It was definitely PR as the trigger, but they didn't direct the articles. Multiple Independant papers didn't suddenly randomly decide to write about Greenwoods situation on the first Newsday of a new week - when there's been no newsworthy developments on the case. Monday news cycle is always a dead giveaway for a pr driven campaign. His PR team have been in contact with their contacts and massaging and hyping journos saying look this is the plan for the next week, write about or don't but if you do you'll get tonnes of clicks because there will be shit loads of engagement on twitter etc. The PR agency will have a strategy for diluting his name in the media, they have to start somewhere, can't immediately go into puff - they'll plan the initial gambit as lighting the fire for the conversation and keeping his name in minds before manipulating the narrative.


I think it’s worth pointing out that it’s as possible the Pr campaign is being waged by him and his agency as well, as opposed to the club. The lad has earned in a week what most of us earn in a year. It’s not a stretch to think he’d have a Pr firm behind him, pushing stories to try and win back some fans.


>That and this article make it sound like they are fully planning on bringing him back into the fold next season. There was also something a few weeks back about Greenwood rejoining preseason training


I'm dreading the day. 20 years of supporting the club will be undone (or at the very least paused). I won't be able to support the club with him on the pitch. I still think it's highly unlikely he'll ever play for the club again, but the fact that it isn't an outright 0% chance is alarming to me. He should not be allowed near the club under any circumstance other than to collect his shit and leave.


Same (almost 40 years now), I'll be so so so incredibly disappointed with the club if they bring him back.


I don’t know why there’s even a debate on whether he should return or not


Because he wasn't convicted, so now he's one of the best academy products coming out of the club in a long long time, with no conviction against him and dating/having a kid? with the person who called him a rapist in the first place.. I dont agree with it, but it clearly leaves a fuck ton of room for debate. It's pretty easy to see how people could make arguments both to bin him, and to overlook things due to his football ability. Again, want Greenwood gone.. But the girl backtracking makes the decision a lot less cut and dry


Mate, in relationships rife with abuse leaving the abuser is incredibly difficult & in a lot of cases victims often defend their abuser. It’s truly heinous shit what manipulation & grinding down of someone mentally for an extended period of time can do.


Especially since he violated a court order and had contact with her. Such a grossly mishandled case. From purely a PR perspective Man United are absolute morons if they think it’s worth bringing him back into the fold. He’s a good footballer but he’s not that good. Everyone’s seen/heard the recordings, they don’t care what the legal system said, compared to a case like Partey for example where fans can still justify it as “well he might get off in court” because they have no access to the evidence so none of us can know “for sure”. Greenwood will forever be stained (and rightly so).


Wait he's having a kid with the woman he raped and assaulted? Edit: apparently they're about to get married. WTF


The dad of the girl sided with Mason when it first came out so likely she is getting pressured


Not sure why you’re downvoted. He absolutely did because he could see the fact that his family had an opportunity to be set up for life and it was slipping through their fingers. Vile human beings, Mason and the dad alike.


I've seen a bunch of comments referring to the article as a puff piece and I'm starting to wonder if I read the same one. Most of the article painted him as having always been an asshole ever since he was a kid. For me I had previously been under the impression that Greenwood may have been a young guy whose success turned him into an asshole, but after the article now I know that he was always an asshole kid from the beginning.


I'm completely convinced that most of these people criticizing Whitwell simply did not read the article. They just read headlines and/or snippets deliberately taken out of context in the comments of Reddit posts, and therefore allowed their opinion on it to be dictated to them by whoever wanted to spread the narrative that Whitwell is trying to help Greenwood's PR team. If anything, it was closer to a hit piece than a puff piece, which is why his own people gave a half-assed answer at the very end of the article trying to dismiss all of the negative claims about Greenwood. Literally, the only positive things it says about him are his sporting talents. As a person, Whitwell makes him look like an insanely bitter, immature, unlikable, untrustworthy, unreliable, arrogant loser.


I think the Whitwell piece is trying to paint him as a troubled teen rather than a violent rapist. Make it seem as if he’s always been this way due to the “lifestyle” (as if every player has these issues). Teenagers make mistakes, teenagers get leniency and second chances. Men who do this stuff get the book thrown at them.


> All that and still there are parts of the article that almost paint him as sympathetic. I don't think that was Laurie's intention, rather he wanted to be "objective" in his reporting. However, it does feel wrong to read all about his transgressions alongside news of how he stayed at Carrington for extra training when Solskjaer gave the squad a week off or how he's "maturing". It mentions how he's set to become a father and how he's learning from his experiences (as if his "experiences" aren't abusing and assaulting a poor young woman). >I get it, you report the facts that you get from your sources, but it's disconcerting to read how someone said "He would run through a brick wall to be back playing for United now.” Or how we've rejected offers from other clubs for him since the news broke last January and that there are people at the club who think he could play for United again. Courtesy of /u/L__K on /r/reddevils. Do continue on about this "hit piece" though.


Hey that's me! [Here's a link to the full comment I made in case anyone is interested](https://www.reddit.com/r/reddevils/comments/123fd9l/comment/jdug4rd/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3). Between that and [this other comment,](https://www.reddit.com/r/reddevils/comments/123fd9l/comment/jdugr3u/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) I think most of my views on the article/situation are summed up. Agreed that it's very much not a hit piece at all, not even close to it. I think people see that it's frontloaded with "bad" things and they fail to realize that there's a lot of stuff later in the article that can reasonably be construed as positive or PR for Greenwood


The opposition chants are going to be brutal.


I hope the home chants are more brutal if we do take the wee scumbag back. But I know how talent works in football, a lot of fans would forget his past if he’s still as good a player as he was.


One champions league hat trick and he’s back in the United fans good books. Not even a dig at United fans, I feel that would be the case for any team he was playing for.


The only hope is that his time away has made him shit. Then at least Man United fans will also hate him for being shit.


Not for me, ever.


That poor woman's own father is the reason the charges were dropped. Humans regularly prioritize gain over morality.


>But I know how talent works in football, a lot of fans would forget his past if he’s still as good a player as he was. Like with Ronaldo?


The whole Ronaldo thing makes me very uncomfortable but the sole evidence for people suspecting him is leaked documents with no proven background. Not like Greenwood where we know for a fact he’s a cunt. And to be clear, I didn’t want Ronaldo back either.


I dunno, i feel if the leaked documents weren't legit Ronaldo would have sued the fuck out of them.


He literally sued the same publisher when they wrote about him being a tax dodger. He lost.


Suing for what? Releasing documents they received from a source? Its simple freedom of press that you can do nothing against on a legal basis in any developed country.


look at Arsenal fans and Partey if you want an even more relevant Example


The key difference between greenwood and partey is that for greenwood the court of public opinion has seen undeniable evidence. The legal outcome didn’t matter for greenwood as soon as those recordings went public. If something similar had happened for partey you can bet arsenal would have dropped him like a hot potato, but while there’s no definite legal conclusion and no public evidence it’s much easier for people to ignore it. I know there’s screenshots for partey but they were 1) not as widespread and 2)not as emotive as a recording. This isn’t me saying that partey isn’t guilty, just why I think his situation is different PR-wise to Greenwoods.


a Bohemians player over in ireland a few years back after being sentenced, kept playing as he kept appealing (believe he got deported in the end) - he got chants of "she said no" down in Turners Cross


Ismahil Akinade right? Joined my local team, was utterly wank lol.




Yet somehow Partey has got away with it


Absolutely could you imagine if they win the league playing a rapist!


As they should be


I don't see how ETH would go for this. He's established himself as someone ruthless who puts the club above individuals. I can't imagine him allowing Greenwood back into the gold, no matter how talented he is, if it causes division. If the boards forcing it on him, then truly nothing has changed and this year's improvements are just like under all the other managers who bounced them back up into top4 before falling away after a couple seasons.


I guess if that was their intention then provoking little bits of outrage here and there would eventually exhaust people so by the time it happens there isn't much pushback


Same. I think they'll try to re-introduce him and be left with a Raith Rovers style mess. Eventually they'll back down and drop him whilst losing any moral high ground and reducing the money they can get on a sale. It's a landmine they look set to belly flop onto.


Unfortunately I think you’re right. They’re hoping this blows over somehow and claim he’s been reformed


Tbf to Man United (loathe to say that) I think their internal investigation is still ongoing so that’s why there won’t be much official news. Why they need such a lengthy internal investigation is beyond me though


the investigation could only start after the CPS dropped it's investigation. the first article came out said that nothing is decided contract termination is on the table and bringing him back is only on the table if the internal investigation will reassure the leadership that it was a "one time mistake" and they believe him. it also said a lot of people look at him like a son since he has been at the club since he was 6 year old. personally I am not sure I trust the leadership to say "yeah we decided we gonna believe he can be reformed" when it comes to a multimillion dollar asset


I dunno, can definitely see them reinstate him- sadly… but nit for now at least


Tbh, I’d say any decent offer in the summer would suffice too, IF he actually wants to move.


No way there’s a “decent offer” for him. The best United can hope for is someone is willing to pay part of his current salary, and United can get a discount buying him out of his contract. Even the clubs who might not care about his history know the position United are in, i.e. zero bargaining power.


Al Nassr FC has entered the chat


A decent offer is £1


He shouldn't return but teams find ways to justify things. After seeing the Watson situation play out with the Browns, not much is gonna surprise me.


Everyone knew he wouldn't be back this season, IF at all. I hope the club does the right thing and gets rid of him. No matter how they try to twist the pictures, texts and audio..


That’s what I don’t understand I mean you’ve got the audio the texts and everything the evidence already came out the solution to all this should be OBVIOUS so why would they drag this on just to let him go? I have this weird feeling they’re going to try and reintegrate him….


Because they’re not evaluating the legitimacy of the evidence against him, they’re evaluating the potential response from supporters if they decide to reintegrate him. They want to see what level of pushback they’ll likely get. That is what the “internal investigation” is really about.


It's one thing in a he said she said situation where the only people that know were the ones in the room alla Ronaldo. It's a totally differant thing when we have heard the audio and KNOW FOR A FACT he is a piece of shit. Imagine bringing your daughter to Old Trafford to cheer for that POS


When the news first broke I was 100% sure he'd never play for us again, now I'm honestly 50/50. With the charges being dropped and his partner taking him back I can honestly see the club trying to show him as rehabilitated. I don't want to see him in a united shirt again but money talks and he's worth a lot of money.


>I can honestly see the club trying to show him as rehabilitated. If they do that though I don't think it will work out well, there's no denying he's an abusive piece of shit and a potential rapist (*his girlfriend dropping charges does not mean it didn't happen and the audio clip is pretty damning imo*). For him to come clean about the allegations (*especially given the video and photographic evidence that was posted online*), then it'd be an absolute shit show for Man United to deal with and will cause major problems for them.


Not to mention he was just allowed to break bail and contact her multiple times, police did nothing. Reeks of her getting coerced to drop it, and it wouldn't exactly be unusual for a victim to go back to the abuser... this whole thing is disgusting and it boggles my mind that United haven't gotten rid of him yet.


At the risk of sounding, “Akshully…”, in England and Wales, a victim doesn’t and can’t “drop charges”. The CPS can. A victim can withdraw a statement or refuse to give a statement. But it’s the CPS who, on balance of evidence, decide if a case has legs and can be brought to prosecution. I seem to recall in Greenwood’s case that the victim withdrew her statement. The CPS decided to discontinue with the charges when other evidence was submitted, and key witnesses withdrew from giving evidence.


Yeah, people tend to conflate "dropped charges" (not real) with "have stopped cooperating with prosecutors" but in the context of a sexual assault case that doesn't have overwhelmingly damning evidence, they're functionally the same thing.


to be rehabilitated, he will need to admit some wrongdoing and show some remorse. Can't see that happening at all.


start learning Arabic buddy


Ha, like he won't get a job in Europe after banging in a few goals.


Probably Turkish


european moral superiority moment


Is there any doubt he'd be accepted in the middle east with open arms?


Or Russian


wonder what happens IF he rejoins. how will the other teams' players react to it? i mean i wouldn't want to shake his hand if i was a player


lets not act like there wasn't a dozen of PL players that committed some really bad crimes let alone in the last year or so that we know of


The same way they react to Partey


I think there will be far more backlash due to there being pretty concrete evidence of what he did tbh. Also, United supporters seem to hate the guy as much as everyone else - same can't be said about Arsenal and Partey.


A lot of arsenal fans in real life straight up don’t know about the Partey case, especially the older people. Greenwood case was on national tv and in the papers.


>Also, United supporters seem to hate the guy as much as everyone else - same can't be said about Arsenal and Partey. There are a surprising amount of united fans that seem to back Greenwood. It is weird how arsenal have just glossed over Partey being a rapist, but I wouldn't say the United fans are that much better. I would say though, the club has handled it better. I think it is pretty disgusting that Arsenal are going to win the league with a rapist as their star midfielder with 3 victims who have come out.


I think United would have handled it in the exact same manner Arsenal have dealt with Partey had Greenwood's partner not leaked what was happening publically. This isn't a stab at United or Arsenal either- I imagine Liverpool would have also done the same.


Partey seems to get on with his teammates Greenwood reportedly did not


Players wont really care. Only reddit is concerned about stuff like this. Basically all players are more than happy staying out of things like these and just doing their job


Only Reddit? He’d be getting booed at every stadium in the country and I assure you most people in the stadiums won’t be Redditors


Yeah but not only out of a sense of moral superiority, mostly to get into his head and put him off


Only reddit is concerned about rapists going back to work and facing zero consequences or repercussions?


Some people tell on themselves.


There’s a good chance that like 65% of professional footballers are shitty people, so I wouldn’t be too surprised.


How many players have been accused of horrible crimes? A lot more than him. Sadly I really don't think it would be a big thing.


How many of those can you listen to an audio recording of the act though?




I feel nauseous about it whenever the topic comes up. What kind of message does it send to the women that are involved in the club if they allow him back (and there are many, staff, women's team, fans). Or even men too that have women in their life that they care about.


The situation I try to imagine is the OT announcer reading the starting lineup with great enthusiasm and going “Number 11, Mason Greenwood!!!” It’s just so hard to see how that moment could ever arrive, much less feel right.


Exactly mate.


This is what boggles my mind. Is the bad PR, burning of bridges, etc worth it for Mason Greenwood?


Nope, not for him nor any rapist and abuser. BTW your manager in attendance to watch Chelsea women take on Lyon. And here's my club, debating bringing back GW? 🤮🤮


Especially now with the growth of Womens football, while on one hand they don't really care about the womens team in the grand scheme of things it can kick up a massive PR issue if they kick up a fuss.


I've felt pretty distanced from United and the sport in general recently tbh and stuff like this is a big part of it. If we get Qatari owners and/or Mason is reintegrated, I'm heavily leaning towards just following my local team only. It's all so shitty


Yup, I know the feeling.


I know this is semi random but just wanted to say I appreciate your general positivity! I've popped into a ton of threads and seen a comment from you and they are always either super informed or positive and it's nice to see


Thank you! I've always enjoyed your tactical breakdowns :)


Now kiss




agreed but I just might jump off football all together. Unless Australia are playing.




So what about if Utd is your local club?


United is my local club, but if Greenwood ever plays again, I'm predominantly supporting Salford or Bolton. We can literally hear him raping someone by just a simple search on YouTube. I've supported united my entire life, but I am done if they let that raping sack of shit back into the club (and I have also told the club this - you can do it too by using the fan advocacy groups/feedback on the United website)


I don't have any answers for you homes, that's a choice you gotta make. I try real hard not to judge other people for their stances about their club, even if I don't understand it, cause I'm not in their shoes and I don't have their perspective I can only make a decision for myself


Not a difficult question at all. He is a rapist and should never play for the club again


I would be done with the club. I have been losing interest in top level football already because of the corporatization; and the passing of my uncle, a couple years back, who taught me soccer and taught me about Manchester (the city his hometown) and United has also lead to a feeling of disinterest. I still watch a good 80 percent of games and the future looks bright with Ten Hag. But bringing this scum back would just make me lose all interest. I won't jump ship to another team and no one will miss my support anyway. I have another team in a different sport from my actual hometown to support.


This is besides the point, but, the joke about plastic United supporters is that they aren’t plastic because their uncle is from the area so it’s a family team. I just find it funny to see it real in the wild


I despise that little shit. But what you're saying doesn't make sense. Watching City doesn't make you not value human rights


Are all newcastle fans cool with chopping up journalists? As long as the fans aren't singing his name, and I really don't think you're gonna find the stadium belting it out, then why should the fans be punished? Football isn't logical. Football is sanctioned tribalism. Some people get to pick their club, well I've been a red since I was born. Raised by reds, raised by reds. Since my family moved to Manchester in the 40s. I will not cheer him, but I will always support my club.


The argument even when Ashley was here is you support the team not the regime. We’ve never had someone as vile as greenwood in black and white thank fuck. Not making any judgment on you but thought I’d give a perspective since you mentioned us


> We’ve never had someone as vile as greenwood in black and white thank fuck. You've had Nile Ranger and self-confessed wife beater Paul Gascoigne on the books, you're doing perfectly well in the "having scumbags wear the shirt" stakes, frankly.


I think he’s a nasty piece of work and shouldn’t play for Man United again, but where do you draw the line on saying you’re okay with it? Half the Premier League teams are owned by scummy people. I’m typing this using a phone made in China, with a room full of stuff made in the same or similar places, all put together by what is essentially slave labour. If it’s far enough away from you, does it become okay?


obviously a team could use as many good players as possible, but with garnacho’s emergence man united simply dont really need him imo. it will create constant debate around the squad and the players obviously know all about the matter, some players are bound to feel uncomfortable playing with him


The unfortunate truth is that he was simply on track to be the best academy product we've produced ever. He was breaking records as a teen despite his antics off the pitch (not talking about the disgusting acts of SA; more so his quarantine breaching, constant partying, lack of training commitment and constant late arrivals). If he was another average player he'd be binned instantly. But just like Partey simply because he's exceptional at kicking a ball there's this mindless debate about bringing him back.


I have first hand experience with fellow Arsenal fans flaming me, but it would be super depressing to have both players allowed to be reintegrated going forward. Mendy getting off on 6 of 7 counts shows how hard it is to prosecute these types of charges. Internal club investigations of players should have a more reasonable bar than what it takes to throw someone in prison. Under 1% of rapes lead to conviction. It’s wild a player can slack off in training & will get transfer listed much faster then a player with video evidence of rape, or 4 allegations with 3 different unconnected women.


To be fair the more you read about the Mendy case the more it starts to look like he didn't 'get away with it'. There are some extremely damning lines from court about the way the accusers changed their stories and communicated with each other.


I doubt he's gonna play for us again


had me in the first half


Honestly, as a United fan, I’d be happy to see the back of a player like him on the basis of his behaviour and attitude alone, given we thankfully are building a culture of “no dickheads allowed” if reports are accurate. Throw in the appalling, apparently unrepentant crimes he has committed… it’s a no-brainer. I hope that is obvious to most.


He should never wear the shirt again.


PR image rehabilitation: by next season, he will be a father. So expect articles in the media using the baby as a prop showing Greenwood looking all wholesome and parading around, holding his baby, changing diapers, feeding the baby, and walking with the baby in a stroller with the baby momma and a dog next to him. You get the picture. "Oh, look at me now; I'm a proud baby daddy. I'm not that vicious thug anymore; you know, the sociopath who used to punch girls in the face."


Now I impregnated the same girl and she has stockholders syndrome. What a wonderful world we live in, innit?


So they’re fully considering him lol


I can see big Russian and Turkish teams signing him but no where else in Europe. His reputation is too nasty at this point for non authoritarian led reactionary nations to tolerate.


I don't know why United would gamble with this, it's already a PR nightmare if you bring him back and a footballer that hasn't played a day in a long time is going to be awful. It's a lose/lose for United, especially when it looks like locker room chemistry seems relatively calm. It's not like they are struggling and need someone in his position.


who knows what shape he is in when not playing/training with first team squad for this long? prob still an amazing talent, his finishing was insane, but its alsoa mental thing so.........just let him go to some random league


He's obviously going to return. They're just waiting to find the best way to sell it to the general public.


Bet there is no internal investigation and are just waiting till next season to bring him back.


That was obvious. Many Utd fans were in denial. This is the Glazers we are talking about. They are definitely thinking about it.


They won’t sell Greenwood. He’s an asset on the books. When they show the clubs assets they probably have him down as £50 million. They won’t get rid of him because of that


Could they not just buy out his contract and release him as a free agent, seems like the best way to handle the situation.


“Internal Investigation.” Bruh, we’ve seen the photos of bruises and blood streaming from her face. We’ve heard the audio recordings. The fuck kind of investigation is needed here? Of course, this isn’t about that. It’s about hoping that by waiting a little while they can quietly re-integrate him into the squad. And while I’m sure some United supporters will welcome that choice, I’d imagine there’s going to be quite the outcry from most of them.


The recordings were made public and I think everyone who has heard them will be hard pressed to argue he's innocent of his actions. The charges may have been dropped, but that doesnt change what he did. Greenwood should never be allowed near any football pitch for the rest of his days.


Partey too I assume?


Absolutely! BUT! Partey didn't have recording, pictures or reliable testimony like what happened to Greenwood and Daniel Alves for exmeple. Without that, PR is much easier to handle since there no damming prof.


Guy thinks he's gonna play in the Premier League this season LOL !!! Who you think you are bro, Thomas Partey ?


5Head move from the Glazers to make it the new owners problem.


What’s there to investigate? We’ve all heard the audio and seen the photos. He shouldn’t get to play professionally ever again.


Don't want this cretin any where near the club. Might not have been convicted, but everyone has seen the evidence. He is guilty as hell.