**current Manchester United players:** Anthony Martial **3/4 75%** *(has scored last 1 in the PL.)* Bruno Fernades **13/16 81.25%** *(has missed last 2 in the PL)* Cristiano Ronaldo **14/16 87.5%** *(has scored last 9 in the PL. December 29, 2007 at West Ham was the last time he missed from the spot.)* Marcus Rashford **6/8 75%** *(has scored last 4 in the PL and has taken all of his penalty attempts during the 2019/2020 season)*


> Cristiano Ronaldo 14/16 87.5% (has scored last 9 in the PL. December 29, 2007 at West Ham was the last time he missed from the spot.) > > I have a very strong memory of there being some (probably unjustified) bitterness about the electronic ad hoardings behind the goal doing something strange just as he took the penalty, that caused him to miss wide to his left. I also have a stronger memory of that black kit being my favourite United away kit.


That black kit was beautiful. I had a full rooney black kit as a kid. Long sleeves and all


I've still got my Scholes one tucked away somewhere.


Rashy's Euro penalty is written off as a bad pen, but he still managed to send Buffon the wrong way. Also, everyone knows our best pen taker is slabhead. Fizzes them like no other


Say what you like but Slab's pen in the Euros was the most unstoppable penalty I've ever seen


My man sent a laser beam and sent the goal camera to the shadow realm. If we're headed to pens, I *need* him subbed on at 119'


Buffon Regen you mean


100%. I’ll leave it be just so others have the opportunity to correct me too


Shoulda said gianluigi so it’s correct either way


that game had me hyped, ole was at the wheel


Surprised Martial hasn't taken more, I feel like he has great technique.


Tim Krul saving one from Rashford and Martial in the same game


isnt ronaldo missed vs Middlesbrough 2021/22 ?


Yeah, but where is Steve Bruce?


get Ivan Toney in


Wazza is shocking to me!


He said he hated every single penalty he ever took. Wild to me but it makes sense his stats suck


I think it's because he was an instinctive striker. Having to think about it, take his time, etc, probably didn't help him


Absolutely. It was clear in his last few seasons that slowing down his game made his performance less strong - but his instincts were still world class.


I remember in an interview that he said he would make up his mind on how to take a PK before match to avoid overthinking at the spot


Wasn't that Harry Kane?


Kane makes his mind up a week before and then practices it in training.


Na, I remember he was after getting so bad that they got given to Mata.


Who was class at them


Cantona. No wait you weren't asking. Shit.


For a moment I was wondering why I asked a question. But no it was a statement. Nistelrooy was also godlike


He makes it too obvious which way he’s going imo. Lukaku does it too


Not to me. I always had to cover my eyes when he was on the spot, couldn't bear to watch. Outstanding player, pretty poor penalty taker.


Pogba being here isn't a surprise, those slow penalty run-ups are cringe.


We can also add the penalties he give away too.


I genuinely have nothing but negative feelings about signing Pogba. What a waste of a player, with very little upside.


The fact that he left TWICE on a free transfer makes me dislike him even more. So much resources wasted on him.


Not his fault we didn’t know how to sell the second time though. Blame the club and not him in that sense. They should know it was always a possibility and stupidly let it become a reality. The first time was at least different. Second time and for how much he cost? Stupid from United.


You can't sell a player no one wants to buy. The stupidity was in signing him for a world record fee.


Only in hindsight. I do remember people saying he’ll need a squad around him rather than be the one to build around. They were minority though, even if they were loud and ultimately right. I was hyped for Pogba. I thought he could’ve been *the* guy for us until the end of his career. I held out hope probably longer than I should. He was a bum though.


The final straw for me was when Bruno came in and instantly did what Pogba needed to be “unlocked” to do for 4 years


That’s a bit exaggerated but decent point.


Bruno hasn't done anything compared to pogbas first 3 years other than statpad


Selling him for £5m would still be better than the stupid way we let him go though……


Im not a Pogba apologist, he dug his own grave with the united fans, but I will say one thing - all the midfield greats had great midfielders next to them. Modric had kross and case, xavi had iniesta and busquets. Pogba was doomed to underwhelm because he never had that level of support next to him during his entire time with United.


And the only times there was some stability, the midfield was pretty class. Herrera/Matic/Pogba had a decent run and Matic/Pogba/Bruno was great too until Matic's legs came off.


Roy Keane was one of the best midfielders in the league in a side that got relegated.


Thast true altho his constant whining and injury (not his fault) didn't help his case


In that case he could have tried to control midfield and support his lesser partner, to give his team a platform to win without him being the star. Instead of sticking to flair and hollywood balls. Problem was he was found out as not really having the skill or nous to play a normal midfield role, and we had 6 years of him trying the same failed ideas, never learning, never adapting, just being a luxury player letting us down and making life difficult for everyone game after game. Every midfielder, even great ones in great teams, have games where the midfield battle isn't easy and maybe they don't have the best player next to them, it's what you do in that situation that matters. But Pogba didn't even seem to understand he might need to play differently sometimes. Such a frustratingly one-note player, zero ability to read a game.


We've genuinely made so many poor signings in the past decade but man pogba is up there for me. At least with others we got some transfer fee recouped.


In terms of over-paying (world transfer record, for someone who wasn't worth even one third of that) and losing out (left us on a free twice), plus lack of performance on the pitch (handful of good games a year, and lots and lots of really poor ones, and generally being disruptive to team shape and defence with lack of effort), plus all the drama, plus then became injury prone... I mean he ticks every box of a nightmare transfer. There can't be too many to rival him for poor signings in the PL.


Had to get his minutes on the pitch instead of the bench up somehow


Geez... thanks for reminding us about that.


They added it into FIFA 19 and it made me want to put the controller through the screen.


who said pogba didnt make history in the premiere league


Sterling getting off easy since it’s 10+ minimum. The guy has scored just 3 out of the 7 penalties he took in the PL.


yeah, 10 is plenty if you're not scoring them. I'd like to know minimum 5.


I’d love to see the difference between Wazza’s first 17 and last 17. Feel like he never missed pens during his last 4 seasons or so


Not quite what you asked but I looked up Rooney's pen conversion at United (all comps): 07/08: 0 scored, 1 attempts) 09/10: 4/5 10/11: 4/5 11/12: 9/12 12/13: 2/4 13/14: 3/3 14/15: 2/3 15/16: 2/2 16/17: 1/1 Edit: Worth mentioning that Rooney scored 3 from 6 for Everton in his last season in the Prem, which tarnishes his EPL record.


Rooney is a weird one. I don't think he missed a single penalty which had an impact or which was a pressure penalty. At the same time, I don't remember him scoring any penalties when the score was relatively secure. He missed against Palace in 05 in a 5-2 win. Against Villa in 08 in a 4-1 win. Missed against Arsenal and Chelsea in wins in 11 and 12. His miss in 09/10 was against Pool but he scored the rebound.


He also missed at Juanfield when Mata could've taken it for a hat trick


Last kick of the game with a 2-1 lead, iirc. Also missed another in a 2-1 win against Arsenal in 2012-13 when he took the penalty from RVP.


There’s players like that in basketball as well. They feed off the pressure and almost perform better in those make or break situations


Odd that TransferMarkt didn't mention the 04/05 missed pen, I wondered why the numbers weren't adding up.


Transfermarkt can be quite inaccurate, especially with transfer fee figures.


Because he barely took any. Mata used take most penalties from 2014 except the season Ibra was there.


There was also a season where Pogba pretty much exclusively took the pens, and really a bit of a mix as well. Mata wasn't often on the pitch except for the cup games.


Yeah, you're right. I think it was Mata pretty much from the time he joined up until 2018 (bar the one season with Ibra), he may have split them with Rooney up until 2015, then when Mata stopped getting starting minutes in 2018, it was Pogba and Rashford until Bruno joined. I still just remembered Rooney missing so many between 2010 and 2014.


Few people in shock about Rooney… but here’s a bizarre fact despite his average penalty record: He never missed a penalty for England and every penalty he missed in the Premier League was in a game his team ended up winning anyway. So he literally never cost us a single point by missing which is insane because he missed a fair few. The ones that stick out to me were against Arsenal and Chelsea where he could have killed the game but thankfully we held on anyway. He’s like a reverse Riyad Mahrez.


Ngl, surprised Rooney was here.


Wait, it's Steed and not Steve? TIL


Lol amazing, love this


Our flag means death!


5/10, not 4…


Owen didn't take any for us. So it didn't feel right adding him.


Sheringham took a couple, Yorke took one.


But he still played for us so is a United player.


We know he was a United player, but he's explained why he didn't include him. Not much more to discuss or argue about, is there?


But you see he was a United player as he still played for us


What you guys aren’t getting is that he signed a contract and played in a Red Devils shirt and was therefor a Man Utd player


More specifically he used a phallic shaped instrument that dispenses ink to transfer his signature on to a sheet material composed of perennial plant fibres


Lol I was going to come here to argue against him being counted as our player too. I must have missed the 4th. Edit - D'oh teddy right there. Tbf may have taken more for other clubs too but happier to claim him than MO


Very surprised Rooney is on here, he seemed to hit the corner with good power and technique. Also, how was Benteke allowed to take 15 penalties


best: [https://theanalyst.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/best-penalty-takers-in-the-premier-league.png](https://theanalyst.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/best-penalty-takers-in-the-premier-league.png)


interesting that de gea saved one of the two baines misses


Steed Malbranque… now there’s a name I haven’t heard for a while.


I haven't heard for 2 whiles


Sheringham really surprised me, he seemed like a good pen taker, at the time i thought he was on par with Cantona.


Also. It's nice to see one brow, completly forgot about him.


5/10 including Owen


Don't show this to Graeme Souness..


anyone else count five


Who are the best?


Le Tissier maybe? Although not sure how many were in the premier League as opposed to division 1 but he scored something like 43/44 or something absurd




Ooph, that's brutal. Though I imagine that the more successful teams have more inclusions seeing as they're likely to be aggressive teams in attack and thus get more penalties?


Steed Malbranque. What a throwback


You mean 5 players (Teddy, Rooney, Owen, Pogba, Dwight)


5 MUFC players (Yorke, Pogba, Owen, Rooney, Sheringham)


4 Villa players too which is interesting considering the relationship the two clubs have had.


>the relationship the two clubs have had ? edit: In answer to my own question, in the last 70 years we have done 19 'deals' with Aston Villa (a deal being a transfer in/out, or a loan season in either direction) involving 16 players. Within England this is just eclipsed by Everton with 19 deals on 17 players, and surpassed by Preston North End with 20 deals on 19 players, plus Sunderland with 21 player deals. Behind are Leeds and WBA with 16 deals, followed by Oldham and Forest with 14. Abroad we've done 23 deals with Royal Antwerp (with whom we have an ongoing agreement) on 21 players - all loans bar 2 subsequent free transfers, followed By Real Madrid with 9 players and Ajax with 8 deals including Daley Blind going in both directions. \- I still have the spreadsheet if anyone gives a shit about anything else.


You could make a separate post about this, maybe when its slow day


Some ancient names here that are bringing me back


Mahrez is the only active EPL player on the list.


I count 5


Thought Owen was the worst ever. Sad to see Dwight on the list. Didn’t have the cut throat mentality.


Being an Arsenal fan,cant believe Wayne Rooney missed that much,lol.




Didn't Angel miss three penalties for Aston Villa in one game once? Or am I misremembering that?


Two penalties against Fulham 2005! (I'm not proud of my obscure PL knowledge)


Anyone has **all** PL players' stat who took at least 10 pens? Would be interesting to see how they compare.


Technically 5 MUFC players but who’s counting…


I mean technically there’s 5


Rooney on this list kinda surprise me. im always calm when he took those penalties. if anything, it was Nani who made me scared that he would skied it. I guess i only remember the good thing about Rooney.


Hilarious that City's active first choice penalty taker is here. It's almost like it barely affects their results, having a sub-optimal penalty taker as their first choice.


Mahrez provided evidence last night to tell all of us why he is on this list.


Its 5 Yorke, Rooney, Pogba, Sheringham & Owen


This surprises me because Steed Malbranque was a very classy technically gifted player.