This game was fucking intense. Bad referee, but we fucking made it! Ofc there have been a few mistakes from our side and missed chances. But our team gave everything on the pitch! Overall a great match. Even if we had gone out from the tournament, I would be so damn proud of the performance 💙 On r/chelsealadiesfc, you can follow the match thread! 👉 link to the match [thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/chelsealadiesfc/comments/126olz8/match_day_at_the_bridge_chelsea_w_vs_lyon_w_3003/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) u/AnnieIWillKnow and u/PresidentRaggy doing an amazing job there with reviews and blog post


Beautiful game and on to the semis now. Hopefully the lads do the same too.


Would be amazing 💙


Glad I got to ride it out with ya mate, bloody brilliant


God It was just so tense, the win is massive especially against the current title holder


What a game, pleasure watching it with you


🙏 one of the best matches this season


Arguably one of the best in our history tbh, given the context


I am then even more happy that we won the game today. I really thought that the referee would not give us the penalty 💙🙏


>But our team gave everything on the pitch! ![gif](giphy|prggpozepwasTb2jpI)


Lmaooooo I was just waiting for it 🤣🤣🤣


Cheers mate 🙏🏻




Smashed the comment also, rep was off her head I swear


Fantastic result and an absolute nail biter of a game! The failed clearance from Eriksson in the early stages of game set the nerves on edge and I don’t think I was able to relax until the final moment. Haven’t regularly tuned in to watch the women but I need to make a habit of it. I particularly enjoy watching Reiten play. She played a ball practically from the halfway line in like the 80th minutes that linked up with Kerr so beautifully and thought for sure that was gonna be the game! Good game from Endler today too. The way she saved that 1 on 1 with Kerr with her face was beautiful lol


Very good game indeed! That ref was atrocious. Looked like she didn't want to be there


Fantastic result. They were inhabiting the 2012 squad with that finish to the game


The Bridge has that something in the champions league, under the lights. Won’t name names but certain other footballing institutions can’t even hack it in second tier competitions


You could name a few names tbf 👀


Certain stadiums sponsored by airlines, but I ain’t gonna name names


WHAT A GAME Could barely watch that ending!!! the ladies gave it their all, what a performance! The bridge was ROCKING!


Wow. To be honest Lyon probably were the better team. But that’s football sometimes. Women from both teams put in so much heart and effort into the match. If you love football you have to love matches like this.


I didn’t think we were much worse over both legs. A draw would be the fair outcome after ET


Lyon generally has better players across the pitch, esp in the defence. Chelsea barely had a look-in. Chelsea need to recruit quality players. Pretty mediocre in the midfield (partly due to injuries) and pretty weak (relative to other top clubs like Lyon and Barcelona) in defence.


Is the Chelsea defence really that bad on paper? Looking at the line-up name for name the biggest weak link is Jess Carter who always puts in a shift. Eriksson, Buchanan and Perisset are quality players.


I agree but I didn’t think the gap in our actual performance matched the gap in our squad quality. We definitely need reinforcements to actually win this thing bar some black magic, Barca next will feel impossible


Man I have to say Lyon number 27 really impressed me. Vicky Becho. Very intimidating in the attack. Our midfield could use some work


Missing Bright for the home leg of this one definitely hurt us in terms of back line quality too, no disrespect to Eriksson or Buchanan


Full disrespect to Eriksson tbh. She was horrendous all game.


That left flank was terrible defensively all game. Both Eriksson and Carter were getting smoked by Cascarini and Carpenter for the majority of the match


That’s fair criticism tbh we’re lucky we didn’t go down a goal immediately off an early mistake from her off that weird clearance attempt early on. Wasn’t much better the rest of the game but we got the job done. Move on and look forward from here. Is Bright out long term or is there hope to have her back against Barca?


Hopefully back soon. Was hoping to see her yesterday but she hadn't trained with the team. Nothing too serious from what I'm reading


Brilliant! We’ve got a league title to win!


Eriksson is rumored to be leaving at the end of this season. has given us everything but criticism where criticism is due this season she has absolutely been dogshit, head is not in the place. I really really hope Harder can offer us something after she comes back from the injury because we need both Eriksson and Harder and Kirby at their absolute best to even try think of beating this Barcelona team. We have 23 days to sort things out and be mentally prepared.


AKB with 2 **MASSIVE** saves. What steel by these women!!


The last pen save was absurd. Albatross esque


Thought it was all over when Lauren missed the pen Meanwhile the men's team are facing the current UCL holders too 👀


One can hope, but this women’s team has won 3 league titles on the bounce and are looking to add a 4th one. On a whole different level compared to the men’s team currently.


Can’t really compare the two. Two completely different worlds


Different worlds because of the money involved - the lack of it makes the woman game more enjoyable for me. And sure, I'm saying that now because of the shitshow the men's side is in, but I genuinely like the woman's game and think it deserves (and is starting to get) more respect. And I don't care what anyone says, Emma Hayes is twice the manager Graham Potter is and could do a better job with the men's team if she had the job... but so could my Grandma, and she's dead (but Emma is excellent)


Match of the season for me! Holy shit. The girls pulled it through. Mjelde, take a bow. What a penalty under pressure! KTBFFH💙


Both of them. To take 2 massive pens in the space of about 4 minutes is gigantic lady balls.


Yeah, I could barely watch like Emma for the first one. Knew she would bury the next after seeing her first pen lol.


Fuck me I was worried they were going to call it back for Berger coming off her line


Yeah, some of her saves were a bit suss hey. Anyway, glad they went through.


~~Seriously, I think the lineswoman fell asleep for pens. She was WELL off her line for her two saves, and I noticed at least one other where it wasn't particularly close. I'm obviously thrilled with the result but I'd be absolutely incensed if I were a Lyon fan!~~ I was my favorite combination: both wrong and confident. Look at Sektsioon's comment!


She wasn’t. Her heel was on the line for both saves and that’s all you need. https://i.imgur.com/SlwFpAJ.png https://i.imgur.com/tSsPGUK.png


Well that's about as clear as can be. I thought the rule was that both feet had to be on the line. According to the FA: > When the ball is kicked, the defending goalkeeper must have at least part of one foot touching, in line with, or behind, the goal line. Thank you for informing me! I change my opinion to absolute world class goalkeeping. She was so good she had us convinced she was cheating!


Was wondering the same thing but wow that’s some clean technique


The ref fell asleep all gone, shocking officiating


She always had one leg behind the line as she lunged forward. There was VAR too, and so, I'm sure those 2 saves in the shootout would have been ruled out, if that wasn't the case.


Goalkeeping tends to be one of the weaker points in women’s football but every time I’ve watched Berger I’ve come away so impressed. She’s a monster in net. Great win!


And to watch Endler who is a beast between the poles in action in the same match, honestly was a treat.


Funnily enough she single-handedly handed Chelsea the title with a boneheaded error playing for Birmingham in the first match I saw her play. Made a completely ridiculous foul to give away a pen and get sent off, just before half-time in what had been a really cagey match and which ended 1-0 to Chelsea


Great win even with an awful ref. How she didn't Van de Donk a 2nd yellow or more than a yellow for Lyon players for them try to disrupt the pen taker.


Awesome ! Thank you Cuthbert, Mjelde, Berger !!!


Mjelde has got absolute nerves of steel to put that penalty away. It was a proper heroic effort to hang in there even when we’re not at our best and the players are absolutely shattered, injuries to so many key players etc Made of special stuff this team!


I think I’m gonna watch the ladies on a regular basis, what a game 😭


You really should. They are a fantastic watch


Love watching Lauren, Kerr and Guro




Absolute fucking scenes.


Honestly the first time I’ve watched a full women’s game and damn that was great


Girls got that dawg in them!


Those of you that want to re-watch the full match is on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/live/uY33ZPW3jOM?feature=share


Some amazing saves to win on pens!


Chelsea and penalties in the Champions League baby


Dudes, this game was so intense, Jesus. I screamed so much like damn! Shout out to the girls for showing so much heart! KTBFFH


Chelsea knocking out the holders to advance? Sign me up for part II on 4/18


Yes Ladies!! KTBFFH!!


what a result! lets goo


Get fucking in


I love this team


What a game!!




Great game. Love the keepers penalty saving technique


Absolute scenes.


Berger won it for us!


Ice in their fucking veins, well done ladies!


Loved seeing the girls at the bridge, a lot of hopf ball was a bit shaky but no one can say they didn’t put in the effort, penalty shootout at the bridge was giving me some bad ptsd but man it was worth it being in person for the final result


Congratulations chelsea fc women💪


Great to see this sub supporting the women’s team as well. True Chelsea fans💙


Melly Leupolz got battered and the stupid ref was shouting at her to get up while she was bleeding . Glad we won . Love our women’s team . Potter and Cucu were at the game . GP take inspiration from Emma .






This team makes me so proud. Work to be done but what a result.


Football 'eritage


LFG ladies!!!


Wish I'd gone! Was umming and ahing about getting tickets but didn't in the end.


We won against both Dirty Lyon and their Ref, god bro it was so beautiful


Let's go!!!! 💙


Who remembers that epic last moment Mjelde masterclass from Kaz Carney's cross against PSG? Momma has saved us time and again, absolute legend. really thought that was our season back then, now issa revenge time.


So glad I stayed up to finish it. After the second Lyon game in extra time I was tempted to tap out but so glad I didn't. Also SO happy for Lauren that her missed penalty meant nothing at the end result. How good was Berger by the way? Penalties for female keepers are a lot harder in general, she did amazing. Up the Chels!


What a finish! Have to say it seemed like Berger was off the line for every penalty, guess they don’t care about it as much


My thought as well , but what happens in penalty shootouts if gk is off the line? Retaken?


if it is saved, it is retaken yes. but she actually had her foot on the line for both saves. someone posted images further up the post.


Well done Chelsea women, but Lyon were the better team tonight, as most of the Chelsea players looked very tired and slow in the 2nd half, they couldn’t seem to string a few passes together, they were playing hoofball nearly all the 2nd half, but at least they are through.


What. A. Game. Nerve wrecking. Was stuck on the train. So got to watch the game there. Literally shouted when Mjelde put in the pen. In the 128th minute!! Berger with 2 saves in the shootout. Proper Chels




Fuck outta here with this shit. You're an embarrassment.




Sure did.


She is crazy good. Now shush plastic


have you watched her all season?


This is clearly the first time they've ever watched Chelsea Women


What the fuck? Lauren James has had an outstanding year, and been one of our best players this season - and one of the best in the whole WSL You clearly do not watch Chelsea Women, so please don't comment.


What a night, what a team. Our seventh game this month - three of our biggest players in Bright, Kirby and Harder out, two more injuries in the game, and we do *this* to the **eight-time European champions** Looked done, but we would not die. Incredible pressure pens, especially from Mjelde. AKB is *Superwoman*. Beats cancer twice - of course she can knock out Lyon Unbelievable scenes - Chelsea record crowd at the Bridge, and many there will have seen these women for the first time, and now be lifelong fans Barca next - we might get fucked, but I don't care. This is one of the biggest nights in our history, and these players are already champions to me.


Mjelde with the biggest balls at the whole fucking club!! Back to back penalties big game player for the big moments


Omgggggggg I am soooo happpy I stop watching twice thinking I was cursed. Every time I start watching again Lyon score so I stop watching when they score on 76 min. Then on the 110 min though was curse. Hearing they won just now make me so happy. Let’s hope we can get our first ucl for women. Man that final again barsolonal still on mind.


For anyone wondering Reece James, Cucurella, and Potter were all at the bridge watching


What a brilliant shootout! For Mjelde to take the stoppage time penalty and the first penalty of the shootout - wow that’s some leadership there. Hats off!


They do it every year, the galdem are dons


Despite the drama it was a poor game. We weren't set up to score we were set up to not concede. For the first 60 minutes we defended really well. The pressing was organised and quick. But after that our legs went and they were able to carve through us. If I was a Lyon fan I would feel hard done by but that is football sometimes. KTBFFH


Watching these comments and i didn't see the game 😒


I was so nervous during the penalty for making it 2-2 on aggregate. I couldn't watch but I brave myself, keep my eyes on the screen and I'm glad I did. Mjelde's shot was perfect! And finally we won on penalty shootouts! Happy days! UWCL semi final bring it on!


That game was so entertaining. I feel so happy for the girls!