Anybody else's dog always poop on top of plants?

Anybody else's dog always poop on top of plants?

  • By - mc510


Your dog is a member of the #spikeybushshitters club. My boy is as well. Check out the # on insta for lols


omg that's hilarious. My dog *does* especially love the spiky plants. Perhaps why his original owner abandoned him to the shelter. Why are all the IG #spikybushshitters dog greyhound/greyhoundy? My dog is an uber-mix but one thing he has none of is greyhound.


Lol mine are greyhounds. I think it’s just because greyhound owners are a bit extra and all have ig accounts for our houndies 😂😂


I was also coming here to ask if the dog is a greyhound! I also have a #spikybushshitter 😂


Yesss. Ours likes to poop in/on tall plants and also on/through chain-link fences… luckily the fence he often tries for is half fallen over and to a huge empty field, not someone’s yard, and he’s not super successful. We had a foster beagle once who loved pooping on big stones, too.


My dog does the thing where he uses the fence as a makeshift toilet seat too lol, but he’s pretty successful at it unfortunately 🙄


Dogs are weird.


Yes! Mine will back into bushes to go into them. So then I’m left scrounging around in people’s shrubbery to pick up after him. From what I hear dogs tend to feel insecure while pooping so he may just be trying to find a protected location to feel safe and take care of business.


I think poop is less of a marker of territory so maybe they try to just hide it? They also don’t tend to like shitting in their home so I’m guessing ours doesn’t want to have to see his poops on future walks around the ‘hood. Idk. It’s just super weird…


Mine does the exact same thing - poops on three legs with his butt elevated, preferable aimed towards a ledge or plants of any kind. It makes me laugh


Sometimes I can kinda laugh about it because it's silly, but when I have to try to clean goopy poo off a spiky plant it's no so amusing!


Dog had the runs on a cypress bush. I just left it. Shirt of hosing it down, what else could you do?


Yes- make Chihuahua. His pooping cracks me up.


Lmao this is hilarious as my male dog also does this sometimes. He will also poop normally in the grass, but some days he will hold it for the portion of our walk where he has his pick of plants. I always thought he was being ridiculous, good to know others experience this 😂


YESSSS. My dog refuses to pee or poop on the ground, it has to be on a plant. In trying to get her to use a specific spot in the yard I had to lay down heaps of freshly pruned branches and grass, and I have to swap them out (ew) to get her to keep using it. For taller bushes she will literally stand on her front legs with both back legs in the air and stay like that for a couple seconds. Gotten weird looks.


YES! Hahaha I’m so glad someone else has experienced this. My dog is male husky/malamute. I’ve never seen another dog do it, but he’s always been this way.


Yep. Every time. And then moon walks forward away from it.


This has me cracking up! He could be marking his territory.


My dog will climb on top of shrubs for a good poop. Tall grasses suffice otherwise.


Haha yes! My dog poops normal in our yard but on walks he poops with one leg lifted, sometimes he tries lifting both his back legs 🤣 And always against things like trees, plants or fences.


My mom's Yorky does this! My mom calls them "poop bombs" because he always ends up with shit nuggets stuck to him and she has to bath him every time it happens lol.


My fluffy keeshond reverses into bushes and long grass to poop and it's always a hideous rummage operation to pick it up. Sliding lumps up long grass stalks, eww.


My stupid dog always poops on plants like horsetail grass and spiky aloe so cleaning it up is impossible. He’s also a notorious “walker pooper” and always leaves a breadcrumb trail


Not a plant but if the kids leave a ball like a basket laying around the dog poops on it…. Quite the life lesson for not putting away your stuff.


My dog doesn't poop on plants, but he does poop in Morse code, nuggets(dots) and lines(dashes), while he walks it out!