"I am here to say, I stand behind every word I said and Bojan should shut his mouth."


Incredibly based.


The fun drama continues. Just hope Janne won't be sacked due the "racism" that Bojan made up in his head.


I hope he gets sacked just because then we might actually see someone play good football with the attacking talent we have.


I wouldn't mind him getting sacked but not because of this reason, it'd put the wrong negative message out there.


Sure, but I think that even if it wasn't intentional racism (I don't think it was), it was still incredibly clumsily said lmao


are the swedish even still tolerant for racism? their immigrantion hatred is through the rough


Tbh you can see where Bojan is coming from, when he grew up he most likely faced a ton of racism and "who he represents"


Its made up racism... Janne did not mean it like that. Its stupid of Bojan to just assume someone is being racist to him, no matter his history or what hes faced from other Swedes. Bojan went into that looking for an argument, and tried to come out looking like a victim. He realised he was losing the argument so decided to throw out this card in order to save face. Its disrespectful in my opinion, and helps no one.


Im 100% certain Janne didnt mean it like that and that he ISNT a racist. But I do see where the confusion comes from. Janne questioned Bojans representation in an NT context and Bojan interpreted that as country he represented rather than, what likely meant, entity/opinion he was representing. That can happen. What made it worse was when Bojan responded Sweden in a defensive manner, Janne responds with a sarcastic "ofan" which does NOT come off as a correction at all to Bojans missunderstanding. Then when Bojan keeps question Janne for his questioning of Bojans representation, Janne just stands still and stares at him instead of correcting/clarifying what he meant. Janne himself addressed this today in the presser that he handled it horribly and so forth. It wasnt a made up thing by Bojan like some make it out to be. It was just missunderstood due to horrendous wording by Janne. Sucks the topic changed a bit to the racism-part when it should be about the underperformance of the NT.


I, as a native swede, interpreted it as racism as well. I was shocked, what the hell is he saying?? I was convinced he will be sacked. I was shocked and sad because I like him as a coach. Now when hearing his explanation, and seeing the interview again, I'm 100% convinced it had nothing to do with racism. But you cannot blame Bojan to react the way he did. He had a very understandable reaction. He asked a very reasonable simple question and got attacked.


Ok what now...


What was said?


he apologized for his behavior, he feels terrible about it, etc etc


Wasn't much of an apology TBH, "I apologize if Bojan has interpreted it that way"... But he regretted what happened and admitted he behaved badly.




To sum it up he came into the studio extremely happy with the 5-0 result and that both Jesper and Anthony had scored, but was met with negativity and criticism as usual from the pundits so he lost his temper. He wanted to have a lighter conversation for once since the result was good but didn't get it.


Imagine having to call a press conference because you got into a disagreement with a journalist. Serie A would have more press conferences than match days.


I think the reason for him having to apologise is because Bojan accused him of saying something racist. Jane definitely did not say anything racist at all. But as swedes if someone can feel bad about something you said you have to apologise


Reinfeldt sätter pressen…


So, when is Bojans press conference?


Djordjic was a total baller for me on CM02. Naturally, I think he's right.




Pundits are so useless