If he renews and we draw them in the CL, we'll make Figo's return to Camp Nou look like a hippie festival


We should throw Fake gold coins


We should throw plastic bottles. It’s psg after all.


Fake little buckets of oil


We throwing turtle heads on to the field!?




Eggs...turtle eggs


That doesn’t make any sense. He is not our player and we are not entitled to him…


I agree. If he comes, he comes. If not, life goes on and we’ll search for the next talent.


If he renews, mods have to delete the mboopi turtle flair immidately.


Maybe just change it to Mpoopi


Remind us if he does indeed renew


It is time…Release the Mpoopi.


Well brother, we called it.


Strange, it didn't in UCL.


Got ‘em!


For reliability purposes this guy also accused Mendy of being a rapist and said he would reveal the evidence and never did and the story was never heard of again


Did r/soccer ban Mbappe stories? None of this is posted there 🤔


To be fair, I wish they would do the same here.


Good for them if that's the case, I wish we do the same or at least compress the stories in one thread


He said his report will be published in the summer


He’s followed by Romano and writes for the Guardian, he also got tons of leaks before that were correct. Realistically speaking nothing is guaranteed. We’ll have to wait till Sunday




tbh what leaks has he gotten that were correct? the only one that i can think of is psg treat their staff bad which 1) doesn’t take a genius to figure out that 2) was already said way beforehand


> He’s followed by Romano Romano follows 2k people on Twitter, including Guillem Balague (an actual clown) lol.


Hold up, our Mendy? Or the City one?


Our Mendy. But someone just replied to this saying he said he’ll release his proof in the summer (don’t know why he’ll take that long for such a serious matter but we’ll see I guess)


Maybe because he is still gathering all the evidences?


It’s all bullshit just like the Ronaldo charges


We will see I ain't defending or accusing no one till we know about that full story




I don’t believe it either honestly


Romain is extremely reliable in France btw, he's led multiple investigations this year putting pedophiles behind bars in African countries and even Haiti. He's no bullshitter.


You’re Mendy’s wife or something ?


He is a psg pawn


oh fuckn hell naw


If the Mbappe clan is already making trouble by asking unrealistic amounts as signing bonuses, what the hell would be the case, if in case he becomes our player? Image rights, signing bonuses and what the hell? I don't really think those dudes are going to be any accommodative.


How can you compete with an entire oil nation offering him all his dreams all that combined being home in the city he grew up in. It’s not ideal but only sentiment was chased here him being a real fan, could’ve never competed in money terms


We aren’t competing with it. Trust me we can walk away from this and I promise Mbappe is gonna be the one who has regret. We’ll just go for Haaland later


>We’ll just go for Haaland later I mean, Haaland just signed for another oil club. City could very well do the same thing for him later.


Even if he doesn't come we'll still have vini, who is a player that can be better than him. Mbappe can't get much better in that league


Yeah not too worried either way. Lile I said I’m another thread if he’s still considering PSG he sho I’ll d stay and never come.


Yeah for sure. Hopefully he'll come but If he stays there, he's not a winner and we'll get someone else that will help taking us to glory


If he is as demanding as the reports suggest, I bet he made the clubs agree that he would play where he wanted (LW)


If this is true watch Carlo wake Reiner up next season




In all honestly, he needs RM more than we need him. I'll sleep like a baby no matter what happens this Sunday.


Fuck it’s this Sunday???


if he doesn't want to play for us he can keep choking with psg


Where do we go from here, transfer-wise? Tchou and a RW?


Have the entirety of the window to figure it out. Any player would dream of playing for Real Madrid


Tchou is very important. A RB as someone else already said, a Modric “replacement”, a sub striker and a RW. I honestly think we can make a stronger squad if we use Mbappé’s money wisely, than if he actually signed for us. That being said, if he finally does come, he’ll be an amazing addition.


Not a Madrid fan but Barella reminds me loads of Modric


Barella is a great player. He would be an awesome addition. I like Bellingham too. He’s young but he looks very promising


According to statistics, Barella is the most similar to Modric and he's gonna be 60M this summer Your fans seem to also like these players for that role: Bellingham (as you mentioned), B. Silva, Wirtz and ofc Camavinga and Valverde.... Who'd you like?


I love Valverde and Camavinga, but they don’t have the same playmaking skills Modric has. Bellingham would be my top pick. B. Silva is good, but I doubt City would let him go this summer. It’s tough. Modric is an endangered species type of midfielder. Nowadays it’s much more important to have players with a huge physical presence like Tchou, Kanté, Valverde, Camavinga… which is why we always struggle with teams who have those type of players. Modric and Kroos can’t keep up with that.


Is that why Wirtz and especially Barella are relatively low on your list?


I’m from spain. I love small, technically skilled midfielders, like the ones we usually have in spain. Isco was great, Iniesta, David Silva, Thiago, Cazorla… you get my point lol. But the fact that I prefer those type of players doesn’t prevent me from seeing that they either have to be escorted by two other physical midfielders, or they’re gonna struggle against physically superior teams.


True....but can't they suffocate the other team by loads of possession to play Devil's advocate?


Mmm most teams dont play like that. First of all because it’s hard to do, that’s why Guardiola’s Barsa and Spanish national team were such special squads (yes I have no problem admitting that lol). And second of all, because other teams have adapted to it and know how to counter it. The only big team I can think which plays similarly is of course Guardiola’s man city, and even then it’s not the same, because he doesn’t have Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, Messi… their style is a bit more vertical and fast paced, more suited to the premier league.


That’s just not true. Mbappe would be the best case scenario. We definitely need someone like him. He will be our next Ronaldo.


Your opinion man. Fact is we’ve won the league and are one step away from winning our 14th UCL, and all that without CR, Mbappé, Haaland… They need us more than we need them, and that is also a fact. Vini has had an amazing season, and I’m sure he’ll just keep improving. Plus he’s not going to try and milk us for eveything we’ve got like Mbappé is doing. Rodry is going to explode next season if they let him. We do need a reliable sub striker though. Midfield and defense is where we’ve really struggled this year (mbappé is not going to fix that). Big teams have dominated us because out midfield just can’t keep up anymore, and our defense has allowed a shit ton of stupid goals.


Sure but saying that mbappe wouldn't improve any team he walked into is wrong. One of the fastest and most lethal players who can individually impact the game like he did vs us. If he doesn't join it will suck but it's not the end. City don't even have a proper 9 and can still fuck most teams.


Of course he would, that’s not what I’m saying at all. In my original comment I said he would be an amazing addition to the team if he does come. What you said about Man city is spot on. You dont need major superstars (look at PSG) to win and have a great team. Man city will be even better now with Haaland, but only because there’s a great team behind him. You need balance, and we dont have that right, and Mbappé won’t fix that.


If he doesn't come, I would prefer we go after after a "Bale" replacement. You know, a left footed RW. I can't come up with anything. The thing is the "problem" with even having Mboop is RW isn't his best position. We don't want Vinicius to play on the right. I always felt like Rodrygo would probably play better in the center than RW as well. Right now the best RW in the world is Salah, but he turning 30 this year. Not ideal and his wage is gonna be really highm We need someone young because this position has to be sorted out in the near future


Haaland in a few years and make our midfield absolutely 🔥 I’d go Tchouameni AND try for Bernardo.


Which RW?


A 9, a rw and Tchou to settle the attack and mid for a long time. We can go for a rb but with militao/nacho/vasquez available there I don't think it's top priority anymore. We also get miguel in at lb. If not that then we do need to sign someone else.


Rudiger, Tchouameni, maybe someone like Raphina or even Bernardo and potentially a RB would be a great window by any standards.


And a RB if possible


Heung min son ,tchoumani . Son can easily produce 30 goals


Huge fan of Sonny but I don't see Spurs selling him.


Spurs will sell anyone if the price tag given


if i was in charge i’d literally offer him only half what Real Madrid are actually offering him. only 50% of image rights, take it or leave it. if he comes then he is welcomed, if he doesn’t he’s the one who’s gonna regret spending his prime years in a framer’s league, with no career achievements club wise. with the money we are offering him, we could build our future squad, and actually strengthen where we are weak (defense and aging midfield) - we literally have no problem in our attack. and we could get Halaand in two years when Benzema starts to slow down. i think Mbappé as great as he is, is gonna be only a cherry on top, if we don’t fix our squad problems. also it’s not like he’s gonna join Barca and threaten our domestic dominance. he’s gonna be far in France, and we’re not gonna face him on a regular basis.


Fucking spot on. Couldn’t have said it any better. This dude is expecting us to shill out an insane signing fee + image rights + huge salary… and he hasn’t even won the ballon d’or (probably won’t this year either). I would definitely use that money for midfield and defense. We could make a stronger squad without mbappé.


definitely!! this dude used to be my favorite player at some point but now even if he comes. this saga left a bad taste in my mouth. we don’t need him, he never won anything with PSG, , and we eliminated him from the UCL! he is a super star as the french media likes to call him. not a footballer at this point. and being a superstar sure makes you earn money more but it doesn’t win you trophies.


The writing is on the wall,


If Mbappe stays, I hope Perez never ever have to deal with him again. I don’t wanna se him in my club. Vini gonna be so much better and better. He is only 21. Rodrygo gonna be much better. Give me Nkuku,Tchouameni,B.Silva and a good RB. HALA MADRID🤍🤍💪💪


For fucks sakes man


big sad


I am angry, we lost Haaland waiting for him. if he resigns with psg, fuck him, I do not want to know anything else about mbappe in the future.




Why is all this crap posted here but not r/psg or r/soccer? Are we the only ones still simpin for these journos?


Probably their t2 status in here holds weight, not sure what other subs think of him


At this point, if Mbappe joins us then it'd speak volume about his character. He's being offered the world and yet he chose to follow his dreams. Now that's something. A legend among men. Otherwise he's just like everyone who has given themselves up to their greed.


Is that you Roncero?


He is sucking us dry dude what the f are you talking about lmao he and his family are greedy as fuck and they are in the position to be so good for them. He has better chances of being a legend of the game here than in PSG. No one cares how he scores goals in the french league or wins whatever trophys they have there, people will care if he does it at RM. I swear some people acting like he is doing us a favor when he would also benefit greatly both professionally and economically.


It really is as much a test of character as a footballer can get in the normal events of the business of football. No shame if he does take the money as it's what most footballers would do , just that he does have absolute elite mentality of Ronaldo and a lot of the current Madrid squad .


Looks like we’ve finally won


If this turns out to not be true, this guy needs to join Guilleme Balague in the Shit Tier


13 championships 🥱 money can’t buy history or experience the white shirt weighs heavily we have values, team chemistry, passion, love for the club we have the winner DNA, just the blood Can stain our shirt 🩸🧬.giving MBAPEE 40M and complete control of sport operations…is ridiculous there you see the lack of values bro neither CR7, Messi,Ronaldinho, el fenómeno R9 ect…skipping a lot of progression in his career any single player can’t be on top of the club name. if he want to be the best player have come to la Liga aca si va a tener que chocar duro 🤫 anyway neymar, keylor, douna,Messi,Sergio Ramos,ect..do you think that PSG players feel the shirt they are old players just want money farming bro set down even Manchester city have more dignity and buying younger players thirsty to play and win… aterriza papi… TIC TAC ⏰the train is missing mbappe the opportunity won’t come back. Ballon d ore 🌬💨💨💨💨💨💨🏆 el viento se lo llevará…


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We should make a no compromise policy. İf Mbappe want more money, just let hım take from PSG. Tchouameni want to join us, wait for one year or just let hım join Liverpool. Noone use us as a leverage we should take precautions about it. İt will be their choice if they want participate in greatest team in history and become one of the greatest, let them join us otherwise not.