atop the table with a game in hand is legit awesome


What do you think of the sub performance? Personally for me the last 10 mins when Isco, Cama, Vallejo were subbed in we where not so press resistant and noticeably more vulnerable, even against an already defeated opponent.


Cama had no influence, but Rodrygo was fantastic


Ill kms if zidane goes to psg.


Wish Carlo brought Ramon or Marin with us instead of Vallejo


I think Vallejo was subbed in bc it was a Granada home game. He got a decent standing ovation from the fans too.




I was actually surprised he managed whole 90. He is going to be super important coming 3 weeks.


He needs to give up his number though


Give it to vinicius


Vini deserves it


Gutted Couldnt watch the game today, was attending a lecture, first RM game I completely miss since 2009. How was the performance? How did we do defensively?


Others may disagree, but the defense was pretty impressive. Courtois has to make a stop off an easy header, but everything was pretty well executed. I'd say 7/10 on the defense, and they played a BIG part going forward, particularly Ferland Mendy.


Idk who would disagree with you because the defense is really solid today and they only scored from a deflection.


We did give up a large number of corners, especially in the early part of the game. We also got a bit lax in the last few minutes. Overall, though, I was a good performance.


Imagine rodrygo was left footed......


Good game and attack ad mids were brilliant, but we reallly should stop leaking goals. Against team with better defence this can be the make or break factor.


Eyes open on vini tite, he must be on the Amarelinha.


Modric and kroos ❤️❤️😉


Benzema didn’t seem to want to pass to Vini today. Is he threatened by Vini coming for his first pichichi??


I think he was just being a bit selfish as any good striker, Lewa and Ronaldo are huge culprits Benz realized he finally has a shot at the balon d’or as well as pichichi


Yeah, it really annoyed me but maybe he knew that he was offside and didn’t bother passing.


Easy dubs


I was expecting blanco to get some minutes today, sad, he didn't got any.


Maybe we'll see him in Copa del rey assuming we don't see the horror show from last season.


Asensio haters 🖕


Lmao he played against a relegation team


Nice to see him coming back after 4 years of hybernation


Quite an exaggeration when he also scored a hat trick this season and involved with the winning goal in El Clasico.


Thats also nice to see after 4 years of hybernation


Ancelotti: “Camavinga, Blanco, and Fede are our future.” 😍


Hope we replace blanco with someone like tchouameni


The guy hasn’t even played consistently and you’re replacing him? :))


we have the most reactionary fans Literally get impressed by a new player every month


Pretty good game. Really shows how much easier it is when you have two functional wings. Mbappé from the right and Vini from the left could be unstoppable next season. Kroos and Luka both had masterclasses, gonna be very tough to replace them, hopefully Fede and Camavinga take on the mantle.


We won’t lose in la liga with mbappe vini and Benz


I wonder how many more seasons we will still get of Benz playing this incredible.


Probably two or three more.


I don’t see anyone being as technically gifted in passing than Toni he is irreplaceable and don’t get me started on Modric. Both are generational players and we will miss their presence once they retire.


Yeah, they are irreplaceable. The best we can do is sign players wouldn’t be significant downgrades. B. Silva for instance would be an excellent Modric replacement.


Yes. Can also slot in at the wing when required. Excellent player.


It's crazy how Modric has been playing at such a consistent and amazing level that he's still in his prime


KCM played well today! Great team effort lets goo


Modric is like: get you numbers up, boi! ⚽️


Modric at 36 is a good as he has ever been. Good game from Benzema even without a goal. Casemiro looked to be back on form with the ball compared to his last few games. Vini with the threat drawing in defenders as he has all season. Granada apart from 15 minutes at the end of the first half didn't offer much but they weren't terrible more that Madrid put in some of their most fluid attacking play this season.


Sucks vini is a god on the left cause rodrygo always plays soo good on the left


True but at least Rodrygo is okay on the right. Nobody is taking LW from Vini on his current form.


Wait till Mbappe arrives lol Vini Mbappe Rodry (even Hazard if he doesnt leave) LW is stacked


I would play rodrygo up front


He's not good enough in the air to be playing up front unless he's playing as a false 9.


We haven't played with a target man since Ronaldo left.


I wouldn't say that it sucks that Vini is playing like a god


I mean it’s sucks for rodrygo lol not for us. I love it


Modric idolo


Kroos - flawless as usual. The way he controls the tempo of the game, organizes the whole team, and works with Luka to play out of tight spaces - absolute joy to watch. He has to be one of the most consistent players to ever play the game. You know exactly what you’re gonna get from him, and it’s up to the attackers to take it or leave it. Modric-Kroos mid duo has to be on par with the Xavi-Iniesta show.


Jovic has One Touch in 10 minutes.


What else can he do when he ran to be right in front of them but our midfielders passed the ball backward instead.


Exactly. Many times when he’s subbed on, the team decides to control the ball and play it safe. They don’t even give him proper service...


Well he doesn’t really demand the ball or show that much energy when he does come on. It’s not just players are not passing to him.


It's the same case with Mayoral, Mariano and even sometimes Morata too. Just 10 minutes of making space only for the ball to be passed backward or sideway.


Run instead of jog and demand the ball


He was like 3 steps from the ball. How much closer can he get? Go take the ball off Isco?


He could've done way more than whatever he did


Like what else could he do? Give an example.


> Run instead of jog and demand the ball


Where would he run to? Nobody is playing the ball forward . This is just silly


Oh dear didn't you read my reply? Shouldn't have wasted my time talking to a troll.




Ofc Mendy had to score


He kicked the ball quite good, got the technique.


love the subs-Carlo hope we can have a great game like this against Sheriff and rest our players too. VAMOS! Asensio had a great performance today, he was prime. KCM too.


During the play of Vini’s goal, he was smiling and laughing the entire time. He was having the time of his life and I love to see it.


it’s wonderful to witness the guy finally fulfulling his potential. it’s gonna be insane if he can manage to keep it up


📊| Vinícius Junior has become the first LaLiga player born in 2000 year to score at least 10 goals in all competitions in a single season. @OptaJose


Toni Kroos vs Granada: • 2 assists. • 6 chances created. • 2 big chances created. • 97.3% passing accuracy (73/74). • 7/8 long passes completed. Masterclass. Toni Kroos is just unreal man. One commentator once said : People has 2 eyes except for Toni Kroos, he has 6 to 10 eyes or maybe more.


Every season everyone thinks KCM is done and every season they produce games like this. I think it’s safe to say we have documented proof that Luka and Toni are vampires.


Vini needs his own Bodyguard, other teams are starting to get fed up by his insane talent.


Benzema looked not so happy the entire game. Didn't even celebrate the second half goals.


He is saving the celebrations for the wrecking that he's gonna deliver Sheriff.


He missing Mbappe.


He wanted 9-0 Granada


Winner mentality


Mendy is improving a lot on the ball this season. His passing and crossing are better too.


Great game but a bit frustrated to see us stop attacking at the end. I understand the game is basically over but the player on the field at the end should be trying to impress and gain playing time but most of them didn’t really try. And boy is it nice to see asensio playing good


I hate when they do that. When our backup attackers came on they rarely got the ball. Always the case for Mayoral, Mariano, Jovic since they only got 10 minutes.


I agree. It’s so frustrating because we had good 15 left but momentum completely stopped when the subs came on. I would understand if they are tired but almost half the team are fresh


True, I know that Jovic will get a lot of hate because he didn’t do anything in the last 10 mins but he needs service. He isn’t Benz and he isn’t going to drop deep and make things happen. Some may argue, well look at what Rodygo did in his short time…completely different players. Would be nice to see Jovic get a run with the starters when we play a bottom of the table team in the future.


Last game he actually dropped deep enough sometimes. But other players just passed backward instead.


Asensio was actually running, finally deciding he’s not prime CR7


This was the best team collective performance we've had all season. It goes to show what it means for us to have a very healthy defense with both Mendy & Carvajal finally back and fit for 90 min. The entire squad had a good game, not a single weak performance. Benz still looks a little off but played well. Everyone else from Tibo all the way through our defense to KCM to Vini & Asnesio was just clicking. No awkward passing no weird balls crossing to nowhere. Really a well deserved 3 points and time to really take CL seriously with Sheriff. I really liked what we saw today, I feel better about our chances of bringing in silverware. Only negative: Jovic still looks a bit lost on the field ?


There were a couple misplaced passes and poor decisions for sure, it wasn’t all perfect. Great performance overall for sure. It is really funny how you went out of the way to pick on Jović, when the entire team did nothing innovative with the ball in the last 10. But of course, Jović’s disappearance cost us more than Rodrygo missing two clear chances


Probably because jovic has never ever had an impressive game for us while basically everyone else has?


Honestly I like Jovic and I am not picking on him at all, I think it is Carlo's job to integrate him into the game and that means the way we attack has to click with Jovic. From the outside as a spectator it seems like he is not finding his rhythm with the team and that can go about the midfield and other players not connecting with him. I really want to see him shine as I believe he has what it takes to be a good contributor to our attack.


Frustrating game in many parts but then getting out of it with a 4-1 is a good result. Benzema had a bad game I thought, we could have been 6-1 or more if he had hadn't overhit a couple of passes to Vini. KCM had a great game. Back to the top of La Liga. We go forward.




Good first half with a couple players off like Casemiro and Vini. Second half we simply demolished them. Case, Vini, Benz started playing well and they did absolutely nothing. The defense was good, Asensio had a fantastic game, everyone played well. Glad to see players like Vallejo and Jovic getting some minutes. Carlo could have been subbed them a bit earlier but hey, he used all the subs today, can't really complain. ​ Vini laughing just before the red card to Monchu was amazing.


Glad Vini wasn't injured from that. Monchu went for the player and not the ball with his studs up as well.


He was toying with them at the end for his own entertainment.


I had so much fun watching us play, it was amazing, the only word that comes to my mind when I think of todays game is orgasmic.


Extremely pleased with Asensio’s performance this game, and the midfield trio getting at least 1 assist makes the win all the more better. We have to start putting a bigger emphasis on keeping a clean sheet, only 3 in 13 games is not good enough.


It's nice that we had 5 subs today. Feel bad for Jovic though, other subs got plenty of balls except for him. Also nice gesture by Granada fans applauding Vallejo when he was warming up and when he came on.


It was a good team performance over all. It was a delight to watch


Carlo really doesn't like Blanco does he


We need to send him on loan


He's just not first choice, for now.


How is Isco ahead of him? His contract expires in 6 months


Wait Isco is ahead of him?


Well Isco came on as a sub and he didn’t


Oh right, I remember now.


Isco played and Blanco didn’t.


Did he play today? Or you are saying that about previous games?


Neither have played recently but today Isco was chosen over Blanco.


I'm gonna be honest, I didn't know Isco was subbed on and I was watching the game.


He played the final 12 minutes and only touched the ball like 2-3 times iirc


Special thanks to Nacho, despite the limited opportunities man went above and beyond when called upon. What a player!


So happy that he gets to end the match as a captain. He deserves it.


Mendy played vs Molina 😭😭😭😭😭


Asensio gets a lot of shit when he plays bad Should get the praise he deserves today


I missed the first half but asensio was pretty good in the second. He’s been putting in some good performances lately


He was even better in the first half. Clean and precise


Vinicius Junior.


Granada players must've been relief when he came off but then Rodrygo did the same thing to them.


Rodrygo came in with a different type of energy. Hardly did anything wrong but should've made that one chance tbf


They went from chasing The Road Runner to chasing the Road Runner 2.0


Vast Phallus Vinicius