I sometimes wonder how much would have Ronaldo reached if he never left till this date. 600? 650?


He scored 103 goals in 3 years with Juventus, Honestly I think he would have almost 600 goals


He had shit service at Juve as well, add at least 30 goals if he stayed


Tbh his game improved a lot at juve he had to work hard to score there was no karim, kroos or modric.


He became more efficient, wasted less chances.


Wish he'd stayed in Madrid too. As a Juve fan, we wasted 3 years of his career. He could have won a lot more.


probably. if we assume that he would have scored 45 goals each season until now he would be at about 650 goals. simple as that bro sewey


that's some random number...


I would say put it as 50 goals avg since thats his avg in his Madrid stinct


That’s an absolutely mind blowing average


Seeing him in this shambles of a United team makes me so sad. Why did he even focus so much on money with so many projects and equity. I'll obv forever love him to bits but it's quite clear he made a major error sporting wise. He's been absolutely nowhere near the Balon D'or since leaving Real Madrid and he only has his decision to blame. We both lost as a result of him leaving and it saddens me.


Benz wouldve never discovered the untapped reservoir of potential if cris had stayed


Let’s not try to portray as if Ronaldo was the reason Benzema was not scoring goals or didn’t tap into his potential when he was here If you have been watching Madrid since 2009 when both Benz and Ronaldo came, Ronaldo played as a pure winger till 2014. He came in from the left cutting in, Benzema had some competition first with Raul and then with higuain for his position at Real madrid. Ronaldo provided ample of chances for Benzema to score, he is also the person who has assisted Benzema the most in Real madrid till date even after 4 years of his leaving. In every game each of our forwards got plenty of chances to score the only reason Benzema couldn’t compete with Ronaldo’s numbers was because he wasn’t in the god form he is rn. Benzema missed so many chances that at one point Real madrid fans wanted morata from the b team to start over him. Bernabéu booed him. Ronaldo had to ask the Bernabéu to not boo Benzema instead encourage him. He gave his penalties to Benzema to boost back his confidence. This is why Benzema is always grateful to Ronaldo and always talks so highly of him. If that out of form Benzema played today he wouldn’t have 40+ goals, Benzema going out of form has nothing to do with Ronaldo leaving. Both aren’t correlated. Good for us Benzema stepped himself up and made himself the main man after Ronaldo left, because we were screwed if Benz didn’t score those goals


I never said ronaldo was the problem mate. Benz was happy ronaldo was the main goalscorer, im just saying benz wouldnt have found his insane form if ronaldo has stayed


nah you right bruh there wasn’t a lie in anything you said buddy is super fanned out


“ gave penalties to boost his confidence “ do you want me to pull up how many penalties karim had taken while ronaldo was here??


you’re being obtuse if you believe cristiano being the teams focal point didn’t limit benzema. that’s literally how teams are set up he literally had to tailor his game to fit ronaldo. it’s a reason why he preferred with karim as opposed to karim. what does ronaldo being a winger have to do with anything? the attack was tailored towards him so that majority of the chances go to him. so now you gonna tell us that messi wasn’t the focal point of barca attack despite not being the striker? isn’t salah and them the focal point of liverpool’s attack? i’m literally sick of ronaldo fans refusing to acknowledge this. it’s stupid to even argue otherwise because it’s literally true, that’s why everyone says that. and if you bring up the chances that ronaldo setup for karim that he missed, why don’t you bring up the million chances that ronaldo missed that karim created for him? or are you going to pretend like cr7 didn’t literally have the most big chances missed in the team literally every season he was here because he got the bulk of the chances?? bruh you ronaldo fans are something else and like to act like ronaldo “saved” him by giving penalties to boost his confidence for optics while simultaneously trying to get other players (lewandowski) to come and replace him. disingenuous and fake as fuck we all saw the many times he reacted negatively to karim on the pitch. this is coming from someone who has watched the cr7 era in its entirety. cut it out


So what, it's literally Cristiano Ronaldo.


He wanted to return to his club out of love and he did so.. if he wanted money.. PSGs offer was there. Check Fabrizio Romano's video on PSGs bid for CR7 in 2021...


On *average*, Ronaldo scored exactly 50 goals per season (450/9), so just by extrapolating this, in these past 4 seasons that'd equal plus 200 goals. Obviously his goals declined in later years so you can subtract 20-40 goals and you're at roughly 150+ at least.


Conversely, how many would Benz have if Ronaldo never came?


Not more than 400 considering ronaldo played as complete winger till 2014 and provided Benzema with plenty of assists. He provided much more chances for Benzema to score from 2014-18 as well but Benzema was not in the form he was in now so he squandered away the chances. There was a point when Madrid fans wanted morata to start over Benzema and Benzema was booed by Bernabéu for his series of poor performances. Ronaldo had to ask the Bernabéu to not boo him


bruh fuck off honestly this revisionist shit is annoying


He'd have like two more ballon d'ors


God my childhood,my younger times and my maturity in the same picture. (31 yr old by the way)


Ronaldo and Benzema’s first season, and Raul’s last. Special time to be a Madrid fan those days, no one knew what was going come from those two


...and if Mbappe comes it will probaly be Benzema's last one or two seasons. We always have the best players of each generation lol. Hala Madrid !


Haaland will come eventually too. 2 year release clause at City. Obvious he just didn’t want to play second fiddle to Benzema, but he’ll probably come here once big benz is done


It wasn't a bullet that Real Madrid dodged by "failing" to buy Håland, it was an entire fucking missile. Considering his frequency of injuries, he would've ended up like Hazard, in best case scenario.


Remains to be seen. If he stays healthy at City I think we will (and should) go for him to replace Benz. As long as he doesn't insist on the same bullshit release clause (there were rumors of him asking that of RM too... I can vividly imagine Perez chocking from laughing so hard when he heard that).


I think we did. Ronaldo came after getting that Balon d or and Benzema came after ripping ligue 1 apart. We knew they were special proven talents. Just like we do about Mbappe when he will arrive.


I was incredibly excited for that season. Shame how it ended with Alcorconazo and the CL elimination.


What amazing is karim didn't take any pks


Raul rarely takes any, especially after his famous miss in national team


Raul, the legend.


The reason I became a fan. Hope to see him on the sidelines some day. Seems to be doing well with Castilla.


Same with me started rooting for RM when Raul our golden boy played


Raul was Real.


Love me CR7 and all he's done for Real Madrid, but Raul is the first person I think about when I see that number. Then 2018-2019 Mariano /s


that season was dredful as a team. Thank God Mourinho brought structure and the winning attitude to the squad


Just curious: Would you be okay with Mourinho back at the club, if and when he does leave Roma; given how Ancelotti's second innings has panned out?


Honestly have mixed feelings about a potential Mourinho return. IMO tactically he was never the greatest, and to me it seems like he’s failed to adapt his squad tactics in recent years. I will always have respect for Mou, a leader of men


That season Pellegrini got 96 points in LaLiga and Mourinho got 92 in his first season.


My OCD is triggered by Raul being above Ronaldo and Ronaldo being above Raul.


Post in r/soccer


The crazy thing is that the age demographic of reddit probablybdidnt see Raul in his prime when he scored magic goals out of nowhere.


Even in Shalke, clearly not his prime, he would do insane things. What an underrated player, cannot imagine the praise he would get if he were british and would have played for MU or Arsenal.


Coincidentally, BBC wore the same numbers


It isn’t coincidental at all. 7/9/11 are the most used numbers for forwards


Kinda trippy seeing Benzema have 11 and Ronaldo have 9


I remember some Mou matches with Benz at the right wing (maybe I'm wrong tho)


Thinking back…before Bale came it would have been crazy if we kept Robben. Ronaldo Benz Robben…😳


Id take prime BBC over that trio any day. Robben was amazing (not for us but for Bayern) but was known to be selfish




Actually insane


Its so strange to see Ronaldo play with number 9.


Ronaldo's at 450 officially. RM counts that Pepe deflected goal from a free kick I believe.


Imagine all three at their peak at the same time.


Vini loading...


Success breeds success


ThIS cLuB DoeS’nT HaVE hiStoRy


I don't think anyone has ever in their right mind said that Real Madrid does not have history.


They used to when Barca always won 10 years ago


you know its weird to say this but thank Perez