Hopefully we send him to the first team to replace Asensio (if he leaves), otherwise a loan to a proper club who will play him all the time would be perfect.


If Asensio leaves bring him to first team or send him to a loan


This kid is super special


He is too good for a second division


People that follow youth team, how good can he be?


He is truly one of the most talented Castilla players of the past years Amazing dribbling, not only the technical side, but also the intelligence of finding the best way out of difficult situations. Also an amazing left foot, he places the balls well, likes to score free kicks, can score from all angles, he even scored one from the halfway line last season, also a very solid penalty taker. He can further improve his vision and decision making when it comes to passing around the area, often he refuses to take the more simple solution, he could have even more assists. Last season, he often played right attacking midfielder in a 5-2-2-1, this season, he almost always plays as a CAM in a free attacking role in a 4-2-3-1. He likes drifting to the right and then cutting inside or carrying the ball into the centre. He has a very small, yet still lean physique, so maybe the physical side of the game might be a problem for him in first division football. But Primera RFEF is already very physical, with players often compensating for their lack of technical qualities by playing more harshly. And he deals with that well so far 15 goals and 7 assists this season for him in 34 matches, 2nd highest G+A in Primera RFEF Grupo2, just behind Jutglà from Barça B. Very impressive season, and clubs from all over Spain and Europe will probably love to have him on loan He has all the talent and footballing skills to make it to the very top imo. I doubt it will be at Real Madrid, simply because we don't utilize his position, but maybe at another club. Dortmund is apparently interested in a permanent move for example


Thanks the detailed analysis! I just wish someone with the potential of Jese would come along again. It’s been awhile that a player in the level of Morata or Jese broke through.


/u/icefoxx5 all yours


X 2 Asensio level


Just bring him into the first team already


This guy needs a loan ASAP. He plays as a 10 and he needs to grow and develop more muscle. Next year he cant be in Castilla that level will hurt his development.


To people who watch the second team.... vini tobias played 90 full minutes from what i saw, how good was he ?