I wish it was Two Towers so I could hear the Horn of Helm Hammerhand on the big screen one more time.


I was deployed when Two Towers came out. We got a shitty bootleg copy and musta watched it every day off for about 3 months. Huddled around a 13inch tv once a week. By the end we were pretty much acting out the movie. Good times. Would love a chance to see it on the big screen.


Keep an eye out for your local/small theaters! Ours showed the trilogy last year!


About 10 years ago now I saw all three in a row at a local theater. The theater only did film projection and not digital, so they showed the first two movies extended, and the third regular because they either couldn't get a film copy of the 3rd movie extended, or a film copy was never made. Anyway, they gave us an hour between movies 2 and 3 to get dinner. Right as we walked back in, who was on stage but none other than Viggo! He sang to us in elvish as an awesome surprise, will always remember that moment. EDIT: Found the video I recorded with my old flip phone way back then: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1HKux555Mg EDIT2: Dug around a bit and found others' videos from then: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SFu66CaBGY https://www.reddit.com/r/boston/comments/qi7g9/viggo_mortensen_made_a_surprise_appearance_today/


Wtf viggo came to your local theater and that wasn't even advertised as part of the package? Not calling bs or anything that's just a crazy and really cool story.


It also absolutely sounds like something he would do, but I'd like to think he was driving past and saw the theater sign saying the movies were showing and felt obligated to stop.


When he was filming The Road in Pittsburgh he did tons of stuff like this. I never ran into him but he hung out at local bars and just talked to people like he lived there. Actors tend to enjoy Pittsburgh because they mostly get left alone and the city has great food. But Viggo became an honorary Yinzer for a few months


i'm amazed at this. he spoke at my college, well basically he just read poetry on the stage. he seemed so very quiet and not wanting to have a lot of attention. sort of the like Harrison Ford "please don't ask me about Star Wars" vibe


I wonder if he was just going through something. A buddy of mine has a great story about him. He used to do some work at this bar in his neighborhood and I guess Viggo took a liking to it. After he was done he'd go to this bar but wouldn't change. He looked a mess and no one recognized him. So I guess he found this hilarious and just starts buying rounds for strangers randomly. So everyone's like "who is this dirty homeless-looking dude buying tons of booze for us?" And my friend looks up and is like "Holy shit is that Aragorn!?" And the entire bar goes quiet as they realize Viggo Mortensen just bought them all drinks. So he says "Most people just call me Viggo. Nice to meet everyone" Real cool.


that's hilarious. he was friendly/polite at our campus event, just kind of quiet. though we were probably all expecting him to come in swinging a broadsword so maybe it's an unfair recollection. it was also like 20 years ago so maybe whereas some of the other stories may be more recent.


It's wild to me that both he and Liv Tyler both remember their elvish lines years after they were filmed.


They probably had to practice them more than English lines, that would help to sear it into their minds.


Yeah it's probably much easier to remember lines in a language you don't speak because you have to remember every syllable as well as try to get the accent right, whereas if you speak the language, you're mostly remembering the meaning of the line without focusing so much on every little bit of it.


I believe you but almost sounds like a “and who was that kid? Albert Einstein.” story lmao


And who was that man? *Viggo Mortensen*


When Theoden says "Bring me my [horse](https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/fdc81b55-f4c9-418a-b7c8-b1459f56ec15)", my friend and I thought he said "whores" and it became a meme in our group.


We did the same thing for Game of Thrones. Everyone huddled around a 13 in laptop and a small speaker




I rewatched the trilogy recently and I had forgotten how good Theoden is. For a secondary character, he had so many good lines and Bernard Hill just crushed the role. Dude's got that sense of duty fighting against his own inferiority, and ineffectiveness, and despair. Then in the third movie he's playing with existential house money. Looking back, it's kind of wild how good those movies were.


Basically a tertiary character and has an incredible character arc, iconic lines, and flawless performance. I thought LotR trilogy would be the first of its kind, but I fear it may have been the last.


Well the thing is you need great source material, and then on top of that real movie makers. Both of these things are fairly rare.


A few years ago, I finally had the time to read the books and I was surprised to see how many of LOTR iconic lines were directly taken from Tolkien's writing. I think you are right, this was the first and the last of its kind and we will need to wait for another Tolkien till we see something of this caliber on the screen again.


*Simbelmÿne. Ever has it grown on the tombs of my forebears. Now it shall cover the grave of my son. Alas, that these evil days should be mine. The young perish and the old linger. That I should live to see that last days of my house.*


Theoden is my favorite character in the movies, and Bernard Hill was perfect in the role. The other characters are very simple in comparison. Theoden has doubts and frailty and honor and loyalty and weaknesses and fear and strength. I’ve read the books three times, and the Theoden in the books is pale next to Hill’s portrayal of him.


Pretty fitting that the one dwarf around would blow the horn. "Brace the gates!"


Now for wrath. Now for ruyin. And a red dawn!




Surely the charge of the Rohirrim could make up for it?


and the signal coming up from Minas Morgul too.


I saw all three extended LOTR movies in the cinema in 2020 and that scene was, quite surprisingly, the biggest goosebumps scene for me. The visuals and sound design are just incredible.


Sky beam before they became cliche, and the best one by far. I love how they use it to convey scale and just how close to Mordor the white city is.


I love how it is like a fog from the city itself that lifts and swirls around the tower before blasting up. And the crazy Dutch angles and the score. It is just a fantastically scary scene.


For me it's always Gandalf and the Rohirrim showing up at Helms Deep. That slow motion charge with the incredible music makes me shudder and cry. That scene is absolutely fantastic.


For Frodo.


The fan edit of Aragorn running by himself still gets me every time.




First time i ever saw that. Currently cant stand up straight. Or sit up straight.




Lol I can't believe I haven't seen this before. It's amazing.


This is the first time I've seen this. Amazing.


Even the lighting of the beacons looked glorious in theaters all those years ago




Arise, arise, Riders of Théoden! spear shall be shaken, shield shall be splintered, a sword-day, a red day, ere the sun rises! Ride now, ride now, ride! Ride for ruin and the world's ending! Death! Death! Death! Forth Eorlingas!


Thank you now I have goose bumps


"Courage, Merry. Courage for our friends."




*Absolutely deafening cacophony of battle horns*




Or even when the music swells after the line “my friends, you bow to no one.” Seen that dozens of times but it still gets me.


And after "I can't carry it for you...but I can carry you!"


That scene is why Sam is the true hero of the series. Upon rewatches I gain more respect for Frodo as I understand the toll of the ring better than I did as a kid, but Frodo ultimately failed, both to get the ring to Mt. Doom and when it came time to destroy it. But Sam never wavered. Sam literally saved Middle Earth. Rock on, Sam.


I know I'll be downvoted but after the 3rd or 4th viewing I started to find Frodo annoying. I actually fast forward through some of those parts now.


No one could destroy the ring. That’s the moral of the story. Everyone who tried failed. It was the Golem coveting the ring that led to its downfall. And Golem was spared by the mercy and love of Frodo. Sam would have turned Golem away if he was the ring bearer and succumbed to the ring’s influence.


Golem is my favorite character from the Lord of the Rocks


Told this story many times, but my mother and I saw the first two in theaters together, for the third my sister happened to be home so she came with us with the agreement that she watch the first two ahead of time, and she COULDN'T ASK A THOUSAND QUESTIONS (it was her worst bad habit, my aunt banned her from watching Lost with us because she was insufferable.) She kept her end of the agreement, but it gets to this scene and my sister leans over and starts whispering "Ruuuudy... Ruuuudy... Ruuuudy" and I start giggling while crying, my Mom on the other side is elbowing me hard and threatening to leave us there, people are giving us the dirtiest looks. It's one of my favorite memories, and makes that scene mean even more to me now. PS It's important to note that we were in our twenties at the time, so my mother could have ditched us with no legal repercussions (and maybe should have? hahaha)


"Horns, horns, horns. Rohan had come at last"


Best scene in cinematic history.


IMO, followed closely by: Sons of Gondor! Of Rohan! My brothers. I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of Men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. An hour of wolves and shattered shields when the Age of Men comes crashing down, but it is not this day! This day we fight! By all that you hold dear on this good earth, I bid you stand, Men of the West!


Chills just thinking about it


My state has a few theaters that show it every year i think around september first week fellowship extended edition. Second week 2 towers extended. Third week return of the king extended. Its super dope


Theatre near me did a marathon. 3 movies back to back, all extended edition. 45 mins break in between each one. Midday to midnight. Best day of my life.


We did this when ROTK was released. Marathoned the first two in the theater and then it was time for the premier of ROTK. One of the best days ever.


I did this last year, it was incredible. 500 hardcore LOTR fans cheering at all the fan favorite bits (and booing Harvey Weinstein's name when it came up in the credits).


Cinemark did that when the Hobbit released. Didn’t care much for the Hobbit, but seeing LOTR trilogy on the big screen was a great again.


Man, I would kill to do this. We do it at home, of course, but on the big screen with the intense sound would be amazing.


My girlfriend surprised me on Valentines two years ago and brought me to the theater and wouldn’t tell me what we were seeing and it turned out to be the Two Towers back in theaters and it was fucking awesome.


Marry (Or Merry) her


[*Behold: The Great Realm and Dwarf-city Dwarrowdelf*](https://youtu.be/BpUc5q3-EvI) [*The horn of Helm Hammerhand shall sound in the deep — one last time*](https://youtu.be/ClA-SnkQR_I) [*Spear shall be shaken; shield shall be splintered. A sword day, a red day, ere the Sun rises!*](https://youtu.be/l8yOdAqBFcQ) You’re welcome ☺️


If you have an Alamo Drafthouse nearby, I feel like they usually show the trilogy extended editions 2 or 3 times a year


This. TTT is my fav rings movie by far.


Glad to see it's the extended edition


If this is the case there better be an intermission


Very true. We all have 20 years older prostates by now and daddy needs his pee break.


I mean, we’ve all seen it 20 times by now. We should all know the perfect pee breaks.


Are you implying that there are 5 minutes of anything less than perfection in the movie?!?


Are you implying my +20 year old prostate will let me finish peeing in less than 5 minutes?!?


Time to whip out the pee jar.


Nana's diapers coming in handy.


If you wear it backwards, you can use it twice!


Most of the scenes when Aragorn/Gimli/Legolas go and get the Army of the Dead (extended edition anyways, adds way too much)


What, you don't like seeing the mountain collapse as a torrent of skulls threatens to engulf them?




I don't hold any of the worse extended edition parts against it. They made the decision to cut them the first time and they should get full marks for that.


The cave and pool are nice and cool, so juuuicy sweet!


Im in dialysis and I don’t pee its awesome for long movies.


My hometown theater added their own intermission when it was first released, my dad was very happy about that, and...oh...as I'm typing this out I'm now realizing I'm 4 years away from being as old as he was when we first saw it together back then, jesus


>I'm now realizing I'm 4 years away from being as old as he was when we first saw it together back then, jesus Don't say things like that... No... I'm not getting that old....


In India we have intervals for every damn movie . Even if the movie is 90 minutes there will be an interval. I must have watched close to 500 movies but never seen a movie without interval.


I imagine it's a perfect way to sell more concessions and ads. Surprised that hasn't become more common elsewhere, there's money to be made.


There's probably market research to do here. X% of people buy snacks before the movie starts. A smaller Y% of people will buy a second round of snacks if there's an intermission. If you don't do intermissions, you can probably fit one or two more showings in per screen per day. So is there more money to be made chasing another one or two X% opportunities, or going for Y% on all of the fewer number of showings?


don’t forget the [overture](https://youtu.be/SlU07Zz8wxk)!


Now with even more endings!


Finally the Scouring of the Shire makes it into the Uber extended edition.


Probably an unpopular opinion but ROTK had the worst extended edition out of all three films. For most of the extended scenes I was thinking "yeah.... I agree with why they took that out". Either way this is really cool, going to be quite nostalgic seeing this on the big screen again.


The return of The Return of the King


I'm on the waiting to exhale waiting list.


Don't hold your breath


Hey, the kings back!


This is one of those threads where I could guess with 100% accuracy what the top comment would be. I was right


Right now the top comment is " I wish it was two towers "


Of the planet of the apes


You know, if they released all three movies, I would not only be paying three extra times, but I would also be dragging two kids with me.


All these little one day screenings, what is WB thinking?! Just do a full on rerelease of all three staggered by a few weeks. I’d love to take the kids to experience it on the big screen for the first time.


How about this? Re-release a ton of classic movies in theatres.


They have been, usually only two days though. The Thing and The Fifth Element are the ones I saw.




Marvel did that before 2020 and I think I spent 200 bucks on tickets going to see movies I'd already seen and bringing kids with me this time lol


They did that back in 2011 at AMC Theatres. It was all the extended editions, 3 weeks, 1 movie per week. I had only seen ROTK extended once years before, so it was like watching the movie again for the first time, and in a theatre full of huge fans! I don't know why they don't do this more. It's easy money.


Dragging and not willingly going? Sounds like you need new kids


Why just the third? Did I miss the other two coming back to theaters?


This was my take, do it right and *let me marathon the trilogy*.


Got to see a marathon in theatre for the original release of Return of the King. They screened the first two extended and premiered ROTK at midnight. Was a whole special event and it included some souvenirs like framed celluloid.


I’m so upset we don’t see marathons anymore. I never got to go to any of them and would really love to.


You've got to find indie and art house theatres, they definitely still happen! Theatre near me is actually doing LOTR this weekend.


How do you find theaters like this? I've been trying to bring a friend along so we can rewatch the trilogy just like this for a month or two now.


They did this a couple years ago when they released the remastered 4k versions. This is the 20th anniversary of this release. You did indeed miss it


That was in the height of the pandemic, though. Kinda seems like a bad time


I did that with a fan edit of The Hobbit, which cut those down into a single 4 hour film. About 16 hours of movies over 2 days. 10/10 would do again.


I saw fellowship in the theaters when it was the 20th...I missed have missed Two Towers. Shame.


I bet the other two would have as well the past two years if not for Covid.


Probably, since this is for this movie's 20th anniversary.


Feels kinda weird for it to be in theaters and it *not* to be Christmastime.


It is wrong.


The return of The Return of the King is precisely on time.


He arrives precisely when he means to!


I missed that it was April 13 and was like "huh weird that they're telling us this now when it's not gonna be for another nine months"


bring all 3... wtf!


“Arise, arise, riders of Théoden! Spears shall be shaken, shields shall be splintered! A sword-day, a red day, ere the sun rises!” “Ride now, ride now, ride! Ride for ruin, and the world’s ending!” I need to feel that moment again when we see the Rohirrim army getting ready to charge and the music just gets so epic!


If you've never heard Tolkien himself narrate it, here ya go: https://youtu.be/LWxnHuVEwUg


The giant elephants that come right after was the most badass scene I ever seen live in a movie theatre


"Reform the line! Reform the line. Sound the charge, take them head on! CHAAAARGE!!!" Theoden was such a badass.


"I was there Gandalf, 20 years ago, when the strength of my bladder failed 1:40 in after downing a ultra size Mtn Dew"


“I wish I need not have peed in my time," said Frodo. "So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to pee in such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the toilet that is given us.”


Fool! No man sits when they pee, even after a 4 hour movie! I am no man!


I don't know if you guys know this, but Leonardo DiCaprio's hand was actually bleeding from kicking the helmet during that dinner scene with Frodo or whatever and just kept going.


I heard he reopened an old wound he got from his time as a firefighter during 9/11


Steve Buscemi uses Leonardo Decaprio as an alter ego confirmed.


You don't need a ticket, you just kick a helmet and scream.


My friends, you pay to no one


Little known bit of trivia about that scene....


Yeah we know, a stormtrooper hits their head on the way in.


He played for the Danish football team so really knows how to kick.


Oh yeah he volunteered for the fire department, right?


#[DID YOU KNOW THAT--](https://youtu.be/-4lD04sZ_ao)




And my axe


Four Fwodow


My homies, ya'll bow to nobody!!!


Fr fr no cap dont bow fam


LOTR is GOAT. What's crazy is the Star Wars prequels came out at the same time and have aged about 100x worse. LOTR still mostly looks fantastic


If you watch the special features for LOTR you'll see that they used a fuckton of CGI. **But**, they used practical effects wherever they could. They built enormous miniatures (hehe), they got like 200 horses and riders and filled in the gaps to make it seem like more horses but 200 is a fuckton to do a real life charge. The cast talked about being able to feel them thunder down. They used the fuck out of being in New Zealand. It's a gorgeous, diverse place and those scenes of Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, running to catch Merry and Pippin were filmed from a helicopter! They talked about building the Shelob's lair. They had a set for Helm's Deep. A fairly big scale miniature for that too. I mean if it had been Star Wars they'd have just green screened all of that. You can absolutely tell. I think a really good exemplification are the costumes actually. They had the designers on who showed all the tiny, intricate details you would never notice on screen but they're there. Making chainmail (out of plastic) but actually making it. Just dozens and dozens of sets for all the actors. The love and detail they put into every single part of the movie shows the difference. All of that is practical stuff we're talking about. The CGI folks did a wonderful job as well but I think the practical is why it holds up so well. Same with Jurassic park. They had a real fucking animatronic T-Rex! No shit it holds up!


>They built enormous miniatures (hehe) Since you watched the BTS features, you probably already know that Weta Workshop called them "bigatures" because of their larger-than-usual scale.


Classic from *The Onion* at the time: "[Nation's Love Affair With Lord Of The Rings Threatening Its Relationship With Star Wars](https://www.theonion.com/nations-love-affair-with-lord-of-the-rings-threatening-1819566738)" edit: link formatting








20? But 2003 was 10 years ago...shit.


>I’m old, Gandalf. I know I don’t look it but I’m beginning to feel it in my heart. I feel thin… sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread. I need a holiday. A very long holiday. And I don’t expect I shall return. In fact I mean not to.


As a burned-out corporate worker, I feel this in my soul.


Back to work, filthy maggot!!


We ain't had nothin' but stock buybacks for three stinkin' days!


I need everything in my corporate existence to be reframed into modified, business-oriented Lord of the Rings dialogue please


Was just thinking how I can incorporate this into an out of office message or Teams status.




It probably helps that LOTR looks better than nearly every big budget movie coming out now.


Good practical effects age well.


*We’ve had one, yes. What about A Second Decade?*


I don't think he knows about second decade, Pip.


Nah, that was 5 years ago. 1990 was ten years ago and 1970 was 20 years ago.


Really hoping this comes to Cineplex in Canada


re-releasing my favorite film to the big screen ?! Well I didn't have this in my "what makes 2023 AWESOME!" bingo, but here we are !


They did this in Belgium too during Covid 2020. No movies were coming out so they rebroadcasted some classic. Went to TTT , extended edition, was with a pause. Very good experience


They should have done this at my local. Now it's shutting down after a huge renovation. They should have played classics.


It's crazy how much this movie looks significantly better than so many modern ones. The over reliance in CGI has created laziy filmmaking that is just shameful.


Return actually looks the worst of them, thanks to so much CGI. Fellowship fucking rocks still.


Fellowship is the best of the trilogy. I will not be convinced otherwise.


I am stunned so many people think otherwise.


What's amazing to me is how there really is no wrong answer here. I also think Fellowship is the best but I can easily respect people who disagree, they're all great choices.


Gollum ages the second two films big time.


The scene of Legolas sliding down the Mumakil trunk was pretty bad... even for that year.


Yeah people made fun of that even at the time. But at least some of it was because it was such an over the top Hollywood thing to do. People also made fun of his shield surfing down the stairs.


The CGI is aging pretty badly in some parts of this film tbh


The shot where Frodo actually enters the doorway of Mount Doom is SHOCKINGLY bad


He looks like a video game character climbing stairs. Just kinda sliding up them with some random steps thrown in.


Yeah, I just watched all three extended editions last week on HBO Max. I still love the movies but the CGI is absolutely showing its age. Which is understandable of course.


I would suggest to not watch the 4k version on a 77 inch OLED then


I watched them in 4K on a 65" OLED, actually.


When I first saw this in the cinema, I'd got pretty much the end and started feeling like I needed to poo. I saw the screen fade first fade to black and was finally relieved that it was ending because i could then go. After what felt like the 10th screen fade, I was virtually in tears because I couldn't miss any of it, but each time it faded it got worse and worse. Still was one of the best cinema experiences I've ever had.


Imagine how relieved you would've been if you just shat your pants


What has it gots in its pocketses?!


They do a triple feature during Christmas time in one of the movie theaters in my city every year. It’s always fully booked. I managed to go zero times… shame lol


That's 10th Anniversary. You made a typo. I'm certain of it. ​ ​ *\*Sob\**


see you guys on r/lotrmemes in a few hours.


On a Thursday? That's too bad. Wish I had the time to go to a theater for four hours that day.


Yea, I was about to text some friends to get a group together to go see it, but then realized what day of the week it was on... They're basically guaranteeing that anyone with a job is not going to go see it.


They've been showing them here in Cleveland with the Cleveland Orchestra playing the soundtrack live. Might just wait for that one.


Not all 3? Damn. I would have marathoned that on the large screen again.


One does not simply walk into the Theater.


God im getting old.