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I have no idea why flopping isn’t awarded with a tech. If refs actually started implementing that, it would stop real quick.


Yeah I like that hockey will still call the penalty that defense committee, but also send the offensive player to the box for embellishment. Helps keep that game being player pretty honestly. Now do I trust nba refs to call correctly is another thing entirely


I grew up watching hockey and when I started watching basketball I was blown away that there wasn't an embellishment penalty. It just helps the game so much




I’ve actually seen people in MLS get sent off for flopping


There is a lot of flopping tbh but it’s often penalized, especially now with VAR. I find the overwhelming thing is “selling” the foul where they roll around for 45 seconds like they’ve been hit by a cannonball and continue, which is also annoying but technically not illegal.


nah, refs still giving yellow cards for flopping. You dont see that much anymore because of VAR, refs now are all about insecure and letting VAR says what is pen/goal and what isn't (which is not a bad thing) So you're seeing less Yellow Cards from flopping because refs kinda stop taking decision without VAR, and VAR dont review flopping, only Goal/Red cards. And i've seen way less flopping than before, i can't disagree more about flopping out of control


In Soccer you can get a yellow card for diving/flopping. They don't call it often, but they do every once in a while


When I was growing up players flopping was a massive issue in soccer, but it didn’t happen as much in Basketball. This was through the late 80s, 90s, and early 2000s. It still happened, but it was way more shunned and a lot less frequent. It has definitely gotten worse as time has gone on, to the point that it would probably be a good idea to implement a rule against it…


“Helps keep that game being player pretty honestly.” Can you rephrase this?


Honestly that player keep being pretty helps game


🤣 Perfect.


This one is always one of my favorites: Ref - ["Fuck you you're getting a fucking penalty."](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tdw4HAUlOBA)


it also helps that you can get punched in hockey so it keeps all these floppers away if they want to keep their teeth. it's only 2 minutes


Even though my team benefits from it a good bit I 100% agree, it's embarassing watching CP3 do shit like this


CP3 was fuckin' on one in this stretch lol. I feel like he's done a minimal (for him) amount of that this year and made up for all of it in that Kings game. That foul he drew on Huerter shortly after this made me nauseous. Its particularly bad when CP3 isn't the player he used to be. It's one thing when you're a baller stud who also does some BS antics. You can't be mediocre and have that be your major contribution to the team lol, it's disgusting.


Cuz players know they can get away with it against the kings. Celtics were acting up a storm the game before and refs ate it all up


Being against the kings could've helped, but he felt the lead slipping away in a critical game and hit his trusty emergency switch. It's always in the desperate moments.


I don't know why the league at least doesn't go back to the more egregious ones and assign post game penalties and fines.


Make them retroactive techs. In the regular season, the next game your opponent gets to shoot free throws before the game starts. In the playoffs do reviews every quarter by a remote official. Guys will stop real quick when it's hurting their team and costing them game checks.


Its hard to notice in live play, but they should definitely review them after and fine them.


Silver has no balls to enforce it. Embiid/Harden would also be ejected by end of 1st quarter


Then fucking do it Jesus Christ If they’d be ejected then fucking do it


agreed, but the league will not enforce this shit on stars, and THAT gives them an easy way to promote stars as much as they want


Because a good amount of star players do it


It's bs to me, because stars are still stars even without the flopping. Are some of them a little less effective without the ability to flop? Yeah, but you can't tell me Joel Embiid isn't still a dominant player just based on his size and skills alone


He definitely is dominant but my biggest gripe about foul baiting is it not only is it kinda cheap and gives players an uncontested look and time to catch a breath allowing stamina recovery etc which is a bigger deal for big men as they require more energy to move This isn’t to say embiid isn’t dominant or highly skilled he definitely is and the foul baiting is playing within the confines of how the game is being called I’d just be even more impressed and enjoy watching him more if he used his primarily go for the bucket instead of the call, but again due to the points at the beginning it’s arguably smarter for him to play like he is


As if this sub wouldn’t throw bitch fits every time the refs issued a tech on a borderline flop. No way fans here honestly want *more* subjectivity in officiating.


A tech, fine and at least 1 game suspension. If you dont want to play basketball, then dont. But doing that kind of nonsense just hurts the entire game. It impacts the business negatively no different than a movie maker who makes bad movies. CP needs to retire. Take away the antics and he is cooked and he has rubbed off very badly on Booker. Booker should note that CP has no rings despite playing with good teams. Dont imitate his BS. It will not work against great teams. It will only work against bad ones. And the last thing you want to do is piss off great teams.


“Veteran tactics”


whenever you hear an announcer say “gets him with the savvy veteran move” you know you’re about to watch something annoying and unfun


“savvy veteran move” - old guy being a twat


Unless it's like the Andre Miller fake timeout or something


They said that about Fox inbounding the ball off that dudes ass


Cp3 been doing that shit year 1


You’d think he would have learned his lesson by now. Back when he was on the clippers, he embellished a foul/ flopped, and separated his shoulder. I don’t wish injury in anyone, but it was a bit of instant karma


Snapping head back when you get touched around the neck area is already annoying, but pretending to have a seizure while trying to drive is next level…


I hate how CP never even looks like he knows that he got away with some bullshit. Some real sociopath politician vibes. He even swept the Kardashian rumors under the rug like a state senator.


I think I'd be less annoyed with it if he visibly showed that he knew he pulled a fast one. Idk, maybe that would hurt his chances of continuing to pull these off, but him playing it straight makes it look more pathetic, like he totally thinks the foul happened and his movements were warranted.


The movement here is complete nonsense, but he probably has a case for being fouled with Fox’s arm on his hip. If the ref sees your arm there they’re generally going to call this.


Lol yeah. To me, this level of "selling" *that* foul would make me want to not blow the whistle if I was a ref more than it would make me think he must have gotten fouled based on that reaction.


Then the issue is the rules. The result of that play should either be a non call or tech on Paul. If it's technically correct, fix the rules. If the official blew the call, fix that. The last, worst option is" technically correct, working as intended".


He’s Teflon




lol the way the graphic starts coming up the screen right as he goes deadpan is perfect


damn do clippers fans hate chris paul? I thought you guys were still cool with him.


Depends. Some don't, some do. I'm still a fan but there's a lot who don't like him


Y tho


Why do I like him or why do others hate him?


Why do others hate him?


Lots of reasons, but to me, I hated the flopping and whining he brought to the Clippers. Think he really normalized it for lob city. On top of that, I got really into leadership and I just hate how CP3 led during his time here. He would just get on to people for mistakes. That is definitely not how you lead a group and bring out their best.


I think after 2021 that bridge is burnt


I love CP3. DGAF. But these flops are hilariously bad.


I love Chris Paul to death but I'll fuckin dunk on his dumb ass for this kind of move lol. It's absurd. Just play basketball.


Dude employs textbook [Costanza Technique](https://imgur.com/dtnYygb)


Oscars happened last week Chris


Getting an early start on next year’s award


I remember back when the league said they were going to crack down on this shit


That only applies to the first month or two. After that it's business as usual.


Typical Adam Silver doing fucking nothing


Chris Paul trying to reclaim his throne from Marcus Smart with that one.


"You wanna come for my throne?" - The Salmon King


This made me chuckle. I think smart still has the throne.


The throne is Kyle Lowry's for eternity


Lowry's game 7 performance was something else, you could see how desperate he was in his flopping. It was funny, pathetic and somehow admirable lmao


Nah. Smart sealed that jawn against the Bucks in the playoffs last year.


bro Smart out-flopping Harden for the game winner made me a fan of his for life lol


Lol you clearly didn’t watch Lowry in the playoffs last year when he was so cooked he couldn’t do anything but flop for the entire series


Username checks out.


Lol how is a comment about Kyle Lowry playing like a rat downvoted


Remember that Canada is basically Reddit: the Country


He did this last game too. He's weirdly really good at mimicking Chris Paul's flops


Boogie would be proud. Still love that moment where IT went to shake CP3s hand after a game and Boogie dragged him away before he could


God I loved those kings teams with IT and boogie


Master and Blaster


He grew up watching CP flop montages on YT


Chris Paul isn’t a basketball player, what he does isn’t basketball. God I fucking hate him.


I remember in 2021 finals thinking that I’d be ok with either team winning. Then I watched the first couple games and remembered why I hate Chris Paul


Chris Paul winning a ring would make me stop watching NBA basketball


Lmao this is so petty but I love it


Chris Paul made my cereal taste bad this morning.


Chris Paul = Jobu Tepaki


It gives me great pleasure to find other people on the web that despise CP like I do.


Why would you get downvoted when all the other comments are bashing CP3? This place is weird sometimes.


I honestly can’t believe we all survived the CP3 Harden teams


The Chris paul trade being vetoed changed the league forever. He would’ve won a ring with Kobe and would be one of the most loved players ever.


Rings aren't guaranteed. The Lakers would have lost Gasol and Odom which would have sacrificed a lot of size and depth.


My hate for CP3 kept me from even giving them that chance. Hate watching that kind of play


He's simply a basketball jester akin to Pat Bev or ZaZa. A true agent of chaos


"I'm going to give my team the best chance to win" - CP3 probably


even pat bev isnt that bad




My idea is you get 10 obvious non-basketball plays like this for your career. Once you get to 10? Banned for life Bye CP3, Marcus smart, Kyle lowry etc


Karma says these spaz-outs are what cause soft tissue injuries


Maybe it's just being soft in general


In that case, a lotta superstars would be banned and even some non-superstars lol No: - Embiid - Luka - Steph - Dame - Shai - Harden - Draymond - Trae - Booker - Austin Reaves - CP3 - Lowry - Smart


none of my favorite players are on this list 😎


Giannis 🤝 Jokic


I feel like Jokic actually does try this stuff from time to time but the refs just never blow the whistle for him lol Also he doesn't flop but if you wanna talk about "non-basketball plays" Giannis is on pretty thin ice with the combination of fullback and bowling ball he gets up to when he's feeling it.


I’m gonna make a new list banning players for blindsiding a defenseless opposing player.


Weird for a pistons flair to get mad at a player for playing rough


I’m not mad lol, just messing around. I do get why you think that though with the discourse on this sub lately.


Steph? Lol okay bud


Yeah what? All those players (including my boy Reaves who, which I don’t understand why, the Refs give the whistle to) I can recall off the top of my head foul baiting but Steph? Dude plays the right way and doesn’t get calls even when when he should driving in.


Nah he def jumps into people sometimes. They aren’t calling it near as much as they used to. Funny thing is he never gets the calls when they grab him off ball but gets too many whistles on drives to the basket


He jumps into people and falls after every other shot


Srsly. How tf is Steph on this list? Ridiculous.


Steph jumps into people on some of his drives, he’s def not innocent


rest in piss to all of them


Sneaking reaves in there I see you ahahaha


Him and Booker have the same signature flop where they snap their head back while driving, even if it was just some contact on the hip. I acknowledge that it’s bs when Book does it, but Reaves does it every game too lol


Lmao did you seriously write Steph in there ? First of all he doesn't flop nearly as much as any of the guys mentioned, and even if he does it's because he never gets any fucking call in his favour. I think from what some one posted here a while ago, he has the least amount of FTs amongst all Super stars.


Maybe you weren’t watching in 2019 and 2020, but Steph was one of the biggest abusers of jumping into defenders for fouls. https://youtu.be/d_KKn5apA_A That play is something that he did constantly for a couple years before it got made an offensive foul. I know Curry doesn’t get many FTs. Booker is in the same boat as a star who shoots little FTs, but I can still acknowledge that he’s hunted for fouls in some absurd ways before. He did the same “jump into defenders” bs that Steph did (as did Dame, Trae, Harden and others).


Lmao I watched one game and Steph dropped to the ground after every 3 atleast 4 times in a row lmao.


Lebron should be near the top of this list


Why’d you leave out lebron


Steph doesn’t belong anywhere near this list.


Retrospectively yes. But if the rule was in place they would cut it out after about 5. The ones who aren’t too reliant on it would find another way to play


Oh I 100% agree, that’s what’s so frustrating sometimes. These guys are talented enough to play without the BS they do/have done.


Never been a Chris Paul fan, now i can’t wait to see them get washed out in the second round cause of the corpse of him.


If KD isn't able to come back, second round is generous


> God I fucking hate him. [I don't condone violence...except against CP3](https://i.imgur.com/gCucgKr.jpg)


[Tony Allen wasn’t a big CP3 fan either](https://youtu.be/R3CUUzd4a_0)


I hate him too, but that’s stupid as fuck to say he “isn’t a basketball player”. He does annoying shit but he’s a hall of famer


Which is even worse. Like LeBron flopping and saying he doesn't. Morris flops because he needs to feed his kids bc there's no talent there. Cp3 does it cuz he's a dick


Your star player plays football.


He needs to go back to the WWE


ur right, watching giannis truck the nearest defender like derrick henry, then shoot his 17th ft of the night is such great basketball






Him and Booker were flopping all night


*flop every night


im honestly more annoyed by the state of national commentary than anything else "veteran things" lmao, i wish networks didn't have to be afraid of the leagues so they could call out BS rather than twist it not that it's perfect but watching something like premier league football with a british commentator is so refreshing in comparison, they'll just straight-up say teams are shit and players are pulling bullshit Edit: my bad missed the sarcasm, still annoyed by how the "veteran things" mentality exists to be made fun of


Those are our local homer broadcasters and it was definitely very thinly veiled sarcasm


Gotcha my bad Still annoyed by the reason the sarcastic reference exists tho


Yeah but why didn't she go on a 5 minute rant about CP3 ruining basketball


Honestly, Katie has a tendency to whine about calls, to the point where I’m borderline annoyed with her. She’s good at providing game analysis, but I’m at the point in life where I’m tired of the bellyaching and just want to move to the next play already. Bad calls suck. Letting the bad vibes ruin a whole night because you can’t let go of some bad officiating and letting it get in your head so losing becomes a self fulfilling prophecy I’m just real tired of. Watched Boogie throw away so many winnable games because he got in his own head like that for so many years. I’m over it.


Yeah, EJ on our broadcast is generally pretty great but some of the complaining gets to me too after a while.


That's why I love our guys, they just laugh about stuff like this and roast the player no matter what team.


felt like she was being sarcastic to a degree but it does feel as if announcers arent allowed to ever say anything negative about Chris Paul


Jake from State Farm standing behind them with a lead pipe.


Immediately thought of [this skit on SNL](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bTNiweGySc4)


I think every single person who heard it knew what she meant when she said "Chris Paul.................... doing veteran things. Doing Chris Paul things." It was not a compliment.


It is an insult to all veterans in every field lol


He sometimes looks like he's about to injure himself on these flops.


I'm pretty sure shortly after this is when Fox went out with a sore hamstring.


No way cp3 baited him into a bullshit foul AND an injury 😒


/sarcasm. Maybe that too was part of the CP3 impersonation though.


no ones a fan of flopping in general but theres a difference between trying to get freethrows, and-1s or a charge, and this nonsense.


That difference is 1. Overemphasizing real contact VS 2. Acting like a hit happened when it didn’t


Suns are trying to slow down the game with fouls and playing the refs. It's a common strat against the Kings


Lets not pretend these are "veteran" things. These are floppy loser things.


I'm sorry English isn't my first language, but does veteran mean bitch?


In Chris' case, it's synonymous


A person who is experienced in what they are doing. The title is sarcasm


I regret to tell you this, but you done whooshed yourself bro




Flopping should be a tech and multiple flops a game should be ejection + 1 game suspension IMO


Fox hit the Suns with the rip through move as well, got the call lol.


Suns fans got some nerve complaining about other players


tbf most suns fans have been aware of his “veteran tactics” for years. and even if we attempt a thinly-veiled excuse for it, we know it’s just homerism🤷‍♀️ CP3 flops, and a bunch of other stars flop. both things are true and both things suck


Did CP3 really got foul called for throwing himself ... wtf?


Chris Paul is a great HOF player. But he’s a bitch, and a loser. Can’t stand him.


The league will be a better place when he is gone. This is fucking garbage that has gone on for so long


It's incredible that the refs keep enabling his performative garbage. The league will be a little bit better when Paul is finally out of it.


turning point in the game.


And players bitch about refs


That’s not “veteran tactics”…that’s being a dick


It must be hard being a Suns fan having to cheer for CP3 and Booker.


CP3, Embiid, and harden. The hardest to watch players in the NBA. History of the NBA... Same but add Ginobili.


Paul plays this stinking league like a harp from hell.


This is the main reason why I root against CP3. He is a cheat.


Where's Patrick Beverley when we him.


what a call ! fox really roughed up cp3


can’t wrap my head around how russillo stans this guy, but hates on harden, trae and lowry. cp3 broke the mold with foulbaiting.


the NBA should start dishing out suspensions on these plays.


Flop god


why do refs keep giving Chris the benefit of the doubt?


Wow he went totally horizontal


Man I love Fox This is hilarious 😂😂


Can’t win a championship doing dumb shit like this Chris




He never will lol


If I was Fox, for the rest of the game every time CP3 came up next to me I'd flop


CP3- Best flopping point guard of all time. Vlade Divac- Best flopping Center of all time


Chris Paul thought he was shooting another State Farm commercial


He is a good actor. Should star in commercials


I swear I hate CP3 man. I'd rather have the Kings beat the Lakers than fall in the hands of CP


“Interesting tactics”


I hope his career ends when he injures himself trying to flop.


We were like top 3 in FT differential this season. Kinda crazy


Veteran things? Pretty sure barely any vets use this. Pure flop.


This is the exact reason I can't stand Chris Paul. Such a pansy flop.


Things like this from specifically this player (and Booker) are the reasons no one gives one single thought towards feeling bad for the Suns when Monty Williams whines about officiating once every couple of weeks.


Crap like this is the fault of the NBA and the NBA referees. Some players have responded more dramatically than others, but this crap started with whistles not players.


Dudes always hurt in the playoffs because he is dinged up from a long season of flopping.