How do I level up faster as a warrior?

How do I level up faster as a warrior?

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The addon "questie" from curseforge will display quest information and available quests on your map and minimap. If you're grinding (killing stuff and not questing) it's best to fight monsters 1-2 levels lower than you


I really like the Lime Guide add-on. It works well with Questie and tells you where to go.


Whenever possible, try and do quests/kill mobs 1-3 levels lower than you, the difference is massive


if it's your first character, leveling in this game is slow in general compared to other modern mmos if it's not, always invest in good weapons every couple levels and grind a buffer level since warriors are dogshit at anything slightly higher than them and godlike against anything slightly lower than them


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When you hit lvl 30, have a guildie or friend help you do the Whirlwind weapon quest. If you have some extra coin throw a Crusader enchant on it. I used the Whirlwind Axe from lvl 30-52. It’s SO good. Enjoy! Warrior is an absolute blast and when played well, has a lot of utility.


Leveling solo as a warrior is fucking *rough*. Dungeon spam as much as possible and always look for weapon upgrades.


Find what u like that's fun. Make sure to have fun. If u have fun, you won't realise how many exhausting hours it takes to level


Fiery enchant on your weapon is a hugeeee boost in leveling speed via mob killing. It seems small, but trust me on this.


No fresh level 12 is going to be able to afford fiery.


Couple things. Questie is a great add on. If you truly want to level as fast as possible while questing, download guidelime. It’s a questing walkthrough add on that tells you exactly what to do and where to go. Not a lot of fun in that way, especially if it’s your first toon. Also, I would google “tbc classic warrior leveling guide”. That will tell you how to best spend your talent points to have the best build, and more importantly, how to use your abilities to maximize damage.


What I did at low lvl on my 2 60 plus warriors eas spamming sunder! It helps immensely untill you get some better abilities above hs. Hs replaces your normal swing and while it does do more damage than white it just slows you down. For each sunder youll see an increase in damage so its well worrh it. Also like others said band aid is key together with cooking. As you sweeping strikes mortal strikes etc. You speed improves immensely and you can quickly start to do bigger pulls. Also offcourse look for weapons even staves at lower levels will be a massive upgrade. Dm & wc have a quest reward that for its level is a vast improvement over anything else available for the next 5-10 levels untill ww axe.


As a low level Warrior your primary concerns are using the highest DPS weapon you find no matter if it's a caster staff, and minimizing damage intake to reduce downtime. Use your damage reducing debuffs like Thunderclap and Demoralizing Shout (learned at 14), it will add up over time in reducing your downtime. Always have food and bandages with you to heal up between mobs faster, make a Mage friend who can conjure food for you so you don't always have to buy it. Ultimately the best way to level a Warrior is to level with friends, as it is the slowest class to level solo but the gameplay changes drastically as you get into higher levels.


Its way more damage reduction to just kill faster, the most rage efficient abilities are rend and sunder at early levels.


War is very slow leveling class best way to speed it up is with a pocket healer


Buy a boost :D /jk


1. Best weapon you can use/afford 2. Healing potions for days, either the highest or second highest level you can use. Pop between pulls to lower downtime or when you're pulling multiple mobs 3. Bandaids - keep your first aid up and always keep a stack or two to heal up between pulls Congrats, you are now leveling one of the easiest classes with the lowest downtime


Okay here is the \*real\* advice instead of the usual crap you get. Go to AH, buy 50 potions for your level, they are almost always copper/silver prices for anything below outland. Every time you're in danger or need to eat, pop a health potion. Use HP pots as SPEED BOOSTS to NOT EAT. Buy Swiftness Potions, if you over aggro and are about to die, health potions MAY NOT SAVE YOU. Swiftness potions can EASILY save your life and prevent running back to your corpse. Always have a battle/guardian elixir up. Armor/ATK power. Buy cloth, level first aid to the highest level you can, buy higher level cloth, ask someone with higher first aid to craft higher level bandages for you. You can easily get 225 First Aid before encountering any Runecloth for example, being able to use a much higher bandage than your level. Buy good weapons on the AH, enchant them with a reasonable enchant, such as fiery weapon, this enchant is amazing all the way up to 50+. Regarding enchants, enchant ALL of your gear, the more stamina the better, being able to survive a fight with 2-3 mobs is incredibly helpful and makes your spirit a more useful stat. Get minor run speed on every pair of boots you wear, non-negotiable. Most enchants are INCREDIBLY CHEAP, you can easily reenchant all of your gear every 10 levels for less than 20g for classic enchants. (More if you want TBC enchants of course). ​ ABSOLUTELY DO NOT GRIND MOBS - You are not a mob grinding class, you want to smash quests as FAST AS POSSIBLE. Skip everything that is not required. Quests give a lot of XP and if you can efficiently skip to the end of each quest asap you will see much faster levelling than grinding levels with mobs. GRINDING MOBS IS CLASSIC ERA, THIS IS TBC, WHERE QUESTS ARE META. When you RUN OUT OF QUESTS, go to the next zone, try to quest with green level quests as much as possible. For example, do the quests in westfall, then loch modan, then darkshore, and rotate as you get higher level, so that the quests are always green. Don't dungeon spam, you will find TERRIBLE RNG of shit groups that will wipe you or slow you down. Get whatever quests you can pick up for your current level dungeon and then do it ONCE. ​ ALWAYS maximise your HEARTHSTONE use, PAY MAGES TO GET AROUND FASTER.


If this war is your second char and have 100 or so extra gold to dump on the char, then def this is one of the most helpful tips out of all the comments here. But not recommended if this is your first character as I’m sure this method of using pots+enchants+buying ports is not sustainable for a first char without any gold banked. You will barely have enough for a mount at 40 if you have been saving every copper you earn, so definitely won’t have enough to buy pots and enchants. Edit: outside of the consumable and enchant tip, all the rest are still great tips for maximizing efficiency.


Sounds like a great way to maximise your burnout chances though


Definitely a handful of ways to answer the question, but which one you find most useful will depend on what you're looking to get out of the game. Probably the quickest path is buying boosts with gold another option is to go prot and advertise for dungeon groups. If you prefer questing, then your best bet is to regularly invest in new weapons. Weapon enchants and scrolls can be surprisingly helpful as well.


I levelled a warrior working my ass off just to find out no one wants dps warriors in their group. Plus raid content seemed extra harder for me as a melee class. For sure, this may not apply to everyone. So I re-rolled to a shaman and i am happy.


Don't do orange quests or kill orange mobs except for new weapon reward


As a warrior you’ll want to make sure you keep stacks of food on you so you can recover your health easily after fighting. Having an up-to-date weapon is also key for a warrior as your damage is so dependent on weapon damage. Keep a 1h + shield on you so you can swap in-combat, swapping to def stance and hitting shield block whilst auto attacking has saved me a few times when I’m down to low health.


If you have high level alt you might try to buy a best AH weapon and apply crusader on it. It might work for next 10-15 levels.


One thing not mentioned here. FIRST AID IS YOUR FRIEND. A POCKET PRIEST IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. But seriously, leveling a warrior solo is rough. And if it’s your first character that difficulty slope is even higher. Try and quest with people your level when you can. Warriors can get in trouble if they’re by themselves, but with a group, Warriors can really kick ass.


Stick to areas where quests are green and mobs are equal or one to two levels lower. Go arms and use 2 handers. Utilize first aid and cooking. You can stack spirit as well on gear for less downtime.


1. Leveling is slow in wow classic 2. You picked arguably the slowest leveling class in the game. Maybe priests are worse, but warriors (particularly if you cant funnel good boes to them) are very bad at leveling


Sunder Armor. Keeping up Battle shout, is pretty much your rotation while leveling.




If you are stationary and in range of a mob when its melee attack is ready, it will attack, then STAND STILL until it's ready to attack again. It's late so I'm not going to go step by step through how to kite so you're only in range when your big slow weapon is ready to strike, but the trick is, when your weapon swing is ready, wait for it the mob to walk up to you, and start running away as soon as it stops, because in that instant you will swing, it will swing, and it will freeze. Hamstring isn't even necessary once you're good, but it definitely makes it easier.


Just play the game. This isnt like other games where leveling is an afterthought, regardless of how people in this sub want to behave. Level slow and enjoy the process. If you dont enjoy it, buy a boost, you got a long way to go.


right now is the fire festival. so make sure whenever you are going to kill mobs / dungeon to have that buff. go to any fire innthe major cities amd click the ribon pole until you get the full 60 min


I'll try to give some basic advice that might ease warrior leveling for a new player: 1. Do not use heroic strike. It "takes" your auto attack and doesn't generate rage, leaving you at 0 rage for almost no benefit. Try using rend, sunder armor, thunderclap, even hamstring for now. 2. Fight lower levels mobs. Warriors rely on landing melee for rage and higher level mobs are significantly harder to hit. Just try fighting something a level ahead of you and then fight one a level lower and it should be apparent that it is better to "pick on" low levels. 3. It may be too late for this, but try and get to the dranei or blood elf zones (based on your faction) until you hit 20 if you aren't leveling there already. These zones are so much better for leveling than the other options that it is worth like an extra half hour to get to them. They also gear you out, and warriors do significantly better when they have up to date gear. The one caveat is do not try and get to the dranei zone if you are gnome/human/dwarf unless a mage is willing to port you to Exodar, the trip is too hard otherwise. 4. Consider doing arms talents for early leveling. Deflection is surprisingly strong because parry both stops enemy melee attacks and makes you attack faster after you parry. Imp rend and thunderclap are pretty good. Dropping only 5 points into the fury tree for 5/5 cruelty is good too. 5. If you have extra silver/gold don't be afraid to search for upgrades on the AH at a capital city. Especially if you can find an affordable weapon upgrade that's a couple dps higher than what you have.


Spec prot and dungeon spam all day


With who?


Anyone. Tanks never have to worry about getting a group going.


My guy do you even play TBC?


Yes my main is one item short from full BiS.


Then you should know your comment is wrong rofl


What's wrong with it. I constantly get spammed by people inviting me to group on my tank characters as soon as I log on.


Is he lvl 12 like ops?


No but even when I log my AH alt, I get whispered when I log on too. Never had a problem getting a group with tanks at any level. Worst case scenario spend a minute to start a group yourself. Tanks are the only role that don't have to worry about getting a group going.


1. Reroll lock or hunter. 2. Profit in levels.


Do quests. Then make an alt to break the monotiniy. My first toon was a tauren warr that took forever to get to 60 back in 2007. I made a Hunter alt and that was more fun. Unless you want to be a tank then keep going. But leveling warr is tedious. Also annoying when you meet an enemy mage during the quest line. The worst was when I was geared then Blizzard nerfed spell reflect and charge stun. PVP was fun for minute. But lvling my Paladin and Druid was faster and easier. Got to tank dungeons for noobs and PVP BG was fun AF. Nice to not rely on bandages and pots to heal. If you do level the warr to 70, that's some bragging rights. It's a PITA