Awful, I'm shocked this could even be legally allowed.


As mentioned on Football Weekly the other day, the sudden lack of wage security if a player gets injured could stop them from getting mortgages, from supporting their families, and from committing to any challenge or action that might get them injured. It's also very likely to force people out of the game entirely due to those risks. Absolute shambles.


It's a shame the PFA don't officially represent non-league players. I don't think this would've gotten this far if they had some union representation. Hope it gets resolved before any striker action. [This](https://twitter.com/jamiegrimes90/status/1639326968179982347) is the letter signed by all 24 national league captains.


They're the 'Professional' Footballers Association - considering a large amount of National League players are professional, it's a joke.


wouldn't surprise me if this sort of thing spurs a push to get the 5th and 6th tiers included in the PFA tbh - the professionalisation of those leagues is still pretty recent, so I understand why they haven't been included historically, but like you say, basically the whole 5th tier is fully pro now, and a big issue like this could easily prompt a structural change to recognise that


You're right that the professionalisation of those leagues is fairly recent but it still seems very short-sighted and also anti-labour for a union to have set those limits in the first place.


How is this legal?


Disgusting practice but sadly it’s the same for a lot of jobs in this country. Get sick and you are stuck with SSP. Most companies don’t pay company sick pay it’s a disgrace across the board


While top league footballers are making more and more, non league players are literally being told if you get hurt you don’t get paid as much lmfao I’d really like to see some top level players speak out about this.


Not just won't get paid as much if you're injured or ill for more than 4 months, they can straight up give you 3 months notice and terminate your contract. Hopefully some top level players do come out because this is horrific


That is inhumane to terminate an injured player :( I’d love to see what law protects this behavior.


Well...that's fucked