I thought the NFL stopped giving suspensions for marijuana? Wasn't that the big win for the players in the last CBA?


The testing period went from 4 months to 2 weeks. The testing limit was increased making it harder to test positive. You get fined instead of suspended now also. They almost got there, but there's still some BS attached to it.


Ah so much more like the NFL "decriminalized" it rather than removing those rules.


It's active use during competition. It's similar to the WADA. They only test for it during the season now. Interestingly, the WADA has it on the banned substance list because interviewed athletes say it enhances their performance. Which people can debate obviously. I'm not taking a position on the subject, just sharing the reasons WADA gives.


This is not true. The only time players are tested for marijuana is from the start of training camp until the first preseason game. There is no marijuana testing during the regular season. Before the new CBA 1-2 years ago the only time they were tested was April through July/August. There hasn't been in-season testing in a long long time. The only time players got tested during the regular season was if they had previously failed a test and got put on the list for more testing.


I thought they could in certain circumstances. I'm happy to be wrong, though. It seems like a silly rule.


Pretty much the only time that happens is if they fail a drug test in training camp, or if they end up getting a citation for possession.


It would be hilarious and sad if the NFL did what every job does and tests for marijuana any time a player gets hurt and then refuses to provide treatment if they test positive


Don't give them any ideas man!!!


Sometimes I make a comment while I’m half asleep drinking my morning coffee and forget all about it until someone replies. This is one of those times


> WADA Ugh, it’s Saturday; didn’t think I had to deal with undefined acronyms on the weekend. World Anti-Doping Agency for all you rubes like me.


Thanks mate.


Yeah but have you ever played cover 2 ON WEED??


Man, I'd get too in my own head to play while stoned. I know my ass would be out there like "they're paying you hundreds of thousands of dollars to do this shit, don't fuck it up" and end up having some butt fumble tier disaster.


I mean, I did that stone cold sober in a JV game getting paid nothing with no audience. It's really easy to screw up in football.


I played A LOT of stoned football. You get in *the zone*, for like 30-40 minutes. Then you're just tired. Lol


Still can have all the toradol.


Marijuana probably "enhances their performance" in the same way that pain killers do. You couldn't argue that pain killers don't enhance performance.


Toradol is fine. Marijuana is bad! I can’t even imagine what the list of side effects is for Toradol. But I’m sure it’s 10 times as dangerous as pot is.




I sat in on a continuing legal ed lecture given by the head attorney for WADA, and he was certainly an anti-weed Kool Aid drinker for some sports. His perspective was that it's helpful for endurance sports like long distance running. It was a private, attorneys only seminar - and those sorts of things are meant to share the inside baseball. I'm inclined to believe it's at least a big part of why, nonsensical as it may be.


Purely anecdotal, but one of my friends was a runner in high school, he set his PRs and one of the school records while stoned. He doesn't know why it worked but it did. From a biological standpoint I could see it being a combination of pain resistance and vasodilation to help with endurance running.


my PR was done while drinking blue gatorade it helps it helps let the athletes perform is not HGH or some other grow a third testicale substance


My wife is a runner, and she likes to run while high. One time apparently she got real stoned and ran 8 miles on the trail without realizing it, so ended up having to run 16 on a lark.


Bronchodialator effect. https://leafwell.com/blog/pinene/


So weed is a performance enhancing substance that must be policed but whatever they gave to Mahomes at halftime in the super bowl, that stuff is a-OK, no performance enhancement whatsoever.


Yeah I didn't say it makes a lot of sense. Just reporting what I picked up


And, honestly, PEDs are a fucking mess, rules wise. Not to mention there’s a ton of money to be made beating those tests, and hardly any to be made by making better tests. There are some holy crusaders, but by and large it’s just to maintain the belief that the competition is ‘fair’


Caffeine is a major performance enhancer in almost every aspect but you can bet the world would end before we banned it (not saying we should, i would actually not function, just giving an example of the fact that it’s a mess)


That gave him the mfkn super serum lmao it’s funny when both Farve and Rogers would obviously be so pain pilled up during a post game interview they don’t know where they are


2018 Week 1 is still a sore memory


They gave him the I Can't Feel My Face treatment


No see, adrenaline and pain killers administered by a team doctor is totally cool because all teams probably have the same set up


Only way weed is going to be a performance enhancing drug is if I was in a wing eating contest. Otherwise, I’d just be sitting happily in my chair.


Just a little CBD oil and a kiss on the ankle from Andy himself.


There have been continuing debates about it in the Ultrarunning community. Personally I don't see it as an issue, but I understand the concern: * eating is so important in long races, getting in enough calories is difficult for a lot of people and it's common to see athletes puking at aid stations immediately after eating. Cannabis helps with appetite and nausea, this is probably the thing that boosts performance the most. * Pain management is almost as important and cannabis is pretty effective As a training aid, it also helps alleviate the boredom, but I find the training aid arguments even less compelling. Overall, I think it's moralizing bullshit. I do have some concerns (at least on the logical level) with people getting stoned and running in remote and dangerous mountain environments, and the risk that puts on race directors and search and rescue. But if that was a real concern we'd have examples by now. My sense is that people that don't like cannabis have grasped on this issue as a way to continue some level of prohibition because they believe in prohibition.


You're probably right. I'm certainly not out here cheerleading for WADA. The dude was smart, interesting, and had some good stuff to say. He had literally just written the report about Putin's Kremlin cheating in the Sochi Olympics and had a security detail because of it. But once you spend time around prosecutors, you learn to recognize the bulldogish zealotry that makes them good at their jobs and bad for the policy discussion.


>But once you spend time around prosecutors, you learn to recognize the bulldogish zealotry that makes them good at their jobs and bad for the policy discussion. Man does that describe it perfectly. I used to run a nonprofit focused on employment and poverty reduction. We were funded by the provincial government through a services contract. The person responsible for writing all the policy was a sweetheart but she was a former crown attorney (prosecutor)... and bulldogish zealotry is exactly how I'd describe her approach to policy. When she retired, the guy that replaced her was so much more nuanced it took a while to trust that he was actually genuine.


Haha I've got a few degrees in comparative law, so I knew crown attorney! Won me a pub quiz once here in the States, actually.


That's because the owners used it as ammunition. They probably don't give a shit if players smoke either, but it's something they had in their favor. What they did was leverage that against something else they absolutely don't want to do, something like fully guaranteed contracts. This is hypothetical, but they probably said no fully guaranteed contracts, but we'll decriminalize marijuana. Players union probably walked away feeling like they made progress, owners probably laughed it off smoking cigars and drinking fine wine flown directly in from Cuba because they gave up nothing of value once again


It’s also illustrative of why decriminalization is such a silly half measure for something like marijuana. It’s like, “ok fine, we acknowledge that we were wrong and that our views on this drug were explicitly counter to all the scientific evidence and were mostly based in racist precedent. But the best we can do is offer a compromise that falls somewhere in between what’s right and wrong, deal with it.”


Even better they found a way to get charitable tax write offs while also still getting the benefits of having the player on the field


I think they don’t want the headline “nfl allows players to smoke marijuana”


They’d be a lot cooler if they did


Alright alright alright


I honestly think the scales have tipped at this point. The vast majority won't care enough to be outraged by that headline


If the NFL cared about being cool, they’d force Kirk to sell his van and wear chains more often


The NBA stopped testing for it like 3 years ago, hoped more leagues would hop on board


NBAs CBA just went through and they can smoke weed now


I remember that news about the NBA, had there been any other league that has even mentioned it? I don’t keep up as closely with these types of league rules for other sports


Nope, but the NBA did just make it official on their CBA. I'm hoping making it official puts pressure on other leagues since they basically just weren't testing before.


correct on the grand scheme of things even alcohol is much worse


Nobody beats the shit out of a fellow hotel guest in Vegas because they’re stoned js


Unless the buffet is considered a guest of course


Or yourself


Username checks out.


If buffets were people Andy Reid would be spoken about like Dahmer


So tons of docuseries and podcasts about him? Tons of groupies too?


*Kelvin Benjamin has entered the chat*


Multiple players have had DUIs and/or killed people in alcohol related incidents just in the last few years. Whats the worst thing a stoned player has done? Fallen asleep during film study?


eaten all the cheez-its in the team kitchen


Maybe that's why they still test for weed. This is a war crime.


Depends on if we’re talking Extra Toasty or not.


Hot n Spicy or gtfo


White fucking cheddar bro


They really need an extra toasty white cheddar


Eating all the cheese could be a problem in Green Bay though


Pretty sure it is mathematically impossible for Wisconsin to run out of cheese. And even if they did, all these Culvers in other states are just forward bases for the upcoming Cheese Wars.


That’s why GB always has good O-lineman


One of the great certainties in this world is a 2 star 6 foot 8 275+ lineman out central Wisconsin going on to being a late 1st round pick.


Same with Wisconsin


Give Wisconsin some credit, if they're able to supply the south and midwest with cheese every year a NFL team or two isn't going to bankrupt them.


This is my exact problem


Can you imagine how much a stoned full team would eat?


Smoking weed and driving classifies as a DUI (in California anyways) for anyone who didn't know by the way I agree with you op, just wanted to put this out there


It does here in Michigan too However because the saliva test is questionable you can refuse it and you just get a 200$ civil infraction, Having said that if you refuse they are probably searching your car


> What’s the worst thing a stoned player has done? Fall in the draft, then negotiate two mega deals as your own agent?


Lamar needs to take notes


Feels like i need to point out that driving while stoned is also very dangerous, there just hasn’t been a big incident. Its also harder to test for on the spot like alcohol.


And also completely forgetting the fact that some people do both simultaneously


>Its also harder to test for on the spot like alcohol. No it isn't, just show them MacGruber and see if they laugh. Wouldn't work after an accident though, they could be concussed.


That's not fair. No man on earth would pass if they were showed [this scene](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYK_R2BYLWY)


How dare you. Macgruber is funny as fuck sober, stoned, or drunk.


Yeah but if a cop says, "Watch McGruber" and you're like, "oooo fuck yeah dude, let's watch McGruber!" you've already failed the test


I’m gonna fill you up!!!




I don't get people who can and do drive while high. If I'm having a good night my reaction time on changing the station while parked is delayed, let alone figuring out how to use the left turn lane on a blinking yellow.


I don’t really smoke anymore, but when I did a lot in college basically if you were too high you couldn’t go anywhere. If you weren’t too high and felt you could drive you probably could. And if it’s nighttime your car feels like a space ship lol.


100% Just get an Uber fellas.


You’re thinking about it from the perspective that owners are against weed in principle. They aren’t. It’s negotiation leverage for the CBA’s. Something the owners don’t really care about but that the union will need to concede on other issues to get. It’s why the testing period now is a joke. The NFL will fight tooth and nail for every inch of weed testing not because they care but because it’s an issue the NFLPA members deeply care about and will give up other leverage over.


Ricky Williams was probably the worst and all he did was get high and forgot he wasn't supposed to get high


And the ones that do the weird shit aren't smoking real weed either like the Chandler jones situation back with the pats - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3399491/amp/Patriots-player-Chandler-Jones-hospitalized-smoking-synthetic-marijuana-turning-police-station-looking-confused.html


I read a great point years ago: If you're spending 10 million on a star athlete, would you prefer they get wasted in a strip club or sit at home smoking weed and watching SpongeBob


I would prefer they be getting high in the strip club.


Right? Wtf is up with these false dichotomies??


Who on earth would choose the strip club over SpongeBob


Man who was that guy like ten years ago? Was it Pacman Jones? I can't remember who it was but he was in like five incidents in a month, strip clubs and bars and dance clubs and this dude was always getting in trouble, I was like dude, mix in a night at home smoking weed or like a Netflix night, Jesus dude was out every night causing trouble. I definitely recommend weed for someone like that


Not to make you feel old or anything, but Pacman Jones was getting in all that trouble 15+ years ago


So you're saying the DVD he ordered from Netflix hadn't arrived in the mail yet?


😂 made me feel old. Last night I was discussing the panthers qb woes and looked up the years to be accurate with Kevin greene numbers and just deleted. I don’t think those guys were old enough for me to go back that far 😢.


I was in high school in a Nashville suburb at the time, I remember all the talks about what Pacman (and to a lesser extent Albert Haynesworth) did THIS time.


I’ve been a titans fan since 88 I know woes. We had jerry glanville as a head coach. We was worse than the players


And pills. Rather have a player taking a few bingers after a game than popping oxy.


The team will just give them pills for pain anyway


Smoking weed is terrible for your lungs too. In excess they’re both horrible but smoking weed has consequences too.


Athletes are likely taking edibles over smoking, just like how athletes tend to use dip over smoking cigs


“Hell yeah you can drive this truck full of goods on a highway with hundreds of people as long as you blow a .07 or less!” “Woah woah woah buddy you smoked a joint three days ago and it’s in your piss. Find a new job bucko”


While true, I dont think that comparisons rven necessary to make this point. Theres nothing marijuana can do that other allowed drugs and supplements can't. Its just healthier more sustainable and has a recreational aspect sometimes. Its not illegal everywhere anymore. There are no arguments for banning it left


I'd gladly swap from booze to smoking if I knew I was protected federally. I can burn and hike 6 miles. I can't do that with booze


I agree, but from the NFL's stand point there's no reason to give away a bargaining chip for free. Testing will be removed completely soon enough but it will come at a different expense to the players.


That’s game 18 baby


NFLPA: "Throw in no HGH testing, and you got yourself a deal."


NFL will never agree to that. Anything that hints at a player compromising the integrity of the game will be punished harshly. NFL already is struggling with #NFLRigged any time a ref makes an unpopular call and they don't want to add to that.


you say that, but they also don't do any of the myriad things they could do to lessen the #NFLRigged conspiracies because it might piss off the referee's union.


Tbf it's not like they haven't tried. The last time they tried serious ref reform we got the replacement refs and it was so bad the NFL caved.


No, you had the refs sticking to every original call no matter the replay


The fact that the blown saints call led to PI being reviewable and then the refs just thumbed their nose at the league is all we need to know. There's zero chance that wasn't a coordinated effort to undo the review change.


Honestly I wish an owner had the balls to sue the Ref Union for an egregiously bad call like the Saints one. They’d probably lose, but the Refs union would have to pony up for some lawyers and that might make them stop making such shitty calls.


>NFL will never agree to that. Anything that hints at a player compromising the integrity of the game will be punished harshly. > This message is brought to you by draft kings


Well, it’s not my fault that any borderline/questionable calls force me to use confirmation bias and create a half formed narrative where the league loves other team and hates mine for some reason 😤


The nfl loves the #riggedNFL stuff. A perfectly called game gets talked about on Monday. A game with a hugely shady call gets talked about til Friday. Shitty refs, and people thinking it's rigged, keeps the nfls media stream flowing


Suddenly James Harrison returns in peak form.


Just what we need, another reason for high schoolers to medicate themselves into the ground just to try and sniff P5 programs


Owners: ok, 20 games in 17 weeks, TNF triple headers!


Sure let's do 18 games, oh and let's expand the playoffs too. Really why not play 20 games and have the regular season jusy decide seeding at this point? Shit is so fucking stupid.


lowkey I think game 18 will be the carrot to get the NFL to officially give the NFLPA the majority share of their revenue split.


Please, I would do anything for there to be an even number of games again. Also what the everliving hell is your flair?


I only use the app. I only wanted patriots, but the first time it gave me pats, Buffalo. I went and did it again, tried to only choose patriots and got pats and chiefs. Then I just assumed it would never work and gave up trying to change it.


Easily because the NFLPA is so incompetent. NFL "You'll be playing a 24 game schedule, 6 of which will be on Thursdays in Europe after playing Monday night games in the US. But we'll let you wear number 0." NFLPA: "Number 0! Where do we sign?!!"


not that this is the point but number 0 has nothing to do with the nflpa. that was voted on by the owners


This is kind of a real question, like what is the consideration for roster size and cap space given the extra game?


The NFLPA has to get hundreds of players with very different interests to agree. Hard job


You're not wrong, but goddamn does that really illustrate that the NFL owners are some fucking gross people.


More disgusting is why marijuana became illegal in the first place and is still classified as a schedule I substance. It goes well past NFL owners.


Careful, you might piss off the overly sensitive "keep politics out of my football" goobers.


The other point is that marijuana is still illegally federally. That weighs in this decision.


It's not a bargaining chip when it's an embarrassing obsolete rule.


I mean these dudes essentially go through multiple car crashes every week, let them smoke if it helps with their pain.


Man smoking would be so much better than the other alternatives for pain killers. The "legal" shit oxys,percs, hydromorphs etc. are way more addictive and the withdrawals when you try to quit are awful your body literally aches and pushes you back towards the substance.


Absolutely, realistically though weed isn't anywhere as effective as opiates for pain unfortunately.


it varies but i think for most its "i can do things besides just thinking about the pain"


Right there. And hence even making punishing weed at all even more ridiculous. You could gas mask a pound of weed, it doesn't compare to a very small opiate pill.


These people either never smoked, have never been really hurt ,have never had an opiate, or (seeing these dumb takes) maybe all of the above. Players being able to smoke will do literally nothing about the opiate problem.


Some of them have real legitimate car crashes because of alcohol


Jerry Jones of all people said this at the owners meeting a few years ago something like ‘my guy on opioids for his pain is hitting your guy on opioids for his pain, why on earth should we care about marijuana’


I personally completely agree with this sentiment and there’s no real reason to test for it, but the nfl probably justifies it because even though it’s legal in many states, it’s still federally illegal


Yeah, and without knowing all of their insurance requirements, contracts, things like that, we don't know for sure that the NFL could easily just say "Yep it's fine, we won't test for it." I work in the rail industry and because it's federally illegal, it is a HARD no for rail workers. Period. Doesn't matter if you have a prescription, if you live in a 'legal' state, if you take some CBD that wasn't actually THC-free (this happens a lot, don't trust most CBD products)...a positive is a positive. And until there's a reliable way to test for current impairment like there is with alcohol, most national/federal employers are very likely to test for it and ban it even if it's federally legalized. NFL shouldn't be one of those, though. And it should be legalized across the board, IMO, but that's a whole other rant.


Same for the defense industry. They look at how it stays in your system (15-30 days) compared to alcohol (24 hours), so like if you showed up with last night’s booze still on your breath, you’re technically still under the influence. Which is a stupid comparison with pot, but they have to follow the feds sadly.


I was just want to point out that it came stay in your system for longer than 30 days. I stopped smoking February 24th, and I’m still pissing positive on home tests. And I’m a fairly skinny dude, but I was a heavy smoker.


I had this problem for my first job, literally took about 40 days to stop pissing positive.


I’m just starting to see the very faintest of lines on the home test that indicate it could be negative, but I just got a job offer, so I’ll accept it on Friday, and then my drug test won’t be for 3 or 4 days after that, so I’m hoping I should be clear by then. In the meantime I’m chugging water and hitting the exercise bike. I also want to try the Certo + Gatorade method for extra insurance. I’ll test that at home on Tuesday.


Stop exercising! THC is stored in fat cells. The more fat you burn the more THC you’re still releasing into your body without the affects. I had to do a drug test for a job and I couldn’t workout for the week I wanted to piss clean for this reason.


I heard it’s best to exercise to speed up metabolism but to stop within 48 hours of the test for the reasons you mentioned.


You could do it either way. I just know I was smoking 2-3 blunts a day and passed my test. But I suppose that was from the piss cleaner I used and not the not exercising thing come to think of it.


Same here as a CDL driver. Hard no on all drugs and we also have half the legal limit for alcohol impairment.


I do logistics for a worldwide shipping company. We have 1 singular government contract to ship like office supplies and shit so I have to be regularly tested. We're a billion dollar company and we have just one tiny government contract.


The players smoking weed is SIGNIFICANTLY better for them then the opiates that could get pushed to use


Ricky Williams would have been one of the GOAT, if they just let him smoke.


Ricky Williams and Josh Gordon First ballot HoFers


The whole reason it’s banned is that it’s “legal in MOST states”. Not all of them. It’s the same reason why they ban it in the Olympics. Marijuana can aid in recovery/pain relief and isn’t uniformly legal all over the world. Some athletes can take advantage of it while others can’t. The point of drug testing is to ensure everyone competes on an equal footing. Not have an advantage because a something is legal in your home state/country.


this is honestly the only good point i've seen against it, that it's unfair some guys can legally do it while others still can't. [and of course it should be legalized federally yesterday]


Should they be tested? Probably not. But they get tested once a year and they know when they are getting tested. If you can’t pass it you have a problem and/or you’re a dumb ass.


The original president of the players association saw it as a sanity/addiction test. If you know a test is coming and can't control yourself, you're either a moron or heavily addicted. Either way, good to know.


Why? It is prescribed medication in a lot of states. You shouldn’t have to get off it.


I mean, that's kind of like a coach saying "I'm going to breathalyze you guys at 8am before practice" a week in advance. Alcohol is legal, you know the test is coming, and if you fail it, you're just a dumbass.


Alcohol doesn't stay in your system for a month


Takes more than a week to get pot out of your system. Making dudes stop a month out for a test that has no real purpose is dumb as hell


Alcohol is very rarely prescribed by doctors.


My do cto aays dronk it ever morn n


I need a new dr then


You’re absolutely right but funnily enough this wasn’t always the case. I’m from Scotland and doctors used to prescribe overworked and depressed coal miners a tonic wine that was made by Benedictine monks at Buckfast Abbey in England and to this day Buckfast - or Bucky as it is known - is a highly sought after beverage amongst youths, delinquents and ne’erdowells across Scotland and Northern Ireland due to its 15% alcohol strength and high caffeine content!


Jesus that sounds like the original four lokos recipe lmao. In the US they used to prescribe heroin as a cough remedy


Love weed, but if i’m getting paid millions and have to pass 1 drug test a year I would have 0 problem passing that test. Nice T break to bring you back too.


more so than pain is the inflammation it can help with


This is nothing new. I'm a construction worker and if they tested anyone nobody would be able to work. Or like if someone smokes a joint and 2 weeks later gets a little boo boo but you smoked 2 weeks ago. Yet the dope and coke idiots can have fun all weekend and then come in and I have to kick people out of my truck. It's fucking stupid


Yeah but really old people still run the NFL and always will.


I’m a union member who has been a rep in contract negotiations. The thing about collective bargaining is that everything has value. So the NFL will try to get the NFLPA to concede something for the NFL to concede no weed testing, even though the NFL doesn’t care about weed in the first place. It has value to the players, so it has value to the NFL in negotiations.


NFL players were fools for not taking a hard line on this in the CBA. Along with another bye week and healthcare for life


The players have voted against healthcare for life because it would away from current earnings.


Ricky Williams endorses this message. I do too, but especially Ricky Williams.


I got my weed card to get off pain pills. It was a success for me but pot helping with pain............ not really. More like a excuse to use it.


Dumb to test, agreed. But with how much in bed the NFL is with alcohol, testing for MJ is probably just lip service to those sponsors. The tests are easy to beat, even if you test positive it takes two more positive tests before you even get penalized.


It’s all about having bargaining chips in CBA negotiations and having leverageeeeeeeeeee.


The NFLPA will trade no more weed testing for a 20 game regular season with Wednesday Night Games added to the schedule.


That goes for just about every corporation in the US.


If my job does it and I make a lot less, you should to. /s


If only there was some kind of Union


I'm prepared to take it a step further. Let them do all the drugs they want including steroids.


I agree but it’s not legal in ‘most states’. It is in a handful, but not most


....and it's hardly a "performance enhancing" drug... unless you're Willie Nelson. 🤣


You could say the same for about 98% of all jobs in America.


I’ve never smoked weed and I have no desire to. That said, if weed can help these dudes with pain and keep them off of opiates, there is zero reason for the NFL to ban it.


All I'm saying is that lots of potheads aren't that motivated. There are definitely exceptions.


It’s an addictive drug like any other (just more mild)


If the organization has a rule preventing the use of Marijuana, there is a reason to test for Marijuana. Right or wrong, a reason exists. It may be dumb to have a rule against the use of Marijuana, but enforcing the rules isn't dumb. They could just change it to not exist, but I'd prefer rules in place actually get enforced. Because if you don't change the rule, someone will eventually use it to target a person or type of people because technically it is a rule.


I agree, but they really need to stop going for the "helps with the pain" angle. The cannabinoid that helps with pain is CBD, which is completely legal, allowed by the CBA, and doesn't show up on a drug test as long as they're not taking a product with more than 0.3% THC. The only thing THC does is "affect how the mind feels about pain" aka gets you high so you don't think about it, which is an argument that can be made by every mind-altering substance in existence. THC has no physical affect on pain.


There's no problem with it, but it's federally illegal. Most jobs don't need to test for it, but they do anyways. These guys are making enough money to where I think they can handle not smoking weed. It's the same as any other job, except they are getting paid WAY more. I think they should be allowed to, but like I said, it's not really unreasonable considering most other jobs test for pot.


I'll never understand why we treat weed the way we do while we encourage people to drink alcohol. Alcohol is right up there with heroin with how horrible it is for you. Only, you don't run the risk of dying from heroin withdrawals like you do alcohol. It doesn't even have to be health problems. How many high drivers murder people each year compared to drunk ones? It's just crazy. Weed isn't as innocent as we make it out to be. A lot of people that smoke weed make it a part of their identities for a reason. But, damn it's not even close to being as bad as booze. This message is coming from a guy sitting here watching Wrestlemania and drinking btw.


Why on earth would the nfl do this by themselves. They'll just wait until the CBA and ask for something in return. The celebrity 25 year olds will gladly give away more of their retirement benefits in exchange for being allowed to smokuh duh weed