Has someone actually read the report? I was under the impression that it compared excess all-cause mortality, which is independent of how covid-related deaths are counted. Is that not the case? Under this assumption, referring to Belgium's (commendable) counting method seems like little more than a knee-jerk reaction. (Independent of further criticism of the report.) Edit: had to register to download it, [maybe this link works for you too](http://www.eiu.com/Handlers/WhitepaperHandler.ashx?fi=OECD-response-to-the-coronavirus-crisis.pdf&mode=wp&campaignid=response-covid-rank). It everywhere talks about "excess death rate", which to me suggests all-cause mortality, but it's not clear since * they are vague about the source (Financial Times, national data, JHU) * don't provide the raw data, only the score based on a rough binning of said death rate.