John got embarrassed publicly. The Ravens org should be pissed Lamar doing JH like that. Even if Lamar comes back, will you really trust him the moment something doesn't go his way?


Honestly, John got _set up_, but handled an obviously shitty situation with grace and class, and it just makes me admire him more. That's not an accident.


Totally agree. Lamar comes off as petty and juvenile, Harbs looks fine.


Regardless of what you think about Harbaugh as a coach he is a professional through and through. He took those questions in stride and took the high road and managed to make the Ravens org look like good guys. You have to respect that. I think that's why the players stand by him so much too.


The one thing he kind of had was social capital...like we were rooting for Lamar the person. He's officially lost me, and if I look at things I probably held on longer than I normally would. Just thinking for a guy that young I'd give him some slack but. I've run out of rope. Edit: I should say I have no issue with him trying to secure the bag. His methods leave something to be desired.


Reputation. Gained in drops, lost in gallons.


Drops are half the problem for him probably


Social capital. That's the word I've been looking for all day. It blows my mind how in one year I've grown tired of what was once my favorite player of this decade. It's not "just business", he's represented himself in the most unprofessional way possible and is clearly not acting in good faith. He's lost me too as a fan. Well said 👏


Yeah I've been in the "the Ravens gave him a reasonable offer" camp from the beginning, but I still thought Lamar had such goodwill with the team and the fan base that I thought the team would budge slightly higher on the offer and Lamar would eventually accept given that he has no leverage. At this point I am wondering if Lamar is willing to sit instead of play on the tag. No way he gets more money after sitting than what the Ravens already offered, let alone losing salary for a year. If the Ravens just tell him that they've made their best offer, I seriously wonder what he's going to do.


Idk what the next move is. At this point I'm fed up with lamar and if I'm the ravens, I say negotiate in good faith or GTFO. They've done so much to protect the PR of their franchise player and give him fair offers, and all he's done is embarass them. The ravens know they have to retain him to be competitive in the short term, so I understand why they choose to be respectful to lamar even when he acts like a clown. BUT - the fan base is starting to get fed up, so how can you justify a $200m investment that nobody respects anymore?


To add to your point about protecting the PR of Lamar, I thought Harbs was an absolute class act during that presser today after being ambushed, speaking as high of praise as he ever has about him and saying he’s doing a good job. They’ve done nothing in public to shame or get the upper hand on Lamar. Even through all the confusion around his injury at the end of the season, he held that line in support of our QB, and I’m starting to understand just how challenging that must have been based on how Lamar carries himself. Everything that’s happened to Lamar so far he’s brought upon himself. Edit: phrasing


If you’d told me in November 2019 I’d ever feel like I do right now about one of the most electrifying and entertaining players to ever wear a Ravens jersey I would never have believed it.


Same here


I was still an idiot at 26. Turns out being an NFL superstar doesn't make you less of an idiot.


>level 1AfterlifeOmega · 6 hr. agoNEW ERA #8Extremely unprofessional on Lamars end. Horrible negotiating tactic, timing was in poor taste. Horrible business being conducted by Lamar all around. Yeah but this is why most players hire professionals to shepherd them through the process. Edit: spelling


I love that. Well said.


Hate to say it, but At this point the entire fan base more than likely collectively says fuck Lamar for this entire last week. I can’t stop fuckin cackling at “Nah I ain’t have Ken Francis calling anyone” and then immediately afterwards “Ayo my business partner ken and i present The Entire Gym.” Like a fucking chapelle skit


I’m a Lamar supporter, but I gotta admit this makes him look like a top-shelf moron.


So like serious question, how many Lamar supporters will follow him if he goes to another team?


This is the real question. I’m a Lamar supporter too u/BrockAshes, but you bet I won’t be supporting him if he’s playing against us lol, even if he ends up in NFC, I wouldn’t wish ill upon the guy, but if the Ravens and Lamar cut ties *like this* it just leaves a sour taste. Can’t say I know much else other than what we all hear, but it seems like the Ravens have been fair enough.


Fuck it, if he gets traded I’ll be actively rooting for him to fail. Not because I have a personal vendetta against the guy, but because I’m a Ravens fan first and if he leaves I want him to suck so the Ravens look like geniuses for letting him walk. Cause if the inverse happens and he looks like an MVP again on his new team, the whole org will be getting clowned by the fanbases of all 31 other teams. We’ll never hear the end of how Lamar was right all along and the Ravens are a shitshow.


I cant predict the immediate future for the Ravens, as I feel like it may take 2-3 years to right the ship… but Lamar’s MVP days are 100% over. Look no further than every other team having virtually no interest in him over the last few weeks since he could negotiate following the tag.


I'm a Hawks fan and this is exactly how many of us felt about Russ when he left the way he did, making pretty unfortunate statements on his way out.


I feel for you brother. It fucking sucks


When I said support, I meant that I support him trying to get a Deshaun Watson deal. Cuz he deserved that deal more than Deshaun. And I support NFL players trying to get paid more overall (Union needs to renegotiate the salary cap) because football is the most dangerous sport, owners make the most money, but players get paid comparatively less than other professional sports. But as a fan, I will not root for Lamar if he plays against the Ravens. And I don’t support Lamar as a person (given the timing of his tweet). Lamar is also friends with Kodak Black, who is a disgusting human. So yeah I guess now that I said all that, I don’t really support Lamar the player at all, haha.


No one deserved that deal that's what you and him don't get. Just because your friends jumped off a bridge doesn't mean you should


Nail on the head.


Why not? Every other sport has guaranteed contracts and they aren’t as dangerous as this one. You’re literally just repeating what owners are telling you is ‘good for the game’ cos they wanna further line their pockets


If players want large guaranteed contracts like this, they need to negotiate a way for it to be viable in their collective bargaining agreement. Given current cap constraints, Watson-like contract is too risky over the life of the deal and can cripple a team for years. On the player’s end, maybe they need to understand that they *can* get a fully guaranteed deal, but it should be for less money than what a non-guaranteed deal should be.


Salary cap like James said


The total pool of player money is set by the CBA. When star players are paid less, or underperforming players cut, the money just goes to other, more deserving players.


Yeah, I've been in a similar place. I generally support the worker in labor/management disputes as I am a socialist, and like you, I especially support better compensation and support for football players given the risks they take for our entertainment. I've really enjoyed Lamar in the past-- hell, enough to name my absurdly fast cat "Llama"-- but this is just so tiresome. I never expected him to morph from a goofy sweet kid into such a damn diva! I said I'd cheer for him if he ever went somewhere else, but I meant after a long career with us, not... this. I will not cheer for this, he's been selfish and very immature. I know it's a thing that happens with these guys, that they're surrounded by people trying to get their hooks into them, to get any notoriety and profit they can from leeching off star players, so I don't know how much of this is listening to entirely the wrong people (a flaw I had at his age, too). I'm just so tired from the whole damn thing.


That’s the part I don’t understand from all the “socialists” supporting Lamar. I’ve seen your exact sentiment around this sub and r/NFL a lot and it doesn’t make any sense. The workers get 48.8% of the revenue, that’s where the cap is derived from. Lamar is a worker, so are all of the other players. Lamar getting a bigger piece of that 48.8% doesn’t help other workers in any way, all he’s doing is taking more for himself and leaving less for other workers. Should Lamar be trying to extract as much value as possible out of his contract? Absolutely Is this in any way a win for the “workers” in this context? Not at all.


Hopefully all of them


It’ll be fantastic if they do. I can’t understand meat-riding a QB over a team. I’ll cheer on my Longhorns in the NFL when they’re not playing the Ravens, but why would anyone follow Lamar to Indy or Atlanta.


Related question: Will it matter outside of us talking on reddit? Lamar hasn't gotten himself any sponsorships. And he likes to hand out straight cash when he meets people at random in public, so I suspect until/unless he's broke he'll continue to be popular in person.


I think as a fanbase as a whole yes. I've been rooting for the Ravens for well over a decade and the fanbase isn't nearly as fun. Never before has there been so many fans that were Lamar or bust it was always hey this is my team and I'm gonna root for the. To each their own but I genuinely had more fun with other fans before Lamar because it was about the sport not a gifted athlete.


I was this type of supporter before this month. I'm from TN and was even having a ton of fun with the idea that the Titans or Indi shell out for him so I can see him play more locally here. But after seeing this all boil down to Lamar's ego and greed to the point that it's likely going to damage the Raven's franchise as a whole - I don't want to be a fan of that type of individual. I'll respect the game, but the relationship is never going to be the same.


I love Lamar and I’m in the top 1% of wanting him in Bmore, but if he leaves, he can get fucked as far as I’m concerned after all this nonsense.


The funniest part of this to me is he has a “business partner” for a lame ass home gym thing that has huge potential to fail but won’t hire an agent to help him secure a hundreds of millions dollar deal.


Cocaine’s a hell of a drug


Fuck yo couch!


I miss that man.


More like fuckin crack. Or just stupidity. Lamar ain’t a smart man Edit: I’m just now realizing the chapelle reference. Fuck yo couch


Yeah fuck lamar for all this bullshit. But also, why is he doing this to himself? Does he not realize that this mess of a negotiation, him admitting in the tweet the ravens “didn’t meet his value” (he wants ridiculous money), and trolling/clowning through it all is not a good look to potential teams he goes to. Nobody wants to deal with his ass with no fucking agent requesting a record contract


>But also, why is he doing this to himself? This. This I don't understand, I don't get it, and him burning bridges with the Ravens is burning it with other teams as well - the teams talk (not collusion) as they are in the same business. The prevailing attitude when they first tagged him from other teams seemed to be, "We're not doing EDC's dirty work for him." Now, they are all taking a step back and thinking it's a powder keg they don't want to touch. I love Lamar as a Raven. The guy has taken over games and won them for us. He's as electric a player as anyone in the game now. But, not considering the deal the Ravens evidently offered is crazy, it's a respectable offer. And pulling this bullshit on the Ravens organization by tweeting the minute Harbaugh took the stage is totally amateurish. If he had gotten an agent at the beginning, he would have paid that commission off 10 times over in terms of endorsements and contracts. I'll echo your question as it bears repeating: Why is he doing this to himself?


Because he's stupid and thinks he's bigger than the NFL. And I'm sure the NFLPA is probably encouraging it because they're more than willing to have him fuck himself over if it means there's a 50% chance he'll change the precedent for guaranteed money.


I've been wondering why the union gave him stupid ass advice for him personally.


No one is gunna sign him. Besides us…. It’s ugly


Is he the new off season Aaron Rodgers? How do you all feel about the moves he’s making? And lastly, do you all still want him? Legitimate questions, not trying to stir shit up. I mean he basically quit on you in the playoffs and you could have had a chance to get to the Super Bowl if you beat us. No way y’all are okay with that


We don't know he quit on us. If he chose to not play, he's a fucking idiot. Though to be fair he sure is seeming like a fucking idiot




Extremely unprofessional on Lamars end. Horrible negotiating tactic, timing was in poor taste. Horrible business being conducted by Lamar all around.


If anything it makes him look worse and hurts his trade value lmao guys an idiot.


He wants to hurt his trade value so that someone will trade for him and pay him


But that makes less teams want him potentially. I mean a team desperate enough probably don’t care. The patriots?? Send y’all their qb and a bunch of picks or players. I could see them trying it for a season and maybe resigning him if it work


And it must be driving down his value around the league, for FOs who just don’t want the headache…


The worst part is I bet he thinks he's killing it. I'd like to blame it on his mom or other business advisors he has because I love the guy as a person and player but man it's starting to seem like he's not as benevolent as we thought. Still not a bad guy but I think he's got a major flaw thinking he can negotiate a deal worth hundreds of millions by himself.


Yeah, Lamar! Demonstrate your value to other coaches in the league by showing them how well you support your curre-- Ah, fuck, you played yourself.


Dude has completely screwed himself. His contract value and his trade value are all way down due to his own actions and refusal to sign a deal. No team is gonna give him what he wants, and he’s burning the best bridge he had.


Is he the new off season Aaron Rodgers? How do you all feel about the moves he’s making? And lastly, do you all still want him? Legitimate questions, not trying to stir shit up. I mean he basically quit on you in the playoffs and you could have had a chance to get to the Super Bowl if you beat us. No way y’all are okay with that


I’m very confident he was hurt last year, not sitting out. Although he should have attended the game, that’s wasn’t cool. I love Lamar, and think it’s likely he stays in Baltimore, especially seeing how horribly he’s conducted negotiations and the lack of interest from other teams. Im also very disappointed in him blindsiding Harbs today (and I’m not the biggest Harbs fan, btw). I don’t like how he’s conducted these “negotiations” when the team has bent over backwards for him and maintains a reputation for ethics, tradition, and respect for their players. But otherwise, outside of contract negotiations, Lamar is a class act and balls out on the field. It’ll be nice when all this is done and we get back to Lamar doing his thing in a Ravens uniform. My biggest concern at the moment is if he’s going to sit out this year on the tag.


We were the only team that believed in Lamar. We were the only team that believed he was a 1st round pick. We offered him the 2nd richest contract in NFL history. Tell me again how the Ravens screwed him? So sick of the talking heads. Now we know how it feels to be sold out for 30 pieces of silver.


The premiere college teams didn't believe in his worth coming out of HS so he had to go to Louisville. Most NFL teams didn't believe in his worth coming out of college so he went with the last pick of the first round. The Ravens don't believe in his worth in a contract so he has to demand a trade. We are all but a stepping stone on his path to immortality. /s


Belee dat


These guys Lamar is shitting on - Harbs, EDC, SB - made Lamar’s career and put him in position to make hundreds of millions of dollars. They did this by not just drafting him but also by starting him before he proved he could pass and by completely re-designing the offense to suit him. No other team did or would have done these things. In return he wants to leave them for someone who didn’t believe in him because the second best contract in the history of the NFL is some sort of insult. Ridiculous.


I was in full support of him throughout his time in Baltimore. He gave us good times to reminisce on and while the FO didn't necessarily help him out during his time here, he did what he could. Now he's showing not only the Ravens fanbase but the entire league (the ONLY team that took a chance on him) that he's a POS, a douchebag and whiny little coward. This entire offseason is Lamar's fault 100%. If he wants to win a super bowl then maybe he should ask for a reasonable contract and actually perform well in the playoffs rather than being a little baby on social media.


He's also a fucking moron. He genuinely doesn't understand that being this difficult to negotiate with negativily impacts his value. Who in their right mind would give this guy that much money knowing he's going to be this difficult when there's 2 years left on that deal.


Even if by some miracle he does get signed $250 million guaranteed by another team and they then realize they’re short on money, just imagine how he acts when they inevitably ask him to restructure his contract.


That's a great point. Almost all of these megadeals eventually get restructured.


That’s the thing boggling my mind. He’s making it known very publicly how difficult he’ll be for anybody who could potentially afford him.


If Lamar somehow stays he’ll need a Kobe-like career renaissance. Bro is kind of a dick head


If he stays, I hope he gets boo'd every single time he walks out of that tunnel


Crazy, this sub has been at each others throats for the past year.. this feels like the first time we’ve been mostly on the same side of something


oh there are plenty of 'give him weapons 'idiots' still hanging around.


January Joe would never


The one and only Joe Cool from now to eternity


Flacco: Finishes an entire half on a shredded knee + back injury cause he did not want to quit on the team Lamar: Can't be arsed to take a private jet to support his teammates or travel with the team.


I am now fully in the "fuck Lamar" camp.


If I was a billionaire I’d pay him $250 million fully guaranteed to lick my nut sack!


We've suspected before that he's been conducting himself, and negotiating, like a dope. Today we see that (1) we were right, and (2) he's an increasingly *desperate* person conducting himself, and negotiating, like a dope. I'm sure it was an open secret that this is where the Ravens were with him, but this doesn't make it easier to trade him. Which he says is what he wants.


Guess what, fucker. "I'm out. Good luck fucking around with some punchline franchise like the Falcons making a third of the money you could have in your career if you had just hired a fucking agent. Thank you for 2019 and a lot of fun times, but I'm done with your ass." Maybe we can find this year's Geno Smith hiding under a rock somewhere.


So disrespectful to your Head Coach, the Team, and the Org. Fuck this idiot clown, get him the fuck outta here.


If there's a silver lining in _any_ of this, it's that Harbaugh is exactly the kind of high-character coach, and thoughtful communicator, that we knew he was. Imagine you're about to go into a 45-minute press conference. You probably spent a couple days prepping, you've got your notes, you've got a few "dumb platitudes" you can roll out for gotcha questions. _YOU KNOW_ that Lamar sought a trade, but you've kept it quiet to keep his trade value high. Within a minute or two of you going live, Lamar burns it all down, and you get a pile-on of unprompted unexpected questions. His trade value's shot to shit, your season's personnel strategy is shot to shit, all you can think about is "Gotta get back to HQ and start Plan C", and instead... you do a presser. Calmly, collected, not bitter, not lashing out. The man was locked in, he was professional, he was articulate and thoughtful, and he still -- when pressed up against a hot griddle -- never said a bad word about Lamar. For everyone who said "OMG WE GOTTA FIRE HARBS," look at today's performance on the mic. He wins games, he doesn't start off-season bullshit, and every player on the roster knows John Harbaugh isn't going to fuck you over in public. That is solid fucking gold.


Something nobody seems to be mentioning anymore… dude also seemingly quit on the team last year. Have you ever in your life seen analysts, ex-players, and current players questioning why someone wasn’t out there?


All he had to do was fly with the team to Cincinnati, watch the game from the bench, clap for his teammates, and go home. Plenty of our fans did the same thing from the stands. Absolutely bare minimum request of a millionaire.


Cue the stans to start shouting "team policy"


LT in the playoffs, visor on, jacket on, sitting on the bench.


Im pretty sure he was able to play and didnt. Mahomes played in absoulte ANGUISH last post-season. He also accepted a team-friendly contract because he knows what winning looks like. Lamar is a child who just wants all the toys for himself.


Harbough managed the situation like a fucking pro though. I am a Harbough fan. I don't hold anything against the guy. He changed the teams identity overnight. He won a coach of the year award for it. He has made plenty of great moves. Harbough can't win games he can only coach. People want to blame Harbough for not winning a playoff game this year. Like it's his fault Huntley has butter fingers and thinks jumping 2 yards from the end zone and holding the ball with one hand is a great idea.. I love Lamar. I think he's a future hall of famer regardless of if he wins a Superbowl. But I'm over this Diva shit. And that's what it is. He's turned down contracts that player dream about solely because it's not fully guaranteed. And fuck that. Sorry dude but you have done much in the last 3 seasons to earn that. If you aren't willing to actually negotiate, then that's on you. I have no reason to believe the ravens haven't offered him an above fair market value contract and he refuses to sign it. Move the fuck on, let's replace him, and let's just get this fucking circus over with. This is a locker room distraction. His refusal to bend even a little has cost us any ability to make off season moves. We can't dedicate to the best free agents because we have to sit around with our dicks in our hands waiting for him to find a contract he likes. And fuck that. At this point he is actively holding the franchise back by playing these stupid games..


It reeks of desperation. And honestly, idk if the Ravens give him that same $200M guarantee deal anymore once he realizes no one wants him for $250M fully guaranteed. It’s exactly what the Ravens haven’t done in this negotiation - act in bad faith. This does nothing but hurt relations with the team.


Yeah man his spiral into full on douchebag is very disappointing.


He needs to surround himself with better people.


So you're saying Ken Francis, self proclaimed personal fitness inventer and wannabe agent extraordinare, isn't at the top of that list ?


"Best I can do is Mama and the entire gym"


Does this even accomplish anything in his favor? A bunch of people in r/NFL acting like this is some big balls negotiating tactic. All it does is make it harder for the team to actually trade him away for legit value, and thereby increase the chance they force him to play on the tag multiple seasons. Hollywood kept quiet, we got good value back for him in the trade, he is happy, we are happy. Lamar ambushing Harbaugh... Wtf does this do for him other than putting a coach that's supported him immensely for the past 5 years in a difficult spot?


He is pathetic and knew what he was doing.


Idk man. Starting to think Lamar has no idea what he's doing at all


This is way more likely than him knowing what he's doing or having any kind strategic plan.


I support players not using an agent when they don't need one. Lamar is a football genius but he needs an agent so damn bad. Seems like it's almost impossible to negotiate with someone who is extremely valuable, knows it, and yet has no idea what his negotiating position is.


This. If he really wanted to take any reasonable Ravens offer, no agent is fine - just have the NFLPA make sure there's no serious issues in the contract - but if your goal is a unique contract, have a professional to help you out. Seriously.


I don't know if he does. All of these negotiation tactics seem very amateurish to me. If he's getting advice, it's from the wrong people


When he returns to Baltimore as an opposing player he’s gonna get blasted by the fans.


So now we ride or die with Huntley? Oh yeah. This gonna be a fun season


Huntley or Flacco is still a FA 👀


If you go into the season paying LJ 35 million or whatever it is, you make him play


I can’t believe there is a portion of the fanbase who supports him over literally everyone else. Disrespectful to the organization, man.


Hes been basically our entire offense for 4 years so i get it


Have to rip the bandaid off and move on.


Is there a reason why this sub completely forgave/ down played Lamar not traveling with the team for our playoff game last year? Always bothered me.


Many of the Lamar Stan’s made up some story that he couldn’t travel while injured and that players never do that, while the 49ers had two injured QBs on their sideline helping Purdy with play calling. It was pathetic.


Exactly. My favorite was “LAMAR never travels with the team when he’s injured” Like… oh - so we just accept his own self imposed rule as meaningful? He had a “knee injury” and was seen walking around and had even been forecasted to start a game for the better part of a month by the time the playoff game came around. You can’t throw on a brace and a headset and clap on the sideline? Its a playoff game with our division rival. That move was total clown-shoes , and made me feel like the rift / divide was possibly bigger from lamars side . But when I mentioned it in this sub of course I got accused of being racist/ idiot.




To be honest, I think a lot of people deep down knew this was going to happen but have been in denial. I think that’s why so many people are so upset, they feel like they put their faith things would work out and are hurt as a result. I was optimistic a deal would get done but I have been in the camp that as much as I like Lamar as a player, he isn’t worth what he is supposedly asking for. I don’t really think it’s appropriate for us as a fan base to say things about how he’s “dumb” etc. sure go ahead and criticize him but personal attacks are just dumb. It reflects poorly on us and we should be better than that. Our FO is probably the best in the league, we’ll be okay. We will survive.


I’m kinda tired of the ravens babying him too. The dude fucks over Harbaugh and his only response is he doesn’t judge and he loves Lamar. The entire organization just says he’s the greatest guy ever while he continues to do weird shit. The never smelt a football field tweet, the injuries in 2021 and 2022 that apparently were vastly different then what the team believed. I get they want to bring him back, but they treat him like he’s a 10-year-old who will be destroyed if they say anything critical of him.


I mean considering it seems he has a somewhat fragile ego it makes sense to treat him with egg shells.


Honestly, he's making me question all the reports about being a great team player and hard worker. He's acting like a lazy diva that's only interested in money.


I think it’s unfair to call him lazy and I’m someone who was ready to move off him before today. Dude worked his ass off when he was out there and it seems his teammates love him too.


It's very apparent that Lamar is just not an intelligent person....from his grammar, to his business decisions, to his driving.... he's just not a smart guy.


I missed the part about the driving. What’s that about?


He videoed himself driving 105 without a seatbelt


Yep, so much drama I completely missed that one. Dumbass…


He literally got a 1.5 gpa in high school lol can’t believe he thinks he can represent himself


He's not, Mom and Ken are behind the curtain...


Sincerely asking, where did you learn this information? It's public?


I don’t think that is true tbh


He had a 1.5 GPA up until his sophomore year which he allegedly “turned it around” after and got into Louisville.


He said it himself and also scored a 13/50 on the wonderlic


https://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/college/louisville/2018/04/04/lamar-jackson-wonderlic-test-score-tim-sullivan/481414002/ Its been leaked that he had one of the lowest wonderlic scores in the history of the NFL. Im starting to belee dat


Glad my Lamar jersey came from China and was thirty bucks. After this whole charade I’ll have no restraint when dumping it.


Lamar stabbed the only guy who ever believed in him in the back. That’s the kind of man Lamar is.


This was the one worry I had when we drafted him and I heard he didn’t have an agent. He would never take a hometown discount and wants to be highest paid.


What a loser. This will be a definitive turning point in his career for sure.


Why dont you like Harbaugh?


I’m not all the way on the fuck Lamar campaign but I am over the contract drama let’s just get the picks and see what we do from there. I wish him the best of luck though.


Fuck, what more would it take for u to say fuck Lamar


He’s stupid and immature. Unlike when one of my kids does something disappointing, I don’t expect Lamar’s behavior to improve. Fuck him.


Not a Harbaugh fan by any means?? What?


Certainly not perfect, but that definitely caught me off guard too lol.


His clock management and decision making i the fourth quarter is questionable


Ok that is one mean. What about the rest of the means?


Remember during the season when Harbaugh could've killed the speculation that Lamar quit on the team but chose to not really say anything to have his back until it was too late?


Harbaugh said Lamar is hard at work rehabbing to get back every press conference and refused to give anyone a concrete window for his return. Lamar also didn't bother to travel with the team for the playoffs and Harbaugh and EDC downplayed it for him. The Ravens have been insanely accomodationing to Lamar in every aspect at every turn.


I know he won't, but whenever Lamar does leave I hope Harbaugh unloads to the media on all this


No, because John Harbaugh knows that the sum total benefit of that would be: - It would feel good for 30 seconds - He'd feel guilty about it all week and probably confess it to his priest, who has ESPN notifications on his phone and knew about it anyway, but promises to keep Harbs' confession a secret - Every player would know that Harbaugh's unwavering decency actually does, at some point, waver, and they'd always wonder if they were _about_ to get an ass-load of buckshot


Or more accurately, John believes in his coaching philosophy that you have to try to love everybody player no matter what they do and what the business dictates. He doesn't tend to was dirty laundry in public. That's just not who he is.


Because he fucking quit. This sub was the only place you'd get your asshole excavated with downvotes insinuating that. Do you remember how we went round and round for like a month on whether you believe he was really injured or he made a "business decision"? Funny enough he used the term "business decision" today in his tweet. We were watching Mahomes gimping around on one leg all the way to the Superbowl while Lamar was plotting his business decision for months and months. I'm ready for him to go.


Because everyone knew he did quit on the team. Wouldn't even travel with everyone. Maybe everyone behind the scenes knows what kind of person Lamar is. Dumb and selfish.


I remember when John asked Lamar if he wanted to go for it on 4th down several times. John believed in Lamar's belief in his own ability. Thought that was such a valuable player-coach relationship. Today's events have just been disappointing.




He’s won 1 playoff game and lost 3 playoff games


Especially because it's pretty clear at this point that Lamar's complete disappearance at the end of last season had just as much, or perhaps more to do with his petty grievances than with his injury. Harbaugh stuck up for him and was seemingly willing to lie that it was completely injury-related. And Lamar repays him with an asshole attempt at sabotage.


Lamar can go fuck himself. First time I've ever felt like this but this is madness, chaos & absurd


The team didn't give him the best receiving core but they didn't leave him with nothing. Since 2018, when they drafted Lamar, they drafted 12 WR's and TE's. They didn't all work out and that happens when you try to build through the draft. But, he had Andrews, Hollywood and Bateman, on top of Dobbins and Gus in the backfield. The team couldn't control the ridiculous injuries they had, as well. Could they have brought in some more talent via Free Agency? Definitely. But, the narrative that the organization fucked Lamar by not giving him weapons is bullshit. The idea that he wants to be paid better than any QB in history is fine. Bet on yourself, that's what competitors do. But, to say the team didn't value him is wrong and for all people who continue to point his MVP season, look no further than who his top 5 targets were: Andrews, Hollywood, Willie Snead, Boyle and Hurst. This is where the argument that the team didn't give him talent falls apart. He was an MVP with that cast, so why would that cast or similar be such a sticking point?


We’re over him


\*troywiththepizza.gif* I just got home from work. Everything was fine when I left...


Not a Harbaugh fan? He’s one of the best in the nfl


Best at what? We have one playoff win in the last decade. And he has no scheme.


Sounds like desperation to me. March 2nd he requested a trade, and he's still here? Not a lot of interest around the league in giving him what he wants. My guess is he's a Raven for at least two more years. I just hope he doesn't pull a Leveon Bell and sits out a year. That doesn't do anyone any good.


LOL lots of thoughts about this post but most importantly, what aren't you a Harbaugh fan? I'm assuming you're very new here, young buck....


Wonder what people’s feelings will be when he ends up re-signing like Debo Samuel when he demanded a trade


I can tell you mine, but I'm sure I'm not the standard... My feelings are that I had pretty much all but decided that I was done watching the NFL towards the middle of last season. Too much bad shit going along with it now. I think when Miles Austin was suspended for gambling on a basketball game... that was kinda just the end. It was also about the same time that Lamar quit on the team. I've been optimistic, but keeping things at a distance this off-season. I wanted to see major coaching changes. I wanted Saunders gone. I want the NFL to apologize to Ridley and Miles Austin and reimburse them for any fines or losses as a result of a hypocritical gambling policy. I'm not going to hold my breath on the last one; I'm probably gone anyway. One thing I didn't really think too much about was Lamar. He's been mentally out of Baltimore for over two years. If the organization fixes the organizational problems (which I think they mostly have started fixing), and the NFL fixes it's hypocrisy, I'll probably come back. Till then, I'll watch shitty XFL games.


Deebo got his money.


The ravens are trying to give Lamar his.


Bro needs to realize anything he says can and will be used against him. Plead the 5th and get a agent lol


Not a huge fan of Harbaugh the last bunch of years as one could tell from my post history, but he handled this better than anyone could ask for.


I look at it like this, he just helped the Ravens because his cap hit was going to kill them.


When we lost the playoff game to Cincinnati, without Lamar Jackson there to cheer on his team, I was done with him. It was plainly obvious that he was milking a minor injury to deliberately hurt the team’s playoff chances, in an attempt to make him seem indispensable. I said fuck him then, and everyone in this reddit defended him. Now look where we are today. Lamar has proven himself to be a total douchebag and has lost the support of even his most fervent defenders. Clearly he never learned that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. I will be extremely disappointed if the Ravens DON’T get rid of him. Lamar is now poison to this organization. There is no reconciliation from this.


Fuck Lamar


Dude would be pulling down mid-tier WR money right now if the Ravens hadn't drafted him. I was a supporter of his until this past month. Kick rocks Lamar.




These posts are getting more unhinged at every turn.


Let the civil war commence. It’s been a long time coming.


You know what, though? John Harbaugh could have said "there's 31 teams out there that have seen everything Lamar has to offer, 31 head coaches who can decide if they want to get ambushed like I did today by a guy trying to get his bag," but instead he just smiled and said he hopes he gets to coach Lamar this season. Gritted his teeth so hard he probably needs dental work, but he was the bigger man, and if Lamar comes to his senses, at least John fuckin' Harbaugh didn't burn a bridge today.


Bellee Dat. /s 50M vs. 200M. People that is.


This was a genius move by Lamar.


You fans need to get over yourselves. Lamar quietly requested a trade nearly a month ago, and the Ravens have done NOTHING since the off-season started. He gave his all for the team whenever he was on the field, played with every ounce of his heart, and put the team on his back. Lamar is going against the grain, and the establishment, which is the NFL, is teaming up against him. You should be mad at the front office for not putting the right pieces around him and Harbaugh for keeping GRO around for years!


If he was white, would yall have this same energy?


So y’all were cool with Lamar till he wanted to get paid right?


It’s funny how they flipped on him lol


The Ravens have no fighting chance with Huntley and Lamar could give not a single fuck of anyone's opinion on this thread mines included lol so just sit back and stop bitching and let this play out.


As Ian rappaport said it was probably the smartest, savviest move he has made since this began.


Y’all are really simping for Harbaugh? If not for Lamar, his fucking ass would even be here. Lol


It seems desperate. Smh the team that acquires him can see this too


You guys are delusional Lamar deserved a contract last year


Lol Ravens front office has been leaking things about him for months. It’s all in the game brother.




What exactly have they leaked? Most rumors I’ve seen paint the ravens as a team being cheap and not wanting to pay their star qb


Nothing that has been proven untrue.


Fuck off idiot. The FO hasn't leaked shit. Ride his dick elsewhere.


You mean all of the things Lamar has come out to say wasn't true...?


So you guys thought he was a great quarterback, and now hate him for demanding great quarterback pay... stay classy ratbirds


To and too are different words. Maybe he’ll hire you as a manager at Play-action Soul food. Fingers crossed


Jesus, I thought it was all business?💀


If this is getting this crazy of a reaction you were just waiting to turn on Lamar lmao