A MEZ (A) would be great with this, or maybe even a plain CM (A) running into the space the F9 creates from deep. I probably wouldn't play with two IFs in a possession based system though, they're both runners who want to do everything quickly. If it were me, I'd change the winger on the same side as your MEZ/CM to an IW, so he engages a bit more in possession.


Would you put the IW on support or attack?


Probably on support, if you put the midfielder he's next to on attack. I've played something very similar and it's done the business for me.


basically any combo of those can probably work tbh, but i am a sucker for the HB, AP(s), Mex(a) midfield three - think it works brilliantly


I use two IFs on attack and a DLF on support in my front three and am not really looking for running behind/penetration from my midfield, so I have a BBM and an RPM for two CMs. I also prefer not to use an HB for Vertical Tiki Taka as I found it pushes the CBs too wide. I use a boring old DM on defend.


Yeah, I like the two IFs attacking from either wing - do you think a DLF and F9 are largely interchangeable (just depends on the attributes of the striker)?


Yes I think so. I use a DLF bc my strikers are not great dribblers or passers. Worth noting that F9 is coded as a "playmaker" which makes your other players more likely to look for them with passes. If you're going to use the role make sure you have a player there who is one of your best and most consistent. Otherwise DLF with dribble more/more risky passing would act similarly


if you put get further forward on you b2b then i think you have enough runners, otherwise i think i would look at who your wb_s are playing thru balls to. Dlf_s may give that cut back runner for your IF to play the ball to once they latch onto the wb_s thru ball. (which is where the b2b with get further forward or cm_a or mezz_a can help stress the defense by adding extra runners). right now your chance creation feels like lcb to lb, lb to ap, ap to f9, f9 to L-IF, L-IF to R-IF -> goal. or invert it for the other side. you may want to try a ifa (sit wider) fb_s(sit narrower) vs a If_s and wb_a on the other side or something like that with low crosses on to vary how your attacking across the back line. then your midfield is fine.


Are there any videos that would ELI5 all that knowledge you just dropped on how different positions and roles interact with each other?


i imagine Managers seat, football meta or tifo on YT may have some videos about it. the athletic fm manager show i think has a series on how each position works, as does the athletic football tactics podcast (formerly zonal marking). otherwise, i have just tried stuff out a bunch. save your game before the next match, play it normally with pressure, then save. then go back and replay on full match your same game and watch how your players interact and pass to each other. then tinker with roles and instructions untill you feel they are more cohesive. try whole new formations and ideas. they may have less cohesion so expect that your passing moves may have less mistakes than in the final version but otherwise i wouldnt stress about it. its how i internalized the biesla maxim that you want to make sure you have a spare man in defense in any formation, by trying out a 3atb against two forwards in a replay and seeing how it works. the european coaching framework asks you to envision with your minds eye how you want buildup to look, so paper and drawing your passing combinations or triangles can be handy. i usually start with who i think my tactic should be designed for goals to be scored. then what are the strengths of that player and how can i maximize them. (dosent have to be your center forward, as in your case its your IF-A). then i build my tactic around that. sometimes in the game having 2 forwards with one facilitating can be the best way to score goals. my current save's tactic is an asymetric one built on my best player being a shadow striker and working out how i can draw him away from a dm and around the cbs into a position to score. alot of people focus on match ratings as a definition of if their player is good. I usually decide based on extended highlights if i think they help or hurt the team. its harder for the game to quantify, and its why scouting should always be a marriage of visual and data scouting.


I’ve had a lot of success with an AF, two IW (A), DLP, BBM and DM in vertical tiki taka. Went from midtable prem to top 4 after switching formations


I’ve been using a mezzala and DLP in midfield with an AP on the right wing. It’s working wonders


I play 3-4-3 (or 5-2-3 if you wish), with just Dm -su and dlp -su in the axle. I get support (passing options) from the cbs so i don't need another one in the midfield, I swear tiki-taka works better this way.