A fan theory is that Gohan's Beast form is actually from his mother. It's nothing concrete, but it'd be a fascinating twist. For starters, it'd be something fresh and allow us to learn more about Chi-Chi and the Ox King's bloodline. They were royalty, and Chi-Chi is even abnormally strong for a seemingly ordinary human woman, so there may be some hidden history there. It also lets Gohan (and Goten, for that matter), being half-Saiyan, contribute something meaningful to their characters by having them explore and embrace the heritage of their human side. This would contrast significantly with Goku's arc of embracing his Saiyan heritage to become a better fighter. [Source](https://twitter.com/_xan_dre_/status/1601280080403083264)


Man would that be a fun way to take things. We all know we're going to end up with no explanation whatsoever, but I love the idea of exploring what the human DNA contributed to the equation. Ox King was one of the strongest humans prior to Goku dragging along his generation of human peers to new heights. On the Bulma side of things, you've got one of the smartest humans - which could also lead to some cool routes as well.


its just an evolution of his ultimate form so it has nothing to do with his mom. tho that doesnt stop this from being cool af, or ya know chichi from getting ultimate form and evolving it as well :3


Has that been confirmed?


No but in Xenoverse 2's latest update coming out, all races can use Beast Mode


All races come from Ox King's bloodline confirmed


I'm scared what that means for Goku & Chi-Chi's relationship


He's like Genghis Khan


Pretty sure he actually was a tyrannical dictator when we first met him.


Despite being named king I don't think he was a legit ruler. He just had a castle. He was a total dick tho, Muten Roshi told him to knock that shit off


Yeah, that’s true. I think he got all of his wealth by killing and robbing or something like that. Kinda fucked up that all this time Goku’s been living off money made from the murder of countless innocent people.


I thought he just had a bunch of treasure and killed people to protect it


Genghis Koxking


Oh. Huh. Well, shit. This looks like it's a legitimate thing I haven't touched Xenoverse since like, 2020. Might pick it back up


Yeah we're getting Orange Piccolo, Yellow Piccolo, Beast Gohan Cell Max as a Raid Boss and a mission or two with cinematics


I have a question : I cant even get a single fight online as there is no one there. Either the steam version is broken(I did complete frieza saga in main but there is no one joining the room to play multiplayer)


Steam just has too low of a player count for XenoVerse 2, you'd probably have to look online for people who'd want to fight


like direct message.?Cool thanks


like message boards I mean, there's also the Xenoverse 2 forum on steam


as far as I know, yes but i do not have a source so feel free to take it with a grain of salt.


So source: trust me bro. Gotcha.


yes i literally said that, i wasnt trying to trick anyone. i was clear that i dont have a source and to take it with a grain of salt, no need to be a jerk.


How was it confirmed? Seems more like a head Canon.


Pure speculation. Not confirmed in Manga or Anime.


[vlorsutes says otherwise and as one of our mods i trust him until i see contradictory info](https://www.reddit.com/r/dragonball/comments/11ulx13/gohan_beast_is_not_an_asspull_and_heres_why/jcp0vfm/?context=3)


This would be so cool


That's way too good. No way they'll actually do it. 😂


Where does this fan theory come from?


I really like the whole Beast Chichi thing!


Xv2 just dropped a trailer showing ALL races using beast mode, so it seems like they interpret it to be from the potential unleashed power up as opposed to chi chi. Which sucks because chi chi beast is far cooler as a concept


The art is amazing, I love every aspect of the style choices made here. Great hair, the right eyes with fitting eyebrows and these clothes look perfect. I would totally read a Manga with her in the main role, would be cool to finally have an interesting story about Chi-Chi. And I would be absolutely fine with the fan theory you mentioned in you comment.


In the novel, Princess Iron Fan is badass so I support this.


I commented this same thing under an Instagram post. Most are saying it's him utilizing SSJ and Ultimate at the same time. Elder Kai said he wouldn't need to power up to SSJ in Ultimate but that doesn't mean Gohan couldn't try. I would prefer it be from Chi Chi's side, it would make things more interesting. Maybe we could get some Ox-King lore (the Beast Form could be of legend the same way SSJ was to the Saiyans) and there be a Gohan exclusive arc, well obviously including his little family and Chi Chi's side of the family. It would also make her more than a boring housewife again.


This is getting more exciting the more people comment here. Love the part of the legend related to the Ox-king.


Always glad to see stuff of Chi-Chi getting a revival of her fighting days.


I think the humans should get some transformations of some kind




Isn't he an alien?


Pré DBZ era has a lot of magic and mythology involved. I don't know how much got retcon


Would've loved to see this in the show lol


so sick, I love it.


She probably should look intimidating or something yet she looks cute XD


Honestly I'd like it. It would be a fun little thing .


Kaioken Chi Chi still claps neg diff


She was a badass if you really think so. Even Goku was scared


Better be in tenkaichi 4. .


Yes please


Thanks to Xenoverse, this is cannon


Toriyama doesn't, and maybe never did, care about Chi Chi having an interesting character arc. That Gohan got the transformation from Chi Chi isn't a good theory. Its fun art though.


db is criticized enough for ass pull power ups, this would make people flip


It's a lot more plausible and better than Master Roshi having the basic form of UI in the manga... That was a super huge ass-pull.


Basic ui for like 3 seconds is much more justifiable than gohans new form going to someone sidelined 20 years ago


I like to think of it as UI for 3 nano seconds given the 48 minute ToP lasted 54 20min~ episodes (1080 minutes). They do say that we are seeing slowed down versions of them fighting since it's too fast for us to see. Like the 5 minutes on Namek taking 55minutes of air time (about a 1:11 speed ratio back then) If it's to be believed then we're watching them fight (at the Namek saga time anyway) 11x slower than they are actually moving, and it's only gotten faster and faster every saga.


Basic UI for 3 seconds from a martial arts master that is 300 years old makes plenty of sense to me.


It won’t be this. But I would love if this was correct.


Ha cool idea and cool art.


With the Xenoverse 2 leak, all CC's (I think) can have the Beast form, which means it's not a saiyan transformation and that's just neat.


Really cool idea. I'm under the impression that Beast is Gohan's innate power that comes out when he snaps in rage, combined with Potential Unleashed. His hidden rage power coming from Chi-Chi is interesting, since it was always implied his half-saiyan half-human blood made him stronger. And Chi-Chi does have a temper and special lineage. Plus Gohan has specifically said his next power-up would be from his human side. Not saying that Chi-Chi herself could transform into Beast, but I think it's reasonable to say Gohan wouldn't have it without her being his mother.


I need this


Was Beast confirmed to be a Saiyan exclusive form? Because if it wasn’t, then this is hypothetically possible lol.


I’m honestly not sure if it was confirmed where it came from. It’s possible it comes from a saiyan or hybrid side, but I believe there is two other possible ideas. One being it’s a natural progression from potential unleashed, or potential unleashed could work differently for different people. Like say if Krillin or Yamcha got potential unleashed, they might not go Beast, but have a different form unique to them. This doesn’t mean others couldn’t go Beast (best way for me to explain how xenoverse works), but there could be other routes available to others potentials.


Sick design!


Can you imagine this woman pissed st you for not doing the farming like you promised


Or maybe it’s just a form Gohan has, maybe he’s called the ox king because he’s just as strong as an ox(said in dragon ball og)




I would pay money for this to be the nature of super humans.


Prayogoz my beloved, can't wait to commission this guy again once I get a paycheck.