My guys, you’re getting €100m for Antony. You can afford full price


Don't they have a 20% sale on fee to pass onto his former club Santos or is it Sao Palo? Also they're actually quite smart with their money, unlike us, they likely don't see the value in buying Ziyech for a high fee with little chance of him ever being sold for anything near a profit again. In an ideal word it'd be nice to send one of our younger wingers back to them on loan but this isn't an ideal world sadly.


Loan them Amad diallo for 2 seasons. Issue solved .


Or wait a minute.... a club is trying to be sensible instead of just splashing for the sake of it?


Lol is that what everyone was saying about Man United when we pulled out of the Antony deal because they wanted €80m euros? Not at all. Nothing to do with sensible, Ajax just have leverage and are using it to get as much as they can in terms of money for selling players and deals with acquiring them.


It is only sensible if you actually pull out and target someone else instead of coming back later and offering more. We pulled out worse than a man with 50 kids.


Exactly, they're just being dickheads.


The season's already started. They've lost their Manager, CB, CM and ST. They don't want to replace their RW as well unless the terms benefit them. Is that being a dickhead?


Also both full backs


It would still be a good deal for them. If they receive 100m from us: approximately 20m will go to Santos, 44m will go to Chelsea and they get Ziyech. They’ll have their RW replacement + roughly 36m in cash to spend in other positions.


How about helping CR7 find a Champions League Club to Play in and Ajax a chance to improve their Shirt Sales exponentially in lieu for a better Fee for Antony ? I mean CR7 wants to play UCL -> AJax have UCL Ajax may not be able to afford CR7 wages -> We could subsidize provided in lieu for reducing the Antony Fees


I like how you're thinking


John Murtough, make this person Transfer Chief.


No way they fork out that much for ziyech. 30 mill at most


They’ll then have a pretty high wage RW on a long contract with no resale value + 36m, long way from having suddenly 100m to play with. They’re not us, they can’t just buy a player for that much money and not recoup it later (and yes eating a chunk of incoming money IS buying a player)


No way they fork out that much for ziyech. 30 mill at most


Just because we can afford it doesn’t mean we should pay it.


You came to r/reddevils and expected people to understand that sentence?


Why the fuck is this downvoted lol, the state of this sub sometimes


Yeah, they're trying to swindle more money out of us because we've already shown to be willing to overpay by this much.


Plus they already made 30+mil on him 3 years ago, buncha cheap bastards.




Going from Sommer and Antony to Dubravka and Asensio will be my 13th reason


We went FdJ to Rabiot to Casemiro. We just have to go one more level for RW and GK too.


*the gang signs Messi and Donarumma*


Are we in an FM simulation?


Donnarumma doesnt suit ten hagball


Well, [this website](https://themastermindsite.com/2022/05/05/what-is-a-sweeper-keeper/) says he's the 4th best sweeper keeper in the world statistically. I haven't watched him play so I'm not sure. I just said based on that website.


Shit with his feet


That website also says Nick Pope is 5th so…. it’s absolute bollocks.


Outside of Donarummas shit personality, how has he been the last season or two? Can't say I've seen too much of psg.


Honestly don't want Dollarruma any where near here lol


The way this comment was setup, ***chefs kiss***


Fuck it, let's just bid for Neuer


> will be my 13th reason I am stealing this phrase.


We are trying to recreate Real Madrid 2014. Well get Keylor Navas in the end.


Getting Navas would be an upgrade.


That’s like saying you’re stealing the phrase “game of thrones”.


I am not always plugged into all the memes. I know about the series, but this is first time I have seen "will be my 13th reason" phrase used to show displeasure and I liked it, so by stealing I meant, I'll probably use it in future.


“I’ll probably use that in the future” I like that I’m going to steal it


Someone is obsessed w GoT lol


I was before season 8 😓😭😭. This whole time I’ve been praying for GRRM to finish the books and reclaim the ending but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen


He *might* get one more book out but he won’t finish the series


he's not going to write one more book either. He just doesn't want to cope with hate that D&D got so he's indefinitely procrastinating it.


Tell ya what Ajax, use the Antony money to buy Gakpo


Buy a LW to replace RW, are you trying to inflict our transfer strategy upon Ajax?


Yes, we want to spread our misery


Nah, thanks


Man if we go from Antony to bloody Asensio, devastated is an understatement


Asensio is gonna be fake news for sure


Praying he is, one of the most frustrating players in Europe to watch.


Rather leave it to Garnacho for the season to make sub appearances than bring in Asensio


Garnacho plays on the left...


Surely the obvious move is to go for Ziyech


If they are asking Ajax €44 million they are over valuing the player.


Also there are reports Chelsea wouldn't want to strengthen a rival


So is Ajax for Antony


They wouldn't loan us Pulisic because rival, they aren't selling us Ziyech


But want Maguire?


Shocker, team doesn't care about rivalry if they're gInug lol Even if they don't get him can't really fault them for attempting


Rather just stick Elanga or Amad on the wing that Asenso ffs


Tbf, why _aren’t_ we doing that in the first place?


I'd rather we see if we can't fast-track Amad/Pelestri, though I don't think we should risk Antony staying there and having a blinder of a WC in the process generating multiple interest, escalating his price to Mbappe levels. We need to get this over the line.


Bit late in the window for the Asensio rumours. Usually that’s right at the start going by the last few years.


Why does everyone not rate Asensio so much? Genuine question.


We are just making the real Madrid CL winning team


How the fuck are Chelsea asking for so much? They bought him for less a few years ago and he has not done particularly good there.


Because the window closes next week.


But they also want him gone so... But then they know Ajax would need him as well... Mind games all around


I think it should work both ways. They should be in a hurry to get rid if they have no plans to use him


They know Ajax about to get 100mil from us and Chelsea have spent a fortune already


That doesn’t really work for a team like Ajax. Just because they will have 100 mil doesn’t mean they can easily throw 40 plus wages at a player.


Chelsea apparently think Gordon is worth 60mil so their value of players isn’t to be trusted


Because unfortunately Chelsea need to justify blowing their £60m load on Anthony Gordon... And another £80m on Wesley Fofana.


Ajax PR tank has entered the arena


Keeping Antony is not an option, that much is clear. The guy’s been looking at houses already and rightly so.


It’s obviously an option. Love it or hate he’s still their player and they can force him to stay.


They're in a difficult position now though, any top talent looking at Ajax will think twice before joining them now as they're not letting a talent go even when the bid is ludicrously over his value. The player is literally on strike he wants to leave that badly. I know everyone is trying to pretend Ajax have played a blinder but in reality are missing out on nearly 100m and are keeping a desperately unhappy player.


>any top talent looking at Ajax will think twice before joining them now as they're not letting a talent go even when the bid is ludicrously over his value. Yeah this is nonsense


I mean logically this is true but look at Barca, this is their biggest transfer window in a very long time despite the way they treated FDJ. Not saing Ajax have the same pull like Barca but you get my point


There is no point because you can't compare Barcelona and Ajax.


Or you just didnt get my point Barca and Ajax are not looking to attract the same kind of players. Ajax is one of the best clubs for young talented players to develop, if they refuse to sell now (at the end of the transfer window after they just lost loads of players), it doesn't necessarily mean it will effect their future bringing talented youngsters


I don't think this is true at all


Maybe not immediate damage. But this does affect their case. Clubs like Ajax and Dortmund know their place financially in the football world. You think if the agent of Antony can’t get him out, and his client is unhappy, that he won’t remember that when Ajax is looking at his next client?


It won't. It's 2 weeks before the season starts. Nothing here is crazy. Dortmund didn't sell us Sancho, you think that affected them?


I think united didn’t step up to the plate the summer Dortmund didn’t sell Sancho. What I’m saying is when you’re being held by your club despite a huge fee over your value and you’ve made it clear you want to go, you have a right to be mad and players/agents would notice this. Sancho knew United didn’t offer in time and the offer didn’t match the valuation. So he stayed like a pro. He also was as keen to move publicly as Antony has been.


And United hasn't offered in time for Ajax either? No? Didn't we bid like 60 and they said it was 80 (same scenario as sancho)Sancho. And now, at the very last minute, one week before the window closes we cone back. Ajax are not obligated to sell. If we wanted him we could have done the 80 bid long time ago and hive Ajax enough time to get a replacement. We delayed and now here we are.


True. Only difference is that Dortmund gave a hard date and United thought it wasn't real. They fucked around and found out. This summer negotiations are still open between the clubs. But either way, we're speaking about a player that truly wants to be gone. I think Ajax is risking repercussions, you don't. That's cool.


>any top talent looking at Ajax will think twice before joining them now No. Honestly, the shit takes I've seen here would rival the opinions of most right-wing ideologues across the world. Literally this window itself, Brian Brobbey has stated that Ten Hag called him and asked him to join Manchester United, but he refused in favour of Ajax.


You’ve probably seen so many shit takes because you’ve been responsible for most of them


Either way he has a point. Ajax have a history of developing young talent and letting them move on when ready. Refusing to sell one player (who most likely will not cause a stink after the window closes because he still needs to play well ahead of the WC) 2 weeks before the window closes will not do much damage to their reputation.


Yeah they can literally point to the 7 other players they sold this summer and go to prospective signings “look we do sell, if you want out get on it early and we’ll be happy to oblige, but we have a clear stopping point where we won’t sell because it’s late in the window”, something like that. They have enormous credibility, Antony won’t change that.


No, I'm actually blind. But your comments are so rank with putrid shit that Alexa pukes while reading them to me.


>any top talent looking at Ajax will think twice before joining them now One player won't change history, don't be silly.




It was revealed yesterday by Mike Verweij himself (Ajax T1) that his agents were already house hunting. They look determined to get the deal done. Antony reportedly also told the Ajax board that a major reason for him to opt for Ajax instead of Leipzig was Overmars’ promise of Ajax being the ideal stepping stone and its policy to let players move on when they so desire after having enjoyed a successful spell at Ajax.


There’s been reports of his agents meeting with estate agents in Cheshire to sort out accommodation.


Antony to the curry mile in Manchester confirmed then.


Are you?




No mate he’s been reading Mike Verweij


The fact you were drawn straight to that suggests it is you reading the daily mail


What is Antony’s contract situation like with Ajax? Hope he has some leverage from that standpoint


Say it with me… amad loan, amad loan, amad loan


Or just buy him outright


I don’t think we will let him go permanently just yet unless we get a very very good offer He still has 3 years remaining and there is this lingering feeling with him that he is just a good loan away from a real breakthrough Worst case we loan him, he doesn’t do that well, he still should hold his value reasonable well into next summer as he will still only be 21 and have 2 years left in his deal Realistically I can’t see us getting more than 10mill for him now and don’t think that’s near enough to tempt us to sell as I think we will be able to get close to that next summer ever if he has another underwhelming loan and the upside of a very good loan is very high I seen his first few games for our u23 side and I know it’s small sample and a totally different ballgame compared to senior PL football but he was so much better at that level than others that I still hold out some hope he will develop and be able to show it at senior level. He has only been with us 18months (6 of those he was out on loan), signed as an 18 year old kid so there is still time for him to adapt to different style or football, develop physically (much needed) and kick on to become a regular part of 1st team squad Even if he only reaches reliable backup level that’s not a bad outcome considering how much we are quoted for squad players now


Yeah I think he's a great talent, can be a top player with us and still young as you mention. Just thinking we have him, facu, Sancho (probably moves to the left) and Antony so he's not going to get full 90s every week and might want to just go permanently. He does love the club though so he'd be happy with a loan as well. Ideally a full one like he was supposed to have with Feyenoord last season before his injury. Definitely shouldn't write someone with his talent off as yet


you’re getting 85 million pounds Ajax just pay the full price you cheapskates


Paying 44 million euro’s for a 30 year old bench player for a club that has around 160 million in annual revenue would be the dumbest transfer move in all of history, also one that would never be topped.


Holy shit I had no idea he was 30 lol. Thought he was under 25 WTF


He's 29 but OP needed to make a point


Still had no idea when he was 27 when he signed for Chelsea. Thought he was much younger! Edit: He's 29 until he turns 30 (iykyk)


It's a real pet peeve of mine when people just add on years to a footballers age for their narrative


Absolutely, I don’t get why our fans are saying otherwise. If we were in this position we wouldn’t pay €44 million. I’m worried that the Antony deal will collapse now because you can’t find alternatives.


I’m worried the Antony deal won’t collapse and we’ll pay 100m for a player who was decent in the eredivisie


Some of these Premier League fans have really lost all touch with financial reality when it comes to clubs from smaller leagues.


no the dumbest move in all history is Barcelona paying an ungodly amount for Coutinho


Disagree, Chelsea essentially paying 100m for Lukaku for what ended up being a one year loan is the dumbest shit ever and they don't get enough criticism for it.


okay I stand corrected


Ahh the benefits of hindsight.


It’s like Chelsea is trying to hamper this deal purposefully. No ways they actually believe Ziyech is worth that much.


Yeah but neither is Antony


About to be injected with half their annual revenue ahah wow


That’s if Ajax take the deal which has gone from pretty much guaranteed to highly uncertain.


They should take Amad on loan.


That's their entire business model, the money from player sales goes into youth development to continue generating revenue. Spending big money on players with no resale value makes no sense from their point of view.


This is a club that wants to win their league every year - something that’s not as easy as it sounds - and be competitive in CL. To suggest they’re just a club setup to profit from player sales is insulting and non accurate. They’ve been a much better club than us, and most prem clubs, for the past several years.


Nothing insulting about it, it's a very effective model. I never suggested that they don't have footballing ambitions, just that being a selling club is how they go about achieving those ambitions. Almost every big club in a smaller league operates like that, they can't compete in European competitions against richer clubs without doing it.


Not everyone is happy to bend over for absurd transfer fees


Hurr durr get the glazers out, but spouting this shit out of your mouth with a club that isnt owned by a sketchy multi billionaire and actually runs a football club instead of asking the sugar daddy for his credit card


oh fuck off, the glazers don’t pay shit out of their own pockets, how dare you comment something so stupid


Says the one who actually thinks we get the full 85m pounds 🤡. Found the american.


found the weird ten year old Dutch kid brigading a sub that isn’t their own because they’re so fragile about this whole situation for some reason


Im an utd fan as well, went to the theatre of dreams three times. How many times did you go?


I highly doubt it since you love the Glazers and think they contribute anything into this club, shows you know absolutely nothing. I’m not feeding you troll.


Haha you actually never went to old trafford and call yourself an utd fan. I am actually more of a utd fan than you. I know about the glazers and how they suck (americans), look at my initial comment. You just needed a reality check on how PL teams need to get off there high horse, and you called us cheapskates, thinking we would actually make profit signing ziyech, that is how little you know about football. Go watch the nba and leave us alone


season ticket holder mate, not that you’d know, run back to your little club


They should go for Gordon




It was already reported that Ajax would also look at cheaper alternatives. Don't think this is any reason to panic. Its just a tactic to put more pressure on us to pay up and on Chelsea to give in.


An ajax supporter farming karma in our sub? Tell your club to lower the asking price to £50 million or gtfo!


What goes around comes around. You overcharge us for Antony, Chelsea does the same to you and Everton to Chelsea.


Ffs Chelsea


Is it any wonder chelsea are trying to extort them as they are us. Sure we were slow but maybe they also shouldn't have waited too long either to sell their star player who had patently made his desire to leave known. Shit blows all ways around


Oh no they’re being asked to pay a high price because they’re about to be loaded? Huh that must really suck, wonder how that feels


It’s not as if Ajax don’t have the funds 🤷🏻‍♂️


Might as well ask for 140m for Antony to get Ziyech. Cause we'd probably pay that too


VDS is a g for this. Leverage United for a higher price for Antony AND negotiate a lower full price with Chelsea for Ziyech with one move. ^pls ^come ^to ^United ^and ^replace ^Arnold


VDS does not handle this part. He handles the business side of the club.


Getting 100 mill foe Antony.. spend some money tight wads lol


Look how the turntables


Free our boy


Guess yall need some of that Antony money eh 💶💶💶


Or make united buy ziyech, which we will dutifully accept


This deal may end up dead in the water, this Chelsea owner seems like a bigger idiot than Woodward so likely won't budge on the price.


Cheap skate Ajax.


Imagine spending 1/3rd of our revenue on a 29 year old benchwarmer. Additionally, he's on 10m per year, our highest earner is on less than half of that at the moment. We'd not only spend 1/3rd of our revenue on a player with no resale value, we'd also break our wage structure. We're not United


Whilst true, when has united spent 1/3 of their revenue and broken any wage structure? For that to happen a player would have to cost like 180-200m and like more than 1mil a week. I'm just using rough numbers


Was obviously an exaggeration, but I think we can conclude that ManU's spending over the past years hasn't been smart nor tactical


Amad on loan is cheaper alternative, develop him for us.


Ajax would rather develop Conceiçao or Hansen


Are they not interested in Gakpo as a replacement? Taking him and €60m seems like a no brainier


Gakpo is not an Antony replacement in any way, shape or form.


Is a PSV to Ajax transfer not similar to a Liverpool to United i.e. undoable? Historic and economic rivalries and all that


I don't imagine so. Bergwijn is a recent example, even though it wasn't a direct transfer.


I mean I’ll take your word for it, having never seen Gakpo play, but “in no way shape or form” suggests I’m comparing a goal keeper to a winger or something. He literally plays in the same position as Anthony..


They’re opposite wings.


Opposite wings and Gakpo fumbles under pressure, not a UCL-worthy player by any means. His performance against Rangers yesterday was blasphemous


He literally doesnt play in the same position...


Antony will stay at ajax if we want. We have done right by many players and they know we try to help them get to a bigger club when the time comes. If Chelsea really wants 40m then I hope we keep Antony and leave Ziyech be. Spending that much on a 30 year old player just goes against how we run our club


Wouldn’t surprise me if we end up doin that deal ourselves. Ajax get to keep Antony, we get a winger and don’t spend a fortune, Chelsea offload a player they don’t want. Everybody is happy.


And here it is , knew this was too good to be true


Getting Antony, good, price tag, awful. Not really a too good to be true moment


This chelsea - ajax fiasco does raise a redflag


Why on earth would we spring for Anthony when Zayiech or Pulisic are available from Chelsea.


Are either available for us? I don't suppose Chelsea want to strengthen a rival. Also I guess it is really saying a lot if Ziyech is available and ETH doesn't have any interest or at least rates getting Antony over getting Ziyech


True enough. But big six deals happen all the time, so I’m not as ready to chalk it up to Chelsea not wanting to strengthen us. And I by no means rate Zayiech, but we need cover up front.


Do Chelsea consider us rivals? The two other London clubs are much closer. I think them admitting we’re a threat would basically be admitting that they’re not sure on top 4, which would be utterly embarrassing after their window.


Ziyech to Ajax, Antony to UTD, Maguire to Chelsea


We could offer Amad on load and reduce that 100m...


might be good to not overpay for Antony and buy him in January. Get in a solid RB.


If only there was a solution.


Well obviously United have to buy Ziyech and then loan him to Ajex so we can buy Antony from them.


I mean why doesn’t United just go after Ziyech?


Its about long term money management, but also. How about we just pay a £20m loan fee with option to buy for £40m next season, and see if he works out. Im really really really struggling to see how a player with just ok stats can be costing €100m when we could have gon after better players earlier with that.