Instant classic, what an incredible game with an incredible ending. Nketiah really stepped up, the whole team really stepped up!


People are talking like Arsenal have the title locked up like it's April. We're halfway through the season a long way to go. That said this is huge in the race.


Bro just like Napoli form in Seria A, people are just acknowledging the progress…..arsenal only lost one game in like 19 fixtures. Even if you wanna hate, at least acknowledge the consistent.


Don’t think that comment counts as hate dude. Just because someone is realistic doesn’t mean it’s hate


Ten hag is a fraud you got pellistri martial garnacho on the bench but you put in Fred and Antony this arrogant ass coach has a massive undeserved ego he has never won shit in his life except some garbage Dutch trophy lol he is about to get sacked soon totally outcoached by arteta






Still buzzing from this, proper match this was


Ødegaard is on another lvl. Jesus his technique is outstanding. That pass to Xhaka that got intercepted by Martinez is amazing




It's a pleasure trusting the process


We battered them in the 2nd half and weren’t even playing that well. As one of the few who backed arteta throughout I couldn’t be happier


Watching Ten Hag's post match interview, he is being a bit harsh on his own team. Arsenal forced the mistakes, like Man U forced Partey, Saka and Ramsdale for their mistakes on their goals


That's kind of good from Ten Hag tho. His expectation isn't to be a team that just lives with the league leaders. It's to go beyond that. The goal is to be where Arsebal are now, or beyond


So Anthony is key to that goal, gotcha. He backing that horse is telling lol. Good luck with that


Enjoy your win big dog.


You know it. Enjoy EFL cup!! You can do it! Banter off, take care.


Are you 9?


Somehow you typed this out, read it, and still decided to post Read that again


Arsenal are so good in tight spaces, against a low block. Really imoressive


I'm so impressed with how tight we can play, it's not sometime I've gotten used to at all


Great effort from Utd, the development in 6 months is staggering. Starting to see that players like McTominay have no place in the squad anymore, which is obviously part of the rebuild. He was really, really poor today. You simply CANNOT be passive as a "defensive" midfielder in the way that he is.


united is at a crossroads, their recruitment has been expensive players or older players on expensive contracts. Hard to reset your wage structure like that. Ten Hag is a great manager and if they can clear out some of their deadweight they'll be in a better position long term. Theyre sitting on the top end of the table but soon its not going to be so easy with chelsea's investments, newcastle's resurgence, shit is still around, liverpool arent going to always be as injured as they are.


Mctominay should have left when Lingard left. He's on that level. Very poor. Mctominay belongs in a Leeds type team. Fails too much on the big stages. That and Anthony was just dreadful today.


Can’t agree with you more. Wan-Bissaka was exposed today too, he’s come along way but he was a yard off preventing two goals today. Those margins win stuff.


Like Erik said post-game, all 3 goals came from mistakes that shouldn't be happening at this level. That 3rd goal was particularly egregious, where McTominay lost it on the edge of their box & suddenly our chance on goal becomes their counter-attack, which leads to the goal a minute later. Simply not good enough.


i mean arsenal lived in your box the 2nd half, what was it 60 touches inside the box? I'd say your goals were more off mistakes than ours which just came off of sustained pressure. First goal was a partey misplaced pass 2nd was ramsdale and tomiyasu colliding and dropping the ball. despite the result you all absorbed the pressure well and a lesser squad would have conceded more


I'm not doubting your teams dominance - you were much the better side & probably deserved the 3 points. That being said, you can't look passed the role we had to play in our own downfall. Poor interplay between Wan-Bissaka & De Gea granted you possession moments before your first goal & McTominay's complete lack of quality or composure on the ball in your final third lead to another turnover which resulted in the winner 30 seconds later. Sustained pressure causes errors, absolutely, but it doesn't help when you're practically inviting it onto yourself through lack of technical ability/poor decision making. Football's ultimately a game of fine margins at the highest level & you edged us out in that regard today. Losing against the best team in the league doesn't bother me, but last minute losses are always hard to take.


I dont hope you are starting to see first now he has no place


I mean, we knew for a while, but the proof is in the pudding now. The drop off from Casemiro to McTominay is huge, so much so that it even makes players like Eriksen look awful because they have to pick up his slack.


I love how this Arsenal just edges opponents regardless of name super exciting this game kind of proves Arsenal will be there by end of season




Give me the formuoli lookin ass


Cheque to PGMOL didn’t go through


That fax machine is above being partisan, it seems


I think the formula was dive for a pen the second they’re near our box. Ref wasn’t buying any of it.


I'd assume the formula included casemiro.




He had the formula, but he needs to knick down the shops to get the ingredients.


“Taste a bit off, needs more nutmeg. Anthony you got any? No ok I guess we lose.” ETH probably


This result is significant slowly but surely the dream always realized


Yep only 50 + points available.


Bye bye United 🤣🤣🤣


Why where are we going? I'm low on fuel and she needs a cardigan


Based on this evidence and the other teams around you probably 3rd or 4th place


I'll take that all day long. ETH 1st season, where did you expect us to finish?


At the start of the season I thought it would be City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea in that order. I actually thought that you'd finish in 6th behind Spurs (prior to Antony & Casemiro joining) but the turnaround has been very good. You're probably the 3rd best team in the country right now and have taken 6/12 points off the 2 sides better than you. Overall it's been very impressive


What a match, we've come a long way, still a long way to go. Would have been nice to see what this would have ended up with Case on the pitch but fair play to Arsenal they never gave up.


Midweek fixture showed in the second half, legs were gone, no real quality on the bench to bring on, but still more tense than any of the London derbies United are making progress, a year from now with ETH signings, will be scary, looking forward to the rivalry being reignited and the shittalk to resume


Yeah absolutely, tired legs for sure. Depth not quite there yet, a few key injuries and we could be in trouble. Absolutely agree with the rivalry reignited haven't enjoyed watching a match of this quality in quite some time.


Yep new captain, new goal keeper, new right back, new right winger, new center forward. You seem to be in good shape in Centerbacks and Referees, stay positive!


Yes have to admit Ten Hag has drilled you well. You will also be a title challenging team sooner than later.


It surprised me when I saw the united squad age though. Bruno and Erikson are guns but also getting towards 30. At the back as well. Pretty interesting to see if eth can captilise on their 2-3 year window.


He's surprised me, he's done very well in the short time he's been there. And kicking ronny out definitely helped things, shows he was serious and removed a disruptive presence.


Great game from united today. You have good future for your team bro


I'm not sure what happaned to arsenal this season, but God are they fun to watch, great game today


The pain of missing top 4 last season and ditching our washed players has gone a long way.


Fucking sick of this shit. Fuck Arsenal


I asked for vinegar aswell


Only salt for you


I'd rather be salty as fuck than arselick rival fans for a few upvotes. Fucking pathetic


Or just acknowledge a good performance from another team and not be a weird beta about it.


Oh here we go, a sweaty redpill cunt who sees people as alphas or betas. You can fuck off as well bellend


Yeeesh, you seem big mad


Ah I see, just because I respect a club means I'm farming for meaningless Internet points, nice I see,


You can respect them all you want but they're fucking laughing at you. Pathetic


Just accept they played better football and move on, no need to be salty mate


Nah. Laughing at you


You guys looked fantastic, keep it up and the league is yours this year. Some great signings and Arteta's project is really coming together. Going to be fun competing against you lot over the next few years. Enjoy your day.


Great game! 8/10 easily


ez points from Nketiah


People saying this was a great game but the football’s truly great player VAR did not show up. I am just whelmed.


Where was this energy against Man City? Karma.


Yeah like when they didn't review Mctominay handball in the box.


Lol it wasn’t offside


Cry bitch


Anyone else have trouble with the broadcas?Like a bit of static on the screen and the audio flickering a bit?


My screen kept freezing lol




Arsenal have that dog in them have to give them props, United just need a couple upgrades in the attack and midfield and we will be challenging for sure.


How many more 100s of millions do you think you need to spend?


United are the personification of throwing money until the problem vanishes.


Maybe 100/200mil


United looked extremely dangerous anytime they got the ball. I think the full backs did well, but Weghorst is not the man for the job.


I thought it was just Rashford, what a player he is


I have to say, when I saw him and Saka being compared I was a little surprised but its just because I haven't been paying enough attention to Rashfords recent form. He really really looks the real thing. Still young as well.


Imagine them in the same team. Oh wait, you wouldn't have to if Southgate had half of a working brain.


Weghorst was never their long term solution anyways


I think weghorst will do better when we're playing against low blocks.... against arsenal while fighting for possession and having to transition fast from defense to attack he was exposed.... not the right game for him, but hey, some striker better than no striker


Yea you're probably right.


Weghorst is much better than his 1st game, give the lad some time to adapt,


Doesn’t seem to link with the other attackers yet, I’m sure that will change over time though, midfield overall was a touch disjointed today with the engine that is Case


Case was crucial this season so far, glad he's back at least, and yeah, Weghorst seems kinda unlinked with the rest of the attackers.


I think he'll be useful as an out ball for DDG, because with this showing I don't think we'll be the last team to try and press him on the ball


Agreed I don’t think we defended badly arsenal just won the midfield hard and could attack that much more


Clearly, he’s on loan


Rashford doing bits atm. Everytime he had the ball I was holding my breath. Tomi definitely did better defending him than White so that was a god sub even without the threat of a second yellow.


Fucking start garnacho ffs


Over who? Rashford is in amazing form, Anthony is your 100m signing.


Think for this kinda game playing on the counter swapping Weghorst for Garnarcho would make sense


Over Antony*. Who cares how much Antony was paid. He's been a non factor, take him out until he gets his shit together. Give Garnacho the minutes he deserves.


trosard was cooking at the end


Yeah I had been saying that Martinelli wasn’t firing on all cylinders during the game and needed to be subbed. Cool to see the new guy on the pitch.


Yeah it looks like we got the right player to further push Martinelli and challenge all three guys up front. Excited to see him bed in with the rest of the team and play more.


Perks of having Trossard is we can now rotate Gabi, Jesus, and Nketiah as forwards


It’s all upto City now for the power of money to prevail. They must do it. Otherwise, all these random teams will hope an upset is possible. Hope is a dangerous thing.


Spoken like a true dictator.


Fuck me I am absolutely buzzing, what a game!


What a game from Zinchenko and Lisandro


Zinchenko is having Odegaard as your left back who can also defend.


as if the best Norwegian in the league can't also defend lol Also Zinny is very different in that he's a lot more flexible in his role imo.


haha, yeah this was more meant to highlight how good zinchenko has been in attack with some of his whip smart passes and unexpected crosses than slag odegaard. DIdn't quite word it correctly


Mfing Ødegaard defended harder than those at Bastone.


God I fucking hate united this feels so good.


Couldn’t agree more.


The heck did we do-


Being Man United


This is a New Utd and rivalry. Every1 hate Bruno but for the rest I loved the game. 2 different strategy hoing at it. Was exciting as fuck


Ruined the unbeaten run and about the next decade after that as well ;)


Zinchenko motm surely?


He wasn't even an option to vote for on the prem app


Ddg, wan bissaka, Shaw and Mctominay showed very clearly they're not cut out to be in a title challenging team. Eriksen too showed signs. Some have the skills but they're like Lukaku. They can't step up. It's a mental issue. Ten hag did poorly too. The b tier mentality started with him. He setup the team to be way too defensive. It's as if we were stuck in a cage trying to escape the gorilla trying to bum us.


Pass that blud, bud.


Arron was incredible today, you couldn't get past him, I swear he was like a wall.


They literally got past him for 2 goals and plenty of other chances


My man made 10+ crucial blocks and tackles, and the 3 goals scored weren't even on his side of the pitch


? He was the player eddie beat for his fitst and the 3rd was a cross from his wing. I'm not saying he was bad but they quite literally got past him for 2 goals. And Martinelli got plenty of ball in around him.


Shaw was arguably your best player on the day, IMO.


From an Arsenal fan, Ten Haag's tactics nearly got you a draw today and got you a win at Old Trafford You were very difficult to play against. Can't be blamed today


If we were a mid table team with mid table transfer fees and wages, sure, we scrapped and grappled, but sadly lost the game to a superior team. We shouldn't play like a mid table team. Maybe that's unrealistic but it's the mentality that bothers me. Ddg punching the ball out of fear when he should have caught it, Shaw, AWB, Mctominay and ddg making fearful decisions instead of brave ones bothered me. The time wasting and hoofing under pressure also riled me. When it comes to wages these players will demand more wages than this arsenal team, that you can be sure of.


>Ddg punching the ball out of fear when he should have caught it Yeah that was seriously wack when I saw it, man had his defnders all around him and no challengers, and he punches?


Lol who would you play, with Casemiro suspended?


I don't think this was on ten hag. Arsenal was just that good. They wouldn't let utd catch a breath in the second half.


what is this brudda waffling about


Becca Lowe just said wenger is coach


I also caught that haha


Im so happy man


If someone asks you how does one play without the midfield, United second half was a great example. What a disgraceful effort from a team that could be potential champions if they won today by settling for 2-2. Deservedly got fucked good!


Antony is dogshit for a 100 mil player.


His arrogance doesn’t help him


Glad you admit it. He likes to dribble and showboat but what else does he do? Score occasionally yes…but other than that nah.


He has decent workrate and defensive contribution for a winger but not close enough of an offensive force to justify 50 mil, not mentioning 100...


This kind of goes below the radar. It says a lot about this season appearing to be more positive for United then the recent ones. A few years back the media would have been all over his form.


because arsenal silenced him


He didn't even open his mouth


He was poor today. Cannot believe we paid that much for him.


His passing is atrocious


When we could have got Gakpo for a third of the price.


It's just tough how one dimensional he seems, his complete reliance on his left foot and his lack of trying to beat his man is quite interesting. I thought he was a dribbler who took on his man, tried to beat him and get into space. Seeing very little of that, usually just ends up passing it back to the back behind him 9/10.


I'm sure I read this exact take on our pepe signing a month into him playing at Arsenal. Hopefully he doesn't become as a big of a flop.


Been very very anxious then euphoric. Zinchenko is unreal, you can tell he has the champion quality. Eddie missed chance (also stupidly give DDG the reason to stall) but he stepped up when it counts. Saka and Rashford two unreal goals. Not the best game for some of our players but just like Arteta said, we support each other on the pitch, and got a win, I hope this game can boost our confidence massively. What a game


Zinchenko was my favourite city player. Has a good head on his shoulders, smart ball play, can cut through the field etc. So glad we got him


is nketiah the new starting #9? what do you think arsenal fans


Big Ed writes his own ticket now. If he continues to produce, there's absolutely no reason to replace him offhand. Let GJ pick up the ancillary minutes and recover right, when that time comes. Best problem to have, right, An in-form striker and a recovered 1st-choice fighting back in?


No. Gabby J is a different demon, specially vs low blocks his dribbling & fluidity is crazy


I agree….


Gabi will take his place back, even when Jesus doesnt score he always assists or contributes in some way. but nice to know u have a reliable insurance on the bench tho


I agree but it’s a luxury to ease him back. Nobody should be thrown in 100% after a knee surgery


I think Gabi J is has to earn his place now, he's not gonna walk back in when he returns


when will he be back?


At best probably end of March but I would expect April. He just got off crutches and doing rehab now


Jesus is the most versatile player and can play across all 3 positions (including RW which is important). We’ll have the same setup as liverpool previously where Salah, Mane, Jota, Firmino, and Diaz all rotated for minutes.


Trossard got that over the line. Fucking incredible win


Fair enough, Arsenal deserved the win, we weren't playing to win in the end and you just felt that goal coming. Would've preferred a draw ofc for the point! Probably one of ( if not ) the most exciting/fun games to watch this season!


Eddie is becoming the next Kane at this rate.


Different type, more like Inzaghi or Aguero.


You mean the next, next Shearer?


You mean the next Lineker?


That 2nd half was giving me PTSD flashbacks of last season. Arsenal were the better team, United has work to do yet. Exciting match despite not the result I hoped for!


Ggs Arsenal, didn't get to watch but it seems like a well fought game


Well fought but really hard to watch because we knew the goal is coming, just don't know when its coming.


United fan. That was a great game of football and Arsenal the better team overall. But fuck me did I enjoy that, dark winter evening and Arsenal and United fighting over a match that means something. It's like it's 2001 again


Means a lot for Arsenal if they want to win the league. Means nothing mentality don’t get you the title


I don't really understand your point


I don’t understand how this match “meant nothing” Every match matters if you want to win the title as you saw by Arsenal’s efforts not just tie it, but win the match. United on the other hand, seemed more complacent to walk away with a draw. That mentality of not wanting to win every game and thinking some matches don’t “mean anything” won’t win any team the title.


I mean, at no point did I say this meant nothing. I specifically said it meant something


Nice edit lol


I mean the edit added nothing??? Other than to hammer home that you read my comment wrong.




Fuck I’m happy… reminiscent of old age rivalry which was the best in England. Hope we get more of those for years to come


The best team won. Utd have done the best they possibly could with the personnel and mid week fixture. Would have liked to see Garnacho come on earlier but I can understand the preference is to secure a point at that stage. Gutted to have lost points in the last minutes two games in a row.


Garnacho entered at 91, such a waste


Really would have loved to see both teams full strength. Add casemiro and Jesus back in and what changes? Mctominay and Nketiah played well but the other two are capable of being game changers. Casemiro consistently so.


Excellent game. The goal was coming tbh, Utd backs against the wall for about half-an-hour and just lumping it forward, a bit of a reality check too, for the whole team and a few individuals. Deserved win for Arsenal.


It was very much a deserved win for arsenal but I wouldn't call an exhausted team losing to a 90th minute goal scored by a fully rested team a reality check. Man utd had 3 games in 8 days. 2 being the most physically demanding in the league right now in the league's 2 contenders. 7/11 played all 3 (would've been 8 had casemiro not being banned) 6 of those playing 90+ in all 3 games it's not a coincidence they fell apart around the same time in both the palace & arsenal matches. even the best teams would struggle with that, case in point man city. half the points they've dropped this season have been in that scenario. With most of their best XI playing 2 games in 3-4 days or 3 games in 8 days.


Fair play to Nketiah. Thought he'd pulled down Arsenal's trousers by getting a six figure a week contract, but he's probably already paid them back. His all round game has really developed in such a short space of time.


He’s a solid back up and although 6 figures sounds crazy if we’d bought a replacement would’ve probably been more expensive wages + fee