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Jorginiho , kante rlc , get rid . Don't worry about giving kante to another team as he will only be injured for them !. Cucu only had 1 season in prem so 60 million was ludicrous! Need a all new midfield and at least one well proven striker. Sound have got Jesus, tones or Zaha, unbelievable not to !


Seeing that cunt gabriel make a mockery of auba and tweet london is red extremely infuriates me. And i’m a fan… Wish i could say the same about those who play for the club i care for.


Well done Todd. You make the Glazers look good.


England should have a rule for owning a club, You can't be an owner if you come from the country that calls Football as Soccer.


Remember Arsenal when Arteta took charge? Dreadfull. The got rid of dead wood players. They collaborated with their manager and showed faith in him and his project even though the results weren't there. Too soon to judge Graham or asking him to be sacked. This season was dead for us as soon as we sacked Tuchel after spending as the media say 250 mill. for players he handpicked. The correct plan is to Give Potter at least 1 year to imprint his vision and philosophies to the team and also get rid of players that had their cycle with us but it's time for them to leave.


This is it 👆🙌 I swear fans get more fickle with each season, or maybe I’m just getting old.


This is the correct answer. It is crazy that people forget just how many awful results Arsenal had when Arteta took over. We were laughing at them every other week with "Trust the Process". Arteta has now outlived Lampard and Tuchel, even after Arsenal bottled top 4 last year. This team has been shaky all season and Potter was never going to suddenly change that. Add in some injuries and fixture congestion to make things tougher. In reality, this result should have been a 0-0 but of course, we give Arsenal another gift. A consistent theme no matter who is our manager.


Arsenal havent won anything yet. I get they're top of the table, but they tend to do that before January. I dont understand people using them and Arteta as an example of this fantastic team and system.😅


Problem is the deadwood include all the signings we brought this season


The downfall.


Dreadful.. very hard to watch I feel we should start carney now...i am tired of RLC, broja should start atleast lets see what he can do...


Potter ball is flawed


Potter mate. Let's be honest, you have no fucking strong pedigree like the other Chelsea manager. At least show fucking desire. Jesus, after half time the entire team getting even worse.


Jorginho, RLC, Chalobah , Cucu, Broja etc are all shit, we ain’t winning even a farmers league with these players.


Yeah jorgino rlc cucu. I agree they are not bringing anything


All of them I mentioned.


Chalobah was fucking great today and has been this season. How about watch him. Spent all game covering for Azpilicueta who was getting shredded by martinelli who frankly should have left in the summer.


This mentality is our problem, we accept mediocrity as ‘great’ 🤦‍♂️


Not really. Said for many reasons we need to replace our entire midfield. Team looks disjointed because our midfield leaves gaps, can't recover the ball and can't pass the ball which gives more pressure to the rest of the team to do individual actions. Instead of actually rationalising what is happening and seeing the root of the issue you put this tripe out. Fact is arsenal have a more settled and better midfield man for man than we do, so we lost the battle there and as a result lost the game. We used to do this to them all the time.


RLC is mediocre - Chalobah is doing quite alright, considering he's pretty young with room to grow


Loan him out let him grow and come back if that’s the case. I’d only keep Mount & Reece and loan all other Cobham boys out.


And who do we play at CB?


Precisely, we have 3 fit CBs at the moment, Chalobah has done no worse than the CB we bought for 70M(prior to his injury, which is interesting since he's already broken his leg twice and is a huge injury risk statistically) but let's get rid of Chalobah and have a guy who probably will miss at least a third of a season every year.


Next season will be the real reflection of Potter-ball. Not seen anything yet under him that is different to what we saw under Tuchel, but it's early days. Same issues we've had for two seasons now. No lethality in the final third. No definite starting midfield. No goal scorer.


This is such a lazy and out of touch way of looking at. You don't need a full season to get a team to play your style. Especially when you style has only ever been applied to a mid table team. You have a squad that is good enough to perform in a certain way and finish in the top 4 and that should be the expectation.


So why did we get smacked by Leeds and Southampton and Zagreb under Tuchel?


Why did we win the champions league under Tuchel? It's pointless if you don't see how poor we have been in the last 5 league games. and potter doesn't even have a decent pedigree


Tuchel is a world class manager but he was having the same issues with this squad that Potter is. It’s not like we were playing brilliant this season, it’s clearly not down to the manager if they’re both having the same problems.


So why did we fire a manager due to it looked like this


What? The original point was this squad was clearly good enough to get top 4 but even as good a manager as Tuchel was struggling with it




i agree the performance and the constant pandering to potter-ball is laughable.


Not pandering at all, just don't think you can expect a fundamental change in style when he's had pretty much one and half days training between matches he has to win, ever since he's arrived. What's more laughable is you sound like every Arsenal fan over the last few seasons wanting him gone and saying he's no good. Now they love him. All he's had is time.


Well we have an expensive squad it’s the coach’s job to build all that you mentioned from these players, it’s getting even worse even after changing the coach.


Tbf some of those players are only expensive because we wasted money onthem..


Because there's key fucking deficiencies in the squad that wasn't sorted out. Like being a Reece James injury away from being in the Europa League.


Bama must be feeling great about his life choices right now.


We need a god damn reset. Good thing the world cup is coming up


I am deeply broken and saddened by what i am witnessing. Borderline tears. To hear them lot say stamford bridge used to be a place they hated & were scared of coming to..to now calling it their 2nd home…


It's just a game bro. There are cycles in sports just like in life. Ups and Downs. Without the downs, the ups won't be gratifying.


Needed a Giroud up front to relieve the pressure from our long balls. Aubameyang doesn't provide that. Good thing WC is coming up. Need Chilwell and James back. Kante is too injury prone so need to spend big for his replacement. Need RB backup too. RLC wasn't too bad as the comments suggest. He did a lot of covering for Azpi on the right hand side. We didn't really get fleeced by Martinelli on that side because of that. Havertz/Mount didn't have much space. Tried to relieve pressure but came up short. Just a lot of holes in general right now. If we get Kante back for whole season after WC then I'll still be confident of top 4 and a CL run. If not then Europa looks likely.


Loftus is shocking. Always walking, always hiding, never ever wants to receive the ball. Just looks lost


We need an improvement on him in midfield but I think Azpilicueta getting skinned by martinelli was a big issue, Chalobah and RLC covered him a lot. In general we have key deficiencies in midfield and until that is sorted we will play like this.


GTFO u/Acceptable-Ad-5514, you support VILLA


What I don't like - 1. Our luck - Kante, Chilly and Reece injured. 3 world class players who can influence a game so so much . 2. Our formation or lack of it . 3. Our identity - are we playing counter attacking , are we playing possesion ? Are we playing long ball ? Are we playing rough ? 4. Zakaria had a decent debut , this game demands a dominant midfielder , should've used him, RLC and Mount and Sterling are all out of form , shouldn't have started this game . Okay you can start 1 if them but not all out of form players . 5. Lack of passing options or runners. 6. Poor substitutions.


Also how come we dont have any players forward to get a ball....or we were doing all time defence that it takes lot of timefor them to come...not a single decent counter


Mount was definitely not out of form. Reactionaries...smh.


Burning garbage


I think I cannot hate RLC any more. Fuck him out of the club.


I've never seen a player so non existent and fucking useless. Winds me up watching him walk the full length of the pitch


Should have been released in the summer before Barkley


why didn't zakaria play?


Disgraceful. It just appears that for Chelsea, currently the formation isn't it, and currently the starting line up also isn't it. Potter has made some questionable decisions.


Absolutely pathetic, spineless individual performances. They need a military training if they lose all desire to play when the weather gets a bit worse. Fckn primadonnas.


Truth is even when we won the champions league it was flukey as we were shit in the prem, the year before that we were shit as well. Our team is dead, Jorginho, azpi, injured Kante, kepa,RLC, pulisic…the old guard is still at the core of our team and either they are shit or they don’t play…we also have sterling and auba who we know are fkn washed or were system players…Ben chillwell was never elite, Thiago on his last legs, Mason mount satisfied, havertz pathetic…No single fight not from potter not from the players…we have one world class player and he’s a wing back! We used to have world class all over the pitch… Until he have a massive exodus the club is dead. Welcome to the future of Chelsea, it’ll take a fuckin miracle. CHO should have always been playing, we let go of tomori as well, since eden left the club has not been the same and that’s the truth


We are all disappointed but this reaction is staggering. It reads like you're either an opposition fan on the wind up or you have a load of other stuff going on in your life. Either way take a breather and try to avoid negative surroundings. Damn...


Life is good man lol, just explaining why I believe our club lacks a soul, I think it’s something called venting


Boehly is a disgrace. 300m spent on players, sacked our world class manager and gave 12m a year to a yes man who's teams average 1 goal a game across his career who starts one of the worst central midfielders in premier league history every week just because he comes from Cobham We're an absolute mess of a club and Tuchel was what held us together last year.


We get it, you hate anything American and are hugely impatient. Just finished first in our UCL group, have our two most important players injured and you feel the need to bitch and moan and pine for a manager who had worse results with the same squad.


Give Potter a chance, this mess is on Bohely, Potter inherited a mess.


How is this on Boehy? Who bought all these players?


Tuchel got his targets, Boehly only gave money for it


With Tuchel you at least had some belief of his pedigree to pull things back. I don’t see anything of substance from Potter’s tactics so far to see how we get out of this. No positive signs so far


This kind of performance sacked managers in the old days. Not because he didn't want Ronaldo or play magical 4-4 fucking 3 formations.


So strange. I feel like they took away our spine and soul this summer 😭


Exactly how I feel.


Lost all emotional attachment after tuchel leaving, tried to give potter a chance but he's just nowhere near the level of manager we need. Kovacic not seeing the pitch till 80th minute is a fucking joke. Idk how loftus still sees the field he's so useless it's unbelievable.. cucurella looks every bit a reserves player. Just so many things that are blatantly obvious. Boehlys ruined us.


Yep it’s a joke


My sentiments exactly, although I think kovacic isn’t fully fit, that’s why he didn’t start and that’s why he was brought on later


Kovacic clearly is a start away from his legs popping. Very obvious this is the case. What I find weird is that for a dead rubber we played Chilwell, considering the disasterclass from Cucurella today having Chilwell back would have helped.


You don’t think Chilly needed game time?


He needed gametime against Arsenal instead of Cucurella.


I dunno hindsight is a wonderful thing. If he was huffing and puffing after 60 mins today and he slowed up questions would be asked why he didn’t get some time in an easy game which was perfect to get him up to speed.


Hope that diving gimp Saka, the wind up Xhaka and weirdo Farteta never win a thing.


Don’t think Saka dived once this game lol


I’m telling you this standard is not the standard I’m willing to get used to, we don’t beat the big 6 teams anymore, we get pumped by Brighton 4-1?!?!? Non of our signings seem to work out for us anymore. This isn’t chelsea.


Enjoy! -BHAFC


not sure how Potter can be blamed when he has inherited a Squad without a fucntional midfield and not a single Premier League standard Striker in the Club.


TT also inherited his squad. Quickly diagnosed the problems and found a setup that worked well enough to win the CL. That’s what Potter should be doing and he failing spectacularly at it.


Failing spectacularly? 7 wins, 3 draws, 2 losses since he took over. Not the greatest but not failing spectacularly by any means. Arsenal is the top team in the league for a reason. They recruited well and they’ve had a manager in place to build an identity for 4 seasons now. Potters been in for 11 matches. How about we calm down and give him time to build something. The short-termism of some Chelsea fans is soo annoying. Success now or get out. This isn’t the Roman era anymore and the manager is now going to get given time to build something thankfully.


7 wins is flattery. We should’ve lost to Man Utd, Aston Villa and possibly Brentford. We were second best against Palace for large portions. The honeymoon is over.


Who gives a shit if the honeymoon is over? Are you suggesting we sack Potter? Do you actually want to see a manager build something over several seasons or do you want to go back to the short-term thinking we had under Roman. Yes, it brought success at times, but we never had stability like City and Liverpool have had for 6-7 seasons. We have to be patient.


I do want to see long term proactive planning. I just don’t think Potter is the man, though.


You’re judging his abilities based on 11 games though and the man hasn’t even had a preseasons to get his ideas across. He’s literally had a game every 3 day since he took the job and some of our best and most important players are out injured. Constantly sacking managers after a few bad results ain’t the way. That’s why the new ownership gave him a 5 year deal. It’s a long term project and we have to be patient, like it or not.


I’m not saying I want to see us play like City after two months. However I want to see a direction. But the football has gotten worse in every regard since he came in. I hope I’m wrong and he is not the next Moyes or AVB.


We were still shit in the league...just like now


Attacking players looked sleepy all game because they didn't even expect the ball on the box. We got out worked and out played. Looks like we don't even play as a team. Bunch of solo performances.




Thomas Tuchel is surely laughing at us. We are so bad currently damn.


All of his signings are proving to be shit. He’s half the reason we’re in this mess. How’s Lukkaku going?


Idk why he had to even go for a spiritual retreat. Watching us to get a laugh out would have been so calming


He is being vindicated by our shambolic performances. I really don't know why Todd fired him, he should've given him a season or two.. Graham Potter is a mid table manager. It came too soon for him. Like Moyes move to United, and we know how that turned out.


Potter really sold us Cucu for 60mil, then has the balls to come over here and play him. He knew exactly what he was doing 😂. Defo still getting slipped a paycheck from the Brighton board


Got totally outplayed today 😞


There's so much dead weight we need to sell off in January and next summer. All the sins of Chelsea past (wantonly firing managers, buying players that don't fit the manager's system because the owner wanted him, etc.) are coming home to roost this season. Despite this, I don't want Potter fired yet. If Boehly is worth anything, I want him given at least 3 years to put together a squad in his vision. No more firing managers because of brief bad spells, it's time to build for the long-term like Arsenal, Man City and Liverpool have.




Firing managers whenever they had a bad spell is precisely how we got to this point. Honestly, the best move would've been to never fire Tuchel in the first place and for Boehly to get over his ego, but it's too late for that now.




Lamps was fired after a year and a half, hardly the backing he deserved (again, at least 3 full season). If you think firing managers works, then why hasn't firing Tuchel brought us any success? No more of this nonsense. Time for Chelsea and their fans as a whole to sit down, learn some patience and build for the long term.




Pep, Arteta, and Klopp show that it still pays to build for the long-term. Klopp has won more trophies than all six managers we've had during his tenure combined, and he's reached the UCL final two more times than we have in the same period, too. Arteta and Arsenal are top of the league right now, that's far above half-decent. I don't even need to say anything about Pep. If we continue this "manager rotation system" with this island of misfit toys we call a team instead of building a team that suits a single manager, we will get relegated someday. I want Chelsea to thrive, not to continue completely unsustainable behavior like we did under Roman.


Having most trophies out of all EPL clubs in the last 2 decades is unsustainable? Sure. Anyway, we can discuss this to death and still won't be able to convince each other. Let's agree to disagree. In our own way both of us are hoping that we are not in a relegation battle in a couple of years.


I’m not worried about this loss . here are the things that worries me * Potter not starting our strongest line up , he keeps testing the line up week in week out [ then having to amend for first half mistakes in second by making changes ] * Not having a proper system of how we play football * players being played out of position


and what excatly is our strongest lineup?


And this time of the year our schedule is crazy and needs constant rotation


How can he start our strongest lineup when both our wingbacks are injured, Kovacic is still recovering, kante is out, fofana is out and kepa is out. Who would you have played today instead?


Would have liked to see Zakaria get a sub


Fucking American owner. Sack Tuchel for low energy Graham. His solution to get us out of this mess: sign Ronaldo and have an all star game


Get ready for years of this mediocrity. As long as the franchise makes some money, it’s all good


You realize Arsenal also have an American owner?


Yes, and they were also a joke for many years in part because of him. Arsenal are succeeding in spite of Kroenke, not because of him.


Was Liverpool’s success despite their American owners too?


Who cares our American owner is a big fat clown


Season is over. Maybe we can put together a CL run. The Tuchel firing cast a dark shadow over the whole season imo


Potter literally has this season to try out what suits this team best. Yet he acts like Clown playing the same bunch of [email protected] who give literally nothing to the team. Auba, Havertz & Sterling shouldn't be touching the Chelsea jersey anytime in the future. But amazingly they get to start every single game. I would literally bring in kids from Chelsea U19 & play them than watch this clown show. Unbelievable.


How about you add Mount to that list? Literally invisible this game. Or is he still under protection because of being our "player of the year" for the past 2 seasons?


Mount is bipolar. 😂 His performance flip more than a fish out of water. 😭 But nothing comes to being as disgusting as Havertz. Not even Werner or Morata. Plus Silva deserved that player of the year last season over this Southampton stat padder.


Sterling shouldnt be playing as a fucking wingback, what genius in the backroom staff suggested the idea of playing him as a wingback to Potter. Some of his selections are just mind boggling. But there is something wrong with this squad mentally, and there has been something wrong with them for years. Sarri wanted to bring in a psychologist to figure it out even. I have no idea why we don't just bring in psychologists and sit down with the players and figure out what's going on inside their heads.


Add Mount to that list




Good thing Todd has "his guys" now lol


I didn't expected a win today, but I didn't thougth that was gonna be this apathic. The squad has no desire to win, to try something different. Wanna know why Tuchel was sacked? Because critise this squad hurt their feelings, cause they are a bunch of cry babies. A lot of players need to go ASAP. The board has blood on their hands for backin' up a bunch of dudes who need to have their egos massaged to make their work. Wich they are very well paid off. Thank God World cup is here. Gonna be a month watchin' football as a fun entertainament. I can't with chelsea anymore. *With tha beein' said: see you guys against city. **Oh! And feel free to downvote, just, don't be a dick if you don't agree with me. EDIT: Zakaria did a great game on UCL, not even come of the bench. The state of this club.


There’s also a lack of fight in this side. We miss Rudi… If that Chalobah thing happened he’d have fucking clapped Xhaka and fought. No one does that




1cm And whatever the fuck Ruben is.


We only have 3 fit right now


xG of 0.26


“There is no passion, no hunger , no drive , no desire”


It will never come with a coach who sits there silent waiting for players to realize what they’re doing wrong ! Even the old Sarri would’ve be screaming at players


1-0 loss on a fluke goal but somehow felt like a 5-0 defeat. Couldn’t do anything with the ball. Embarrassing


As soon as that Auba promo released I knew we were losing.


Pathetic performance. Cucu, Havertz and Sterling are trash.


This is what happens when a yank takes over the club


Don’t know when was the last time we defeated arsenal.


Hurt to read that because it's so true!


why did we play full strength against Zagreb when we could’ve had fresh legs today?


We didn’t lose this game because of tiredness come on stop with these stupid excuses we have some average players and the manger hasn’t got a clue at this level


not making excuses just asking a question


The implication in your question was fresh legs would have helped I’m telling you after watching the full 90 minutes of that boring lacklustre tactically inept performance “fresh legs” wouldn’t have been the difference


Arsenal are so fucking annoying to play against. They fall over at every little contact and Arteta spent 90% of the game OUTSIDE HIS TECHNICAL AREA. Oliver had to control of the game at all. With that being said, we sucked so much.


Arsenal are so fucking annoying to play against. They can make simple passes, run and defend. And we Cant.


Played like fucking burnley fuck this shit


Graham Potter is shite, why did Tuchel get sacked


Tuchel was not smart enough to understand the use of Ronaldo in Todd's 443


Self sabotage


Arsenal are looking like the champion team. These kinds of game where they need to grind it out and they have done it. How sad I feel writing this.


Save us Haaland youre our only hope. Arsenal CANNOT win the League


We look every bit like the mid-table team Potter should be managing.


Potter’s just been lucky with the results. We haven’t looked convincing at all. There has been barely any improvement.


But Potter ball?


Shocking display as I said weeks ago, we haven't a ghost of top 4! Need major work in January market. Some shite we bought cucarella 60m Sterling shit again aubamayang past it that's why they sold him ffs! Christ we buy some shite


Have arsenal just won the league? Celebrating like it.


They were just celebrating a home win mate. I'd say that's pretty normal...


Imagine Arsenal doing to this to us at…Stamford Bridge. We’ve really become the bitches of the big clubs. Pathetic


few weeks ago I said Harry Potter is so average like Roy Hodgson. I'm so wrong. Harry is farking worse!! We can make top 10 if we get rid of him now. Eff off Harry!!


Fuck this game


What a shit Fkn weekend Both my local team and premier league team got fucked Sport just ruins your weekend sometimes


Absolutely no fucking plan whatsoever


Just a reminder first 50 games Tuchel - 32 win, 11 draws, 7 lost


We are so bad, this match gave me that 0-1 against ma city vibes.


Potter is so shit




was hoping you guys could get a result, but man you guys are so bad


I'm really afraid this is a David Moyes to United in the making. Potters a good manager no doubt but at Chelsea we want results fast and we have had elite managers who've done that in the past. Personally I can be patient . I can give the manager time but I've seen absolutely no improvement under Potter, no identity no cohesiveness. There are injuries, granted but even the personnel available there has been nothing on the team that suggests potter is instilling an identity to the team.


Couldn’t agree more. Most the players are poor, but there is no identity to this team 15 or so games into his tenure. That’s not good


Well he needs more than several weeks. Still needs to get to know his players. Idk. The world cup break will be the best thing for us


Every fucking time the commentators post a record of Chelsea not losing. Players make it their motive to break that. Brighton never won, arsenal not won thrice since 1970, broken. This is the record breaking team. All hail the mid table teams. We play shit against Brighton we play shit against arsenal.


1st Arsenal 6.Brighton 7.Chelsea You are the mid table team rn mate


Why are you here cunt?


Honestly, I don't even think our defense was the problem (Cucurella had a mare though) But how Potter went with a midfield pivot after SEEING a midfield three work is absolutely mind-boggling, RLC was so anonymous that Jorginho felt like our only midfielder at some points. More than than...this team has absolutely NO spine and it's shocking. Scary scary times ahead.


We’re so shit, literally see why Tuchel played the way he did. Need a rebuild again. No running or hunger for the ball …. It’s a fucking derby fucking run your dick off and kick someone for fucksake. Embarrassing. Bring on the World Cup already. Already know we’ve lost 8-0 to city.


Thank you Todd for the parade of shit, cant wait for Man City


Arsenal is shit


This is what happens every time RLC and Havertz start.




Our star players will leave in the summer if this continues then we’re really finished


Sorry if this is wrong timing… May I ask where you got your PFP? Looks really clean


No problem I got it from the chelsea instagram they put out some wallpapers a while ago on their story if you scroll back far enough you’ll find the story👍


We have star players?


Which star players? Lol


“Havertz” 😄


“Generational talent”


Tuchel got binned for this 💀, a grave crime has been committed. Graham "porter" potty to the rescue 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♂️


My Sunday is ruined.


Beaten all end up. Terrible performance. Didn't deserve shit out of that. Zero fucking response from last week. Only Cesar showed anything close to hunger.


We got embarrassed by these clowns celebrating like they won the league already


Have they just won the league? You'd fucking think it wouldn't you? Cunts.


What d fuck fo we do in training